My Mind As A Teenager

My mind As a Teenager – episode 6

My mind as a  Teenager

episode 6
When I was sure I had digested enough,I
decided to talk back at them. Somtoo was
still talking so I quickly interrupted her.
Me: That I don’t school here doesn’t mean I
wasn’t born and raised here. You people
want to fight me?
For what?
Somtoo or whatever you call yourself,Ebuka
broke up with you five months before I came
back. Why will you say I snatched him away
from you? But even if I did,he went for what
he loved,to someone who would give him
good loving.
Somtoo: See this . . . . . .
Me: I’m not done talking. You’re in my house
and like I said,between the two of us,I say
what should happen here.
Both of them looked on in surprise. I
“And you,Vivian,I’m disappointed in you for
coming to make noise in my house because
of a boy. This same boy you came here for is
the reason why I broke my sim card because
he wanted to frustrate me with his phone
calls and text messages.
Vivian: That’s a . . . . .
Me: Let me speak please. I don’t care what
he told you,I don’t care about what you heard
but Frank is not the guy I love. I don’t even
feel anything for him because Ebuka already
occupied my heart. I love him so much and
I’m not willing to accept any other
relationsh¡p. So please,save yourself the
stress of fighting over a boy with someone
you grew up with……..a boy who doesn’t even
love you.
Vivian: Rose . . . . .
Me: Wait. You said hour mind and I didn’t
interrupt you when you were making
sense,please,let me make sense now.
You walked into this house and slapped me
for nothing. You must pay for that slap and
do you know how? I’ll tell you. I will accept
Frank’s proposal and date him,not because I
love him but because it is him who will give
you so many slaps for me.
I looked at the two of them and the shock on
their faces were clear. I continued all the
Me: So please,leave my house before I call
my siblings to start giving you your own
slaps now.
I watched the both of them leave without
saying a word. I knew my siblings were not
around but that was the best i could do to
make them believe I had company at home.

I also knew they could change their minds
and come back to attack me immediately so I
rushed into the house after making sure the
gate had being properly secured.


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