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My crazy house help episode 60 – finale

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Written by Humble Smith..
Episode 60
Bryan’s POV..
I sat all alone in my room waiting for Rose to finish up her shower, the wh0le building was filled with blast, music were in high pitch deafening every ear..
i could hear it even when the music was coming from the sitting room downstairs, smiles filled my face, the smiles were becoming a reflex action which i find hærd to control, it just keep going deep and w¡der, my heart won’t also stop those crazy thump of joy…
It finally came to an end, all the struggles and fear are all clear..
Why should I stop smiling??
My grin turned to a laughter of satisfaction as i gaze at the large screen hung on the wall, it was displaying the scenes going on in the sitting room where the party was going on…
George, Lisa, Jace, Clara, Fred, Sophia, Kelvin, Celine…
All were right there jamming to the music and having a crazy celebration..
Everyone was damn tipsy and won’t stop drinking and dancing..
They were all fine,
We had really had a long journey of fight that nearly took our lives, Rose, Fred even i myself could have actually die in Xavier’s hand, my foster dad George and Lisa would have been killed by the man who turned out to be my father,
It really kills me deep but I tries not to think of it, I don’t wanna think of Xavier even when it keeps flashing my mind..
As much as i hated Xavier, I felt that soft s₱0t in my heart badly affected when his teary eyes fell on me, I saw pure emotions not the evil and desperate one…
He was my father and j can’t run away from that fact, I had pleaded for his life to be preserved, all my charges against him had been withdrawn, he would only pay for the lives he took with a long term years in jail…
I wished I was that cold hearted so as to end him quickly, he deserved death because that was what he wished for everyone…
My heart won’t allow me let him killed by hanging in front of the world!
Hell no!!
My real mother doesn’t even care about me, she left and hadn’t shown her face, the only parent I got is George and Lisa..
Wow!! life is really complicated but I can say I’m the happiest man on earth, the ugly and sad experience is nothing to compare with the great joy and overwhelming peace lose the greatest treasure which I got all because of Rose presence in my life…
Just seeing her face clears all pain, it clears all my sadness, my love for her is just so strong and I can’t even afford to see her frown…
This time around, anyone would have to kill me before he can get to touch her hair in attempt to hurt her, she is my everything…
I glanced back at the screen and chuckled..
The centre of the sitting room had turned to a dance hall, the blue disco light made the place crazy…
Fred and Sophia were all crazy and won’t stop dancing and messing up their self with wine, all I could see in their eyes was that pure passion and love,
They were holding each other passionately like they were afraid of being departed, their laughs and cackles followed with k-sses could be heard..
I turned a bit and at the other part was the all funny and troublesome Clara, you can’t believe she had already got drunk and was dancing in a daze manner..
Jace won’t stop laughing making her pout her l-ips spanking his head at interval,
I chuckled and looked around to see George my foster father and Lisa drinking also as they discussed the past, they won’t just stop laughing hærd..
oh, yeah, how can I forget how funny my dad could be..
Lisa would really get worn out in laughter…
The wh0le scenario was a type to witness, no one, I mean no one had a frown, no fear and anxiety..
I sighed in happiness shutting my eyes as the music melody flowed through me..
Opening my eyes again, I saw My Rose standing right in front of me with those killer smile, those smiles that makes my heart skip beat..
I fluttered my eyes as my heart pace increased, she looked so beautiful, she looked so s€×y!!
Her hair was still w-t from the shower she came out from, her brow looked misty giving her a hot look, I couldn’t just help my stares, I was damn lost!!
“Why aren’t you dancing?” she asked and I swallowed hærd feeling so mesmerized..
She walked closer and I felt my heart skip beat, it was like I was falling in love again, her beauty this time was so much that I felt hærd to believe she is the Rose I once detest as a commoner…
“Bryan, you are lost!!” she spoke out almost shouting..
I smiled, grinned, and burst into laughter..
She also laughed and I got up quickly walking over to her..
I stared into her deep blue eyes which was sparkling..
“Rose I’m afraid of taking you outside from now…I fears someone would have an eye on you…that would really make me jealous..” I mumbled moving her hair aside..
“You don’t even have an idea how I would also burn in jealousy if those girl drool over you, cant you see how cute you are??” She chirped pinching my cheek softly…
I laughed and held her wa-ist gently pecking her l-ips almost immediately…
“Why are you not dancing with them downstairs??” She asked giggling..
Rose’s POV
“How can I stay there alone??..if Rose isn’t there, it is not worth staying!” He shrugged making me blush..
“You pleaded on behalf of Xavier right?” I asked and he sighed looking down to the floor..
“I’m sorry..I…”
“I’m not angry..if he would repent, he doesn’t need to die, at least his death won’t benefit us, he should just change and live on, no matter what, he is your father..” I muttered and his eyes brightened..
