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The Rich Married Woman episode 16 – finale


The Rich Married Woman episode



(The afternoon that Gold was kidnapped)


Henry turned towards Gold as she walked to her car. He nudged his wife as they sat in the car watching her. “Are you really saying that Gold withdrew charges because of Collins?”.

“Collins is a good friend of hers. I wonder how come Raymond didn’t get jealous”.

“Raymond knows his place in her heart just like you know mine”. She sighed sadly. “Gold is pregnant but I am not,

despite the fact that I married before she did”.

He made eyes at her. “Am I complaining?” He gasped as he saw the expression on Gold’s face immediately she entered her car. Before he could get a clearer view of what was happening in her car, he saw a hand close up the side glass. The complexion of the female hand that closed the side glass was not the complexion of Gold Roland. “Someone has kidnapped Gold and I suspect it to be Jennifer”.

She gasped as she looked towards Gold’s moving car. “Is that why she is driving very slowly?”.

“Yes, let us follow her”. He started the ignition.

“Are we going to follow her alone?”.

“Call the police right now so that they will follow us from behind”.


As soon as I parked in front of the hideout as I was directed by Jennifer, Jennifer hit my head with her elbow and i fainted.

I opened my eyes to a dark room.

My body was tied with a very thick rope around me.

I couldn’t move from that spot.

I was hungry and very weak.

“Jennifer Roland! I am awake!!!”. I cried out as bead of sweat ran down my forehead.

Suddenly, I heard footsteps from outside the room.

She kicked the door open from outside and her figure appeared at the door.

She switched on the light and I could now see her clearly.

“Gold Roland! The almighty Gold Roland is trapped in my small room”. She squatted beside me and touched my belly. “How is small Roland doing?”. She grinned mischievously.

I searched her eyes to be able to manipulate her with her weakness.

I had to use her weak point against her so that she will be thrown off guard. “Are you aware that Collins is in the prison right now?”.

She shrugged. “You made him go to prison yourself. Why telling me?”.

“Collins was the one that killed the baby in your womb after he served you that black soup. The reason the doctor couldn’t easily detect it was because the black soup is a survival herb but it has negative effect on pregnant women. Only an herbalist would recognize that fact and not a doctor that has no idea about herbs and its side effects”.

She gasped at me. “Liar”.

“Do the research yourself then”.

Tears of anger filled her eyes. “I knew that I didn’t have a family”.

I touched my stomach. “I am almost a mother and I know what it feels like

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to expect a child and after all the expectation, the child dies even before you see him”.

She fumed at me. “When did you start understanding me?”.

I helped her brush the strand of her hair to the back of her ear. “It was since that day I saw you embrace that doll that you adopted as your baby the day I had sneaked into your room that night. That moment, I understood your pain. You were close to being a mother and someone denied you that opportunity forever”.

She sobbed. “Are you manipulating me right now?”.

I forced out tears from my eyes

so that she will completely believe me. “Jennifer, this tears in my eyes right now is what a mother sheds for a woman like herself. I am also a soon-to-be mother. Actually, after I discharged Collins from prison, I manipulated him into going back to prison because I believe that he deserves to rot in jail”.

“Why then did you release him in the first place?”

“Charity was the first person that defended me in that mansion. She has not even given birth yet. Charity is supposed to be a mother like me. The way she cried for her husband touched my heart. I said to myself, ‘Gold, release Henry for this pitiful woman””.

“You have a soft spot for mothers?”.

“Yes”. I noticed that she was gradually getting convinced by my acting skills.

“If you had sticked with just your wifely duties, we would have been good friends by now”.

“…but you would have killed me just the same way you had killed Matilda”.

“I didn’t kill her. She killed herself”.

“Why then did you escape?”.

“I escaped because I had to kill you. I had a mission to fulfill. TO KILL YOU”.

“Why then are you delaying killing me?”.

“I will kill you, definitely!”.

“Have you bathed your baby? Look at the way you left her carelessly on the floor”. I pointed to the doll abandoned on the floor.

She rushed to pick the doll and sobbed. “Oh my baby, mother abandoned you again”.

“You have to bath her and clean her up. Please I need a request from you”.

“You have the guts to ask for a request???”.

“A glass of water is the request. I am pregnant, so I easily get tired”. I held her hand in mine. “Look here,I will protect you and your baby, I promise. You won’t experience what you experienced again”.

She pulled off my gripse. “I don’t need

to be protected anymore”.

“No matter what, Jennifer, you are still a woman. A beautiful woman that so many men are dying for”.

“No man is dying for me. Every man left me. No man wants me”.

“Four CEOs asked me directly if you were still single on different occasion”.

“You liar”.

