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Amanda season 2 batch 15


Amanda season 2
Episode 1
‘I am starting to believe the things you told me about your brother; drug addiction could make people to act and react violently’ Silas administered first aid to his younger son.
Greg’s behavior troubled him greatly.
‘I told you dad, Greg is an addict. I’ll get you the evidence you need but I have something better’ Nathan’s green eyes gleamed wickedly.
‘I don’t understand’

Silas paused and stared at him.
‘Here, I found some files, Greg has been stealing from the company’ Nathan fetched a file from his bag and gave it to his dad.
‘That’s not possible, your brother has served Beecroft for over ten years, there has been no complaint’ Silas took the files and flipped through them.
‘What if he shared part of the money with the board of executives? Do you think they would’ve complained then’? Nathan asked.
Silas was fed up as he ran his eyes over the papers. Greg’s signatures were all over them; he was misappropriating funds.
‘Get ready Nathan, soon Beecroft shall be yours’ Silas rose to his feet, he needed to speak with his lawyers.
‘Way to go dad’ Nathan smiled.
He had enough plans for Greg; if Trudy ever failed on their first plan, many more were coming. Greg would never get out of this one, the papers all had his signature on them; it was a 100% credible.
She watched as he walked away, all her strength failing her; the wine slowly faded from her brain and left her to reality, what had she done?
‘Mandy, come over here’! Alex called to her after the party was over.
‘Where have you been? Sorry I missed your calls; I have a lot to tell you, where have you been by the way’? Alex spoke in a rush, she seemed very excited.
‘Um, I just left to take some air, these masks could be very suffocating’ Amanda threw hers on the floor.
‘Of course, and they could lead to great things’ Alex winked.
‘I don’t understand’ Amanda flushed, she wondered if her friend could tell that she had just had her first s£x.
‘Let’s get to the car, I’ll tell you everything’ Alex dragged her along, but all she could focus on was Greg and the words he had spoken to her.
‘What happened’? Amanda tried to push him away from her thoughts.
‘I met Morgan, we kissed’ Alex’s brown eyes bubbled.
‘Really? How? Did you know he was coming? Was that why we came here’? Amanda raised her brow.
‘Um, no! It was just a coincidence, maybe we are meant to be together’ Alex replied.
She had dyed her hair blonde; she guessed that was the reason Morgan had not recognized her at all; he’d walked up to her and kissed her briefly; she

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knew the taste of her mouth; she knew the smell of him; the unique and rare fragrance and that was how she knew he was the one that kissed her.
He felt it too. He’d equally taken his mask off after the kiss.
‘So? After the kiss? What else happened’? Amanda asked. She wondered if Alex had s£x just like she did.
‘Um, nothing. We took a drink and just talked, but I just feel so happy right now; I still like him and he wants us to go on a date to talk about our feelings for each other’

Alex explained.
‘Really? That would be great. I am happy you are happy’ Amanda laughed, but the laugh didn’t reach her eyes. It was a hollow sound, one that lacked spirit.
‘Yes’ Alex smiled, she watched her friend closely, something was off.
‘Are you okay Mandy’?
Amanda drew a deep breath and decided she could never tell Alex what had transpired between her and Greg. Alex would be so disappointed and that was the least thing she needed.
‘I am fine…it’s just the alcohol, makes my belly squirm’ Amanda replied.
‘Oh? You took a drink? There you go girl! That’s your first time and take this from me, you’re holding it fine’ Alex chuckled.
She now understood why her friend was acting that way; she was happy Amanda had a good time.
‘Yea, can we go now, I don’t want my mother to die of worry’ Amanda winked.
‘Sure’ Alex slid the key into the ignition and fired the car.
Alex was the least person he had expected to see at the lounge; he never knew blonde looked that good on her. He relished their kiss and yearned all over for it.
He had been too hard on her, that’s why he had asked her on a date, so he could apologize and they could talk about their feelings for each other.
‘Why are you so quiet man? What did your father say to you’? Morgan noticed Greg had been awfully quiet since they returned from the party.
‘I am fine’ Greg replied tightly.
‘No you are not, what is it’? Morgan repeated. He could read Greg like a book.
‘I don’t know really, maybe it’s the fact that I hate masks and you tricked me into going to a mask party’ Greg replied.
‘So you’re pissed with me?

