Crazy Affection

Crazy Affection episode 1 – 2

(His Rules, Her Roses…)

THEME; Perfect Chemistry.

GENRE; High School Romance.

Gbemi Writes ✍️


Theo Finley is the only son of Ricardo Finley who is one of the richest men in Australia.

He’s popular amongst the opposite s*x. Girls crave for him, they wish him to be theirs due to his good looks and wealth.

He’s everything a normal girl will want for herself but Theo harbours a dark side.

Under his cool attitude lies a very cold soul, under his warm smile lies a very devious being.

In short, he is a sociopath.

Knowing that things might get worse for his son, Ricardo decided to bring in his God daughter to live with them.

After the death of her Parents, Carolyn Is force to leave her little town for the city where she will be living with her Godfather.

Her first encounter with Theo got her feeling scared and wary of him. It even led to her deciding to leave but Ricardo decided to strike a deal with her.

And that deal is for her to help his son get better and also to help him fall in love which is the hardest part since a sociopath is incapable of feeling love.

Carolyn agreed to give it a try but what she didn’t expect is that she will be the one Theo falls for.

Crazy right?

How will Carolyn be able to get the sociopath off her back or will she end up reciprocating his feelings?

Find out as we journey through this ride together ✌️

(His Rules, Her Roses…)

THEME; Perfect Chemistry.


Gbemi Writes ✍️



As soon as a black sedan car halted at the entrance of a luxurious mansion.

A shy looking girl got out of the car, dressed in a white knee length gown coupled with white sneakers. Seventeen year old Carolyn took in the beauty of the house she will be living in with her Godfather.

“Welcome, Miss Carolyn. My name is Cynthia and while the maids take out your things from the car, I will show you your room” Said a maid, who looked friendly.

Carolyn gave a nod and followed the maid into the mansion.

Carolyn was awestruck by how beautiful the house is.

“Over here miss” Cynthia said as she led her up the stairs and into a room which no doubt had been furnish recently.

“This is your room miss, hope you like it” Cynthia said looking doubtful but the smile that lit up Carolyn’s face gave her the answer she needed.

“The maid is going to help you unpack and__”

“No! I will do it myself. You’ve all done enough for today and am grateful” Carolyn thank them.

“What about my Godfather?” Carolyn asked when the other maid had left leaving Cynthia.

“He will be back from work in the evening, I will be sure to inform you when he arrives” Cynthia answered and left the room too.

Carolyn stood for a while starring at her new room. Not only is it big but it’s also well furnished.

Moving towards her suit case, she zipped it open pulling out a frame which held the picture of her late parents.

“Mom, Dad. Am finally in Australia, it’s a very big city and I wonder what awaits me, am sure you both know right? Well, watch me from above” she muttered and gently set the frame on the table before unpacking.

Carolyn decided to tour around since she felt restless and Godfather hasn’t arrive.

Due to how big the house is, it took a while before she ended her tour.

She ended up staying in the garden, gazing at the dark sky since the sun already set an hour ago.

She was breathing in the fresh air when a cat suddenly showed up. Having a soft spot for animals with fur, Carolyn lifted the cat off the floor and made it seat on her lap.

“What’s your name little one?” She asked while smoothing it’s fur.

Just then the sound of a powerful engine got the cat leaping off her lap.

“Where are you going?” Carolyn asked as she went after it.

She stopped short when she saw that the cat had went to welcome someone.

Standing in the shadows, she watch the rider of the bike got off to cuddle the cat.

Carolyn couldn’t see his face well but then he turned her way and she caught a glimpse of his face.

‘Wow, he’s handsome’ that thought ran through her mind as she kept watching the handsome dude in the dark.

“I hate to say this but it’s time for me to end your misery” she heard him say to the cat and couldn’t hide a grin since she found his deep voice perfect.

She saw him head to the back of the house and quickly she followed him.

It was a little dark but the moon shine well enough. Staying out of sight, she saw him set the cat down and the next thing he did got her eyes widening in shock.

She watch him choke the cat and although the cat did his best to get out of his hold, it ended up dying.

“Rest in peace” the cat murderer said as he smooth back it fur.

Too choked by the scene in front of her, Carolyn ran off using the kitchen entrance to get into the mansion.

“Are you okay miss?” Cynthia asked on seeing the shock and scared look on Carolyn face.

“I_I_ that guy_he kill_” Carolyn stopped talking when the door open admitting the cat murderer.

“Is there something cold to drink in here?” He asked and went to open the fridge.

“There is young master but I think you should wait since dinner will be served soon” Cynthia replied and on hearing that a shock Carolyn stared at Cynthia.

Did she just call him young master? Carolyn thought as she looked his way only to see him watching her.

Their eyes held each other for a while, his filled with curiosity and hers filled with fear.

“Eating dinner tonight will make me lose my appetite and before that happens, I better fill up my stomach” he replied and left the kitchen with a can of soda in his hand.

“Are you okay, miss?” Cynthia said, jolting her back to earth.

“Did you just call that guy young master?” Carolyn asked.

“He’s Mr Ricardo son ” Cynthia answered instilling more fear in her.

She knew her Godfather had a son but she wasn’t expecting it to be that murderer.

“I think Mr Ricardo has arrive, let’s go miss” Cynthia called and slowly she left the kitchen with her.

“You are finally here, Lyn” Ricardo let out cheerfully before enveloping her in a hug.

“Am sorry that I wasn’t around to welcome you but I know that Cynthia and the other maids must have taken good care of you for me” Ricardo added as he stared at Cynthia and the maids.

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“They did” Carolyn muttered, forcing a smile on her face so he wouldn’t notice how nervous she is.

” You must have met my son?” Ricardo asked just as the cat murderer began descending the stairs, dressed in another clothe.

