COZY (episode 1)

© Oby Chinyere


When I saw her crossing my street, my heart skip twice… she was so breath taken because of her skimpy dressing, you can see some cle-vage, and the buttocks was shaking uncontrollable, it was a sight to behold for guys like me…
she wasn’t a temptation as some will term her, she’s not just any ordinary girl like that. I couldn’t remove my eyes as I keep watching her until she crossed to the other side of the street and I lost sight of her… I must get to meet this girl…I said to myself, I ran after her I followed the exact direction I saw her enter, as I kept searching as if one evil spirit was in control of me that moment, I couldn’t think straight,
I finally saw her coming out after like 30mins from one compound with an elderly man, in his mid-50s i guess, he looks rich, he walked her outside the gate and blow a k-ssed for her and went back in, she faced a different direction not the one she came from…
I trailed her I really want to know what she’s up to, she made a call, then opened her bag and brought out some cash after counting she smiled and put it back in..She walk a long distance that make me wonder why she did not pick a cab or take a motorbike, she attract a lot of head turning to look back at her, some made some comment and she smiled, she ignored some of them, a guy driving, horned and whistled at her as he drove closer and pulled over,
He said something that made her smile and she replied him as they go talking, guess he offered her a lift and she refuse but gave her number to him which he dialed on his phone and make a sign of “I will call you” with his hand to his ear as he drove on, at this point I wanted to turn back because it was a useless quest, something keep pushing me forward, and I serious wanted to see the end of this…
after a long walk she finally stopped at a gate and made a call and a guy came out he hugged and k-ssed her passionately on the mouth and they went in,side, I was already very exhausted from the walk, I hanged around,
I said to myself if I wait for one hour and she did not come out I will just be on my way,
one hour later i was still waiting, the day was getting dark, i still wonder within myself if something was wrong with me.
I don’t know why I embarked on this at first but am already on it and I must get to the finishing.
To be continued…

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