My Lord My Love

My lord my love episode 24 – 25

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πŸ‚πŸ‚ MY LORD. MY LOVE. πŸ‚πŸ‚

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🌳πŸ₯€{ Marrying The Duke }🌳πŸ₯€

Written by: Cisca. H.


Stopping at Eritrea’s chamber, she banged the door open. Yennifer was already on Arthur who was still asleep from the spell.

She looked at Freya who stood shocked at the door, “Hello Freya…” Her red l-ips formed an evil smirk.

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“Yennifer… Get away from my husband.” She yanked.

“Your husband?” She asked, stepping out of the bΒ£d. ” The last time I remembered, he was your husband. But not anymore. ”

” What do you want with him? ”

” I want him to myself, isn’t that enough for you to understand that Arthur belongs to me?”

” Is that the kind of love you want? To have him controlled for you interest? He doesn’t love you, Yennifer, what else do you want from him? ”

” Everything, Freya, everything! He belongs to me, I own him not you! ”

” That’s magic! It’s not natural. Arthur loves me with his heart, his mind, but you… I don’t know Yennifer. You better end this or it gets too late. ”

” Is that Freya speaking or Itzel? Because I remember you dying twenty years ago. I have nothing to do with you, Freya. At least not now. ”

” And besides, ” she continued,” he never found you, you found him. ”

She scoffed. ” Have you gotten no sΒ£nse at all? I found him in his blood, unconscious. But what did you do for him? Nothing. ”

” Oh, please do not lecture me on natural love. I know what it means than any of you do. Just wait and see as everything turns natural right before you. ”

” Soon, his Highess will awake, I hope you don’t get startled at what might happen next. ”

Immediately, Arthur gro-ned as he slowly open his eyes to the environment. He rubbΒ£d his head, sighing tiredly.

“My Lord, are you alright?” Yennifer asked sitting back on the bΒ£d, beside him.

His eyes were fixed to hers, burning with love and lvst. She played her l-ips into those sed-ctive smile that made Arthur grumble for wants for her.

“My lady…”

Freya’s eyes soaked with tears. They rolled uncontrollably as she watched the way he stared at her. Those looks… Those were the same looks he always give her twenty years ago.

Those look… Those were the same he always give to Itzel. Now, he was giving them to her.

She knows Yennifer was stronger than her, but she was ready to do anything.. whatever it takes to have him back.

All she needs is time, to think and have this all done once and for all.

She ran out of the room, not minding how everyone saw her. The maids kept calling her name but she didn’t want to listen. She didn’t stop from running until she got to her room.

Ginny and Arya has been following her since the staircase. She banged her room door open, shutting it h-rd behind her even before Ginny or Arya could make it.

“My lady…” The called.

“My have to open the door.” Arya begged.

“Just go! I want to be left alone.”

“Your Highess, please open the door.” Ginny pleaded in a calm voice.

” Ginny, please go. I just want to be alone. Please, just go. ” She said, her voice shaking.

She threw herself on the bΒ£d, p-ouring as much tears as she can offer.

Tonight she was going to spend it alone, without him… without anyone by her side. She squ-eesed herself on the king-sized bΒ£d, imagining Arthur with her on it.

The wh0le incident displayed in her mind and even more that she shouldn’t be thinking of.

What could be going on in there? How strong will their night be?

Oh, those looks weren’t ordinary, they bore love in them. Burning desires of wants and needs. To have her to himself.

She knew it was all magic, Camouflage, that was the only way she could get him. But it all looked real, so real. And thinking about it only made her cry the more.

The only way to end all this is love… true love… But how? That’s the question.

All she needs was time, to think and have this all done once and for all. Maybe – somehow – Lady Itzel has to take control of the body.

With all this thoughts, she dozed off. Waking up the next day in a different form.


She gro-ned, stretching. The sun rays shun into her eyes. She stared around, it was good to be back once again. But not so good when Arthur wasn’t beside her.

Ginny knocked on the door and she quickly went to open it. She was happy to see Ginny but it would be more nicer if it was Arthur who had knocked on the door.

“My lady..?” She greeted.

“Ginny, it’s me.”She said.

Ginny was confused why her mistress had made such a statement. It sounded quiet weird when she said that. If it hasn’t been her, then who else?

“My lady, I don’t understand?” She asked, more confused.

Maybe, Freya never told her about the switch nor what the mark meant. Guess she just have to keep the wh0le secrets for now.

“Nothing. Good morning.” She said instead, going towards her wardrobe. ” I can’t find something to wear. I am tired of the wh0le gown in here. I guess I have to go out for shopping again. ”

” I will get everything ready.”

” I was wondering if we could buy the Asian attire. The last time we went for shopping, I saw it at one of the stores. Don’t you think I should try those on? ”

“I saw them too, they looked pretty good. I think your Highess should try them on. ”

“Why don’t you help me with a new dress? ” She yawned. “Why do I feel so exhausted today? ”

” I will call Arya to get your water ready. You need a long shower.”

” You are right. I need a long shower. ” She repeated.

She knew acting that way was the only option to free Ginny’s confused mind. Even if that wasn’t convincing enough, she just needs to understand that everything isn’t as okay as it ought to be.

Maybe – for the moment.


Who missed Itzel as much as I did?
And how do you think the war would be?

