The Quirk of Fate

The Quirk of Fate – episode 5

The Quirk of Fate

Episode 5

My heart was as hærd as a stone!

There was this thing about me since I was young that had kept me going since I was young- Great self-esteem.

I was proud of myself and never could I cry because someone ridiculed or insulted me. throughout my university days when the whites in Germany and all over the European countries I had visited ridiculed my skin tone and called me a ‘Badass’, I would only smile and not put it to heart because that was not the real definition of me!

Even when I met Edward in Germany, I still held myself up high though I was madly in love with him.

I was to go for a New World Medicine Convention in Berlin with some other medical personnel and Edward was the pilot of the private jet we boarded.

When I saw him and he flashed his white set of teeth at me, butterflies started swarming in my tummy because he looked angelic in his white uniform. He was quite muscular and he was well haired with nicely trimmed moustache and small bush of ‘goatie’. His dimples could house a ball of cheese- very deep. He was also gap-toothed. I started daydreaming but never did i reveal my emotions to him. I was as cold as ice!

When it was time to disembark from the plane, I was the last person to alight and by the time I was, he was already outside with his hand outstretched to help me down. My heart couldn’t contain it. Could this be God’s will for me?

As I gave him my hand and I came down the steps, he smiled still, giving me a sudden constipation.

Could he just stop flashing those teeth?

There was this thing I had with teeth

I loved well-arranged, white set of teeth.

‘God bless you’ he said as I finally alighted.

Wow! He is a God person also!

I was as happy as anything and though the wh0le part of me was laughing its ass out, my face was as stern as anything.

This my overly confident self-esteem though!

‘I saw you yesterday at the Faith Based Assembly. Right?’ he asked and I looked up at him with my eyebrows arched shooting him a ‘like I care’ look but’ the in,side of me was scre-ming ‘wow! He attends my church. He even noticed me. Wow! Wow! Wow!’

‘Really. Good. That’s my church. Thanks. I gat to go’ I said in a cold, unyielding manner and he smiled

‘Could I have your contact please?’ he asked and I looked into his eyeballs

‘I don’t give that to strangers. I barely know you’ I said and he smiled again.

To cut the long story short, we eventually exchanged our contacts and became friends. Our love or let me say my love for him burnt like wild-fire. If I didn’t see him in a day, I would not be able to eat.

Now, my egoistic balloon had been burst by the first person I would ever open my heart to.

Oh not by him but by a ruthless, uncontrollable brute that would have to receive his judgement sooner or later.

I examined the knife in my hand again and clutched it in my hands firmly.

The door of the pen was locked with a huge padlock but I knew where to find the key. I bent down and under the shrubs sat the key. I picked it up and proceeded to open the door.

The pen was sound proof because of the incessant noise of the dog so I could not even hear a sound from in,side.

What sight would greet me when I enter?

Broken bones, a helpless wounded man lying on the floor crying for help or Briton lying on the floor dead because of the fierce battle between them both? Exactly what sight?

My cold heart resumed its intense pumping business and I sighed before eventually opening the door, slowly, quietly and gently.

The knife fell from my hand at what I saw!

The guy, clad in a singlet and knickers was seated on a plank on the floor, his hands held together with handcuffs and his head bowed. Briton was sitting beside him, scratching its paws with his teeth.

It stood up when it saw me and wagged its tail for a number of time before going back to the guy and recoiling beside him.

I was shocked because it was strange.

Even the first day my mother came to visit me, Briton pursued her out of the compound fiercely despite the fact that I was with her family and the day some armed robbers came to the house, Briton gave three of the four of them dislocations in different joints.

But this guy here looked unharmed.

‘What jazz did you use on my dog?’

Then he looked up at me, his eyes red as the furnace. He stood up and looked at me from head to toe. I was not scared of anything. I ran to the door and locked it.

‘I didn’t touch it’ he replied calmly

I didn’t give a damn if I was in a battle with a chronic drug addict because even I was drunk to the brim in anger. So, if it was going to be a fight, let us fight to the last.

To Be Continued…(Leave a Comment Behind)

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