Poor But Rich

Poor but Rich batch 1

Poor But Rich
at 6:00am in the morning, I woke up to my mum’s voice, calling me to get ready for school, I was very happy that am going to start a new life afresh at a new school.
I stood up, went to the bathroom, brush my teeth, quickly took my shower, get dressed and prepared for school.
at 7:00am, I took my bag, went straight to the sitting room, I saw my dad and my mum discussing some issues, about dad’s next business trip to China, I greeted them, collect t-fare, and dash out of my parent’s mansion, sorry let me introduce myself to you guys.
my name is owoeye tolulope, also known as lowkey, I was the last born-son and the last born of mike and kemi owoeye, I have one elder brother whose name is tunji, he is the one managing dad’s company at United Kingdom, and two sisters, Tope and tobiloba who are both studying abroad, I am the only child left living with my parent, we are living in a remote area, probably a village, not more than 10 mins drive to the city of ogbomoso, in oyo state, back then, I never stop wondering why my dad have to build this exotic mansion in such a village, the only reasonable answer I got is that he want a very calm and quiet environment, I also like the environment, but the only problem I got is that I have no friend, and am not yet ready to have one(but wait is that a problem?) I board a taxi and went straight to the school, it’s 15minutes drive, I jump down in front of the school gate and guess what I saw………
I saw a very pretty, beautiful, handsome, attractive, lovely, good-looking, gorgeous……….(oh my God) angel or let’s say lady stand in my front, the thought of asking her out flash into my head immediately, I was lost in thought, and voice of the cab man asking for his money quickly brought me back to reality, I paid the cab man, and he drove off…
I said to myself, tolu this girl is not going to make you break your vow of not having friends, then I said to myself aloud, is that so? we shall see…
girl: what?
me: nothing, just talking to myself
girl: really?
Me: yeah
girl: you are new here?
Me: yes
Girl: okay, my name is temmy, welcome to smith high school
me: thanks…
temmy: can we be friends?
I quickly taught for a while and reply her
me: no
temmy: what?
then I saw some group of boys in the same uniform I was wearing,the look on their face is scary, I did a quick census or let me say head count, and they were 12 in number, omoh, I started panicking when I saw them eyeing me and coming to my direction………I nearly ran for my life
Episode 2
One part of me told me to ran for my dear life, while the other part told me to wait no matter what happens.
I decided to wait,but am scared and temmy could see it through my face.
Temmy: are you scared because of them?
Me: (chaii!!!!! This girl caught me sha, but I no dey carry last naw) nooooo!!!!! Why will I be?
Then the boys got to where we are, the leader says: hi dude, am James, am the leader of this group, we are the powerful boys in school,we are going round for recruit of new boys in school to our group(i quickly taught, which kind of group is that? Army, air force, police, navy, those are the groups that always do recruit, o ga oooo)
James: my dad got money, I mean too much money, and you know, am the richest boy in school, have been to London, Germany, America, South Africa, Canada, Ghana, and many other countries
Me: waitin concern me, omoh see campaign ooo
(temmy laugh very hard)
James: what!!!! You embarrassed me, but don’t you worry, I can still take you as my school bodyguard, and you’ll probably be in my group.
Me: James thanks for your offer, but am fine, and am not interested, thanks once again(i walked out on him)
James: bravo, you will surely pay for this, I will make your life miserable as long as you are still in this school, I promise you that.
Me: do your worst james(i snapped at him and went to the principal’s office, I don’t even care about temmy.
I greet the principal, he told me to pull a chair and sit, I obeyed immediately, he welcome me and gave me the school rules and regulations, he told me to go to ss1A Which is science, he gave me different forms to fill, after everything, assembly is over, I went straight to ss1A, I saw the only empty chair that tagged my name on it, and I nearly fainted with what I saw, guess who is sitting in my front, and who Is sitting by my right hand side
Episode 3
Temmy is the one sitting in my front, and James sitting at my right hand side, i sat down, temmy turn to me, she said welcome, I replied her with thanks, James eye me with a disgusting look, but I don’t care.
The first teacher for the day came, his name is Mr Ajibade, he was the chemistry teacher, he wrote the topic, periodic table on the chalk board.
Mr Ajibade: everybody, submit your books and your textbooks (we all submitted all our chemistry textbooks), who can tell me the number 50 element on the periodic table(the class was d–n silent, if a needle fell, you are going to hear it’s sound..)no one?
(suddenly, James began to murmur)
Mr ajibade: James, you have something to say?
James: the new comer, here have something to say.
Mr ajibade: new comer?
Me: sir
Mr ajibade: your name?
Me: owoeye tolu
Mr ajibade: ok go on
(I saw James smiling evilly)
Me: tin sir
Mr ajibade: wow, the transition elements occur between two groups in the periodic table, tell me the two groups…
Me: group 2 and 3
Mr ajibade: very good, sit down
(I was very happy, I saw James with the look of disappointment on his face, watin concern me, I saw some girls starring at me, chai, I am a dead meat, I said to myself)
Some other teachers came to my class, I remember corper zainab, mathematics teacher, she asks me many question, I answered correctly, she compliment, and ask me to see her in her office at break time.
At break time, a girl. Whose name is benita came to my seat.
Benita: tolu
Me: yesssssss?
Benita: let’s go to the cafeteria to get something to eat
Me: thanks, but am not interested.
Benita: what!!!!
James: tolu, follow her now, it’s probably because you have no money to buy her snacks at the cafeteria
(everybody laughs)
Me: yes, I have no money to buy her snacks at cafeteria as you said
Class: ohhhhh!!!!!
Banji: oooh poor boy
Dupe: poverty life
Bose: which village are you from?
Me: owolaake
Cynthia: oh what a village
(everybody laughs)
Me: you know what benita, I will rather go and eat banana with a monkey in a thick forest than to go to the cafeteria with you…
(I walked out of the class, I went straight to corper zainab’s office, as I opened the door,and I was frightened with what I saw…..)

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