Chronicle of a Teenager




Jillian looked down the h0le her phone fell into then back at the zombies who kept on increasing..
They were just an inch close to her, Jillian faced downward slowly covering her face and waiting for the worse..she stayed that way for a while expecting to feel pains on any part of her body but she didn’t..she slowly lifted her head and looked around, the zombies weren’t there anymore..none of them were.
She slowly lifted her head to the sky and it caught the morning sun…she blinked thrice then smiled.
It was what made them vanish..she sighed in relief as she stood up, her throat were completely dry but she wasn’t thirsty, neither was she sleepy even tho she didn’t have rest the wh0le of yesterday..she held onto the necklace and started running, mustering all the strength left in her and mumbling a word of prayer…she ran for what looked like minutes, she got tired then stopped and walked..
A sharp flash ray hit her, she faced where it was coming from and smiled happily..
A way out…finally!!
She ran slowly toward the light and found herself outside the forest, it wasn’t far from the sleep over venue..she walked to the venue slowly scanning the scanty area and clinging tightly onto the necklace.
She arrived at the venue..lots of people were there..
FBI, CSI, the police and other crime investigator and safety authorities..
She walked toward them..her legs hurt a lot, her knuckles had gone totally white and she felt numb…she started seeing blur.
“OMG! it’s Jillian”
she heard a faint voice echo in her ears then so many footsteps followed..Before the got to her she fell but hanged on the air..she felt hands around her, she opened her eyes then fainted.
Jillian gradually opened her eyes, it caught the sharp rays of the sun seeping from the little open part in the window..she closed her eyes, breathed in and out then opened them back..blinking fastidiously as she slowly adapted to the rays..she looked around the room.
she was still on the clothe she came back with from the forest…her sight almost made her puke.
She sat up on the bed staring at the drip connected to her palm..
The door slowly opened and a man walked in with a woman in her late thirties and an elderly man in his early seventies..the man was putting on a CSI uniform, the woman wore a lab jacket on her pink gown and a stethoscope rounded her neck while the elderly man wore a simple Jean trouser and an Armani shirt…They all walk toward her with smiles.
“She’s finally awake!” the woman obviously a doctor exclaimed as she reached Jillian.
“Wh-what happened?” she asked.
“You passed out a while was nothing so don’t worry” she said and Jillian sighed, glanced over at the two men then looked away.
“How’re you feeling now?” she asked.
“I’m fine..I guess, I just wanna go home” Jillian said.
“You need all the rest you can get anyways but you just need to answer few questions from this men after that we’ll take you home” the doctor said as she removed the empty drip from Jillian’s wrist and put it away then used her stethoscope on her..
She nodded with a smile then faced the men.
“She’s good to go”
“Thanks a lot doc..we’ll take over from here” The man in uniforms said to the doctor who nodded, smiled at Jillian then walked out of the room..
The men came forward, taking a seat each and facing her.
“Hello miss Jillian..I’m Robert Shaw a special crime investigator and this is my uncle James Shaw..we just wanna ask few questions…we hope you’d respond to them” the man said..
“I just wanna go home..please take me home” Jillian muttered, feeling the tears that gathered in her eyes.
“We will if you comply with us..we’d just ask some questions..we won’t take much time I promise” the man said and Jillian nodded..
“OK” she said softly.
“’re Jillian Smith right?” he asked and she nodded
“OK, good…so what were you and your friends doing in the forest yesternight?” he asked bringing out a pad and a pen..
Jillian slowly breathed in and out.
“We-well we just wanted to walk least that was what I thought until Brianna..
“Wait who’s Brianna?” he asked jotting on his pad..
“Brianna is the leader of the NAttys….” she paused when she saw the confused look on his face
“Actually it’s a name we call them because of their fame and attractions in our school..Anna’s dad owns the school” she said and he nodded then urged her to continue.
“Brianna took Jess and I to the forest to kill us..
“Who’s Jess?”
“Sh-she’s my be-bestfriend, Brianna wanted to kill us coz she thought I had an affair with Jeremy..her boyfriend but it’s not true, Jeremy and I are just s€×ual strings attached..we we’re just friends” Jillian said steadying her voice.. she watched him as he wrote down..