“Wow, Rose, thanks for understanding!!” He squeaked and hugged me…
I felt a strange shiver, his body sent sparks over me, this was something quite unusual…
“I love you so much..” He whispered with his hit breath on my neck..
My b**bs were pressing on his chest making me feel the s-nsation I couldn’t explain…
“Let’s go and dance to our taste, I feel like rocking you again..” I giggled making him flinch, he broke the hug and stared at me in awe..
“Really??” He teased..
“You are my first love and I had given you my heart, you alone owns me, let’s go, they are waiting for us!!” I squealed and grabbed his hand leaving him laughing so hærd…
We got to the sitting room and I picked the remote and changed the track into a more crazy kpop one, I increased the volume more..
Everyone scre-med and sprang up again for another round of dance, wine was shared and off we all went mad again…
Bryan held my wa-ist from behind and I danced slowly rocking my b**t on his d**k..
Don’t mind me, I have become a spoilt girl, Bryan corrupted me!!!
Austin’s POV..
The stories had been like a rumour to me, even if it was all true, I won’t wanna bring myself to believe it all…
Finally I’m here in Busan Korea, I need to see it all with my eyes!!
They said Xavier had been caught,
They said Sophia had found new love!
They said Bryan had also found a new love!!
They said she has the greatest voice than Sophia!!
All these I silently prayed to be a lie…
If it’s all true, then I am doomed!!
I would never get the chance to win the national singing competition…
My dreams all day and night was to be at the top, I badly wanted to win that competition..
With every effort I got, I made Sophia love me, it was clear that singing with her would make me win because she got the voice!!
The truth was that I never loved her, my plan was to dump her after the competition because all I needed was her voice..
I had continuously cheated on her while she was away but right now, I found out I was losing…
Xavier had promised me he would hand her to me after he succeeds in getting George and Bryan…
Sophia had promised to return after it is all over, that was why I patiently waited…
Months has gone and here I am back to look for her, the competition is next week, she hasn’t called because Xavier blocked our connection…
Well, that was my silly prank, the connection was opened since but I blocked it myself all because I don’t love her….
Now, I have to certify the rumour which I fears, it shouldn’t be true please!!!!
I sighed deeply before zooming to her house…
Fred’s POV..
It was morning and I had really woken up with Sophia’s head on my chest…
A minute had been exhausted with me doing nothing but staring at the pretty face of hers..
I got off from the bed gently making sure I didn’t wake her up, she needs to sleep well, yesterday was damn crazy, we were drunk and devoured each other…
Well, it happened like a flash, we made love on returning last night..
Sophia was emotional and held on me fearing I would be taken by Xavier, the wine made her express that love which I didn’t even know she had…
I smiled widely before heading to the washroom..
I cleaned up and head downstairs to make something eatable, the maid would have to leave this for me today, I have to surprise her with my cooking skill…
I was about entering the kitchen when I heard a knock, with my calculation, the person at the door is quite nervous…
“Who is there??” I asked and got no reply..
Slowly, I opened the door and there was Austin standing with a flower in his hand..
I sneered at him and he scowled..
“Who are you and what are you doing here?” He seethed with anger written on his face…
“You are Austin right??..I guess I should be asking you how you find you a**s coming here??” I chuckled and he scoffed..
“I see you are her body guard or houseboy, just give way, I need to meet my girlfriend…if you waste my time, I won’t mind telling her to fire you!!” He gruffed and this time I couldn’t hold the laughter..
“Okay…are you talking of Sophia??” I asked..
“Get off the road you sc-m bag!!..she must be eager to meet me!” He gloated..
“And who actually is anxious to meet you?” We heard Sophia’s voice from behind making us turn to her at the same time..
“Oh, wow!!..Sophia!! had you been!!” He chirped and rushed to hug her but couldn’t even take three step forward before she pushed him away in detest…
“Austin..don’t do such in front of him..” She seethed and held my arm closely to herself looking to my face..
“I’m sorry, he is nothing to me hope you know..” She mumbled with a coy smile..
“I know well, just feel sorry for the pitiful playboy here..” I smirked at Austin who was shocked at what just happened..
“What is going on here??..Sophia, is he the boyfriend you got over me?? it is true?? really dumped me after telling me to wait for you??..what about the promise we shared!!!” He bawled breathing hærd..
“Austin, I’m sorry but I couldn’t control even control it myself, he got me…” She shrugged and I sneered at Austin who was acting all hurt…
“Does it means you never knew how I loved you, does it mean I am nothing in your heart??..Sophia???” He purred emotionally and held her hand..
I could see Sophia affected by his display…
Well, I need to show him how smart I am…
“Sophia, you asked me to do something for you months ago, you said I should hack into Austin room camera…I did it and got the records of his acts…” I said and Austin cringed on hearing that…
“What are you saying??” He asked fluttering his eyes..
