Bad Girl Love

Bad Girl Love episode 67 – 68

🎀BÀD GÎRL LOVE🎀 (His•Beautiful•Baddie…)


By: Naomi Cindy B.

“Bernie!!!!” Lovelyn cried out as his blood spilled on the road from the shot tummy, and a black car crossed them. Everest is the driver.

“Get in! Fast!” He shouted, and Lovelyn got Bernie inside the car immediately.

Everest zoomed roughly down the road, and the cops from the checkpoint followed him, but he’s quite good cos after two short minutes, the cops lost sight of them so he drove out of the public road to a deserted one, leading to an old street.

Bernie is still bleeding so much in the car, and Lovelyn had to take off the cardigan to place on the wound, blocking the bleeding.

The cardigan itself is filled with blood already, and Bernie’s lips became pale.

“Bernie.. Bernie you have to stay awake ok? You can’t lose consciousness else it’d be worse. Promise me you won’t close your eyes” Lovelyn cried, holding the cardigan to his bleeding tummy.

“I’m just…I’m glad I was able to save you. Maybe this is my way of….of saying sorry for… For how bad I treated you…in the … past…agg!” He groaned painfully, tears slipping out of his eyes as it began closing.

“Bernie you can’t close your eyes. Please Bernie” Lovelyn started caressing his face with her second hand, and he smiled painfully.

“I won’t” he whispered, and she nodded in tears.

Everest drove into a new area entirely, and there’s a large river as they drove past till they got to a fenced small house in the middle of the other houses.

Everest drove in cos the gate was already open, and he rushed down, going to the backseat where Bernie and Lovelyn are.

“Damn, he lost a lot of blood” he muttered, carrying him in on his back.

They entered a waiting room in the house, and Everest dropped him on a stretcher.

“We have to do something! He’s dying!!” Lovelyn cried, and Everest brought three medical kits out from under the stretcher.

“I prepared all these in case of an emergency like this, but I don’t know medical I swear” Everest replied, and that minute, the guys entered, everyone of them.

“Bernie!” Vista and Savage rushed to him.

“What do we do? This isn’t happening” Hwasa said.

“I’ll handle it” Chloe said, and they all faced her.

“You will?” Everest said.

“She’s a medical guru actually, allow her” Savage said, and she moved closer.

Everest quickly opened the three kits, pouring out all the instruments.

She picked the disinfectant first, and she looked at Bernie after opening it

“It’s gonna sting” she said before pouring it.

“Arggggghhh!!!” He screamed, and Lovelyn had to hold his hand so tight.

“Ahhh!!! Ahhh!!!!!”

“Bernie I’m sorry” Lovelyn sobbed, and he held her tighter, looking at her eyes as Chloe poured the disinfectant again.

Chloe removed the bullet afterwards, then she bandaged the wound after pouring in several ointments.

“He needs blood” she said.

“Draw my blood” Everest offered immediately, and a second stretcher was brought.

Everest lay on it, and the pipes were connected to their wrists.

The transfusion started minutes later, and blood began entering Bernie’s system from Everest’s body.

Bernie slept off immediately, and Chloe gave him a shot of painkiller before taking off her gloves.

“Wow! That was perfect” Vista inhaled in relief.

“Thanks” Chloe nodded before going to Lovie.

“Now I have your time” she said, hugging her tightly.

“Chloe” Lovelyn sniffed, hugging her back.

“I promise you’re not going anywhere anymore, we’ll be the ones to protect you from now on” Chloe replied, breaking the hug.

“Love” Hwasa came forward and hugged her too.

“Hwasa, I’m so sorry for lying to y’all. I’m sorry for being deceptive” Lovelyn pleaded.

“You don’t have to be, I understand you totally. All of these ain’t your fault trust me. They’re circumstances beyond your control” Hwasa replied, breaking the hug.

Mira kept standing, not moving an inch to her.

Lovelyn had to hug her, and Mira started crying immediately.

“I’m disgusting, Lovelyn. I’m a killer you should stay away from me” she sobbed.

“I’m just as disgusting if not more. I’m a stripper and a lier, I’m worse Mira, so don’t stay away” Lovelyn cried, and Mira hugged her back.

“Ok I’m not ready for this whole emotional stuff” Vista said.

“I don’t wanna cry” Savage replied sadly.

“So… what’s next now? We were all wearing helmets so our faces were hidden , but what about Bernie? His face would be pasted as wanted tommorow morning” Chloe said.

“Bernie won’t care” Vista replied.

“Yeah he won’t, that’s how he is. So far he got what he wanted, he doesn’t care the consequences” Everest replied from the stretcher.

“It’s not about his personality this time. It’s about Lovelyn, he loves her” Vista said.

“Yeah it’s obvious, you win” Savage replied.

“So…my yacht?” Vista faced him.

“In two days” Savage replied.

“You two are something else” Chloe said, and despite the sad atmosphere, they all managed to laugh.



Richie is currently in the living room, watching musical shows reruns alone with gum in his mouth which he’s chewing slowly.

