Belina – batch 6



Richærd drove so fast & he had to quickly get a hold of himself.
He mentally started doing his relaxation technique & he was
happy when he started calming down a bit. He raced on top speed to d hospital hoping that
he would get there on time & do some things that would take his mind away from d past few minutes. He couldn’t believe that
his mother had d effrontery to come back after close to 22
years. To do what? Claim ownersh¡p after he had grown without contributing anything to
his life? No, he thought, she must have underrated what she did.
He finally got to d hospital safe & sound & he marched to his office in anger. The people in d hospital stared at him
surprised; that was d first time they would see him that angry.
As he got close to his office, he met Tony & knowing his friend
very well, Tony knew something was wrong somewhere. He
followed him into his office without a word & gave him a minute to calm down b4 he
questioned him.
“What’s wrong Richærd? Is dad ok?” he asked becoming worried
“That’s d problem. He is too ok”, Richærd answered.
“What do u mean by that?”
Tony asked, confused
“if he hadn’t been too fine, he would not have
allowed my mum into d
“What? What are u talking about?” Tony asked shocked
“Exactly what I am saying, I got there after calling u worrying
my freaking self that something might be wrong with dad but on
getting there, I saw my own flesh & blood mum staring me in d face”
Tony stared at him openmouthed
not able to say anything
“what did u do about it?” Tony finally asked
“Nothing,& I am not going to do anything about it”, he said & relaxed on his chair.
Switching on to more important things he asked,what of d
“Yeah, she is here already & is attending to Deji right now. You
just need to see her, she got me tied to her little finger immediately I set my eyes on her.
Believe me, she is a sight to behold”, he said already enjoying
the change of topic
Richærd looked unconcerned & said sternly, “that is none of my concern”.
Tony shook his head & said,t“unless u are not the Richærd I know, u would have d same
opinion as me when u see her”, he said grinning
Richærd kept quiet & made a mental note to avoid d second
floor as much as possible till d end of d day
I looked at my first patient as he sat in his wheel chair in d very
large hall-like place which was decorated to d brim. It looked
so heavenly p I adored d place myself. As I pushed him around I kept a light conversation going until he relaxed totally & I was glad. He
was extremely taken by d drawings and art works so I
decided to use this first time to familiarize myself with him &
make him enjoy himself. I noticed
that he should be a little older than I am but I decided to treat
him as a friend. We explored d art works together laughing
freely at every joke I made.
He looked so full of life & no one would have believed that he
didn’t know anything about himself. I noted his extreme
enjoyment & d little things he said unconsciously & planned
on working on it. I was very happy that just on d first day,we had achieved things that
would have taken a week to achieve. I looked at my wrist
watch & was alarmed when I saw that d 2hrs session was almost up. He noticed this & made a funny remark &we both laughed. I pushed his wheel chair as we headed out.
He said something about wanting to walk by himself but I told him that he would not do that until d doctor permits. We got back to is room & he was a
little bit relunctant to let me go, I had also enjoyed myself
extremely & was feeling a little
bit attached to him but smiled & told him that it would just be like d twinkle of an eye & d
next thing he would know is that we would be having another
session again d next day &that in no time, his memory would come flooding back. His
parents had thanked me profusely & I left d room for my office. I was about to climb d steps leading to d second floor when I stumbled on d most breath-taking sight I had ever placed my eyes on. I was
there like forever admiring d most beautiful craft I had ever seen when all of a sudden, it moved.
Tolu sat down comfortably in his
house looking very comfortable & no one would have been
able to think that he had a hand in d case that was being viewed in d television. He
watched as d TV brought to life
times without number d issue of Tunji’s murder & he hissed
audibly. ‘If it had been a
commoner, d case would not be shown more than once o, but
now that it has happened to
them, they are disturbing our eyes & ears with d story. e o
tii ri nkan kan”, he thought to himself. He was so confident that
he could not be a suspect at all cos he made sure that he
never visited Tunji in his house so no one could connect him with d case. He switched off
d TV & went out to get a good meal at d nearest eatery.
Now I have some cash, let me spend it, he thought as he
stepped out of d house.


