Bad Boys B-Kay High

Bad boys b-kay high episode 16 – 17

( Crazy Cinderellas… )


By, Naomi Cindy B



Richmond watched as Kingsley let go of Jewel immediately he came out

“Jerk” Jewel said

“Witch” Kingsley replied and left for the gym immediately

“What happened?, Are you ok?” Richmond asked

” Sure” Jewel replied and made to go but the hold on her arm drew her back

Richmond actually held her back. “What?” She demanded

“You look cuter in what you’re wearing” he said, looking her

She took her hand away from him and smiled. ” Get lost playboy”

She left the place immediately and Richmond only smiled. “Why do I find her interesting and different?, Maybe because she’s lively” Richmond thought as Jasmine came out of the changing room

“Where’s Kingsley?” He asked

“He should be in the gym already, let’s move* Richmond replied, leading way out of the place


Pearl’s mind is full of many thoughts as she walked to the gym alone, she’s walking slowly and each step she takes is full of brooding

“Is there something going on between them?, Did something happen?, Did something happen between them?” She thought

” Why did Kingsley make that kind of move with her?, Why?, Is Jewel keeping something? ” She thought and sighed

” Oh I guess I’m not clean too, I’m keeping the fact that we k-ssed, I’m keeping the fact that I love him, I’m keeping secrets too so I have no right to blame anyone” she thought sadly

” But Jewel doesn’t love Kingsley right?, Yes, she hates him, they hate each other, they absolutely do so I should keep calm” she thought as she walked into the gym which is full of students already

*Pearl! ” Love shouted immediately she entered

She went to them and Love hit her

“Ouch!, What?” She said

“You said you needed to use the restroom, what took you so long?, Why do you always take long in the restroom?” She asked

“Just felt like staying long” Pearl replied

” That’s weird” Jewel replied

” What about you?, Why did you take so long? ‘ Pearl asked, looking at Jewel eye to eye

“I never went to the restroom” Jewel replied

“Then? ” Veera asked

” I went to The Kings changing room, to check on Kingsley” Jewel replied

” Cos of his wound? ” Love asked

“Kind of” Jewel replied.

“Why would you be concerned about your enemy’s wound? ” Veera asked

Jewel hesitated before deciding to tell the truth

“Ok he got that wound because of me” she said

” Huh? ” Pearl said

” Yes, he saved me from getting hit by a car this morning in front of the hospital” Jewel said

” Whoa, he saved you?, Kingsley saved someone?, I must say this round the wh0le school” Veera said

” That’s new” Love said

” The basketball is starting now” Pearl said, facing the crowd of students

They went to the bleachers to sit and cheerlead as the guys came in for the game

The Kings came in last and girls scre-med as usual, passing s*xy comments as they joined the teams they want

Jasmine and Kingsley are in same team which consists of three other players including Ryder

Richmond is in the opposing team which consists of four other players including Ronny

“My crush Is playing, he looks cute!” Veera gushed, blushing without even going close to Ronny

” Just look at her” Jewel said and Veera only smiled more

Jewel’s eyes caught Pearl’s and she saw her staring at her

“Am I that cute?” Jewel said and Pearl only smiled

The basketball started in full and everyone turned their attention to the players playing

“Who’s more good among The Kings?” Love asked

“It’s Kingsley…. Jasmine and Richmond aren’t better than each other in basketball, they have same skills but my brother is the best” Veera replied

*Your crush isn’t good?” Pearl asked

“It’s his first time playing basketball so I can’t say, but he’s good at everything so I won’t be surprised if he turns out to be more good than my brother” Veera replied

The game was hot and both teams didn’t give chance for winning at first but after some minutes, Ronny threw the ball in the hoop and got the first point for their team

Veera scre-med out loud. “Go crush!, Go crush!, Whoa!, Ronny I love you!!!”

