Bad Girl Love

Bad Girl Love episode 65 – 66

🎀BÀD GÎRL LOVE🎀 (His•Beautiful•Baddie…)


By: Naomi Cindy B.

Mrs. Jillian Kim, Ruby’s mum.

She flashed a dangerous smile before taking her seat on a giant chair in the front.

The members sat too right after her, and she dropped her disguises on the ground.

There’s a voice modulator attached to the mask, and that makes her voice husky like a man’s anytime she’s on disguise.

“Kitten got arrested” she said calmly.

“That means danger for the clubhouse. You should get her out as soon as possible, boss” Genevieve replied.

“Why? Cos she’s your real daughter? She’s the daughter you had by cheating with my husband” Jillian replied icily.

“No boss! I don’t see her as my daughter anymore! I’m just saying cos she’s the main money making tool at the clubhouse” Genevieve said.

“Wait… Lovelyn is the daughter of boss’s husband? Kim Won? Meaning she’s Ruby’s stepsister?” Mrs. Han said shockingly.

“What the hell, you had an affair with Kim Won? He’s boss’s husband for Pete’s sake. How could you?” Tsunami faced Genevieve.

“Wait how come you’re still alive? Boss should have killed you” Mrs. Han said.

“Kill her? Nope. She’s a member of this cult after all so I have no plan to clear her, and that’s why I poured all the blames on Lovelyn herself. It’s her fault that she was born as my husband’s daughter” Jillian replied from the front.

“Wait… making her into a stripper, was it planned from the start?” A woman asked.

“After getting pregnant for Kim Won, boss found out immediately, and I wanted to abort, but she warned me not to, that the child will take all the punishments I was supposed to take” Genevieve replied.

“So you knew boss was gonna ruin her life, and that’s why you exchanged her with the daughter of your maid. You stole Mabel cos you knew Lovelyn was bound to suffer in the hands of boss. Now it’s clear you didn’t switch the babies cos of skin color after all” Mrs. Han nodded.

“The person who told Janet about the stripping club, I was the one who sent him. He told her, and Janet told Lovelyn, then Lovelyn came to start working at the club like I expected. The plan was to make her strip for three years before selling her to slavery in Europe, but now the plans got ruined. But it’s not completely ruined anyways, come to think of it, I can actually kill her in the cell, i’ll just find a body double to replace her in the clubhouse. Kitten’s time is finally over” Jillian replied cruelly.

“Makes sense. You made trillions of dollars with her already so let’s just toss her away now, but what about Richie?” Mrs. Han asked.

Jillian stood and smiled dangerously again.

“Tsunami was a doctor before she joined this cult remember?” She said.

“I did part of the job” Tsunami said, and all attention went to her.

“Richie’s mum couldn’t talk so it was easy. She came to my hospital with her husband for foetus scan. Through that, I detected she was carrying twins, but the insane thing was the boy. His lobes were larger than normal, and that got me researching. Only geniuses have that kind. That same day, boss came to my hospital for antenatal too, and accidentally, she found out about the results. We made a deal after she gave me a whopping sum of money, and on the day of the delivery, I gave her the genius boy and had to lie to the dumb mother that one of the babies died, but it’s pitiful cos I heard her husband died in an accident that same day” Tsunami explained.

“An accident planned by me” Jillian replied.

“Wow! Boss!” Mrs. Han clapped.

“Her husband is smart, and he might wanna dig deep into the case if he was left alive” Jillian replied.

“Why exactly did you take him?” Mrs. Han asked.

“Obviously cos of his brain. I’m planning to build a money printing machine when he turns 19, he can do it. That brain of his knows nothing but tricks, and that’s why I want no girl in his life for now, he needs to focus” Jillian replied.

“But he’s engaged to Celine” Genevieve said.

“So far he doesn’t love her, and right now he’d have forgotten about the love of his life” Jillian smiled, and everywhere went silent.

“We spent thirty minutes telling stories” a woman said.

“It’s necessary, I planned to carry y’all along today and I did. Now let’s start the meeting proper. We should raise a toast first” Jillian replied, and they all stood, taking the cups of wine in front of them.

“In one year, we all will achieve our goal of becoming the richest women in the world, Agora for the money!” Jillian raised her cup.

“Agora for the cash!” The others chorused.



“You did what! You threatened mum?” Everest shouted shockingly after Bernie told him everything.

“What else do you expect me to do? Lovelyn is locked up I can’t just sit and do nothing! Mum is part of the cult!” Bernie replied.

“It’s dangerous bro! Those women will even kill their family to keep their secrets” Everest said.

“How did you even find out about her involvement?” Bernie asked.

“I saw a key card in her bag just before I travelled three years ago. It has only on thing written on it. Agora” Everest replied.

“You’ve known since three years ago? And you kept quiet?” Bernie’s eyes widened.