“So your friends..I mean Fiona Jekyll, Diana Torres, Brianna Hensmith and Jessica Gerald, are they still in that forest?” he asked and she shook her head..slowly fighting back the tears..
“Where are they?” he asked.
“Th-they’re dead..they all died in the forest” she said softly as Jess flew into her inner screen..
“I’m so sorry Jill..I truly am, we’re trying our best to get their bodies out” He said and she nodded quickly wiping a tear that rolled to her cheeks.
“So tell me how come you survived and they didn’t..”
“i-i don’t know..we all separated when we got attacked by those beings and I don’t know what happened next” she said..the man nodded after intently looking at her then wrote down.
“My uncle here have a few questions to ask, he’s an historian..he knows so much about these ancient stuff…
“Please just take me h
ome..I want to go home” Jillian said and licked her bottom l-ips..
The old man in mufti gently tapped her shoulder with a smile..
“You will go home dear..we know you need rest, I promise not to take much of your time” the man said with a smile that almost melted her heart..
he was so old and cute..Jillian nodded slightly.
“Those beings that attacked you..can I get a little description of them” he asked..
“Um..yeah, th-they had strange odd looking faces..their teeth were super sharp and they seem to be floating..” she said
“ they had no bodies?” the officer asked and she nodded.
“Hold on” the aged man said as he dipped his hand into a large envelope and brought out an old book, it had brown hærd cover which had peel on some parts. he dropped it on the bed and opened it then flapped through the pages..he stopped then face her and shifted the book towards her.
“Were they like this?” he asked demonstrating with his hand..
Jillian peered into the place and nodded..
“They’re exactly like this” she said..the two men exchanged glances.
“Are they zombies or some vampires?” The officer asked.
“They’re neither…they’re the hearters..they were known to exist in the early twenties, they appear mostly at night and feed on human hearts and blood” he explained to him then faced her..
“Your friends..can I get a little description, as in when they died?” he asked.
“They had this round h0le in their chests, a huge teeth bite in their necks and they were so their blood had been drained or something” she said and the man nodded.
“They never let go of their victims..they always make sure to kill anyone who trespass their territory..they don’t leave any soul alive and they have a powerful sense of smell” The aged man said.
The officer looked at her then the old man in confusion.
“Bu-but how come she wasn’t killed..did she have a special smell or what?” The officer arched a confused eyebrow but the aged man only smiled..he looked at Jillian then over at the officer.
“Because she had a beautiful heart…her intentions weren’t evil” The man said and Jillian eyebrow narrowed as she stared..
“That’s all Jill…you’ll go home soon, common homie” the officer said and they both stood patted her.
“But who’ll take me home?” she asked.
“He’ll be her in few minutes..just few minutes, take care” the man said and they both left..Jillian sighed then laid back on the bed.
Few minutes later the door opened and the last person she expected to see walked in with a smile..
“Hi” Jeremy said and she sat upright.
“H-hi” she stammered.
“So you ready?” he asked
“For what?”
“To go home of course”
“Are you driving me home?”
“Yeah..I insisted since they’re all busy with somethings” he said and she bit her lower l-ips.
“Bu..but, I..
“Are you Scared of walking..don’t worry I’ve got a driver’s license and a big Bugatti..I’m 18” he said smiling and she laughed..
“it had better be as big as you said..let’s go” she stood up, wore her flip flops, picked the necklace from the bed and head out with him.
Once outside the cold air hit her face and she slowly inhaled the breeze..the wh0le place were crowded and reporter we’re taking pictures of her, she bent her face..shy to look up at them..
She felt a hand wrapped around her and she looked was Jeremy, he has a small approving smile.
“It’s okay..” he muttered as they both kept on walking..slowly waving away the reporters with the police help..Jillian looked up and saw Jessica’s parents, mr and Mrs Gerald..Jess’s mother was crying and badly shaking while her father was comforting her..she felt that urge to go to them but she restrained and entered the passenger side of the Benz Jeremy opened for her.
Jeremy sat on them driver’s seat and swerved the engine then drove off.
