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Quarantine diaries episode 3


Quarantine diaries
Episode 3
Day 5*
Dad called his school son back at senior high now a police officer in Prampram and feeds him with info about Louis and how to track him in Prampram.
Later that evening.
Wife: honey, I’ve prepared jollof rice and banku with palmnut soup for u and Tilly
Hope u like it?
Dad: Nods in agreement.
Wife: well, so I’ll be leaving early tomorrow, my jnr brother brought me the permit so he advised I leave early.
Dad: OK dear. Hope uv got ur stuffs ready?
Wife: Yes honey. But I’m gonna miss home. U and Tilly…
Dad: we gonna miss u too, just come as u promised so we won’t miss u more OK.
Wife: Kk dear, I will.
Dad: That reminds me. It’s a new month and per ur calendar you should be menstruating by now or experiencing signs of it, but you didn’t add pad to the list we sent to the mall.
Wife: Come on babe, u are so caring but sorry I didn’t tell u, my menstrual cycle changed last month so I’m expecting this one a week from now.
Dad: Is that so? Well I was just thinking aloud.
Wife: I know dear. I love u honey.
Dad: Love u too.
Wife kisses husband and leaves.
Dad on whatsapp with Mina.
Dad: Hello Mina, sorry for the late reply, I’ve been busy with stuffs in my mail.
Mina: Don’t worry, I got busy during the day too. Anyway, Louis left around 11am this morning, he left Mike behind.
Dad : OK, I’ve worked on how he will be tracked so keep calm OK.
Mina: Hmmm, seriously Bill I’m running out of patience. I can’t watch my husband cheat right in my face while I sit and watch. seriously loosing it.
Dad: Take it Easy Mina, we need enough evidence to track them down, we can’t do anything now since we both have little info about their relationship. So keep calm OK.
Mina: Alright, if u say so.
Dad: Yes, let’s keep our fingers crossed OK.
Mina : OK, I’ve heard u.
Dad: Take care OK. Let’s chat another time I’ve got stuffs to do bye.
Day 6*
Characters break down
Dad – Bill
Wife – Bella
Loius – Mina’s husband
Mina – Louis’s wife
Mike – Louis and Mina’s son
Tilly – Bill and Bella’s daughter.
Police – Bill’s school son.
Early morning
Bill on phone
Bill: Yh, have u any info for me?
Police: Yh, the car came to pass by the barrier but he picked a friend who works in one Micah’s Villa off Prampram road. That was in the evening yesterday but I couldn’t call u because I went on an operation.
Bill: Good, can u trust ur friend? Can he give u info about his in and out in the hotel.
Police: sure, he normally assist me with invsteigagtions.
Bill: Good, let me know if he books the place and watch out for my wife and tell me when she will get to ur barrier and her whereabouts in the town as well.
Police: Well, u know I can’t arrest your wife, so I’ll let a friend do that then I’ll make a friend do that and interrogate her. I’ll give u the feedback.
Bill: Good.
Bella: Honey, I’m set to go. Please take care of yourself and Tilly for me kk. I love u babe.
Bill: Love u more babe, drive safely. Give me a call in case of anything OK.
Bella: Okay dear. Bella drives off.
*Later in the day*
Bill on phone
Police: She came to pass, she said she was going to her parents in town.
Bill: OK, give your friend info about my wife’s car and describe her to ur friend. Let him inform you if she comes there ok.
Police : OK.
Later that evening Bill had a call from Mina.
Mina: Bill, u won’t believe what I found in my husband’s wardrobe.
Bill: what did u find?
Mina: I found a visa for a holiday trip booked in my husband’s name with ur with wife.
Bill: Really?
Mina: Yes of course. They were supposed to be in South Africa by now for a holiday trip but for the lockdown.
Bill: Send me a pic of it kk. Just call down, everything will be fine.
I remember she told me her sister in South Africa asked her to come over for a visit, I didn’t know that was the plan.
Mina: Bill, how can ur wife be this wicked. How can she destroy my home to that extent, what have I done wrong?
Bill: U can’t conclude like that Mina, just calm down OK.
Mina: sighs and gasps. So till when cos I’m really loosing it Bill.
Bill: very soon we will finish this OK, don’t interrupt it OK. Just put the file back there and pretend u never saw it kk.
Mina: Okay, later then.
Bill receives a text from Police. And it reads..
” *Bro, the man has told my friend to reserve a room for him at the top floor*’
Bill replies : seen, just update me whek he gets theee and who visits him.
Police : okay bro. Are u suspecting your wife or something?
Bill: Just help me get the info, but it should be between u and I pls.
Police: sure.
Louis goes to his hotel room and calls Bella over.
Police gave info about Bella and Louis at the hotel with pics of the their cars sent to Bill.
Bill called Bella that night through out and her lines were off. Mina did same and Louis’s lines were off too.
Mina was worried so she sent a text to her husband and it reads.
*I don’t know why your lines are off, but I just hope u are fine. Never the less, OK beginning to suspect u*
Bill called a friend to get him permit from his wife, a health worker so he can drive through town. Which he got.

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