“Have you ever heard about them in the news? They killed thousands of people in this country Bernie. I couldn’t risk my life and though my curiosity almost murdered me but I had to stop myself at all costs cos they’re dangerous” Everest replied.

Bernie smirked and brought a gun out of his pocket, shocking Everest.


“I stole it from mum’s drawer, and I have plans” he replied.

“Bernie you can’t…you…

“It’s either you help me or we remain enemies. I’m getting Lovelyn out tommorow” Bernie said stubbornly, and Everest sighed.

“It’s your last chance to get on my good side” Bernie said.

“I know a cop in the station, I can talk to him” Everest replied.



Vista’s car came to a stop, and he gave the mansion a cursory look as he came out before walking to the door.

He rang the doorbell, but no answer, so he tried again, and it opened this time, revealing Mira.

She made to shut the door immediately, but he held it back, and their eyes met.

He forced the door open complete and stepped in.

“I’m not ready to talk about anything Vista, I’m still regretting so can you please go?” She said guiltily.

“Even if it’s about Lovelyn?” He asked, and she looked at him straight.


“Bernie has a plan”



Chloe came out with Savage, and she released a loud heave before facing him.

“This is the maddest case I’ve ever come across” she said.

They actually came to search the CCTV footage of the front of the cinema maybe they’d find anything against Ruby the night she gave Celine the key here, but they found nothing.

“Ruby probably came to delete them already, she’s playing this game really smart” Savage replied, and Chloe sighed.

“Can’t imagine Lovelyn going to jail, especially now that I have only her and Hwasa, I can’t lose another friend” she said, and he pulled her into a comforting hug.

“It’d be fine” he stroked her hair.

“That’s the easiest thing to say” she replied, and he chuckled, but the ringing of his phone interrupted them.

He broke the hug and got his phone. It’s Vista.

“Dude, what’s up?”

“Bernie has a plan, we’ll meet in school tomorrow” Vista replied and hung up.

A taxi stopped in front of the cinema, and Hwasa came out, rushing to them.

They planned to meet here and check the cameras together actually.

“Sorry I came late, it was so busy at the bar” she said breathlessly.

“We scrutinized already, but we found nothing” Chloe said.

“What! Then how are we gonna help Love?” Hwasa gasped.

“Bernie has a plan” Savage replied.

“A plan?”



“F**k, that was satisfying” Ruby moaned as she pulled the vibrator out of herself after going two rounds with it. Her c*m is on the bed, staining the sheets.

The Billionaire’s Enchantments episode 27 – 30

She took the phone she has been recording everything with, and she put on her undies before jumping down the bed.

She began sending the X videos to Richie’s DM one by one including the nudes she snapped.

“Bet he’d go crazy after seeing this. I’m coming tommorow don’t miss me too much” she said excitedly.

On the ground is her bag, already packed for tommorow’s flight to Germany.



Jillian returned to the house some minutes ago, and she entered the bathroom for her shower, but Won was already waiting in the room when she came out.

“Where do you always go out to every Friday? This is past 10 Jillian and you’re just coming” he said.

“I didn’t ask you this question when you went out to sleep with Genevieve that year. She even had a child for you Won, so if I were you, I’d stop asking questions” she replied freely.

“All the information you gave me about Lovelyn being a stripper and living a fake life during the welcoming party , how did you get them?” He asked, and she faced him.

“Does that matter? All that matters right now is that we prevented our adopted son from getting involved with a b**chy girl” she smiled.



The lounge was already filled with the others when Mira came in with Vista, though she’s masked.

Immediately she removed her mask, Chloe inhaled softly.

Mira avoided her eyes till she sat beside Vista.

“Now that we’re all here, what’s the plan Bernie?” Savage asked.

“Is there anyone here who can’t drive a power bike?” Bernie asked.

“Everyone can drive, I guess” Chloe said, facing Hwasa.

“I can drive a bike. I once did a delivery job with bike” Hwasa nodded.

“I’m gonna be kidnapping Lovelyn from the station” Bernie said, and their eyes widened.




Celine was holding a blue birthday cake as she opened the door to Richie’s room, and she saw him just coming out of the bathroom.

Only his towel is on his waist, and her eyes widened as she began staring from his sticky wet hair to his wet body and abs, his biceps and the wet lips. He’s a f**king demigod that way, looking so innocent but cute.

She was unaware of when she dropped the cake on the bed, and she rushed to him.

She held his face and tried kissing him, but he pushed her away, and she staggered back.

“We got engaged without me developing feelings for you, so I see no reason why you should kiss me” he said calmly, and she bit her lip, coming back to her senses.

“I’m sorry Richie”

“My name sounds old on your lips. Just call me RK instead” he said without blinking.


“And I wanna return to Seoul as soon as possible” he said, and she nodded before carrying the cake.

“You turned 19 today, you should blow out the candles” she said, and he looked at the cake then at her.

