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🐺 { His To Claim } 🐺

By, Cisca. H.


β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…

What makes the Moon Stone Packs think Mandava was the safest place to hunt??

Why would they think it was the only place where they can find what they want??

The night was calm just as usual. Everyone sat in their homes, with their doors unlocked.

That was the rule, and it must be obeyed…

They discussed happily as they dined together. No one knew what the night held.

Not until the door banged open, two strange men walked into their home.

” Who are you? ” Their father asked, ” What do you want? ”

” Girls, stay behind mommy. ” Said their mother as she cuddled them behind her.

” We’re here for your daughter. ” Said one of the men.

” Which of my daughter? ” Asked their mother.

The men stared at the three girls whose eyes were buried to the ground.

” Her. ” He pointed at one of the girls.


{ His To Claim }🐺

By, Cisca. H.

Chapter 1: MANDEVA.

~ π‘¬π’Šπ’ˆπ’‰π’• 𝒀𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒔 π‘¨π’ˆπ’ ~

π‘Ύπ’“π’Šπ’•π’†π’“ βœ“

The day was becoming night, but it was still 3pm. Mandeva looked peaceful as everyone went on with their own businesses. One won’t have to guess what was behind the unity among them.

That’s just because of the love they share.

Mandeva was a small town village located at the middle east of nowhere. It was first said to be a camping area for travellers who were returning from the British country.

Sometimes other whites from other countries such as America, Thailand, Germany and the rest of them would settle there to rest in order to continue their journey the next day.

Most times, it is said to be a fortunate situation whereby this different citizens end up falling in love with themselves. Some will decide to take their love to their hometown to continue a family life.

While those who stayed back, made a home and from there that was how Mandeva was created. History recorded it’s founder to be a Britannia merchant and an American psychologist who was on a journey to Australia with her father.

Just as any other traveller would do, they decided to camp for the night and continue their journey the next morning. And that very night they had met each other by accident when she intended to have her bathe by the lake pool.

It came as first sight, the next day she refused to continue her journey with her father. From a small home, to a village.

Despite being ruled and controlled by the Moon Stone Packs, the Mandevains has never showed a sign of fright each time the wolves invaded their village.

Children could be seen playing along the road, father’s were busy in their farms and mother’s had to stay at home to do some basic things and to watch over their little children.

Life in Mandeva is the sweetest thing you’ll ever wanna experience.

Mrs Janet rested her hand on her jaw, staring out at nowhere. She didn’t notice her little daughter Illiana sneak into her room. With her tiny little hands, she covered her mother’s eyes.

But what makes Illiana think her mother won’t find out that it was her? Maybe that’s just because she was too little to have that thought through. ” Illiana, I know it’s you. ” Said her mother in between a chuckle.

” How, mom? How do you know that it was I? ” She asked in her tiny voice as she climbed unto her mother’s laps.

” Your little hands told me. ” She replied, pointing at her nose.

” Guess I’ll have to find some other way to scare you. ” She said annoyed at her defeat.

” It’s okay, Ana, you’re free to do so. Besides, where are your sisters? ”

” They are playing sticks with Kane and Priscilla. ”

” Why don’t you wanna play with them? ” She asked.

” I failed a lot of times, so Danielle asked me to leave the game. ”

Mrs Janet smiled, indeed Illiana wasn’t good at playing sticks. She was horrible at playing games and the only game she could play perfect was a hide and seek game, which sometimes she end up being the first to be seen.

” Guess I have to teach you how to play games like this. You don’t have to be the first candidate to lose a game. ”


It was evening already, most children has vacated into their homes while some still kept playing. Mrs Janet was busy in the kitchen making dinner for the family. Her husband with his friends were still in their farms yard uprooting some harvested potatoes.

Illiana and her elder sisters sat at the hill top of the village staring at everywhere. ” I bless the gods for bringing me here. ” Genevieve the eldest of the three said, ” Mandeva is truly a blessed place of the gods. ”

” Look as everyone seems to be happy, there’s no government to lecture us on what to do and what not to do. Unlike the cities, were you’ve got no freedom. ” Danielle pointed out.

