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Forbidden love episode 6

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Forbidden Love – Episode 6
© Francis Agamah
[Narration from Abena’s Po!nt of view]
My love for Fafa was stronger than th£ biological bond I shared with my Fath£r.
I knew th£ genesis of all th£se problems began wh£n Afua chose to betray me by leak!ng my secret affair with Fafa. That night, I went to Afua’s house. $h£ was happily watch!ng TV. Wh£n $h£ saw me, h£r countenance changed. What do you want h£re at th¡s time, Abena?
“I want you!”
“Because you betrayed our friendship, “I said.
“I’m Sorry, Abena” Afua apologized.
“Your apology, will that br!ng [email protected]¢k my love?” I asked
“I don’t know your fath£r will be very temperamental wh£n I told h¡m ab©vt Fafa and you,” h£ said.
“Are friends not supposed to keep each oth£r’s secret, why do you betray me like th¡s, “I asked.
“Look, Abena, it’s …”
“Shut up, Afua.” I sh©vted.” Traitors like you don’t deserve to be alive. Today is your judgment day. I h£reby declare you guilty by my own law.”
I rem©v£d my knife and stabb£d Afua on h£r ch£st. $h£ felt to th£ ground, twitch£d, convulsed and died.
“It serves you right, you brought th¡s upon yourself th£ day you chose to break our friendship code,” I said.
That fateful night, @r0vnd twelve midnight, I s1©wly crept !nto my fath£r’s room. h£ was sleep!ng soundly as if everyth!ng was all right. Afraid that I would change my m!nd, I looked at my fath£r’s sleep!ng b©dy.
Th¡s man was my fath£r but h£ had become my enemy th£ very day h£ elim!nated my source of joy j√$t because of h¡s egoistic and stereotypic tendencies. I won’t allow h¡m to hide under th£ cover of th£ law and go scot-free. I repeated th£ “mantraic” words I said before stabb!ng Afua with a knife,” Today is your Judgement day, Fath£r, I h£reby declare you guilty by my own law.”
Quickly, I plunged th£ sharpened knife I took from my moth£r’s kitch£n !nto h¡s stomach with all my strength.
h£ shrieked loudly, opened h¡s eyes, shocked to see me, h¡s daughter as h¡s killer and th£n wrench£d !n h¡s death throes. I stood by h¡s lifeless b©dy say!ng, “!n your next life, let go of your prejudice aga!nst Ewes. Let th¡s serve as a lesson to you. I’m sorry it has come to th¡s level but you hurt me too deep.”
My fath£r’s blood dripped from th£ edges of th£ sharpened knife I plunged !nto h¡s stomach. “I can’t live with©vt you Fafa, “I said.” I would rath£r jo!n you !n death than live with©vt you, for life with©vt you is mean!ngless, “I lamented.
“Abena, Wh£re are you”, I h£ard my moth£r’s voice !n th£ shadows and that was th£ last voice I ever h£ard. I said, “Lord, Forgive me for my !niquities,” and plunged th£ sharpened knife !nto my own stomach. ”Th¡s world didn’t deserve me”, I said to myself, “Fafa’s world does”. Darkness began to engulf me. I felt excruciat!ng pa!ns !n my abdomen from th£ stab of th£ knife I plunged !nto my own stomach. I saw my moth£r fa!ntly, blur, !n sh¡mmers of light cry!ng, “Abena, why???”
Th£n I saw someth!ng like an apparition. A thick blanket of darkness descended h£avily on me.
Suddenly, th£ div!ne door bl!nds of eternity were opened unto me and th£re h£ was – my Fafa emerg!ng from th£ thick canvas of darkness !n white cloth£s. h£ embraced warmly with a smile, say!ng,” Welcome, I have been expect!ng you.” Th£ darkness kept swallow!ng me and I began to s!nk deeper and deeper !nto a great abyss, with Fafa smil!ng and hold!ng me firm until we were completely engulfed !n th£ pitch darkness !nto eternity wh£re th£re is noth!ngness. I knew no m©r£ pa!n and I couldn’t tell what happened after I closed my eyes f!nally.
Fafa, Afua, Abena, and h£r fath£r were all buried on that black Saturday with great sorrow and grief. It was an !ncident that depicts th£ mysterious force beh!nd what we call love.
!n Song of Solomon 8:6, it was written; Place me like a seal over your h£art, or like a seal on your arm. For love is as strong as death and its jealousy is as endur!ng as a grave.
Everyone can die and no one can escape its power and strength but love is equally as strong as death because no one can stop th£ love of a person !n h¡s or h£r h£art towards anoth£r.
Don’t underestimate th£ power of love. It is a powerful force that cannot be ¢©Πtr0|led with aggression. Wh£n two people are !n love, th£y have !nadvertently crossed th£ boundary of normalcy to a paranormal world wh£re any logical !nhibition will be perceived by th£ love birds as an obstacle to th£ir love. Th¡s only strength£ns th£ir bond.
Love wh£n not put !n th£ correct place could degenerate !nto an obsession. If your toy with love, It can consume you !n its fiery fire.
Stay safe, stay Blessed.
�—-Th£ END—�

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