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“Doc..where’s my mother!?” Jill asked fearfully after sighting him at the exit and being led by Mrs Ashley.
The doctor looked at her confused then at Mrs Ashley and he sighed..
“Oh..you must be Jillian..I’m so sorry” he said.
“I want to see my mother doctor..please take me to her” she cried.
“Let’s go to my office miss” he said and she shook her head.
“I want to see my mom first..please doctor” Jill said tugging at his lab coat.
“You’d definitely see her miss..I just have somethings to tell you” he said and she looked at Mrs Ashley who gave me a go ahead approval then back at the doctor..
“How’s my mom?” she asked.
“She’s fine..let’s go to my office” he said and Jill nodded taking in a deep breath..
“Lauren..write down the files for the patient in ward 224, I’ll come get it later” he said to one of the nurses behind the counter then faced me “This way miss and ma’am” he said, we got to the door and Mrs Ashley excused herself while Jill went alone with the doctor.
he opened the door and they both entered..he closed it behind then then offered her a seat, she sat uncomfortably and watched him as he adjusted his stethoscope then sat in a swiveling chair.
He shook his head then looked at her.
“Your mother’s condition is really critical” he started and Jillian shifted on her chair “We just finished cleaning her internal organs few hours ago..she has kidney damage” he said and Jillian gasped.
“Well we think it’s due to what’s she’s been eating and the amount of intoxicating liquid her bladder gets..it has completely destroyed some part of her organs as well” the doctor said and adjusted his glass.
“So the both kidneys are dead?” she asked not sure why she did it.

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“No..just one of them” he said
and Jillian arched a brow..
“But I thought one could survive with just a kidney..why make it sound like it’s a big deal since the other kidney is fine” Jillian said confused.
“The truth is your mom have just a kidney in her system..that’s the one that got damaged” he said and Jillian eyebrow arched.
“Wait..I mean is that even possible, all humans have two kidneys..
“We assumed she might’ve faced such problems in the past or might’ve donated to someone…obviously either of the two might have taken place” the doctor said and Jillian sighed..
“So what do we do?” she asked.
“She’s needs a kidney transplant as early as possible..her lifeline is very little..
“I want to donate mine” Jillian said..the doctor slightly opened his mouth then closed it when he couldn’t say anything.
“Are you sure?” he asked looking at her..she nodded.
“She’s my mom..I wanna do it for her because I owe her so much, let’s do it doc” Jillian said..
“We’ll have to run some check ups and tests before we proceed” he said..
“Are you really sure you wanna do this?” he asked sounding a warning to her from the tone he used…Jillian took in a deep breath..then out and faced him intently.
“Even at the expense of my life..I’m ready” she said with a bold face.
Jillian shifted on the bed and sighed, she glanced at the door hoping it would open..
she was waiting for the results of whatever the doctor did on her..it’s been close to thirty minutes already since he left her in this room like she was a sick patient and it was freaking her out..
The door finally creaked and opened after what seems like hours to Jillian..the doctor walked in, he was still in his lab coat and the glasses but the stethoscope were no longer round his neck and the look on his face spelt Not Good..
He walked towards her.
“Can we proceed the operation now doc..I don’t think there’s much time” Jillian said standing up.
The doctor sighed, slightly adjusted his glasses then looked at her.
“You’re right, there’s no much time..” he paused then continued “we did a quick scan in your body and..” his voice trailed off, he closed his eyes licked his bottom lips then faced her.
“What?” she asked getting scared.
“We’re sorry Jill but you also have just a kidney…
“What..how?” she rhetorically asked dazzled..
“The doctor placed his palms on her shoulders.
“We don’t know..the results proved it, we’re very sorry but you have to find another donor” he said..tears welled up in her eyes then rolled to her cheeks..Jillian slowly collapsed on the bed..
“But w…
her voice trailed off, her eyes widened as realization dawned on her.
She had just a kidney and her mother also had same..what’s happening..Did her mother do it, is it really what she’s thinking.
She remember falling sick when she was 15, she remembered seeing her mom crying when she opened her eyes..she asked what was wrong but she only assured her that everything was fine and then she slept back, waking up after a day or two and discovering she was perfectly fine..her tummy didn’t hurt any longer.
So this was it..her mom did it after all, she was alive because her mother saved her, because she loved her and because she cared for her..
Her mother had donated a kidney just to prove it to her and all Jillian had done was to humiliate her, downgrade her and say a lotta hurtful words that she never deserved..
she had risked her life just to save her no matter her appearance.
“Oh My God!” Jillian exclaimed catching her breath and placing her hand on her mouth as tear rolled more down her cheeks.
The doctor held her and patted her shoulders..
“Doc please help me find a donor..I’ll give you anything, pleas
e save my mother” she cried clinging to him.
“We’ll try out best miss..our patient life is much more valuable than money” he said.
“How many days does she have left?” she asked.
“Three to four days…” he said and Jillian slowly sighed then blinked.
“Ca-can I see her?” she asked
the doctor nodded.
“Yeah but you have to make it brief…she’s in the ICU..I’ll lead you there” he said.
Jillian walked into the intensive care unit, she slowly opened the transparent door and walked in..
her eyes caught her mother’s on the bed..her eyes were opened, she was putting on the hospital gown and tears were on her cheeks, her body was connected with several hospital stuff and her face held so much pain..Jillian slowly walked toward her.