“Theo, come say hello to your Godsister” Ricardo urge which got Theo joining the pair.

“Carolyn meet Theodore and Theodore meet Carolyn” Ricardo said.

“She’s different from what I had in mind” Theo said and Carolyn couldn’t help but to stare at him.

“Nice to meet you, little one” a smile brighten his face as he stretch forth his hand.

Carolyn hated the fact that she had to touch his hand but she had no choice and as soon as she put her hand into his, she quickly pulled away something he notice.

“Am hungry, can we eat now” She said making Ricardo laugh out heartily.

A while later the three of them settle at the dinner table while the maids serve them their dinner.

” I heard there was a bit of a delay at the airport, hope it didn’t stress you out?” Ricardo asked Carolyn who was seated by his right.

“No, thanks to you I got here safe”

“Stress? How can she be when you went out of your way to send her the private jet. A luxury like that can’t make anyone stress” Theo who was seated on the left side said, ruining the cool atmosphere.

Why does it feel like he doesn’t want me here? Carolyn thought to herself.

“Ignore him, he’s just a little tired” Ricardo defended while Theo said nothing as he kept eating.

Carolyn went back to eating her food too but she couldn’t stop herself from starring at him.

At that moment, a maid move towards him wanting to refill his glass with water when she suddenly trip, emptying the whole content on Ricardo.

“What the hell!” Ricardo half yell as she stood up, all wet.

“I_I didn’t mean to sir, am sorry” the maid quickly apologise.

“This is why I hate having incompetent fools around me, get rid of her Cynthia” Ricardo ordered before going to his room to change.

Carolyn was watching the maid, feeling bad for her when her gaze drifted to Theo.

He was still eating but he had a smile on his face.

Did he perhaps trip the maid? Carolyn thought.

That wary look was still on her face when Theo look up to see her starring at him.

Quickly, she looked away. Hating herself for being caught. Ricardo chose that moment to return to the table.

“Godfather, I feel tired. If you don’t mind can I be excuse to my room?” She asked and though her God father was a bit ruffled, he told her to go.

“Let me accompany you” Theo offered and that got her stopping in her track.

“You don’t have to. I know the way to my room” she said quickly.

“I still don’t mind accompanying you” he said, preceding her while she followed reluctantly.

As soon as they got to her door, she tried to go in when he suddenly took hold of her arm, pulling her towards him.

“Did you see that?” His voice coming out low and menacing.

“I_I didn’t ” she lied feeling more scared than ever.

A crazy smirk splay on his lips as he let go of her.

“For your own good, it best you keep acting like a good girl and know your place. If you act like a know it all, you will end up regretting it” with that said, he went back downstairs while she quickly went into her room breathing heavily.

Why is he so scary?


Carolyn warily made her way downstairs hoping that she won’t have to run into Theo.

It’s one of the reason she had stay lock in all morning. The threat he made was still vivid in her mind.

Luckily, there was no sight of him anywhere in the house and so she settle down in the sitting room to watch a movie.

She got a call and it was from Godfather.

“Theo will take you to the mall, get measured for your uniform and also get some few things you might need. I already gave Theo my card and so he will pay for it” Ricardo told her, she was about to speak when he ended the call.

Her effort to avoid him were all fruitless since she’s meant to go to the mall with him.

Carolyn was still grumbling about it when she saw Theo alighting the stairs.

Immediately, she stood up and ran towards the door wanting to escape before he notice her but the girl standing at the door way prevented her from doing so.

Carolyn stared at the fashionista in front of her and the girl didn’t fail to check Carolyn out too.

“Who are you?” The girl asked.


“Don’t tell me that you are one of those cheap girls who seek for his attention?” The girl asked.


“I understand that Theo taste might be unusual but since when did his taste change to one of cheap sluts like you?” She stated earning a frown from Carolyn.

“Stop acting like a bitch, Holly. It doesn’t suit you” Theo voice from behind got both girls looking his way.

“Do you expect me to remain calm after seeing another girl in your house?” Holly asked as she went towards him.

“Carolyn here is my father’s God daughter and not my slut ” Theo corrected making Holly feel stupid.

“I thought – you should have told me who you were and avoid my insults” Holly said quickly not wanting to apologise.

“I did try to but you kept talking and shouldn’t you apologise or weren’t you taught to do so?” Carolyn fired making Holly boil with rage.

“Babe, did you see that. Your sister just insulted me” Holly complain while wrapping her arms around Theo waist.

“I didn’t know my sister had a fiery bone in her” Theo muttered obviously enjoying the moment.

“Godfather told me that you will be taking me to the mall” Carolyn said, meeting his gaze for the first time that afternoon.

“Out? What about me and our plans. We agreed to go to the club” Holly complained turning a hateful glare at Carolyn.

“About that. You can go out with your girlfriend while I go to the mall myself” Carolyn said as he kept starring at her silently.

“What makes you think that?” He asked suddenly.


“What makes you think Holly here is my girlfriend?”

“Well she- am not blind, I can perfectly see” she replied starring at the way Holly held onto him possessively.

“Can I have the card? I will need money if am to pay for my uniform and other expense” Carolyn replied and surprisingly, he pulled out a card from his wallet and gave it to her.

“Bye bye Godsister” Holly mocking voice drifted towards her as she left the house.

“One is rude and the other is a devil. They totally suit each other ” Carolyn muttered as the driver stop the car in front of her.

She got in and was about to close the door when someone stopped her.

She watch in horror as Theo got into the car too.

“Why are you here?” She asked.

“To accompany you to the mall. Am a son who listen to his dad and since he has told me to accompany you, I just have to do so and besides, we can use this moment to know more about each other and I can assure you that it’s going to be fun ” he said, that devilish smirk appearing on his face___


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