All of his attention is on the screen that he didn’t even notice Ruby behind himself.

She’s standing there, staring lustfully at him and wishing she could just get inside with him right now to f**k. She began feeling horny only with that thought, and she walked to him immediately.

She stood behind the couch and called his name, making him look up.

She bent over his face for a kiss, but she was pulled back by Celine who suddenly appeared.

“Stop hindering me!” Ruby shouted, and Celine slapped her soundly.

“That’s the payback for the slap you gave me earlier. How dare you try to kiss your brother! Are you in love with him or something?” Celine shouted.

“Right question, what did you just try?” Richie asked, and they both turned to see him standing already.

“Richie, it’s not…

Ruby was still talking when Richie pulled her into the room, slamming her on the wall.

“Richie you’re hurting me!” She gasped

“My cup of care is empty right now so you should act accordingly around me. You’re my sister and you’re acting mad” he said.

“We both know we’re not related. You were adopted into my family and we’re been pretending to be twins! I love you Richie! I love you more than…

Richie pushed her immediately, and she fell on the ground, then he started walking out.

“You grew up with care from my family! They pampered you like their own and you even became the president of Sleek! You should pay me back by loving me!” She shouted.

“If that’s it, I’ll quit being the president when we get back to Seoul and you’ll take over” he replied, finally leaving the room.

He met Celine waiting in front of it, and he grabbed her face roughly.

“Richie!” She gasped hurtfully.

“Why am I even here in Germany? I can’t even remember how I got here and I kept feeling empty like I’m not myself, like there’s something I need to remember” he said, and her eyes widened.

“Tell me! Did something happen to me? Why am I feeling this way? Why is my head empty like there’s nothing inside? I’ve been thinking but I’ve got no answer! What happened to me or what did you do to me? How did I get here and where the f**k is my phone!” He yelled, and Celine quickly released herself from him.

She rushed into the room and locked the door.

Richie was breathing heavily as he turned to the door, staring at it intently.

“Something is wrong with me” he muttered.

Meanwhile, Ruby grabbed Celine immediately she entered the room, and she gasped.

“Where’s his phone? Where did you keep it?” She demanded.

“As if I’d tell you” Celine grinned.

“And what did you do to him? He hasn’t mentioned Lovelyn since I got here” Ruby asked again.

“Your mum gave me an injection” Celine replied.



It’s Saturday, and the mild sun rose early, warming up the atmosphere so it’s a clear weather.

Everyone of the guys went back to their houses already to avoid suspicions, so it’s just Lovelyn and Bernie in the house right now.

Bernie is still asleep since last night, but Lovelyn is currently in the kitchen, trying to make him something light before he’d wake up.

Her glasses are still intact on her eyes, though it’s not as worse as before.

She was stirring the soup on fire when she heard movements behind, and she turned to see Bernie leaning weakly on the kitchen doorframe, holding his bandaged tummy with one hand.

“Bernie!” She rushed to him, and he hugged her immediately she reached him.

“Bernie” she whispered, hugging him back.

“I promise to protect you from now on. I don’t mind getting hurt” he whispered, stroking her hair.

“You’ve always been saving me” the replied, and he broke the hug to look at her.


“From the river when I was thrown in at the night out, from the party when i fell, and from the school, you saved me from getting burnt, and now from the cell, and I’m never gonna forget it all” she said, and he smiled weakly.

“You’re special to me, I hope you know that” he said, and she smiled sadly.

“But this…you risked too much, what if they paste your pictures as wanted” she said.

“I don’t care, Lyn. I want to be with you here, I don’t wanna go out too. We can both be stuck here forever and I won’t mind” he replied, and tears came out of her eyes.

He removed the glasses from her eyes, and she blinked.

“Can you still see me?” He asked, and she nodded.

“Yes, but your face is blurry”

“Cool” he smiled, hugging her again.

*Witches lust 4 episode 124


“Are you sure this is the house?” Chloe asked as he came out of the car with Hwasa.

They came to check on Janet cos Lovelyn told them she never came to see her in the cell.

“I’m sure, this is the description she gave” Hwasa replied, and they walked to the door

It was Chloe who knocked, but the door opened on its own . It’s not closed.

“It’s open” Hwasa said, pushing the door open.

They walked into the house and walked to the room Lovelyn described, but on opening the door, their eyes widened.

They met Janet inside, trying to commit suicide by hanging.

“No!!!!’ they screamed at once, rushing to him.

Hwasa climbed the table and took the rope away from her neck while Chloe brought her down.

Her eyes are so red with tears, she’s almost blind.

“What were you trying to do ma’am?” Chloe breathed.

“I’m not fit to be called a mother. I’m too selfish and the position is not for me” Janet cried

“What exactly is happening? Your daughter is suffering and all you wanna do is die?” Hwasa said, and she looked at the two slowly.

“Lovelyn isn’t my child” she muttered.




Mabel and Yuri are currently exploring the store, shopping for the change of their wardrobes.