” How do you know about the cities? ” Little Illiana asked.

” Who doesn’t know about the cities. Have you forgotten strangers do come here to rest? I always hear them talk about the cities where they live. ” Danielle replied.

” Hey, look over there. ” Illiana pointed afar off. ” Do you see that giant stone over there? ” She asked.

” Come on, Ana, who haven’t seen the giant stone before. It has been there like, years now. ” Genevieve said,

” Where is that place? ” She asked.

” It’s the Moon Stone Pack, they are just few miles away from us. ”

” The Moon Stone Pack? ” She hummed, ” What are they? ”

” They are wolves, who hunts down humans like savages. They see us as monsters but they’re wrong, they are the devil himself. They are ruled by an alpha wolf who gives orders and tells them on what and what not to do. They are creatures you don’t wanna see. ”

Illiana looked frightened by Genevieve’s words and almost had her body cuddled to her. ” That’s frightening, you know. ”

” Not as frightening as they look. ” She said as if she was staring at one of them. ” Do you know why they are called the Moon Stone Pack? ” She asked and Illiana shook her head. ” Do you wanna know why? ”

Illiana nodded a “yes”

” You see that giant stone over there? ” she pointed at the stone, ” It is said that the moon always hangs above the stone every night. And only the alpha wolfs come there to howl, especially during the full moon. ”

” Priscilla always tell me stories about wolves, she said they were stories told to scare children at night. I never knew they were real. How do they look like? ”

” More like a half wolf, half human. ”

” Half humans? ” She asked, surprised. ” How is that even possible? ”

” According to history, it first started with a wolf and a human. She wasn’t just a human, she was a witch. The wolf found his mate on a sunny afternoon with her friends, they were playing beside the beach. He fell in love with her just as the British merchant and the American phycologist. It was love at first sight, but the wolf had a problem. He was so shy to approach her, and do you know why? ”

” Because he was a wolf? ” Illiana answered.

” Very good, that was because he was a wolf and the girl he loved was a human. What later happened, the witch noticed that the wolf always come to her house to see her, or sometimes if not her house he would always watch her play with her friends. One day, she approached him instead, but innocent wolfie was too shy. She understood why he was acting that way and she knew just how to solve the problem. ”

” How? ” Naive Illiana asked.

” She spent the entire night preparing a spell to transform the wolf to a human. If it was some kinda fate’s will, then she has to do something about it. She thought. The next day, she mixed the spell to the food she had offered him. And when he had eaten from it, he turned to a human. ”

” How did he looked? ” Illiana asked, enjoying the story.

” According to history, he looked just as handsome as a god. He took her to his home and made love with her. She bore him a son, who’s fate was similar to his father’s. And from there, they got the name β€˜Werewolves.’”

” Wow, that was so interesting and… rom-ntic. ” Illiana made an Awwn look.

” That doesn’t change the fact that they are evil. I bet you don’t wanna see a single one of them. ”

” Now you’re scaring me. ”

” I’m not scaring you little, Ana. I’m only trying to protect you. ” She carried Illiana onto her arms, ” Let’s go back home, Dad and Mom will be waiting for us. ”

Dinner was ready and everyone sat at the dinning room. Genevieve, Danielle and Illiana were the three daughters Mr and Mrs Walker has. Genevieve was sixteen and Danielle just turned fourteen two weeks ago. Illiana the least of the three was just twelve years old.

They discussed and made funny jokes as they dined together. But they were interrupted by the heavy sound of a knock and the banging of the door. Immediately, they stopped eating, facing the two strangers who had just entered in.

” Girls, stay close to mommy. ” Mrs Janet said as she cuddled her girls behind her.

” Who are you, and what do you want from us? ” Mr Walker asked, terrified.

” We are here for you daughter? ” One of the men said in a dark tone.

Mrs Janet stared at her husband and her daughters, then at the two men. ” What do you want with my daughters? ”

” Like I said, we are here for your daughter. ” He repeated.

” W… Which of… our daughter are you talking about? ” She stammered.

They stared at the three girls whose eyes were buried to the ground. Pointing at one of them, he said. ” Her. ”


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