“Sophia asked me to pry into your camera when she doubted your commitment to her, well…you just talked about loving her and waiting patiently for her…let’s see if all that is true!” I said and walked over to the cupboard where the flash drive was…
His eyes was w¡dened, transfixed at a s₱0t, my words seemed to terrify him…
“Austin..had you been waiting for real?” I heard Sophia ask but he couldn’t reply, his gaze was on me as I connect the drive to the large screen..
I turned to him as it loaded…
“I’m sorry for taking Sophia from you, i am one of her fan and took the chance to do what none of her lover could do, I helped her experience true love, well..I can leave her for you” I said and he shuddered..
Sophia also turned sharply to me with a shocking countenance…
“Fred, are you….” She ch¡pped..
I smiled and nodded..
“She is yours if only you had been faithful to her..if we watched this video and found out you never cheated, I swear to leave her for you!!” I stated and he l-ips quivered…
He glances at me Sophia then back to me, I couldn’t help giggling as the video begun..
Just few minutes into the video tape, he was already ramming a lady’s a**s..
I laughed and Sophia smirked before holding my hand…
“I could have been heartbroken if my heart was on you…just get you messy a**s off this place!” She seethed and he fumed glaring at me…
I clicked another file and it showed where he bragged of having Sophia dying for him, we also heard his intention clearly, he need her only for the competition…
“Oh..gosh!!..was that your plan??” Sophia huffed..
He couldn’t even talk, this was the last he expected…
“How dare you do this!!” He growled and charged at me with a blow which I dodged easily making him almost fall..
He turned and made to hit me again but I caught his fist and twisted it leaving him shrieking in pain…
“Aren’t you ashamed of scre-ming like a sissy in from of her?” I teased twisting it more, this time he began begging after he found out it was impossible to wriggle out his hand off my grasp…
I laughed and pushed him off leading his b**t into crashing on the floor..
“Get lost, mother f**ker!” I shrugged and he ran off fearing my grip..
Sophia smiled at me and I felt like a hero once again..
“Meeting you was the very best!!..” She muttered and I stroke her hair..
“Thanks for also giving me a chance in your life when I was nothing!” I whispered and k-ssed those soft tempting l-ips…
“If you don’t want me to die, just don’t leave me!!” She stated with those eyes piercing into mine..
“I dare not, so..are you singing with Austin? know Bryan has already been taken and I can’t sing..” I said and she giggled..
“I’m Rose fan..I dare not compete with her, we would watch their performance together and clap with the other..” She laughed and I joined too..
“My parent would also be there, maybe its a right time to introduce you to them” I grinned..
“I’m ready!” She squeaked and hugged me…
I can’t help the huge smiles on my face..
It was really happening just like a dream, Sophia is all mine!!
Bryan’s POV..
My eyes shimmered with unfailing tears, I was feeling too happy, too glad, too…..every thing!!
The day was finally here, right now and at this moment!!
Words alone can’t explain how I feels with just the thought of singing with Rose up there on the stage in front of up to a billion people including all the Diamond musical school student and many celebrities and idols..
Rose has been taken into the dress room and you know what??..I’m salivating already…
Her new look would be brain draining, can I even sing with her normally without getting enchanted by her look…
She would be wearing the black leather jacket only which was the costume for female lead in the performance..
Just as expected, she walked out, she really walked out and still I couldn’t believe it was her…
I thought I saw an angel on black…
Not until she crossed her arm into mine and led me into the waiting room..
“I’m trying to control myself, your cuteness would make one mad!!” She said with a coy smile..
“Rose, you are a beauty goddess, i swear!”
“All thanks to you, so we are really going out there right??..his does it feel like?? many singers attends it??” She asked anxiously making me smile..
I sat down and drew her over to my body making her sit on my laps..
Rose’s POV..
“My baby should never be worried, hey, your voice would leave the judge dumb!!..even Sophia close to you isn’t competing..” He said and I laughed at his compliment..
“Fine, I’ve Bryan beside me…” I squeaked and pecked his red soft l-ips..
The TV turned on and we stared at it watching other competitors try their best including Austin..
🎤we call upon the reason why 90% of us are here, the final pair…
Bryan and……..
My name couldn’t be heard as the wh0le crowd scre-med at the hearing of Bryan..
He smiled and held my palm..
“Lets show them what we got!!” He cooed to me and I couldn’t only grin, my joy knows bound now!
We walked through the pass way and in few seconds, we were already standing on the stage in front of the wh0le crowd…
They increased their scre-m on seeing Bryan but it lowered down as they saw I was the one with him instead of Sophia..
🚺Who is she??
🚺Where is Sophia?
🚺Can she sing more than Sophia?
🚺Is she his new girlfriend?
There were little murmurs from those who came from other country and state and doesn’t know me..
I felt a little tensed but Bryan gave me a reassuring smile that boosted me up..