“Can you give me my phone, lemme show you their whatsapp messages?”.

She rushed to get my phone from my bag that was lying carelessly on the floor and watched me closely as I switched on my phone.

I immediately connected my location to Raymond via WhatsApp.

Thankfully he was online.

I acted as if I was searching for old WhatsApp messages on my inbox and coughed heartily. “Please, I need water”.

She snatched my phone from me. “You think I don’t know that you want to call grandfather? I will get you the water but I will take your phone while I go to get you water”.

I smiled to myself as I watched her walk out of the room with my phone.

WhatsApp was fast enough to make Raymond locate me even before she finds out.

I knew that Jennifer didn’t know about it because she was not a social media freak.

She returned to the room with a plastic cup of water.

It was not a glass that she used to get me water.

Smart woman.

She knew that I intended to use the glass to cut the rope off my hands so that I would be able to fight her and escape.

I gulped the water from the plastic cup as if I was so thirsty and she gave me back my phone. “Show me the WhatsApp message”.

Since Jennifer was peering into my phone that moment, I couldn’t reply to Raymond’s WhatsApp message that he had typed back to me but I continued scrolling through my WhatsApp inbox and finally found one chief that wanted to date Laura and was asking me about her a while ago. I showed her our conversation.

She glanced into the message. “This doesn’t look you were talking about me. He called me your friend here”.

“You taught me how to use cutlery, remember?”.

“Did that make me your friend?”.

“Have I ever brought a friend to our mansion? But how did a chief that owns Sparkles company see her? You were the spokesman for my father in law the day Sparkles company visited us that day, remember?”.

Meanwhile, I had invited Laura to the event that day, that was how the divorcee chief had seen her and got attracted to her but I had the turn the tables around for Jennifer to believe me.

She nodded thoughtfully. “You are right”.

“Go and bath your baby. I have something to tell you after you are done”. I watched her leave the room.

My bag which she had brought into the room after I had requested for my phone was still on the floor.

She forgot about it because of the doll that she was so excited to bathe.

She only took my phone away as she left the room.

I waited for five minutes in case she wanted to rush back and check on me.

I then crawled to my bag and brought out my nail cutter.

I rushed back to my spot and began to tear the rope with a nail cutter as carefully as I could.

I stopped short when I heard footsteps from outside the room and hid the nail cutter in my bra.

It wasn’t Jennifer Roland as expected.

It was Henry Roland.

He stepped into the room.

Henry Roland???

His wife followed him from behind.

I gasped. “Did Raymond lead you here?”.

“We followed you from the station. Where is she?”

“She is bathing her doll in the other room”.

We suddenly heard her footsteps outside and the couple hid behind the door.

Jennifer Roland walked into the room with her well dressed doll.

I gasped at the sight of the doll. “Oh, She is so beautiful. What is her name?”.


I blew kisses into the air at the doll.

Henry appeared behind her. “Jennifer Roland”.

She gasped at the sight of him. “What are you doing here?”.

She brought out a dagger and held me from behind as she reached it close to my neck. “If you don’t get out of here, I will kill her”.

Three police men entered the room and pointed their guns at her.

Jennifer Roland scratched my neck slightly with the dagger in her hand and left the bruise on my neck. “Dare me!!!”. She fired at them.

I signalled to Charity to grab her doll from the floor so that she would be able to use that to divert her attention.

Charity grabbed her doll from the floor and glared at her. “I will burn down your baby right now!!!”.

Jennifer released me and rushed to the doll’s aid.

The police handcuffed her and Charity loosed the rope off my body.

That moment, I was happy that I had released Henry from prison.

He was a blessing that God wanted to use to save me.

Truly,anyone in this life can be your helper in future.

Raymond appeared at the door.

He hugged me with tears in his eyes and observed the bruise on my neck. “She hurt you”.

“I am fine, Raymond”. On the contrary, I fainted in his arms.

I was not fine of course.

I always watched fairy tale movies when I was going up that had happy ever after endings and dreamed that someday, mine will be like that, but how would I have known that truly, my story would end up like that?

First of all, Laura got married to someone that changed her life forever. (Not the divorcee chief, a pilot that she had been dating for five years before he disappeared and returned).

My father travelled abroad with my mother and annoying brothers.

My brothers would have a good life.

The life we had always dreamed of.

I was the only one left in Nigeria because I had a family to protect.

I won’t miss the part that I gave birth to a baby boy two months ago.

Or will I miss the part that Jennifer Roland has been transferred to a psychiatrist hospital?

Was I going to miss the part that Charity was pregnant and we became good friends after she and her husband had saved me from Jennifer’s hand.

Okay, I won’t miss the part that Zac handed the company to Raymond and went fully into the medicine course that he had always wanted to study.