Everyone won’t stop staring at her, Jewel and Love started laughing at her silliness

Pearl can’t help but notice Kingsley is finding it difficult to raise his hands to the hoop cos of the wound on his right arm and as a result, he lost so many points

“Kingsley is definitely not ok” Veera said, noticing Kingsley’s sluggishness

Ronny and Richmond are busy getting points.. Jasmine and Ryder are getting points too but Kingsley seems weak

Then it happened that Kingsley got the ball and tried to throw it into the hoop but his arm hurts in the process, he landed back on the ground from midair and his arm started bleeding, his blood stained his sleeve

Everyone gasped and Pearl badly wants to run down there and tend to his wound but she stopped herself, not wanting anyone to start guessing her feelings

Jewel almost almost rushed down there cos she feels guilty of making him get the wound but she stopped herself

“Not like he’ll listen to anyone anyways” she thought

Jenna ran past the girls to the ground and Pearl sighed

“Let’s get him to the hospital” Jenna said, trying to touch Kingsley but he pushed her away

“Stay back, don’t touch me” he said

“Kingsley…’ Jenna said surprisingly, shocked at his sudden change

“Don’t…touch … Me” he said again,more effectively this time

Veera got there and knelt beside him, checking out the hand

“Don’t start crying again” Kingsley said

“I won’t, but let’s just get this treated at the hospital” she said

*No I’m fine” he replied

“You’re not fine just stop being stubborn” Veera replied

“I’m really fine baby sis” he said and stood

” Dude your stubbornness is not the best,. We need to get this arm treated, do you want it to weaken you?, Will you only allow it when you pass out?” Jasmine said

” Be cool for once” Richmond said

“thanks for your concern, but I’m still not going to the hospital” he said and stood then left the gym

Jewel sighed. ” He’s headstrong, can’t believe I’m feeling guilty, well I should, he got the wound because of me”

Kingsley went home Immediately he left the gym cos he’s nowhere to be found till the end of the day

Junior class**

“Should we go skiing today again?” Ryder asked

“Ion think so” Love replied

” No chance” Veera said

” Let’s go Ryder” Ronny said behind Ryder

Ryder left to get his backpack. “Ronny can we hang out tonight?, As friends you know” Veera asked

” I don’t think I’ll be chanced” he replied and Ryder came back instantly

“Bye baby, see you tomorrow” Ryder said and blew her k-sses before leaving with Ronny

” Ronny is annoying, how can he pretend like he doesn’t know what you feel, I mean it’s obvious but yet he’s playing ignorance” Love said

” He might not know” Jewel said

” Says who?, It’s obvious” Pearl replied

“Jewel since you know the cause of Kingsley’s wound, can you help compel him to go to the hospital?, He won’t just listen” Veera said

” And you think he’ll listen to me?” Jewel replied

“You just have to try, he’s hurting…you see, his body is not tolerant to wounds just like you’re not tolerant to shock, the last time he got wounded, he kept it from everyone, we never found out till he passed out” Veera said

” Gosh” Jewel said

” So I’ll give you his number, just do anything possible to talk to him” Veera said, taking Jewel’s phone and saving Kingsley’s line on it

“I saved it as jerky nuthead” Veera smiled, returning her phone.


Night, the Hales**

“Joey ran into debt again, the loaners are looking for him all around, he won’t come home tonight” Rosie said, plopping grapes into her mouth

” I knew it, he said something reasonable this morning so I was expecting him to f*ck up” Pearl said

” You know… Joey is just… like the biggest problem in my life and I’m sure you guys know what everyone wants to do to their problems” Rosie said

” Get rid of them” Jewel said

“Mum I’m full” Beverly said

“Then sleep” Love replied

” I heard the competition after party is coming up tomorrow, I can’t wait to know who’ll win” Beverly said

” Ronny for the guys, our Jewel for the girls” Love said

They retired to their rooms for the night and Jewel immediately picked her phone

Her thumb swiped to Kingsley’s line and she dialled it…

The Browns**

Kingsley just finished dressing the wound by himself though he knows it’ll be better to get it treated in the hospital but still, his stubborn mind won’t allow him to go to the hospital

It hurts a lot that he expected but he has decided to ignore it though that’s Impossible cos it’s becoming unbearable

Veera has pleaded by his door for almost an hour but he refused to go out to eat dinner or talk to her

“If I hadn’t saved that witch, this wouldn’t be happening” he thought

His phone rang and he almost didn’t pick it cos he thought it was Veera but when he saw the number is unknown, he picked