Oh gosh!..he is really an angel!!
Just then, everywhere became serene, the wh0le crowd watched patiently…
We both stood in front of the mic…
The music slow beating and rhythm began, it went slowly sinking into my heart, I could remember all that happened..
The love journey!!
I looked around and could see my loved ones…
Bryan was also beside me..
It was really time to show the world what I got..
Time to shine like the stars in the sky…
🎵Just a gentle whisper
Told me that you’re gone
Leaving only memories
Where did we go wrong?
I couldn’t find the words then,
🎵But let me say them now
I’m still in love with you.
🎵Tell me that you love me
Tell me that you care
Tell me that you need me
And I’ll be there
🎵I’ll be there waiting
I will always love you
I will always stay true
🎵There’s no one who loves you like I do
🎵Come to me now
I will never leave you
I will stay here with you
Through the good and bad, I will stand true
🎵I’m in love (I’m in love) with you
🎵Now we’re here together…
Bryan voice filled the air..
The wh0le crowd scre-med in emotions..
I smiled and glanced at Bryan who nodded..
It was my turn..
🎼Yesterday has passed
Life is just beginning
Close to you at last
And I promise to you
🎼I will always be there
I give my all to you
🎼Living life without you is more than I can bear
🎼Hold me close forever
I’ll be there
I’ll be there for you
🎼I will always love you
I will always stay true
🎼There’s no one who loves you like I do
This I promise
🎼I will never leave you
I will stay here with you
Through the good and bad, I will stand true
🎼Hold me closer
Our love is forever
Holding us together
Nothing in this world can stop us now..🎶🎶
I sang with all my heart and emotions,
I paused In amazement as i saw everyone going crazy and insane with my voice, some even had tears In their eyes..
I couldn’t contain the joy on seeing the crowd scre-ming and shrieks, everyone was awed..
👥Is she a human??
👥Was that a voice of an angel?
👥Sophia is no where closer to her voice!!
👥Oh gosh…I’m going gaga!!
The wh0le crowd kept scre-ming…
I glanced at Bryan and he smiled widely before walking to where I stand…
He wrapped his arm around my body from behind and k-ssed my neck sending all the crowd in a blushing state…
🎵Love has found
Love has found
A way
🎵Yeah, yeah
Love has found a way
🎵I’m in love
I’m so in love
I’m in love
🎵I’m so in love
I’m in love (I’m in love)
🎵I’m so in love
With you..
He sang the last part to me….
I blushed but that was not to compare with what I felt when he did the next thing…
We were just done with sing and had dropped the mic, the crowd was still scre-ming and waving…
The judge was still awed to talk, Jace and the others were all cheering us with all their might…
I couldn’t stop grinning as I waved back, it was time to leave but Bryan won’t go….
I was about asking him the reason when he knelt down….
How can I tell you what my heart did that moment, how can I explain to you how I felt!!!!
I was still going gaga that I sang with the world best and here right now, he just knelt down in front of me to…….
Bryan was for real!!!!
He brought out diamond box, he opened it and right in there was a pure diamond stone ring sparkling into my eyes…
🎤Oh gosh!!..this is amazing!!!!!
Bryan’s POV..
I could see the surprise, I could see the blush, I could see the amazement…
It was like a dream but was happening, yes!!!
She is the one I want to spend my wh0le life with till forever ends…
“Rose…..would you make babies for me and be my partner for ever till the end???” I spoke out slowly leaving her gasping…
She covered her mouth as tears rolled down…
Her wh0le body was really shivering..
I smiled and she nodded continuously and gave me her finger…
“Yes I will!!!!!” She scre-med at the top of her voice…
I ins**ted the ring and there was a turn up in the crowd, I could see some girl shed tears, I could see some hugging their body as they watched…..
The ring fitted her finger so perfectly, she help me up and k-ssed me….
I felt completed…
Rose was just a commoner, a trouble maker, a crazy crush and even my mere House help, when we first met…
I detest her but still laughed at her funny act…
Then, I felt I was out of my sense…
How would I know that one finds love at the most weird place…
Sophia broke my heart and I thought it was all over, I changed because I wanted her back…
No girl could even come closer to me but she did more than that…
She defiled my emotions, she defiled my pain and hatred for ladies,
Her presence defiled me and made me love at the mist of heartbreak…
This is so amazing, her type can’t be found anywhere..
We would surely live till eternity!!
THE End!!!
The next story is
His Personal Desire
(Just an esc-rt)
Coming next!
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  4. This story is a moral lesson to learnt from the beginning to the end that no matter what u pass through in a relationship if there is love fate can u bring the both together again just as “bryan and rose” and i also learnt that as the world is turning around u dont who is your blood brother/sister even your saviour just as ‘rose,sophia,and kelvin’ nice story so interesting thank you for taking your time to write the story

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