All through the ride no single word was said..Jeremy looked at Jillian and saw her looking out of the window with a sad face..he licked his l-ips then faced back to the road
“You know I got my first car when I was 15..” he started, took a quick glance at Jillian and saw her eyes focused on him..
Nice start.
“Isn’t that too early?” she asked..
“ also thought same but dad said it was better to train me up for the future..accordi
ng to him the earlier the better” he said facing the road.
“Your dad must be a willed man” she said and he chuckled..turning left to her apartment.
“More like a car freak..he always made sure I attended driving school every Saturday right from 8” he said and Jill’s mouth slightly opened..
” that’s crazy” she said and he nodded taking a quick glance at her.
“you can say that again…my mom seem kinda reluctant but my dad decision stayed final..I’ve got this sorta likeness for him” he said.
“I first drove a car when I was nine, that was when I got my real first car accident” he said and Jillian gasped.
“Oh my..was is really serious?”
“I guess it was because mom wanted to take me to a hospital but dad refused..
“Guess he has a thing for the H word” She said and watched him smile.
“Nah..he prefers his children finding out the aspects of real life and not depending on some health shit” he said and Jillian laughed.
“is your dad a member of a military org-nization or some strong arm forces?” she asked.
“ first he wanted to but mom threatened to leave him if he he tore the form, burnt the uniforms and quit before taking to cars..
“His Dad was a part of the armies, fought wars and got killed in one..his mom had a heart attack and died and Dad had to live alone, striving to feed and live wasn’t all easy but he pushed through..determ
ined, and here he is..a rich sweat out for his role model” he said
“He’s really more tougher than I thought…the wh0le thing’s clear now” she said..
“So he took to cars since he couldn’t be part of the military?”
she asked
“ was his second passion, having so many cars and seeing his children in them..
spends most of his monthly earn on them..
“That passion seem strange”
“It’s really loves stuffs like that..I guess I took that from him..” he said and she nodded
“so How many cars have you got now?” she asked.
“five and still counting two Benz, a Camry, a BMW and a pick up van…Dad promised to make it eight when we get to California” he said. making Jillian to turn to him with a confused look.
“You’re leaving?” she asked
“Um..yeah,..we’re going to California probably next weekend.. it’s more like a vacation .. it’s all dad’s idea tho, he wants to introduce me to some business associates..will be gone for a year or two” he said and Jillian muttered an “oh” just came too soon.
“We’re here..” he said parking in front of her apartment.
“How did you know where I live?” she asked.
“I took some directives and besides it wasn’t so hærd to looks just like you..beautiful” he said making her blush slightly and look down shyly..this was the first time someone called her such apart from her mother…
He smiled then got down and opened the door for her, she also got out and they stood beside each other after closing the car door.
“Thanks for the ride” she said suddenly feeling like a jelly.
“My pleasure..” he said and an awkward silence followed.
“So?” she asked..
He smiled then moved a bit closer to her and planted a friendly k-ss on her forehead..then faced her.
“I wanna see you again”
“You will when you get back, definitely”
he nodded
“Bye” she muttered..suddenly locating her voice.
“I’ll see you when next I see you..take care” he said slowly moving away from her..she shifted aside and waved back at him when he waved then entered the car and drove off..
Jillian smiled and rubbed her palms together..and moved into the house..
She got to the porch and saw Mrs Ashley, their next house neighbor moving out..
“Oh..Jillian, thank goodness I saw you..I was just leaving” the woman said..her voice was almost cracking.
“What happened?” she asked.
“Yo-your mom..”
Jillian eyes arched.
“What’s wrong with my mom?” she asked moving toward her with wide eyes.
“She’s at the hospital..she..
“What” Jillian muttered almost not hearing herself.
“Why..I mean how, what happened?” she asked gently tugging at her shirt.
“There’s no time to explain Jill..I’ll explain when we get to the hospital” the woman said.
“OMG!” Jillian panicked.
“How’s she, did the doctor say anything?” she asked as they both hurriedly moved to the door.
“That’s why we need you Jill..he wants to talk to you” she said..
Oh no!!.. this can’t be happening, at least not now that mother and child are trying to get together..
She was already remorseful..she was deeply sorry..
she just wish her mother’s okay..
please lord.
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