Can't Help Falling In Love

Can’t help falling in love episode 37 – 38

IN LOVE ❤️💋.
(You make me whole….)💕.

By Lisa (A.O)

CHAPTER 37❤️38.



Jisoo stretched tired and a painful headache struck her head.

She check her time and almost screamed out cos she is late for school,, That’s when she remember it’s Saturday.

“Apayo (it’s hurt)” She Winced Softly and walk out of the room.

She got downstairs and met Jin young making something to the kitchen.

“Drink this”He made her sit and hand her the Soup.

“Hangover Soup?”

“You need it,, Your head still hurts right?” He touched his hand on her forehead to feel her temperature and she shrugged.

“I’m fine” She smile nervously.

She started eating the Soup and he Just stared at her.

“Do you remember anything from last night?” He suddenly said and she look up.

“No, Why?” Jisoo said rather quickly.

“You don’t remember?” Jin young

“Yes,, Did I say anything bad?”

“No” He said and Walk away.

“Why did I even drink? How do I face him from now on?” Jisoo mumbled.



Jenny walk out of her room after finish dressing up,, She adjusted her lense and check her time before rushing downstairs only to meet someone waiting for her.

Jae Wook!.

“What are you doing here?” Jenny snapped.

“Is it a Crime to Visit My Sister or should I just say girlfriend?” Jae Wook smile.

Jenny Blinked.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,, So leave-” He suddenly pulled her closer to him self before she could finish.

He slowly remove the lense from her face.

“You look more beautiful without this” He Whispered and she could swear something spark in her.

“Let me Go” She snapped out of it and push him off.

“Why do I derive Joy from teasing you?” Jae Wook said.

“You are Just Crazy..

“I’m Crazy Over you” He winked and she kicked his leg.

“Aarh, That’s hurt” He pretended to fall and her eyes widened.

“Are you Okay?” She asked Concernly and Jae Wook started laughing.

“Were you really worried about me?” He said and Jenny hit him again.

“Get Lost!!” She yelled and stood up, Walking out of the house already.

Jae Wook went after her and grab her hand.

“Let’s go together”

“Let me go,, Will you” Jenny snapped.

“Just stay still or I’ll kiss you” He said and Jenny raise her brows.

She went mute.

“Now that I think about it,, I’ll be moving here soon. I want to Stay in your room with you. It’s too big for a Shortie like you” Jae Wook


“You can’t wait right? Me too” Jae Wook said and Jenny furrow her eyebrows.

“I love you” Jae Wook quickly Stole a Kiss from her before rushing to his Car, He winked at her and drove off.

Jenny stood at a Spot Speechless.




Ryan was busy on his laptop when he felt someone presence behind him,, He stop what he was doing and turn at once.


Jade frowned and move closer to him.

“Can’t you at least pretend not to see me,, You are no fun to be with” She sat on his lap and Ryan shrugged.

“What are you doing?”

“Is it Wrong? You are my Brother right?” Jade said stressing the Word BROTHER.

“It’s fine But…

“What?”She blinked, looking straight into his eyes.

“Y- You have weight Jade” Ryan said without thinking and Jade scoff.

“You are so bad in lieing”

“I’m not lieing” Ryan look away from her and turn back to his business.

“I’m even bullied in school for being so Skinny and now I have weight” Jade said, folding her under her breast.

“You can’t blame me,You eat a lot” Ryan said and Jade smack his head.


“That’s doesn’t mean I’m fat,, Stop it” She said seriously and Ryan cupped her cheek.

“I’m only Joking, You are not” Ryan said and she smiled.

He also smile before turning back to his laptop.

“Can I ask you something?” Jade said.

Ryan nodded.

“There is this boy at School…” She stop talking to see his reaction but he was only having a “CURIOUS” look on.

“Go on”

“He said he like me” Jade Completed.

“That’s great news, What did you tell him?” Ryan grimaced, and Jade frowned then stood up to go.

“Just forget it”

Ryan stood up quickly and grab her hand.

“Did I say something Wrong?” He asked quickly.

“Why did you seem happy about it?” Jade mumbled and bit her lips.

“It’s a good thing,, My baby sister have someone who like her” Ryan said and Jade scoff Inwardly.

“When will you stop seeing me as your Baby sis” Jade shouted before she knew it.


She realized what she just said and took in her lower lips.

“Nothing,, What are you doing?” Jade walked back to the laptop and sit, and started glancing through it.

“It’s not” Ryan closed it quickly and She raise her brows.

“Why are you Searching for that? Do you like someone?” Jade blinked.

“Kind of” Ryan muttered.


“Do you have any idea on how I can ask her out? Like what do girls like in a guy..

“No” Jade replied rather quickly.

“You didn’t even allow me finish” Ryan said in confusion.

“I really don’t know” Jade said and walk out.

“What is wrong with her?” Ryan mumbled and sit back.

His phone rings and he pick it quickly.

“You are here already” he said and rush out.

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“Sweetheart, Can you take her to your brothers room? She is here for thier school project” Mrs Brauns said and Jade fumed with anger, staring dangerously at Jenny who kept trying to avoid her gaze.

“Sure” Jade force a smile.

“Please do feel at home dear. Jade take care of yourself for Mommy Okay?” Mrs Brauns kissed her hair and then left afterwards.