How was I supposed to know that it would be a mask party? I was as surprised as you’ Morgan rose towards the cellar and fetched himself a bottle.
‘A little’ Greg replied.
His mind dwelled on what had transpired between himself and Amanda at the club; that was the best s£x he had ever had but he felt badly about it. She was a virgin and he had taken advantage of that.
‘Greg? Come over here’ Morgan called across.
‘What is it? My legs feel like Jelly, I don’t feel like walking’ Greg fired at him.
‘Hey bro, I am serious’ Morgan repeated.
‘Yea, what is it’? Greg moved towards his friend.
Morgan had reached the cellar to fetch himself something relaxing, only to find pieces of broken bottles and liquor that spilled on the marble floor.
Episode 2
Look’ Morgan pointed at the mess.
Greg was surprised at first, he didn’t remember breaking any bottles by mistake, this was strange.
‘Do you have cameras in your house’? Morgan asked.
‘No, I don’t need them’ Greg replied. Honestly, he felt people that had cameras were living in fear.
‘What? That’s dangerous’ Morgan was flabbergasted on hearing this.
Greg was a powerful and wealthy personality and had a lot of competitors in the software business, what if they tried to attack him in one way or the other?
‘I don’t understand why you’re asking, I guess this happened during my fight with Nathan’ Greg stared at the broken pieces.
‘Or someone must have broken into your apartment while we were at the lounge’ Morgan countered his argument.
‘Wow, you see? That’s why I don’t like cameras, you’re just afraid. No one broke into my house, no one ever has. Besides, how would they access my security codes’? Greg snorted.
‘That happens all the time, you don’t need to rely on the codes; someone that really wants you down could go a long way’Morgan replied.
‘And this someone would be’? Greg raised his brow, he had never experienced any burglary attack, so he found it believe someone must have broken into his house.
‘I don’t know’Morgan shrugged.
‘Don’t worry friend, I would be fine’ Greg reassured him.
The night rolled by quickly, in a rush, morning flooded the skies and everything was brightness.
Greg was a the head of a business empire and that meant he was a very busy man.
‘I need coffee’ he said to Gwen and rushed into his office.
He was having a very important meeting with the board of directors today and he needed to be alert; they were going to deliberate on the future of Beecroft Softwares.
‘I need my coffee Amanda…’! He yelled and paused as he realized he didn’t have a personal assistant anymore.
‘How hard is this going to get’? Greg released a sigh and moved towards the window.
The harder he tried, the worst it got; she had found a permanent place in his heart and that troubled him greatly.
He was a very self determined person who knew what he wanted and what he wanted was Wendy.
‘Here is your coffee and good morning’ Gwen walked in with a tray.
‘Thanks, get me the files from the Legal department’ he instructed.
‘Got it! What else’? Gwen stared at him.
‘I have not seen my Wallet, have you come across anything of that nature’? Greg asked.
First, his mother’s picture was missing, he had placed it permanently in the car and it was nowhere to be found, now his wallet? If Gwen had not seen it, then his best bet was that he dropped it at the lounge and that meant disaster.
‘No Sir’ Gwen replied tightly
What he saw in her eyes was unmistaken; she seemed pretty upset and uptight about something.
‘Is this about Ms. Atkins’? He corrected himself.
‘Not really, maybe it is a little about the fact that I am tired of making coffee. I am your secretary and not your waitress’ Gwen replied.
One thing was this: though Greg had a commanding personality and a domineering aura, she wasn’t scared of telling him her mind.
‘Oh? So it is about Ms. Atkins’ Greg dropped his coffee and focused on her.
‘She was really good and needed this job badly; are you aware that her mother is dyslexic? She is the only one fending for them both; paying the bills, feeding them both; it’s not fair that you fired her over a mere kiss’ Gwen replied.‘The person you should blame is your crazy brother Nathan, he kissed her, she didn’t kiss him’ she added.
Nathan had come by the office after Greg had left for home, Gwen had totally ignored him; he wanderedaround the company till he was tired and left.
‘Get out’ Greg scowled.
Gwen felt better that she had spoken her mind; Amanda didn’t deserve to get fired.
Suddenly, all the walls he’d put up since childhood, since the time he lost his mother came crashing down; guilt washed over him as Gwen told him all about Amanda.
He realized why she had been so dedicated to her job; he had never tasted that part of life and he felt horrible for firing her.
But what was he supposed to do? She was getting in the way of his job, thoughts of her distracted him for work, Wendy, the mother of his child and his wife to be.
There was only one way to amend this, and he was going for it.
‘Come in’ he spoke in a gruff voice. There was a knock on his door; it had to be his loud mouthed Secretary who had a strong loathing for coffee making.
‘Hello there…’Trudy walked in a very tight and revealing dress.
‘What are you doing here’? Greg rose to his feet.
‘Honey…I have missed you, I need you…right now’ the words dripped from her lips like honey from the comb.
She couldn’t get over the sweet words Greg had spoken to her the night before; this was really working; her love for him grew in strength. She was going to be the mother of his child and his wife and there was no stopping her.
He had fired Amanda and that made her feel more relaxed; now all of his focus was on her and her child.
‘You seem very happy this morning, care to share’? Elena watched her daughter’s face closely.