“I don’t like the cake, I hate colour blue” he said coldly, and she frowned.

“Why are you suddenly acting cold to me?”

“I’ve never acted nice to you” he replied, and she started crying immediately.

He picked an hankie from the bed and gave it to her before walking starting to walk to the closet.

“I’m here!!!” Ruby shouted at the door, and the door opened immediately, revealing her.

“Ruby?” Celine blinked back her tears

“Richie!!!” Ruby screamed, rushing to hug him, but he shifted back, stopping her.

“I’m on my towel only. You can’t hug me like this it might fall off” he said, and she had a long survey of his body before smiling.

“S*xy as usual, did you see the gifts I sent to your DM?” She winked, and he blinked.


“We need to talk” Celine pulled Ruby out immediately.

“What!” Ruby snapped.

“His phone is with me, haven’t allowed him to see it” Celine replied.

“Damn you!” Ruby fired her face with a slap, and Celine fell.

“He needs to see what I sent!!”



Bernie was holding a shopping bag when he came in, and he met just four cops on duty since it’s already late.

“It’s past visiting time” one of them said.

“He actually came to see me” another one said, walking to him.

He took Bernie to a office and faced him.

“Everest told me about you, but please…you have just ten minutes to spend in there with her. Her case is special so I can’t risk it” he said.

“I know, just take me to her” Bernie replied, and they left the office together.

He took her to the cells and opened Lovelyn’s door.

He left immediately Bernie went in, and Bernie almost started crying when he saw Lovelyn’s condition.

She’s sleeping on the bare ground, curled like a drenched kitten and shaking with cold.

“Hey, Lyn” he called, and she sat up slowly, adjusting her glasses before taking a good look at him.

“Bernie Han” she muttered weakly.

He removed the cardigan he’s wearing immediately, and he wore it for her before hugging her tightly.

“I’m so sorry you had to go through all these, I’m sorry”

“Don’t you find me disgusting?” She whispered, and he broke the hug.

“I found out about your job before anyone else” he said.


“I’ll tell you everything later. I need to get you outta here” he said.

“What are you talking about?” She replied, glancing at his shopping bag.

“I only brought this as a camouflage so they’d think I’m really visiting, we have to get out of here” he said, bringing the gun out of his pocket.


“Shh” he hushed, and she went silent, though her eyes are still wide.

He pulled her up and turned her back on himself, locking her neck with his left arm.

That way, she’s held like a captive and pointed the gun to her head as he began taking her out of the cell.

“Bernie… this might be dangerous…” She whispered…

“Don’t worry, no one will get hurt. They can’t shoot me cos they know the son of who I am” he whispered in her ear, and they continued their journey outside till they got to the main office.

“What do you think you’re doing!” One of the cops spranged up immediately, and the rest did the same.

They got their guns and aimed at him at once.

“Bernie Han, you aren’t doing this” the cop who let him in said.

“Too bad, I’m sorry” Bernie replied and continued his walk out.

“Bernie Han stop! Else you’d get hurt!” The fourth cop said.

“Shoot me if you can, and if you try anything funny, I’mma shoot this gun” he replied as they started following him carefully, still aiming for him.

“I bet you can’t even shoot that gun so stop the trick Bernie Han” the third cop said, and Bernie shot at his shoulder immediately.

“Damnit!!” He groaned, and the other three turned to him

Bernie took advantage of the distraction and ran out of the station with Lovelyn.

A bike was already waiting, and they got on it together. She’s behind.

“Hold me tightly please” he said, and Lovelyn wrapped her arms on him as he started his mad drive down the road.

The cops rushed out of the station and got in their car.

Seems more cops got alerted cos two more cops car joined them as they started chasing Bernie’s bike, but they’ve barely chased for two minutes when Vista’s bike appeared in front of the cars, then Savage’s own.

Hwasa’s bike came next, then Mira and Chloe, blocking the police cars from moving fast.

The cops changed lanes, and they switched lanes too, distracting them again.

“Call the checkpoints! Any passing bike should be stopped!” A cop shouted in the car.

Mira’s bike suddenly made a U-turn, facing the police cars. She’s wearing a helmet like the rest of the guys so her face is hidden

She got several puncturing nails from her cross bag and poured them down on the road before continuing her drive.

Meanwhile, Bernie and Lovelyn were already far gone, but he’s still racing crazily, his full lights almost blinding.

Soon, they were looking at the checkpoint ahead, and Lovelyn held him tighter in fear.

There are over 20 cops at the checkpoint, ready with their guns.

Bernie stopped the bike far from them, and Lovelyn came down with him.

The bike fell, and he grabbed her hand, crossing the road with her to another angle.

“Stop!!” The cops yelled as they started coming after him from the checkpoint, but he’s not planning to stop.

Suddenly, a bullet came flying from the cops, penetrating into his tummy.


“Bernie!!!!” Lovelyn cried out.


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