“Jerky nuthead” the voice said and even though it was sharp, he recognized the voice of the only witch he knows

“Witch, how did your get my number and why the f*ck will you call me” he questioned

” Calm down idiot, don’t feel too big, I just called to save your as.s” she replied

” You make me laugh, save my ass?” He replied

“Sure, you got wounded because of me and that’s why I’m concerned, you need to get that wound on your arm treated” she said

” And who are you to order me around?” He replied

” You got wounded because of me and I’m telling you to stop making me feel guilty cos of that wound!, Do you even know how worried Veera is?, Do you know what she’s going through just because you aren’t fine?, Be considerate for once in your life!” Jewel yelled

” It’s my arm, not yours” he replied, more calm than he expected himself to be

” Of course I know, you dumbass but…

” Get lost” he interrupted and ended the call

“I’m f*cked up” he said to himself

He never slept till the next morning and when the day broke, his head feels too heavy for his neck and his eyes feels hot, he’s certainly not feeling fine

He stepped out of his room and surprisingly, Veera slept by his doorstep

“This brat” he said and bent beside her, he touched her cheek and that woke her up

“Big brother” she said slowly with sad eyes

“Why will you sleep here?” He said and even his voice shows he’s not ok

” I was worried, I know you’re not ok” she said, feeling his temperature

” You’re burning up, your eyes are red too and your face looks sickly” she said

” I’ll be fine, trust me” Kingsley replied

Veera stood facing him

“No, I know your body state, you won’t be ok till you go to the hospital” she said

” Veera stop nagging” he said

” I won’t” she replied and he immediately carried her in his arms and started swaying her

“My gosh!, Put me down you fool!” Veera scre-med as he continued swaying her

” I won’t” he said

” I love you Kingsley, let’s go to the hospital” she said

” I hate you , I’m not going anywhere” he replied



“Kingsley just called to say he won’t be coming to school, and he said we should cancel the photoshoot we have today” Jasmine said when he got down from his car with Richmond

” So he won’t come for the after party tonight?” Richmond said

” I’m not sure” Jasmine replied as they made their way to class.


Junior class**

“All lectures will be ending by 12, we can go get our dresses for the after party by then, can’t wait for tonight” Veera said

” How’s he doing?, He hung up on me last night” Jewel said

” Kingsley?, I guess it didn’t work, he’s still insisting that he’s not going to the hospital, he didn’t even come to school, maybe he won’t come to the after party tonight” Veera said

” If he won’t be around, it won’t be fun” Pearl suddenly said

“Says who?, Kingsley is one boring individual” Veera replied

” Yes, but everyone likes him” Pearl replied and they all turned their attention to her

” Everyone?” Love asked.

” Excluding me, and you girls* Pearl quickly said, regretting the slip of tongue

“Ronny didn’t come to school either, I guess he’s preparing wholly for the party” Veera said

” Here” Ryder said, appearing to place a milkshake and cookies on Veera’s table

“What should I do with these?” She asked

“Anything you like” Ryder replied and winked before leaving

“He’s cute” Love said

“Then you can go for him so he’ll stop pestering me” Veera replied

” I can never date anyone who I’m older than, I’m eighteen, I’m sure he’s seventeen like you” Love replied and they all laughed

Throughout the two classes, Jewel was worried and guilty at the same time

Pearl misses him greatly


Night, The Hales**

Veera’s car stopped in front of the house and Veera came out hurriedly, she got the bag containing her dress and rang the doorbell

Beverly opened the door and scre-med

“Veera!, I’m so happy to see you again!”

Veera hugged her tightly. “Same here puppy, you’re just cute”

” I guess you came for the makeup” Beverly said, leading her in

” Sure” she replied

” Isn’t that Veera Brown?” Rosie said, smiling as she came out of her room

” Yes ma’am, greetings” Veera bowed respectfully

“You’re so cute!, Now I know what my daughters has been saying is true, come here” Rosie said and hugged her

” You’re so cool ma’am” Veera said

“Sure, you can go meet them in,side” Rosie said and Veera entered the room she pointed at

“V baby!!” They all scre-med immediately she entered..

