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 NOTE:  The more comments are regularly dropped on each episode determines how fast the next episode released or posted.


  1. Key To Love
  2. Believe season 1- 3
  3. The Heir And His Heiress
  4. A Bite At The Cherry 
  5. High School Mom 
  6. Falling Helplessly 
  7. Witches lvst season 4
  8. Crazy crush
  9. The Heiress
  10. Sold To Mafia Drug Lord
  11. Diamond In The Rough 
  12. Crystal Gem High
  13. Single Mom 
  14. Secretary Kim
  15. Midnight Bites 
  16. The Wrong Bride 
  17. Betrothed To a Spoilt Brat
  18. The Law And Order
  19. Perfect Hearts
  20. Obscure
  21. My Lord, My Love
  22. Elites season 2



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  1. All stories on this website are very interesting, especially WITCHES lvst, FROM SEASON 1-4. Please help us to upload the rema!n!ng episodes of WITCHES lvst 4. This s!te is what keeps me online. God bless y’all!!

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