King Damien

King Damien episode 47 – 48


(melting his stone heart)

Written by Sunshine R

Chapter 47 & 48



The king’s chamber

“Me, Gavrill and Lionel were best friends more like brother’s,we attended the same school did things together and sleep together,I considered them as my family,even though they are not born into the royal family,I was never bothered,until uncle Benson (Gavrill’s dad)” he paused.

” It was mother’s birthday and father threw a party for her,he was so happy that after so many years she is now pregnant and also celebrating her birthday”

“Mother excused herself to get something in her chamber,the guards wanted to follow her but she stopped them,she went to her room, unknown to her Benson followed her,he locked the door and……..” Damein clinched his fist trying to control his anger.

Anna held his hand placing a k×ss on it.

” He tried forcing himself on her,she s¢ræmed and at that time I was coming to her room,I immediately rushed to call father when the sorry broke open,father beat him to stupor,he was immediately arrested,when Gavrill was told what his father did he denied it saying his father will never do that”

“Benson was sent to jail,and later killed by some hoodlums, Gavrill blamed my family for his father’s death, Mrs Benson became mentally unstable,Gavrill took her and left the town after making a vow to destroy my family” Damein sighed after explaining.

” But it was his father’s fault” Anna said.

” He never believed his father is at fault” Damein shrugged and continued rubbing her stomach.

” What about Carla did you give up on her?”

” I don’t care,she was the reason why mother landed in the hospital and killed” Damein gritted his teeth.

” Killed? You mean Queen mother was killed” Anna’s asked.

” Yes she was injected with a snakes venom,it kills thirty minutes after the injection” Damein replied.

” How did you know?”

” The doctor who injected her was killed when he tried running away, and I found his wife and kids yesterday”

” What will you do to them” Anna asked.

” I don’t know but the wife seems stubborn,she has been tortured earlier but she refused to say a single word” Damein sighed.

” I’m sleepy” Anna yawned.

” Goodnight my love” he adjust her on the bed cover her up.



Tanya opened her eyes staring at Lionel’s face.

She wanted to get out of the bed but she was pulled back by him.

” Morning princess” he peck her l¡ps.

Tanya blushed and peck him back.

” Don’t go yet” he said.

” Why?” Tanya asked.

” Do you want to leave your boyfriend bored in bed” he pouted.

” Big baby” she giggled.

” Let me show you what a big baby can do” he pin her down and raise up her nightie.

” Geez babe” Tanya giggle when he k×ssed her navel.


” We have to get rid of Albert” Rachel said.

” I know after he is done kidnapping Anna,he will die in Damein’s hand” Gavrill smirked.

” What are you planning” Rachel sat on his thigh.

” You will soon get to know what I’m planning” he spank her @ss.


Carla has been depressed,she locked herself in her room.

She sniffed a large amount of cocaine, and threw her head backwards.

” I can’t be pregnant” she chuckled.

” I can’t be” tears roll down her face.

” Hahahahaha” she started laughing crazily and at the same time crying.

Lisa used a spare key to open the door.

” Carla” Lisa and Alfred rushed to her.

” Who are you hahahahaha” She continued.

” I think she has gone crazy”

” What do we do?” Alfred gulped.

” Tie her up” Lisa said and Alfred got a rope they tied her up and gagged her mouth.

Carla kept struggling to get away but couldn’t she glared at them and tried laughing but she couldn’t.

They left the house and away.


” Hi Shine” Nina hugs her.

” Hey” Shine replied and walked away.

” What is wrong with her” Nina shrugged and turned but Joshua blocked her way.

” Hi” he winked.

” Hey Joshua,what is wrong with Shine?” Nina asked.

Rex stopped Shine and tried talking to her but she glared at him and walked away.

” What is wrong with her?” He thought.

Joshua shrugged and held her hand dragging her to the class.

They class began gossiping about them.

Shine scoffed.

” Hey what did I tell you about flirting with my sister” Rex ran into the class.

” Sister?” Shine gasped.

” Yeah she is his twin sis” Nisha replied.

Joshua let go of her hand and ran out of the class while Rex chased him.

The class roared in laughter.

Zander and Dora walk into the class laughing.