“Make me change” she said

“You came to the right place” Love replied as she entered fully

An hour later**

They all stood in front of the mirror and scre-med

“Love I love this!, My face is looking too good!” Veera said, checking it out

” I know right?, I’m the real deal” Love replied

“So….let’s dress up” Pearl said

The dressing started and soon, they’re all done without seeing each other though cos their back is on each other

“On the count of one to three” Veera said

*Sure” Pearl replied

“1,2…3!” Veera counted and they faced each other

“Holy shit!, Jewel you’re dressed to kill!, That gown is made for you, I told you it’ll fit you, just look at those crazy things called shapes, it revealed all the daring thing” Veera said, checking Jewel out

” Pearl you look like a goddess in that, you look different I swear it, you’re so pretty” Love said, turning Pearl around and that made her blush

” Thanks, you always look good too” she replied

“And Veera, you look cuter” Love said

” Thanks amore” Veera replied and smiled before going back to Jewel

“You have it all, Beauty, shapes, curves, coolness, I envy you” she said

” Stop saying that, everyone is cool” Jewel replied

Pearl looked at Jewel and felt bad in,side. “I’m not as pretty as her”

“The time is past eight!, Gosh we’re late!” Love exclaimed


B-KAY HIGH, party ground**

Loud songs is booming from the speakers and the place is decorated to look like shinning stars, it’s mature and looks chic

The party is on already and the MC is already in front of everyone

Some are drinking and some are dancing, some are chatting and guessing who’ll win

Jenna made her entry and every mouth dropped

She dressed b*tchy in an extremely short gown that has laces in front of it , the back is fully opened till the wa-ist and she loosely tied the laces in front of the gown, making sure her br-asts is revealed, her face is shinning with excess makeup

Halsey followed and surprisingly, she dressed normal

Ronny and Richmond came in at the same time and everywhere went Gaga with scre-ms

Ronny looks different!, Hot and cute at the same time

Richmond looks hotter and handsome at the same time too

“We’re still waiting for the two other contestants” the MC said

“I don’t think Kingsley is coming” Jasmine said

” You’re wrong” Richmond replied when Kingsley made his entry alone but it was louder than the former ones

He changed his hairstyle and color, he dressed handsomely and the simple look on his face tonight looks awesomely cute

“Thought you we’rent gonna come” Jasmine said when he took his seat beside them

” I never wanted to, but I had to” he replied

” Time is moving so fast but the last contestant for the girls poll isn’t here yet, on the count of one to ten, if she fails to be here, she’ll be disqualified” the MC said and the countdown started


” She’s here!!” Veera scre-med, making way for Jewel who’s coming beside her

Jewel stood in the sβ‚±0tlight by the door and smiled charmingly before starting the stylish walk into the place

Everyone stared with admiration

Her bold stylish steps, her pretty hot face, her crazy insane curves all added to her uniqueness

Richmond’s mouth refused to close

Kingsley never wanted to stare but his eyes refused to leave her till she settled down beside Halsey

“This will be fast, I’ll reveal the polls right now” the MC said and two students drew down the curtain from the stage, revealing the voting scores

The guys….

Richmond_304 votes

Ronny_301 votes

Kingsley_300 votes..

The girls..

Jewel_319 votes

Halsey_290 votes

Jenna_280 votes

“OMG!* Veera almost scre-med

The hall was filled with loud scre-ms as Richmond and Jewel were invited to the stage for the game

“Loser” Ronny said to Kingsley who’s just staring at Richmond and Jewel on stage

“Unbelievable” Love said

“It’s shocking” Pearl remarked

” I swear” Veera said

Jenna left the place angrily

“You have to close your eyes Mr hottest, miss hottest will have to do something rom-ntic to you” the MC said

Richmond’s eyes went shut immediately and Jewel did what came to her mind, she reluctantly pecked his cheek

Richmond opened his eyes and looked at her deeply when it’s his turn

“Your turn Mr hottest” the MC said

” Don’t try to fight it” Richmond whispered to Jewel and suddenly grabbed her wa-ist, pulling her closer and letting their bodies slam on each other

The next thing was shocking … Richmond pressed his l-ips hΓ¦rd on hers…

“What the f*ck!” Love gasped as every eyes went wide


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