πŸ‚πŸ‚ MY LORD. MY LOVE. πŸ‚πŸ‚

🌳πŸ₯€{ Marrying The Duke }🌳πŸ₯€

Written ✍️: Cisca. H.


Itzel stood beside her window which faced towards the garden. It’s been two days Yennifer has held Arthur under her spell.

Time was running out and yet Freya hasn’t come up with a cure. She was troubled, for this two nights she hasn’t have a good sleep.

She was staring at how Arthur laughed and discussed with Yennifer. She wants to keep believing that all this were an act of magic, but the more the days passed, the more they spent time together, the more it looked real.

Queen Elizabeth walked in, “Itzel?” She called and Itzel turned.

“Mother,” she ran to hug her, like doing that was going to heal her opened wounds. “Mother, she has him.” She said between the hug.

“I know, that’s why I am here. ” She sighed, breaking the hug.” Let’s have a seat.”

She held Itzel’s trembling body as they both sat on the bΒ£d. “How did this happen?” She asked.

“It all started twenty years ago, that was the beginning of Arthur’s past life. ” She began, ” Arthur once had a lover, she found him by the lake boundary between Manhattan and Avalon. That was after the war. He was sh-ot by an arrow, he said he almost died and that everyone thought he was dead. But she saved him. ”

” Her name is Freya, she was a witch. ”

” Where is she now? ” Asked the queen.

” She’s dead. ” She answered, ” She died six years later. She was murdered by a fellow witch who was seeking after her love. And now she’s back to take that same love from me. ”

” Arthur never told me this. ”

” Because he was scared you and his majesty will execute her. He was only trying to protect his love. Now that the witch has come, she won’t leave until she has everything to herself. Starting from Arthur. ”

” We must do something. ”

” We can’t, mother, she already has him. Arthur is no longer himself, he doesn’t know what he is doing. For two days I haven’t been with my husband and all I can do is watch him be with her. It hurts, mother, a lot. ”

” I can barely sleep this few days, I can’t even close my eyes. Each time I try to sleep, I keep seeing the two of them together. I… I don’t even know what to do anymore. I just want my husband back. ” She cried.

” I understand how you feel, but the only way to end this is with magic. Magic has started it, it must surely stop it. All we must do is to find a great sorceress who can invade her spell. ”

” Where can we find this sorceress? ”

” I do not know. ”

Itzel looked outside the window, heaving softly. There was no other way but Freya. She knows Yennifer more than anyone, she must know her weakest sides.


Itzel refused the food Ginny had served her. This was the second time she was sΒ£nding her away with the tray of food. She has lost appetite for everything and will love to starve herself until everything is back to normal.

She went to the mirror, staring at herself. Freya’s image appeared before her, smile wasn’t on neither of their faces.

“We are losing time. Yennifer’s spell is getting stronger each day, how long do we have? ” Itzel asked.

” Weeks, months. Yennifer’s spell is stronger than mine, I am no match to her. In other to invade her powers, I need as much time to think and come to a solution. ”

” What if you come back? You can think of a cure easier than being in there. ”

” No, I won’t. There will be a lot distractions and confusions which will delay the progress. You must be patient, for it is the only way. ”

” Patient you say? ” She asked with a scoff, ” it’s my husband she’s got, he has lost his sΒ£nse and he doesn’t know what he is doing. I can’t spend the night alone anymore, I want him back. Please, do something about this, I’m begging you. ”

” I will try my best to hasten the preparation. But, you still must give me time to work on it. ”

Itzel nodded.

The door opened again, Arya walked in. Freya quickly disappeared and only Itzel’s image appeared on the mirror.

“I heard you talking with someone. Is there anyone in here with you? ”

” No, I am talking to no one. You must have heard wrong. ”

Queen Elizabeth’s maid ran in p-nting heavily. Arya stared at her, then asked. “Speak, what is the matter?”

“Your Highess, you have to hear this. Please follow me.”

Itzel and Arya quickly followed her as she led them to the council hall. Eritrea who turned out to be Yennifer was standing before the king and his royal cabinets.

“What is the meaning of this, Eritrea?” The king asked, foaming in anger.

” This is the new rule, my new rule and all you have to do is to follow. Arthur and I will be getting married in four days time, what I expect is your cooperations. Anyone who defies my rules will be punished by hanging. ”

” Well, at the meantime Arthur is not here with us so, I am giving the information instead. And before our wedding day, we are both expecting a proper preparations and a massive invites to all the royals from the seven kingdoms. I hope I have made it all clear? ”

” This is my kingdom, I make the rules, you follow.” Said the king.

“Not anymore, your majesty. From now on, I make the rules, you follow. ”

” Is that part of your father’s idea, to take over my kingdom for his gain? ”

” My father? ” She mocked, ” Who told you Manfred was my father? Oh, I forgot, you might be thinking I am Eritrea? No. I am Yennifer, Eritrea is gone a long time ago. Besides, I am not here for the long discussions, just take heed, I won’t show mercy to whosoever disobey my orders. ”

She turned to leave, her eyes met with Itzel’s and it was just like that until she passed. Itzel looked at Queen Elizabeth who looked away.

Her heart skipped a beat when she recalled Yennifer’s former statement.

Her wedding was in four days to come…???


Her wedding was in four days to come…???


To Be Continued…

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