” Hello everyone” Dora shouted.

” Dora” a teacher called her name.

” Good morning Mr Frank”

” Morning,can you kindly seat down” he said and began his teachings.

Joshua and Rex returned to the class looking like zombies.

They glared at each other before sitting down.


Damein drove out of the palace after disguising himself.

He went to the torture house and entered.

” Your highness” the guards bow.

” Any progress” he asked walking towards the room the woman was kept.

” No your highness” the guards replied.

He went into room and met the woman laying on the floor weakly.

” Where are the kids?”

” The other room”

Damein glared at her and she shivered in fear.

” What if I hurt your knees kids?” Damein said in a threatening way.

” No please don’t hurt my kids” She begged.

” Then talk” his emotionless eyes gaze at her.

” He threatened to kill my baby” the woman cried.

” I will protect you and your kids” Damein said.

” No you can’t he injected my youngest baby with a poisonous liquid that makes her to vomit blood and bleed from the ear,only him has the antidote for it” she wept.

” He made my husband to obey his words,he promised to give us to give us an antidote that when she takes it the disease will go away forever but he killed my husband after he did what he asked him to do”

” Who is he?” Damein’s face hærdened.

” He said his name is Benson” the woman hiccupped.

Damein scrolled through his phone and click on Gavrill’s picture before turning the screen to her.

” He is the one” the woman gasped.

” Are you sure?” He asked and she nodded.

Damein stood up and left the room.

” Take care of her you know what to do” Damein said and left,his eyes were burning with so much anger and hatred.

The guards took the woman and the kids out of the country, they contacted one of the best hospital abroad all this happened on the same day.


The King’s Chamber

Damien ordered the guards to turn down the whole Crest Town and get Gavrill.

He sat down in his bedroom drinking himself to stupor,he lot a cigarette and place it on his l¡ps.

He puffed out smoke,he was heartbroken and angry at the same time.

He stood and headed to the gym,he began venting all his anger on the punch bag.

He punched it several times till it tore complete,his veins pop out of his s××y body, sweat running down everywhere.

He was breathing heavily,he went to the other punch bag and began another round of punches and kicks.

Bill saw the way he was behaving he ran out and called Anna.

Anna immediately ran to his chamber she opened the door and found him punch the bag.

” Hubby” she gasped.

Damein heard her voice and stopped.

He turned to look at her, Anna flinch when she saw his angry face.

” You’re not the Damein I know” she shakes her head.

Damein hated the fear he saw in her eyes.

” I’m sorry” he lowered his head.

” Why the sudden anger?” She went close to him but he took a step back.

Anna raised her brows in confusion.

” I’m can’t come close to you like this,I stink” he said.

” Who cares” she hugged him tight.

The went back to the bedroom together, Anna stopped when she saw the bottles of liquor and ashes of cigarettes.

” Who did this?” She points at them.

Damein looked away scratching his head.

” Tell me you didn’t?” She asked.

” Uhm…..welll…..I….”

” Don’t come close to me for two weeks” she said and began tidying up the room.

” What!” He exclaimed.

” Babe you know I can’t leave without you,two weeks is too much please babe I’m sorry” he went close to her but a glare sent him back.

She packed up everything and left the room.

” Damn she is so scary” he ruffles his hair and went into the bathroom.


Carlee and her friends went to their private classroom eating different types of food.

” May God bless the hand that cooked this food” Dora said rubbing her stomach.

” Foodie” Zander chuckled and she smack his head.

” You two are funny,why don’t you dare each other” Nina said.

” No way” they chorused.

” We’re sworn enemies” Zander rolled his eyes.

Shine smiled at them,she turned and look at Rex when their eyes met he immediately looked away.

Shine bit her l¡ps feeling guilty.

Rex stood up and left the class, Shine also stood up and followed him.

” I can smell something in the air” Nina said sniffing around.

” I can perceive it too” Dora replied.

” What the hell are you guys perceiving?” Roland asked.

” Love” they chorused.

” You guys are crazy” Carlee giggle.

Nisha sat quietly staring at Zander.

Rex went to an empty class and sat down he brought out his phone trying to get Shine out of his head.

