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Diamond in the rough episode 45

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#season_2 episode 45


By: Kebby NG Media Services


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He was in the same club as Alice that day, if that is true, the mistake he made can’t be with her right.

“It’s been long enough” she replied his question and he gulped down .

“Alex do you still have feelings for me?” She asked after noticing the way he looked at her.

“What if I do?” He asked with a nervous chuckle.

“I knew it” she said, ” Let’s go to my office” she added and he nodded before igniting the car.


Cole sat in a restaurant waiting for the person that called him. He already s£nt message that they should meet in a restaurant.

He has been sitting for five minutes and she is not there yet, he stood up about to leave when a middle aged woman walked in.

She looked suspicious because she kept staring at the back to see if anyone is following her.

Cole recognized immediately to be doctor Ann’s mother, Mrs Jane. But why is she here? She can’t be the person that called him can she?

She doesn’t look like the type of person who would murder someone else. It has to be a coincidence, she is not here for him.

He was still trying to find another reason for why she is there when he called. She stared around in search for him.

He cut the call and walk towards her, he pulled s chair for himself to sit and he sat opposite to her.

“Good afternoon doctor” he greeted. “Cole?!” She called surprised to see him or is she happy that he made it.

“Yes Mrs Jane” he replied, “you still remember my name” she blushed feeling flattered.

“Of course were Jasper’s family doctor for a long time” he said and she chuckle as she bowed her head.

” Is something wrong? What is it you wanted to talk to me about?” He asked.

” Your father he is a murderer! “She blunted as she held his hand that was on the table.

He withdraw his hand and gave her a suspicious glare. “What are you talking about? Who did my father murderer? “He asked trying to pretend to clueless.

” I know you don’t believe me because you don’t expect me to know all this but I know who your father is and I know you do too” she said.

” What do you mean by I do?” He asked as he tried not to stuter.

” I heard your argument the day you left the house” she blunted.

He found out about his father murdering Jasper’s parents the very day he left their house.

He was in the kitchen, the house would have been empty if not for the maids. Jasper’s parents just died and everyone went to sympathize with them.

He remembered walking out of the kitchen with an apple. He heard his father making a phone call and he decided to ignore it but something got his attention.

The word “I won’t be doing anything until I get the company”. He was confused what company is his dad talking about? The last time he check they don’t have a company and he doesn’t think he plans on buying one.

He walked closer and heard him warn the person to stop pestering him about his/her payment if he/she doesn’t want to meet the same fate as Jasper’s parents.

He gulp down nothing as the apple in his hand fell on the floor. His father noticed this and raised his head to see him.

“Cole, what are you doing by the door?” He asked not worried about the fact that he could have eavesdrop on his conversation.

Since that day, he stared at him in with disgust. How could he call himself human after murdering his own brother.

Cole confronts him and he admit to everything, Cool felt lost and dirty since that very day.

He asked his father to apologise to Jasper and quit whatever he is planning. He refused and said he won’t let all he h-rd work go in vain.

He already started this it is only normal if he finishes it, Cole begged him countless times for him to turn a new leaf but he wouldn’t listen to him.

He left the house when he realized that he’s father will never change. He packed his things after few days and set to leave the house when his father walked in.

He was calling someone but had to stop when he saw him leaving with a bag. He begged him to stop and not to leave but he didn’t listen.

He already made up his mind, he left the house that day and never returned. “I was the person he was calling. Starting from that day, I stopped working for him” she said.

” If you stopped working for him who killed Amber and crippled Jasper? “He asked.

She bent her head as she thought about the answer to give his question. she doesn’t want to rat her own daughter out.

“I…. I… don’t know” she finally said stutering.

” You know there is a difference between I don’t know and I don’t want to say” he said and she got his message immediately.

She stared around the restaurant and grabb£d her bag, “you are right I can’t tell you. I didn’t came here to chit chat with you, I just wanted to tell you what your father is planning” she said.

” Why will you tell me? “He asked. “Because you are the only one person that can stop your father” she replied.

” What it I refuse? I can always say no” he stated. ” Yes but you wouldn’t, you care about Jasper and you feel guilty, you have the power to right your father’s wrong” she said.

” Stop talking as it you know me” he snapped. “Your father is going to kill Jasper’s new wife and later him” she said and stood up.

” Sit down” he commanded, “I have to leave” she pleaded. “Sit down our I will make a fool out of both of us” he threatened.

She closed her eyes and inhale deeply before exhaling then she sat down.

He smirk and asked, “when and who is going to do it?” He asked.

If she tells him it Ann and he arrest her daughter things won’t be good. She can’t let her daughter rot in jail.

“You don’t have to worry too much I won’t rat the person out to the police. I just want to prevent what is about to happen” he said as if he heard Jane’s thought.

” Promise me” she demanded and he felt like hitting her. She has wasted his time and she is still being melodramatic.

“I promise, neither you nor the person will end up in jail but I can’t assure you that Jasper won’t find out” he said.

Jasper finding out the truth is much more better than them going to jail. “What if Jasper decides to s£nd is to prison along with your dad? “She asked.

” You don’t have to worry I will take care of things” he assured. She took a deep breath before saying, ” it’s Ann, Ann will kill Jasper’s new wife” she blunted

” Ann as in doctor Ann, your daughter?” He asked and she nodded. What is this? Does murderer blood run in their family or what?

“Ann is going to do it. I don’t know when or how. But she will do it in a way that no one will be affected except her” she blunted as a single tear left her eyes

“You don’t have to worry only my dad will go to jail” he assured and she nodded,” I’m sorry for not making the right decision earlier” she apologized.

” We all didn’t make the right decision” he replied


Ben walked to his father’s room that afternoon. He refused to go and see him after he returned from Aiden’s office.

He was scared that he would see the bruises on his face and assume he fought with Aiden.

He went to the casino instead and sadly for him, he didn’t win any money but lost the little he bet with.

He was not that affected because he remembered his investment and knows he will get more than what he lost.

“Why do you always choose to spend the night out if this house? “Mr Winston asked immediately he entered the room.

” I have some business to take care of” he replied, “really? What about the one I asked you to take care of? “He asked.

” Aiden humiliated me dad, he threw me out of his office, he didn’t even give me a chance to talk” he explained as his anger great when he remembered Alice.

” He threw you out of his company?” He asked and Ben nodded.” He doesn’t give a damn about Sheila or the baby” he replied.

Mr Winston only kept quiet and didn’t say anything. The silence was getting awkward when Ben suggested.

“I will go and explain to her, I hope she will understand” he said before leaving his father’s room.

He opened the door to Sheila’s took and was surprised at what she saw, the room was dirty and smelly.

The duvet was on the floor, papers torn on the floor too, he walked closer and saw her swollen eyes. Her hair was tattered as if she’s insane. She looks like she hasn’t bath since the day she was born.

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