Yuri kept giggling from ear to ear, and Mabel faced her.

“You’ve been extra happy today, any news?” She asked.

“I finally got the VIP tag!” Yuri announced.

“Seriously?” Mabel gasped.

“Of course! The money dad wastes at the clubhouse is now staying in his account since Kitten is gone, he got it this morning” she replied.

“Cool, welcome to the gang proper” Mabel said.

“Hwasa is so dead on Monday” Yuri replied.

Mabel was about to talk again when she suddenly held her chest.

“Mabel!” Yuri quickly held her.

“Mabel!!!” She screamed when she began bleeding from the nostrils in no time.

Mabel’s eyes rolled up, and she passed out on the ground.




“I knew what I was talking about when i said Bernie is not my son and now it’s showing!” Mr. Han shouted as he came into the house.

“Hubby, calm down” Mrs. Han replied, rushing down the stairs.

“Calm down? I don’t think that’s applicable to this, woman! You’ve been cheating on me and he definitely belongs to one of those men!” He yelled.

“Yes I’m a cheat! But I can swear anything that Bernie and Everest are yours! I didn’t give birth to bastards!” Mrs. Han shouted.

“Everest is mine, but Bernie is totally not it! He kidnapped a criminal and shot a cop! He’s currently wanted everywhere in Seoul and you’re telling me he’s mine? No this is for the best!” He replied.

“Dad what are you saying?” Everest came down too.

“I’m disowning him here and now, period!!” Mr. Han shouted.



Chairman Lee rushed in and he was led to the head doctor’s office immediately.

He actually got a call about Mabel, and Genevieve is currently on a trip so he had to run down here.

“Chairman Lee” the doctor stood immediately he came in.

“The sickness again? We conducted a surgery on her heart immediately she was born remember? Why is it bothering her again?” Chairman Lee replied.

“I can’t explain that right now chairman, we need to attend to her first and she definitely needs blood to be stable, but we don’t have her type in the blood bank right now” the doctor said.

“I’ll donate” chairman Lee replied, and he was led to the lab where his blood got tested for impurities.

He waited patiently in front of the lab till the doctor finally came out.

“Chairman Lee, I think there’s a mix up somewhere… Are you really sure she’s your… daughter?”

“What do you mean?” Chairman asked.

“Your blood types are different” the doctor replied.




It’s past 3pm, and Richie is currently in the room he shares with Celine, roaming around with his hand in hair.

He’s still unsettled, still thinking of something he doesn’t even know, he’s going crazy with the emptiness within him, and he’s trying to figure something out but he doesn’t even know what.

“What’s up with me? What did I forget?” He muttered.

He suddenly felt the need to chew gum and went to the drawers.

He opened the first one but the gum is not there, so he made to close, but he noticed something, so he opened again and saw two things.

His phone, and a pack of injection.

He took out the two with a deep squint, standing up.

“My phone” he muttered, pressing the power on button.

Immediately it came on, the first thing his eyes caught is the lock screen wallpaper, Lovelyn’s picture!

He squinted again, staring at it.


He held his head immediately, and the phone fell from him.

“Arggg!! My…my head…ahh! Please it’s painful! Ahhhh!!!!” He groaned, going on his knees in front of the phone.

Blood came out of his nose and dropped on his phone screen, right on top of Lovelyn’s forehead, and his tears followed, rolling out of his eyes to land on the phone screen too.

His lips parted, and the words came out.




“So are you now ready to explain to me the kind of injection it is? He only forgot about Lovelyn” Ruby said, pouring herself some juice.

“I dunno but according to your mum, it clears the memory of the person who gives you shock so far the person is the last person you saw” Celine replied.

She’s cutting apple into shapes for herself on a tray.

“So Lovelyn broke up with him, that must be the shock. And luckily she’s the last person he saw before losing consciousness? Makes sense” Ruby said.

“But why the hell are you keeping his phone from him?”

“He has to stay some days without seeing anything related to the person cos it might trigger the memories. After about ten days, his memories of the person will be gone forever” Celine replied.

“Now I understand” Ruby said, taking her cup of juice.

“But he’s still mine anyways, he doesn’t like you” she said.

“He’ll soon do” Celine rolled eyes, and Ruby made to walk out the the kitchen, but her eyes widened when she saw Richie standing by the door.

His face is all wet with tears, and his eyes are becoming red, immeasurable anger surging through his body.

He heard everything they said, he has been listening to every damn word.

“Ri.. Richie” she stuttered, and Celine faced him too.

“Richie!” She gasped shockingly.

“Damn you for messing with my head” Richie muttered and walked straight to her.

She snatched the knife from her, and before she could gasp, he sank it into her belly, and her blood poured on the ground as their eyes locked.

She started bleeding from the mouth, shaking in his hands.


“Die” he muttered coldly, sinking the knife deeper.

“Richie stop!!!!!!!” Ruby screamed in horror.

Richie removed the knife, and Celine vomited blood, but he drove the knife back into her immediately, stabbing her for the second time.

“Die… Celine…die…


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