Everyone Falls in love

Everyone Falls in love – final episode



The Candle In The Wind

Episode 11
She met him with a smiley face and a hug when he walked into the frozen yogurt joint they planned to meet before the movie started. They sat by the table close to the door and she let him know it was her treat, and that she had already gotten two tickets for the movie. He declined her offer for a cup of frozen yogurt, and just watched as she took scoop after scoop as she told him about what happened at her church earlier on in the day.
It was almost like they never had the argument about Tunde’s death and she never shouted at him at the parking lot of the same mall they were now seated at. He didn’t know what she was up to, but he didn’t want to ruin the high spirit she seemed to be in, so he didn’t bring up the past.
She had on a white cotton gown with black patterns running along the hemline. As he listened to her talk about how panicky everybody was in church earlier because of the bomb scare, he wondered what part of her made him fall in love with her. Though he was a novice when it came to love matters, he knew his love for this girl sitting in front of him was unconditional. Even if she wasn’t as witty as she was, he would still love her. Even if she wasn’t as beautiful as she was with her shining brown complexion, he would still love her. Even if she didn’t have such beautifully shaped b—–s on her chest, he would still love her. Even if she didn’t have a great body, he would still love her. He just wondered if she felt the same way about him.
After the movie, they walked to the same bar they had been last week, and the talks continued. They discussed the movie, and how they had expected more. Andrew said he thought there would be more action, and Angela complained about how violent the little girl was.
After a while, there was silence. She started playing with her glass cup, running her finger around the circular top, and then she looked up at him and said, “I’m sorry about last week.” He looked up at her but didn’t say anything. “I shouldn’t have overreacted like that.” She added.
“It’s fine.” He said ad took a deep sigh. “We both loved Tunde, so I understand how you would act like that.”
“I sat down to think about it, and there is really nothing you could have done.” She said and picked up her drink. She was about to take a sip from her glass cup when she stopped to say, “I heard you visited Tunde’s family?”
“Yes. I had to talk to them. The issue was killing me in,side.” He said and sighed as he remembered how Tunde’s parents burst out crying when he had visited them a few days ago. Burying a child was something most parents prayed against. Tunde’s sister, Bimpe was also there, and at some point, she ran into his arms and cried profusely. He understood how losing a sibling can make one lash out at anyone they felt could have saved the loved one, so he totally understood her early outbust at the mall.
A tear rolled down Andrew’s eye and Angela reached for his hand on the table. She stared at him with the look that said, ‘it’s okay.’ She had done her own grieving in the quiet of her room the last couple of days, but she understood how feeling like you could have done something to save a friend’s life can make one feel.
By the time Tunde walked Angela to her car later that day, it was already dark. She leaned on her car and he stood a few inches away from her. He was about to say his goodbye and leave when he noticed she was staring at something behind him. When he turned around, he saw an old couple making out in the front seat of a yellow 1981 Volvo 244. He had to look again to be sure of what he had seen. “This sure doesn’t happen every day.” He said with a smile.

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She chuckled and looked down. When her face came up, she looked straight at him and said, “You know what?”
“What?” He said.
“The real reason I snapped at you the other day was because…” She was saying and stopped to look at him intensely. “It was because I was fighting my feelings for you.” He looked at her trying to understand what she was trying to say and she continued. “You had told me you loved me, and I felt the same, but…” She said and stopped as tears rolled down her eyes…”But I didn’t believe I could get a second chance at happiness.”
He reached out for her and she held him in a tight embrace as she cried tears of joy.

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