Yeah, Pa Brian had forced the responsibility of the CEO of Bower bound on him but Zac Roland had always wanted to be a medical doctor.

Henry Roland was managing our nation wide restaurants and I was the taster.

For every food that was made aside snacks, I tasted the recipe that was intended for the week and corrected them if they made mistakes.

I was paid for it.

Bower bound taster.

But Henry was completely managing the restaurants.

It was the possession that Pa Brian had given him.

Though I was still Bower bound designer but I was also Bower bound taster.

My dad continued to be Mr Chap overseas, where he was more appreciated.

Collins was still locked up in jail for his past offences

I walked around the Rolands mansion that cool evening and the past of how everyone had once tried to kill each other for the company flashed through my memory.

Katie and Tyler were playing by the swimming pool. “Bad swimmer!!!”. They teased me as I walked past them.

I smiled to myself and took off my clothes. “I will show you what a bad swimmer I am”.

I jumped into the pool and swam like a fish as i watched the shock on their faces.

Raymond had taught me how to swim after that day that I had almost drowned and he had saved me.

He had taught me because he had felt that it was compulsory to know how to swim since the Roland mansion had an eatery.

“Who taught you how to swim?”. Tyler cried out.

“No one need to teach Gold Roland how to do anything. I do everything well because I am Gold Roland”. I smiled to myself as I delved deeper into the pool.

When I changed back to my clothes, I walked to join pa Brian at the back of the house.

He was fishing by the pond with a fishing equipment.

One of the servants of the house was standing beside him for guidance.


He smiled at me and held my hand in his. “Ninety nine percent of old people are psychic. Do you remember how I had predicted that you will protect Raymond and look at all that was accomplished because of you. Just imagine if I didn’t make you marry my child because I had paid more attention to your status than your potentials. I guess he would have been dead by now”.

I nodded thoughtfully. “Thanks for trusting me, grandpa… except the day I had broken your trust”.

“No, I was only scared because I knew that you had hidden your identity because you wanted to catch my daughter. Everything I had done was just to protect my daughter”.

I nodded thoughtfully. “Her mental condition got worse yesterday”.

“My daughter has always had mental issues since she was thirteen. I think it was after my wife died that something like that started happening to her. It frightened her husbands away from her too and the miscarriage worsened it. No matter the love you give Jennifer those days, she would never trust your love or be satisfied. She always wanted more”.

I leaned to kiss him on his forehead. “You are a very principled man, Pa Brian, but you are a good father”.

“Thanks for being so understanding. I went to ask Collins for forgiveness last week Wednesday and he was happy. Collins is my grandchild too. I never realized that all these while. I asked him what he would like to do when he gets out of prison in three years time, he told me that he was going to go to Australia. He said he needed a place far away from Nigeria to settle his head again. I told him that i will book the flight for him when the time comes and that I will give him enough money to start up a business over there and take care of himself”.

I was happy at the turn out of things.

I walked back to our room and our baby was already sleeping in his cot peacefully.

When I had left the room, Clement was still awake.

What magic did my husband do for him to fall asleep?

I gasped at him. “Did you bre@stfeed him? How come he slept so fast?”.

Raymond rolled his eyes as he walked to relax on the bed. “You think a child is only affected by a woman’s touch? Fathers have a way with their cuddle you know”.

I climbed on the bed and stretched my arms. “I knew you will start hyping yourself. Is it not you again?”. I relaxed on the bed and closed my eyes.

“Why are you closing your eyes? Don’t you think that our baby would want a younger one?”.

I gasped at him. “Haba! Clement just clocked two months last week Friday, and besides, it was just two days ago that you didn’t allow me to rest that night and I made sure that I satisfied you despite how tired I was, and now, today again? Ray, you will not kill me for my mother”. I covered my body with the bed cover.

He sighed indignantly. “Why do you women easily get tired over strawberry moments like this?”.

“Why do you men never get tired of strawberry?”.

He shrugged. “God made us that way”. He kissed me on my cheek. “And besides, you are my wife. The only wife that will give me thousand of strawberries tonight”.

We burst out into laughter.

I faced him and smiled. “I can’t believe that everything is finally over”.

He smiled. “Not everything. Our marriage just started”.

I nodded thoughtfully. “…and Raymond and Gold lived happily ever after”.

“It is not going to be a perfect journey but we will walk the journey with God and he will put joy in whatever situation we find ourselves in future”.

I smiled at our baby as he slept peacefully in his cot. “So someday, the heir to Bower bound company will grow up and be as annoying as his father?”.

He chuckled and cuddled me. “Gold Roland, thank you for coming into the life of the Rolands. Thank you for being the most supportive wife in the world”.


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