‘Yes. Greg said he would fix a date, so I am going by his office so we could have a little discussion on what we both want’ she replied.
‘That’s so beautiful daughter, I am so proud of you’ Elena planted a kiss on her baby’s head.
‘You know, I think naming the child after his mother really pleased him; I can’t wait for that wedding Ma! E.TV is going to cover it’ she clapped her hands excitedly.
‘Um, and Vogue or Elle too, I want my daughter’s wedding to be the best thing that ever happened to California’ Elena beamed.
‘It’s finally happening! I can’t hold my excitement back’ Wendy replied.
Elena’s eyes strayed to Wendy’s knuckles, they were bruised.
‘What happened’? She lifted her hands.
‘Um, nothing, just an abrasion, wall’s to blame’ Wendy snatched her hands away and grinned.
‘Okay, be more careful next time, I don’t want Lucy to get hurt’ Elena blew her a kiss.
‘Where are you off to mom’? Wendy called after her.
‘Finding you a wedding planner’!
‘Go well mother’ Wendy’s eyes glowed darkly, she fetched the file that sat next to her and threw it in the trash bin. She had no need of it anymore, she had established a new plan.
‘So here we go’ she applied another coat of lipstick, fetched her bag and left the house. It was time to set her plan in motion.
Episode 3
‘Where would you like to go Ma’m’? She had waved a cab down.
‘That address’ Wendy offered him a piece of paper.
Tears streamed down her face uncontrollably; she couldn’t get over what had happened the night before.
She had just lost her virginity to the man she desired and he told her everything that happened was a mistake.
He had kissed her so passionately; he clung to her body like his life depended on it; his touch was sweet and delighting and she didn’t want it to end. He had torn her veil and exposed her to the world of sinful pleasure. Even as she cried, she thought about the way he made her feel; he yearned for his hands all over her body.
‘Mandy! It’s morning, aren’t you going to work today’? Her mother knocked on her door.
‘I’ll be out soon, can you give me some time’? Amanda quickly wiped her face and straightened on the bed.
‘Sure, meanwhile, Lucy is hungry, I am really loving her though’ her mother said.
‘That’s nice mother, but Lucy isn’t really mine, I’ll be taking it back to the owner’ Amanda informed her mother.
She fetched a mirror and stared at her face; it was puffy from crying and sobbing; she needed to take Lucy back to Greg and everything that reminded her of him.
‘I can’t wait to see your face, you have a lot of explaining to do’ her mother wheeled away.
She didn’t offer a response; instead she ran her fingers over her face and her brown hair.
‘This is not me, this is not who I am’ she sighed. She was going to take back her God given hair color, she was blonde and blue eyed and there was no shame in that.
Her phone beeped and she fetched it, she guessed Alex had called to check up on her. Her best friend would probably think she was having a hangover and she had called to offer tips on how to get over it.
Her heart raced as she saw his name; she inhaled sharply.
‘Son of a …’ she trailed off.
Greg had just transferred half a million dollars into her account, was this still part of her supposed salary?
‘Are you okay in there’? The woman had returned, she heard her daughter cursing.
‘Morning mother, there is an important matter I must attend to’ Amanda slipped on a dress and moved towards the door.
‘What’s going on with you Mandy, you’ve been acting strangely of late? Talk to me baby’ her mother wheeled next to her.
Tears filled her eyes as she stared at the woman she had made a promise to; she broke that promise in the heat of passion and now she regretted it.
She had given herself to a man who cared nothing about her; who had just objectified her by transferring such a huge amount of money into her bank account.
Was he paying for the s£x or what? Did he think she had s£x with him because of money?
‘I am fine. Trust me, I got this’ Amanda replied, fetched the cage that contained Lucy and moved out.
‘I trust you. I hope you know what you’re doing’ Mrs. Atkins cried. What had just happened felt so familiar.
When she had started dating Amanda’s father, she had begun to hide things from her mother; she had started drifting into her own world and that was how she had made a grave mistake of marrying an abusive man. She shuddered at the thought of her daughter towing the same path.
‘Talking helps, I hope you talk to me before you do something stupid’ Mrs. Atkins stared at Amanda’s childhood picture as she cried.
Minutes later, there was a ringing. The doorbell cried.
Who could that be? She wheeled towards the door in wonder, she wasn’t expecting anyone.
‘The door is open’ she yelled.
Slowly, the barrier creaked and split open and she was faced with a very attractive redhead.
‘Hello good morning’ the lady paused.
‘Morning, can I help you’? Mrs. Atkins was sure she had never seen this face before.
‘More like, can I help you? Obviously you’re the one in the wheelchair’ Wendy scoffed and ran her eyes over the woman.
‘Excuse me? You don’t just walk in here and talk to me like that; I think you should leave’ Mrs. Atkins said firmly.
‘Cut the crap. I am looking for your daughter, Amanda’ Wendy decided she was at the right place as her eyes were fixed on Amanda’s picture on the wall.
‘Ma’m, you have to leave now, else I’ll call the police’ she threatened.
‘I’ll be quick, you see this man over here’? She fetched a photograph from her bag.
‘I guess you do, he is super rich and famous, so, I know your daughter has been fired; but I don’t trust her one bit, tell her to stay away from him else the consequences would be dire. Goodbye’ Wendy walked out with a hiss.
Leaving the older woman terrified and perplexed.

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