Mr. Badmus walked on his street very slowly, carefully eating d gala with him. As he walked, he looked back at his life & shook his head pitifully. He looked
around him hating his
environment d more. If he had been told by a sorcerer that he
would still be in this retched environment by now, he would not have believed it. He got to his
house & stretched his body on d chair immediately he entered.
He dozed off & started
dreaming of strangling Belina. He already had his hand on her neck & was squeezing hærd when a knock brought him back. He hissed irritated & made 4 d
door. He did not know why he had to be disturbed from such a
pleasant dream so he did not bother to ask who was there, he
just opened d door with a killing glare on his face.
Immediately he saw a familiar uniform, his countenance changed to a frightened one.
“Can I help u sirs?” he said hoping they were on d wrong door
“Yes u obviously can”d
most threatening of them said & brought out his card. “u
are under arrest 4 d murder of Mr. Olatunji James & u have a right to remain silent cos
anything u say here would be used against u in…”
“What?” Mr. Badmus scre-med,

“I don’t know anything about that”.
“shut up man, now, move”, one of d officers ordered as they handcuffed him & pushed him out of d house into d waiting
black maria.
Richærd stood so still that he felt glued to d s₱0t. He had left his
office to check on some of his patients but saw someone that made him question if he was
daydreaming. He stood so still until she turned & he all he could do was gawp ridiculously with his mouth open. He never imagined that he would see d ‘lady in blue’ again but here he
was staring at someone who was a replica of her. He thought that not even twins could be that
similar & that made him
definite that she was actually d one he was staring at flesh &
blood. She was d same person only that d distance had undermined his view &
scrutiny of her. He had been able to take in her appearance that day at d concert even though it wasn’t easy but within close range, he felt that even in a
thousand years, he would not have finished feeding on her beauty. ‘I need to get out of here fast’, he thought, ‘but not after I find out what her name is’.
He noticed that he hadn’t moved a muscle & also noticed that she hadn’t as well so he was a little bit pacified so he moved towards her. He immediately saw d look of surprise &wondered what might have prompted it. He got to her & said breathlessly,
“hello there”.
Mr. Badmus yelled, pleaded & did all sort of things just so that d officers would understand & leave him alone but they did not listen, instead, they beat him up. He was d object of ridicule as everyone on his street & beyond came out to watch d latest movie display only that it
was real & not an act. Some people were secretly recording d incident which would make a good post on net.
They got to d police station and dragged mr. badmus into d cell.
He struggled like a mad man but he was held with expert hands.He continued shouting ‘I am innocent’ but it was more like ‘I am guilty’ in d ears of d officers. They threw him into d cell & he fell down crying profusely & it took just a moment b4 he noticed d people looming over. He lifted up his head &d first person he saw was a scarred guy grinning down at him wickedly with his toothless mouth.
I stood bawping as d
unbelievable man approached. I still found it amazing that he had
actually moved. He had stood like a statue & I had praised d talented artist who brought d
craft to light but when he moved I was extremely surprised. He
approached me & silly me, I hadn’t expected that he would
talk, much less to me but when I saw his mouth moving I was
taken aback once more. He said something but my mind was
preoccupied thinking about nothing or everything & I felt
like disappearing until he
touched my hand & I was shocked, in fact, I could swear he was electrically charged cos it was like touching a life wire but it was enough to bring me back to normal.
“Are u ok? Do u need a glass of water?” he asked looking
I mentally slapped myself for my
behavior & willed myself against thinking about that voice.
‘I have no business with d male gender’, I thought & when I
remembered Kelvin & my dad,my voice became sharp
“I am fine thank u”, I said &made to leave but he stopped me.
“Wait, what are u doing here?
I have been wanting to see u”,
he said urgently.
“What do u mean? Have we met?” I asked surprised at his
He smiled & said, “Yes & no. I saw u at Heaven’s Gate concert”
I flushed. There is something about that face that I could not
understand. It on its own portrayed a man of strength &
determination but there were a lot of things there that I could
not understand. He seemed unpredictable;
even with my psychological
mindset 8 training, I knew that it would not be very easy to read
him though I could sense he must have gone through alot in life.


