Agent Brynx

Agent Brynx – Episode 4

Agent BrynX – Episode 4

By Brian Ngoma

The Brothel

“I will help,” I said after much thought.

Triza quickly got her bag and removed a piece of paper from it and handed it over to me. Getting the piece of paper, I looked at Leah. She knew what was on that paper. She nodded motioning me to flip it. I did and there was an address written on it. I looked at Leah again and she looked at her sister.

“If you go now, you will find him at this place,” Triza said.

“Now?” I asked checking the time. It was 4pm.

She ignored my question and said, “Last time I followed him and he saw me,” She paused.

I could tell that what happened after he had seen her. It was not a tale tell. It was best not to ask either. Despite spending the day with Leah, I had missed the air and saw this as an opportunity to leave the house. I left like a hero going to war. The way Leah and her sister looked at me, as if I was some sort of saviour going to redeem someone.

I drove to the alleged address. It was located in Hillpark Central just after town. I even drove through BOB & BOB and it was des**ted. I reached the place around 5pm. To my surprise, it was a brothel . Why didn’t Triza tell me? Was it because she knew her sister would not be of the idea if she knew it was a brothel? Or perhaps they both knew it was a brothel. I parked my car in the premises. I looked around and the surrounding was nicely taken care of. My car was the only car in the parking lot. The building was a two storey building. It was huge and built with pan-bricks. I could see a number of windows were opened and two women from different rooms peeped. Whoever owned this building was loaded. This business was illegal and it made me wonder why my former Agency had not mentioned it before. Anyway that was not the reason i had gone there.

I started heading for the entrance when i met a young man who seemed too young to work in a place like this. He received me well, like a president back from his travels. I could infer from the way he talked to me that he was well taught on how to receive people especially strange faces. In a place like this, strange people were much of the interest because no one knew how much dough was stacked up in their trunks.

“Welcome to the Bordello sir,” the young man said stiffening his face. He said Bordello so nice like he was Italian.

I didn’t say a word but look around. After a moment of silence and making the young man rather uncomfortable, I said, “Is this the right place as this address?” I showed him the written address.

“Well sir, this is that address. You have come to the right place,” he smiled chiefly ensuring I was in his hands. “Would you care for a drink?” He asked pointing me to a chair in the reception.

“I will let you know when I need one,” I sat and made myself comfortable. I kept looking around to catch a glimpse of the place. Apparently, I was an early customer. I sat in a bar with an odd looking man who wore a black cardigan coat and his eyes were as still as the Queens guards. The man obviously was at the place for a good time and he was waiting for the fish to come out. Expectedly, a young girl came down the stairs with her eyes fixated on the man. She went right up to him and stood by him. All I could see from the distance were nods. After a brief moment, the oddly looking man looked my direction. I quickly looked away. There was something about his stare, it didn’t feel right.

“Sir!” The young gentleman came back.

“Yes,” I answered.

“I think we have something ready for you,” he smiled wickedly. “You won’t be disappointed.”

What was I getting myself into? I cussed under my breath. I needed to do something quickly. I got my phone out of the pocket and made a fake phone call. The young man suspiciously looked at me while looking around. I ensured he was on the back side of the phone so that he couldn’t see that I didn’t make any call.

“Can you just wait a little bit more?” I asked him avoiding his eye contact.

“Okay sir, take your time,” he said walking away with a rather sad face.

Why was he sad? Did he work on a commission basis? Perhaps he did but that was not my concern. My sister in laws husband was the main reason I was here. As I sat, well dressed men started flowing in and one or two could take a look at me and quickly looked away. I somehow made them nervous. I was a stranger in a brothel. I knew what was going through their heads, I could be anything; a reporter; there to expose these men’s lifestyle or a police officer; there to arrest them, but I was just a man who had lost his job trying to please his wife and his sister in law.

Everyone knew what they were doing except for me. I was becoming uneasy with all the stares. Everyone who came in could stare at me and murmur something in their friend’s ears. Unknowingly, I had sat at a spot where everyone could clearly look at me. I decided to switch seats. I stood up and walked to where the man in the cardigan coat had sat. He had left after people started flowing in. He left with the young lady. Sitting down, I heard laughter from outside. It was a group of men I could tell. I curled myself into the chair and my eyes fixed on the entrance. It was there that I saw Floyd; Triza’s husband with three guys. I felt relieved, at least he was fine Triza didn’t have to worry.

Out of the four, Floyd looked rather nervous. He looked around but didn’t look in my direction. I wanted to stand up and go to him but my guts told me not to. I never used to trust my instincts but in that moment, something told me to. The guys Floyd was with looked dangerous. I sat my butt down and waited.

The young man came downstairs and walked to where I had earlier sat and didn’t find me. I saw him look around in disappointment. I didn’t want to call him lest my brother in law see me. The young man was called by one of the guys Floyd was hanging out with. He walked to them and took orders. After a while, he brought some bottle of wines with him and placed them on the guys table. They were celebrating something but Floyd didn’t seem to be having a merry time. His eyes were everywhere.

“Care for company?” a female voice asked behind me. “You seem lonely.”

I turned my head around and saw her. Whoever said the world would be okay without women had to take back his words. My face lit up seeing an angel in a devil’s palace. My mind wondered off. In a split second, I could feel my bulge rising.

“Leah!” I said silently.

“What?” she asked.

There was no way in hell I would cheat on my wife. Literally, I was in hell and was faced with angels in disguise and demons roamed the place.

“I am good,” I said looking away.

“Are you sure?” she asked. “You have gotten everyone’s attention and they are wondering what you are here for. Some are saying you are a reporter, are you?”

That I figured already. I had been in the place for close to three hours without showing any interest in any girl like every man had done. I was slowly raising suspicions and heating myself up.”Join me,” I told her.

She obliged and moved her seat next to mine.

“So what’s a man like you doing in the Bordello?” she asked.

Apparently, these people were making Bordello sound so beautiful with the way it was pronounced. Someone would even think it’s a food meanwhile it’s an Italian name for Brothel; a pleasure house. “A man like me?” I asked carefully looking at her.

“Yes,” she looked at my ring.

The ring had betrayed me but I didn’t feel betrayed, I loved Leah and that ring was evidence that someone somewhere had my heart and I had hers with me.

“I just came to have a good time,” I sipped on my lager.

“Wife problems,” she probed.

“Not really,” I answered. One of the guys that came in with Floyd stood up and walked to where we were with the girl. He had a facial expression of a kid who had their candy stolen. “Someone is coming, know them?” I asked.

The girl turned around and gro-ned. Before he could reach where we were, she stood up. “What now?” she asked him irritated.

“Marie, come with me!” he ordered her.

“Tell him I’m not in the mood,” she sat back in her chair.

The man got furious and told her to stand up. I could tell from his voice that he was warning her. I looked at her as if telling her to listen to him. The girl was hard-core stubborn. He got her by the wrist and dragged her. She resisted hitting him with her bag. He was furious and fuming with anger. What was wrong with this girl? Couldn’t she just go away with him?

“Leave me alone!” she shouted causing a scene.

My cover was blown. I saw Floyd and the rest of the guys stand up and started walking our direction. I didn’t have any business with what was happening. My job was done. I had seen Floyd. he was alive and well. Whatever reasons he had for not going home, he would later explain to his wife obviously. I had set my peace. At least my wife would be proud of me for even getting this far. I had to leave the brothel.

To be continued

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