Shine was looking for him she searched the restroom but he wasn’t there,she was about passing a certain class but paused when she saw him sitting on the desk busy with his phone.

” Uhmm” she cleared her throat.

Rex looked up and went back to his phone.

” Rex” she called.

” Yes” he replied his gaze still on his phone.

” I’m sorry” she bit her l¡ps.

” Sorry for…”

” I’m sorry for ignoring you” she quickly replied.

” I don’t understand you anymore,the next minute you’re mad at me and the next minute you say you are sorry, Sunshine what is wrong with you?” He stared at her.

She lowered her head staring at the floor.

Rex sighed and stood up he went to her and hug her.

” I’m sorry” Shine said lowly.

” It’s ok” he broke the hug.

” Are we good?” She smiled.

” Sure” he replied.

” I’m hungry” she pouted.

” Thought we just finished having lunch” he was surprised.

Shine made a cute face.

” You and Dora I don’t know who is much better” he held her hand heading to the cafeteria.

Joshua actually followed them,he stared at them as they left.


At night

Gavrill immediately sneaked out of the town and left when he heard the doctors wife was kidnapped by Damein.

He knew Damein would come looking for him.

Rachel sighed and sat in her room feeling lonely,so she decided to go out and have some fun.

She changed into mini skirt and a crop top.

She did her make up perfectly and stepped out,then she collided with a maid who was coming to her room,they bumped into each other and Rachel gave her a thunderous slap.

The maid fell to floor and held her cheek.

” Are you insane?” She yelled.

” I’m sorry my princess” the maid cried.

Rachel kicked the maids stomach and she gr0aπed painfully rolling on the floor.

Blood began gushing out of the maids v@gina.

The other maids took her immediately to the hospital.

” Sl*t” Rachel cursed and dust her clothes.

Her phones rings interrupting her.

” Hey girlfriend” she smiled.

” Hey baby guess what” the lady from the other end said.

” You’re in town” Rachel replied.

” Gosh you’re so good at guessing”

” Wanna have some fun tonight?” Rachel said.

” Of course girly I wanna have my p*ssy fingering” she replied.

” Let’s meet up at the 69 Club” Rachel said and hanged up.


Music was booming everywhere,a lot of people were seen dancing and drinking while others were making out.

Rachel sat at the VIP section watching everything.

She was already getting wet staring at some crazy couple who are getting wild.

Soon a lady walked towards her.

” Rachel” she called happily.

” Baby Jane” Rachel stood up and they hugged each other.

” I missed you” Jane said and sat down.

” Same here baby,how was France” Rachel asked.

” Very lively and amazing”Jane replied.

Minutes later some guys walk to them and began stripping in front of them.

” I love what I’m seeing” Rachel licks her l¡ps.

” He is bigger than Gavrill” she thought and dragged him to a room while Jane shamelessly took off her clothes and a hot make out broke out on the couch.


The king’s chamber

Damein was laying down alone in his room,he couldn’t sleep because Anna’s wasn’t beside him.

He missed her,he also regret drinking and smoking.

” My Hazel” he thought stood up heading to her room.

Anna couldn’t sleep also,she misses him badly but she has too,what she hates the most is drinking and smoking.

Damein got spare keys from his room and opened the door.

Anna flinched when the door opened revealing him.

” What are you doing here?” Anna asked coldly even though she wants to jump into his arms right now.

“I’m sorry Hazel” he begged like a baby.

” Promise me you will never drink or smoke again” she said sternly.

” I promise” Damein said and she scoffed.

” Leave my room” she said.

” I thought we are good now?” Damein asked.

” Get out this is called intruding,I can ca the police and place charges on you” She said and sat on her bed.

Damein smirked and went towards her.

” I’ll s¢ræm” Anna shifts back seeing the mischievous smirk on his l¡ps.

Damein got to her and pin her on the bed.

” s¢ræm my name” he whispered in her eyes and jail her l¡ps.

Anna melted into k×ss,her hands caressing his bare manly chest.

Damein broke the k×ss and stared at her.

” Call the police now” he said and Anna smacked his chest.

” What made you angry earlier?” She asked.

“I’ll tell you everything tomorrow let’s go to bed” they cuddled up till they slept off.


Do the needful.

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