I noticed that we have been staring at ourselves for some minutes & I quickly said, “it is nice seeing u
sir but I must get back to my office sir”
“oh, I am sorry, where do u work,he asked
“Here” I said casually.
“Here? he asked incredulously & his face shifted to a mischievous smile that I wondered if he thought I was joking
“Yes here, I am d new psychologist here, I said smiling.
“Miss Belina Badmus”, he stated . I was surprised that he
knew my name. I wanted to pursue it but I knew that I had to
run for my dear life cos this guy was definitely something from another planet. He stood there frozen to that s₱0t 4 d second time that day & I
quickly muttered something &
scrambled up towards my office leaving him there.
I got to my office & 4 d first time, I breathed well. The recent
days of my life just seemed to be
loaded with unexpected things. I recalled d face which have become pasted on my memory
and wondered how God could have come up with such craft. I
had thought that Kelvin was d most handsome guy I had come
across, that is apart from Tony who is also very handsome. For
the first time since the concert, I
remembered Kelvin & his betrayal, I allowed myself to dwell on it.
I had accepted Kelvin into my life after close to one year of
friendsh¡p. He was a very charming guy & most of my female course mates thought we were more than friends & they said so aloud. They were very
jealous & they did all sorts to shift his attention towards
themselves but Kelvin did not even notice them. He asked me
out & after about a month of persuasion on his side, I finally gave him d chance to win my
love. I did not love him & I made that clear to him but he was sure that he could make me
love him. I did not have it in mind to love anyone man & that
feeling had been growing in me ever since my tender age. I had watched secretly as my dad beat up my mother. We were very
poor then but we did not have to bother about landlord fees
cos d house belonged to
us. My dad would go out, return drunk & beat up my mother
mercilessly. Whenever he tried to lay his hands on me, my mother
would protect me & receive d punishments on my behalf. I
despise d male folks since then thinking that they were all d
same but Kelvin came & after about one year, I was sure that he was not like my dad & after
necessary probation, I accepted him. I had put some rules in place though & d major of
them all were: he should not smoke, drink alcoholic drinks &
tell me lies but d one on top was that we were not to have s€× ever except we got married.
He said he does not do any of them & that he would respect me & keep us clean.
We dated for six months & so many times he almost lured me into his bed but I refused blatantly. We fought over it
sometimes but I always forgave
him cos I felt he was a guy who was finding it hærd to control his urges but something
happened one week after my mother’s death that left me
completely broken. I called him immediately my mother died
seeking consolation but he only replied a cold “I am sorry about that”. I was very upset & angry
at his nonchalant attitude but I kept it to myself & consoled
myself. I locked myself up in my bedroom at home not coming
out at all & my dad did not give a d–n.
Prisca had been my
guardian angel then & had come over to my place to stay with me. Even though I was
happy she was there for me, I had already fallen in love with
Kelvin & I needed d comfort that only he could give but he
was nowhere to be found. He did not call & I refused to call him.
Exactly one week after my mother’s death, he called me & asked me to come over to his house. I was elated when I saw his call that I did not confront him about his behavior
but when I got there, I got d shock of my life.
I knocked d door like 4times & d door was later opened by a girl. She looked like a girl of 18yrs there about but
she was putting on a ‘see me through’ gown which just managed to cover her butt. The
gown filmed her unclad body underneath & I saw Kelvin sitting comfortably on d three
seater couch; d only chair in his extra large one room apartment.
The girl left me at d door which I have not left since my entrance & went to join him on d
couch, holding him so tenderly & curving around him like a
mermaid. I saw my world shattering b4 me as I looked at them both & saw d shameful bulge in Kelvin’s
trousers in disgust.
“Come in & close d damned door,are u just gonna stand there like a statue?” he asked & I looked on not leaving that s₱0t. I wanted to leave but I just could not move a muscle.
He laughed sarcastically & eyed me,
“see urself? u don’t
know what u have until u lose it. u are there staring at us & can’t do anything but stare
This beautiful queen
here has been giving me all that u have refused to give me. Look, I don’t
love her but I love u, just like u did not love me in d beginning but I have noticed u now have feelings for me,he paused & I just looked on like a fool that I was..