Jade turn back to Jenny and

“Are you my brothers girl-

“Jade” Ryan chirped in

“You are here already. She is here for you” Jade roll her eyes and walk away.

“Don’t mind her” Ryan said and Jenny nodded.

“So,, Should we do it here or My room?” Ryan asked awkwardly and Jenny blinked.

“Do what?”

“It’s not what you think,, I’m talking about the assignment” Ryan said quickly and Jenny nodded.

“Your room will be fine” Jenny said.

“Ok let’s go” Ryan lead the way and she followed.

“Such a Slut,, His room will be fine” Jade folded her fist from the stairs she was watching.

What if he kiss her

“No, No, No, I have to do something” She said to herself and rush to her room.


Jenny watch in amusement as Ryan did all the work perfectly, He didn’t even bother asking her for anything.

He just ask her to sit and watch him,, Her heart started beating crazily as he started at him.

She quickly shook the though off and look away.

“Done” Ryan tap the sent and face Jenny.

“We are done” He smile and she blinked.

“Deabal! (Awesome!) I don’t know you are this good” Jenny mouthed sincerely.

“You speak Korean?” Ryan asked Instead.

“Of Course,, My Mom is a Korean ” Jenny replied proudly.

“Wow, Me too..Your Dad?” Ryan smiled.


“My Dad too” Ryan Chuckles.


“We really do have a lot in common. Didn’t we?” Ryan said and she smile.

What follows was silence,, The began staring at each other.

Ryan could felt his heart pounding crazily while Jenny only stared at him Blankly, wondering why he his staring at her so much.

She stood up and arranged her hair.

“Why did you ask me to come when you can do them all yourself?” Jenny broke the silence and Ryan snapped out of his thoughts.

“I badly wanted to see you” Ryan blunted out and took her hand while Jenny gulp down nothing.

“I want to tell you something”

“W-what?” Jenny stuttered.

Ryan was about to talk when Jade badge in and they disengaged.

“I came in Time” Jade said Inwardly looking at both of them.

“Why are you here?” Ryan asked in a bit ….

“I thought you might be hungry, So I made you Lunch” Jade said and drop the tray of cookies and drink she was holding.

“I’m Sorry but I have to go Now,, Dad will be worried” Jenny said and grab her bag, She made to go but Ryan grab her hand.

“Let me take you” He said awkwardly.

“You don’t have to Worry,, My driver is waiting outside” Jenny smile and left.

Ryan turn back to Jade with a dissapointed look.

“Why did you have to ruined this for me” He ran his hand through his hair angrily.

“I’m Sorry,, I just thought you are hungry and-

“Just forget it” Ryan said and walk out.

“His he angry at me?” Jade muttered and bit her lips.



Hoon heard a knock from the door and he quickly rush to it,, He open it and his eyes widened.

“Rose!” He said Surprisely.

“Why are you looking like me like you just saw a Ghost?” Rose roll her eyes.

“You really Came” Hoon smile sheeplessly and Rose Scoffs.

“I love my mark more than my Ego” Rose push him slightly and enter fully.

He made her sit and She began looking around.

“Do you want something to drink?”

Rose nodded and Hoon left.

The first thing that catch her attention is the picture frame hung ok the wall.

She drop her bag and rush to it.

“This must be him” She touch it and smile.

“But who is this-

“Here” Hoon appeared with a

“Thanks” She collect it and

“Who is that?” Rose pointed at the little girl in the frame.

“My first love” Hoon said and Rose smile fell.

“Oh” She blinked Hoon chuckles

“She is my twin” Hoon said and Rose eyes widened.

“You have a Twin” Rose said Surprisely.

Hoon nodded.

“Why didn’t I know about it,, Who is she?” Rose asked curiously.

“Someone you know”


“Nora” Hoon said and Rose gasp.

“Are you for real? Like What the f”ck?” Rose Exclaimed loudly.

Hoon nodded.

“But you never talk to her in School”

“We are not in good terms” Hoon replied.

“Oh” Rose pouted and drank from the glass.

“What’s funny?” Rose Frowned.

“There is something on your face” He said and made to touch it but he quickly grab his hand and remove it herself.

Hoon Chuckles and They Began staring at each other. He started walking closer to her and she kept shifting back.

“I can’t hold it anymore” He said and before she could proceed what’s happening, She suddenly felt his cold lip ring on hers.

He kissed her!

She was just about reciprocating when her mind drifted to Jin young, She quickly broke it and stand straight.

“I’m….” Before he could say the Word Sorry, Rose rush out quickly.




“How did you ended up in Grade 12 when you don’t even k ow a simple equation” Jin young said, Drinking from the can of Soda.

At least it will help quench his hanger.

Jisoo just bit her lips nervously.

“I’m sorry”

“It’s okay” He said and resume explaining but still she kept nodding like a wall Gecko.

“Should we just continue tommorow,,You are obviously tired” Jin young said and She quickly nodded.

“Yes,,, Goodnight” She stood up to go.

“You really don’t remember anything from last night?” Jin young said and she halted.

“Yes, Why?” She turn to him.

“Should I remind you?” Jin young said and Jisoo gulp down nothing nervously.

“Sarangdagu (I love you)_

“I said that?” Jisoo ask as if she was surprised.


“I obviously said that because I was drunk and Beside_

“Joahaeyo (I like you)” Jin young Blunted and her eyes widened.



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