“M-mom” she stammered when she got to her.
Selene looked up, her eyes lit up when she saw Jillian.
“Ji-jill, you’re here” she muttered..loud enough to Jillian hearing..
Jillian saw her trying to stand up and she ran toward her and held her…then bent.
“Mom..you can’t stand up, not yet” she said..Selene reached her hand on jillian’s bulby cheeks and smiled as a tear touched the bed.
“My child..I’m so happy to see you here Jill” Selene said slowly tracing her cheek with her thumb.
“M-mom..” a tear fell on selene’s chest. “I’m so sorry mom..it’s all my fault” Jillian cried placing her hand on her mother’s hand that laid on her cheek..
“No..it’s not your fault at all sweetie, it none of your fault..I’m so sorry for putting you through this..” she said.
There and then Jillian just how much this woman loved..how much she meant to her and how much she cared for her..
she had missed all of this because of her pride..because of how she felt..
she never saw all this love.
“No mom..I’m sorry I shun you..I’m sorry I spoke badly to you..I’m sorry I never listened to you, please forgive me mom..please!” Jillian cried. Selene smiled faintly, Jillian saw pains mixed with happiness.
“I’m glad you finally realized how much you mean to me..I never stopped loving you my baby, I never hated you.. not even once in my life did I regret having you Jillian..I love you so much” Selene said..right now she felt at peace, she knew her days were limited on earth and knowing that her daughter finally forgave and took her back she felt fulfilled..she was ready to go even tho it hurt her.
“M-mom!” Jillian called as they both hugged tightly.
Her heart pricked her, she didn’t deserve this love just after kicking it away..she didn’t deserve this woman either.
she had lived her life cursing God for making her like this, not knowing he gave her a jewel..a precious and rare jewel that she didn’t see because of her pride..
A jewel that was worth more than anything..she was remorseful..regretful and hurt..
remorseful for her previous actions.
regretful for all she had done to her and hurt because she was leaving soon.
They disengaged, looked at each other, smiled and hugged again then disengaged.
“I’m always with you Jillian..I just want you to know that no matter what happens” she said causing a smile across Jill’s lip.
“I’ll save you mom..I won’t let you go” Jillian said and Selene smiled.
“It’s late Jill..my time has arrived, I can rest peacefully now that I’ve been assured that you’re OK…I want nothing more..
“I just want us to spend the limited time I have together..help is far from me now..let’s just stay together now that there’s still time” her mother said..
Jillian knew it was the truth and it hurt her because she believed it..
Maybe her mother was right..while trying to find a donor they could have all the fun they didn’t have here and it could start now.
Jillian spent most of her time in the hospital, though they still couldn’t find a donor she still stayed with her mother..she had her lunch, dinner and breakfast with her and only went home to bath, change of clothes and cook..They did most of the things they couldn’t do before and even tho it wasn’t all Jillian wanted it was still fun because she could still see her mother daily..
She stopped school and waved it off whenever her mother asked about it.
She would arrive early in the hospital after having a change of clothes and share cookies to the patients, nurses and the doctors..crack jokes with her mother, play, laughed and feed her until she fell asleep..
the nurses, patients and they doctor were familiarized with her because she came to the hospital daily and mostly because of the wonderful snacks she made for them..
Jillian was much more happy because none of them made fun of her, they always made her feel at home and took care of her mother..she took them as family..
to her it was fantastic.
to Mrs Selene it was 100% fulfilment, the fact alone that she saw her daughter the remaining days she had left brought joy to her heart..she had always prayed for this day and even tho it arrived late she was still glad she witnessed it..she was grateful she was alive when it happened.
Days passed and still Selene didn’t die, she was getting healthier and Jillian almost forgot about the kidney issues…
That morning Jillian had packed the specially designed brownies and cookies in a polythene bag, had a quick bath and change of clothes, packed her hair in ponytails..packed some jackets, a duvet and her pop socks since she would be sleeping at the hospital today..she grabbed the bags, locked the door and boarded a taxi to the hospital..
The taxi parked in front of the hospital, she paid and got down..she sighted two ambulance in the garage, she stared at them for a while, shrugged and went into the hospital..
In there she was dazzled at the event that was taking place, the nurses were moving to and fro hastily..coming from a room and entering another..none of them seem to notice or pay attention to her.
Jillian arched an eyebrow then moved forward..she sighted the doctor coming out of a ward and went to him.
“Doc..what’s going on, why’s everyone in a haste?” she asked..
he shook his head, adjusted his glass then looked at her..
those looks were not nice and it scared her.
“Yo-your mom..” he sighed..Jillian eyes widen.
“What happened to my mom” she asked coming toward him.
“I-I’m sorry Jill..truly I am, we tried our best bu-but..
Jillian heartbeat increased rapidly as the bags fell from her hand and she tugged at his lab coat..
“But what doc!”
a tear slide..
“We lost her Jill..your mother died few hours ago” he hit the bombshell..it hit her hard and she fell.
“I’m so sorry miss..do take my sympathy” the doctor said, patted her and walked away..
tear fell on her face and a sudden sweat and fear enveloped her..
she knew her mother was gonna die
the doctor told her but it was just too hard to gulp..
it was too hard to accept..
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