I am willing
to have you back if you would consent to satisfying me in bed
in return. Aaah, u are selfish o, body no be stone now, and
you dey do shakara. he concluded and his
pr-stitute laughed out loud &he silenced her with a k-ss. I just
stood there, not believing what I
was seeing & hearing. The love that had been growing in me died instantly & hate followed immediately. I did not say anything at all through out I
didn’t think I would have d strength to.
“So, what would it be Belina,make it snappy, I have some unfinished business here”, he
said winking at me.
I walked up to the couch slowly & b4 they could predict my
action, I carried the extremely full
cup of gulder & poured it into Kelvin’s widely opened eyes.
Kelvin started struggling with his
eyes while the little b—h stood to
challenge me. I sent her crashing into d bed with the force of the
slap I dashed her. I did not say a word as I left that place a changed person.
I dried my face with my face towel. I remembered d
striking guy I just saw barely minutes ago & noticed that I did not have his name but I was glad cor the male folks to me have nothing to offer except
sadness. ‘They are just joy killers’.
Richærd had finally left the stairs like a lost soul after his ‘lady in
blue’ had finally disappeared
from sight. He noticed sadly that
his problem had just doubled & there was actually no simple
way out of this. ‘how would I work under the same roof with
that?” he asked himself again.
He went back to his
office to dwell on what had happened just minutes ago.
As he sat down on the unofficial couch in his office which he laid
on most of the time, he just could not do anything but laugh &
smile. He remembered the way she had been looking at him when she turned in his direction & he laughed out loud. She had
been looking at him as if he had been hawking groundnut,wearing an expensive suit in the
hospital. He laughed at d imagination & moved on to d next thing that happened which was d surprised gaze; it had
been as if he had suddenly grown three heads & a tail. But
oh… she looked so adorable that way; in fact, she looked so devastatingly beautiful everyway.
He remembered d fact that she had been abducted just days ago
& couldn’t really blame the guy for wanting to take her away from everyone’s prying eyes even though he had the strange urge to beat that bastard to stupor.
He remembered her appearance in the concert which was
permanently pasted in his memory but knew that what he
had seen today would not allow him any other thought apart
from hers. ‘she is painfully beautiful’, he thought & just
when he started fighting against
the thoughts, Tony walked in without knocking & found him
grinning all by himself which he quickly wiped out.
“Hey man, are u having
problems with ur teeth?” Tony
asked jokingly.
He smiled, “did I complain about
them to u?”
“You don’t have to. Now, what is
it that is so funny?”
“Do u always have to find out everything?” Richærd asked
knowing that tony would not let d matter lie until he had
ploughed it out of him
“Yes, that is what friends are for”
Richærd sighed;
“it is…” he paused slightly,
“Belina” he dropped.
Tony was wide-eyed when he heard that name & he later
started laughing his ass out.
“What is so funny now? Cut it out”. Richærd said already sorry he had said anything.
Tony started cutting out his laughter bit by bit, “I told you…
oh Richy, u would always be d Richy I know no matter what
you say & how much you deny it. Now, what do you think about
Richærd hissed and said,

“You are a rogue”
“Uhn, I have always known that. I
am all ears” he said expectantly.
“For once in your life tony, you are
right only that she is not real. I
mean… she does not look real.
She is too beautiful to be true,
and guess what, she is the same
girl I saw at the concert the other
day”, Richærd said totally into his
Tony left Richærd’s opening
speech for later. “What girl?” he
asked confused.
“The one that sang when you
were chit chatting with your babe”.
Tony was amazed, “so, behind that splendid body, there is a
striking voice as well?”
“Yes o”
Tony tilted his eyes
mischievously, “so you were
suffering from love at first sight
when I saw you grinning right?”
Richærd was taken aback, “I… ehm… well of course not. Why
should i? She is just beautiful and
nothing more. Remember, I can’t
love anyone”, he replied
Tony coughed aloud unnaturally for some seconds and said,
Richærd got the sarcasm, picked
up his pen and threw it  at Tony.
Before it reached Tony, he was at
the door laughing profusely,
“You can’t fool me Mr Doctor”; he
said and ran out leaving Richærd
almost the same way he met him,


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