Dark Night

Dark Night – episode 15

Dark Night
Episode 15

A story by Oladipo Daniel

“A step on the sea, leads to another”.

As shadow is trying to get to the bottom of the case so he sees more.

He sent the other two policemen to get everything that could be helpful from the former gateman who’s now befriending Toyin while he visit dear Chioma.

Shadow in Chioma’s place, he was entertained for the very first time. She served him rice, covered with different part of chicken. He could not remember last time he ate something meaningful and delicious like that. As he was busy struggling with the meal, his eyes penetrated through the upper cloth in Chioma’s chest. He saw the flesh pumping out from the cloth she wore. It was a round shoulder cloth that spread beneath her two shoulders. Whenever she bent, there would be opened space just in between the cloth and her skin.
Shadow was carried away, his mind began imaginary debate, towing like the leaves on the sea to the extent he forgot himself and dipped his spoon in the salt on the table, it was his tongue that discovered he has already swallowed one tea spoon of salt.

Jeez! O my God! What have I done.

He spited allover the floor.

What is it? Chioma asked.

He ran quickly into the bathroom. Chioma examined all the plates on the table if there is anything strange in them.
As she slightly bent beside the table, shadow came out in the same direction she faced. He also saw but more clearly than before, the two balls in her chest dangling as her body moved right and left. The magic made every part of shadow stiffed. He was totally lost seen something beyond himself. Chai!

Shadow laid on the bed while chioma was crawling from the edge of the bed towards him, he licked his l-ips tremendously as she sat on his wa-ist loosing his bet, she rubbed his chest and touched his tiny black n-pples. As she was about to put her mouth in his n-pples….

There was a sudden blow on his chest. What are you doing. I have been shouting your name more than 50 times. What happened to you. In fact, you got me scared. Chioma raised her voice at him, shadow has been imagining himself with the lady on bed while he lick his l-ips.

Shadow’s POV
Hmm, I breathed heavily, so it was all imagination. OMG! I wish this could happen even it’s just once. O my head, help me. Help me to become a man. why was it all imagination now…. Squeezing her tight till she begged me for mercy. What can I do to bring back the imagination? African epitome, what do you mean you called me?
The lady turned to answer my question while the glass cup she held fell. I ran to her for help. We were both picking up the broken glass, suddenly, my eyes saw again the things in her chest. This time she cut me red-handed, and then observed herself, saw what I’m seeing and smiled. So this made you misbehaved? She asked me.

Well, I didn’t even know if to say yes. I stood still, watching her coming straight to me, my legs were shaking while I can’t explain my temperature degree. It seemed I would collapse. Her steppings were different this time, she twisted her body as she walked closer to me.
She asked as she touched my chest, how do you feel now that I’ve touched you?
I tried my best possible and summon courage, and saw in her eyeballs the strange feeling of love yet I was not a man enough to make a move.

What do you want me do? She asked

My l-ips are sealed.

What then do you want from me? She also demanded.

May God help me, I began marathon prayer within me. I seriously prayed she took the move, I don’t care if anyone can call me coward or female. Then she sighted my l-ips and my eyes at the same time as if she will give me the fantastic k-ss I ever imagined. The sight was so Sharp, moving up and down. Her w-t l-ips coming straight to mine. OMG! My prayer has been answered, I said within, then I closed my eyes just expecting the cool l-ips touch. The room was silent that the falling sound of a needle would be heard, Suddenly I heard the door opened with a voice saying “Oga, we are back waiting for you outside”.
I quickly w¡dened my eyes and saw her, already backed me, walking a way. I saw my officer standing at the door. Oh! It’s this stupid man that killed my good dream. “God will punish you”, I quickly released curse upon him silently.

You said what oga?

The stupid asked me.

I said, God will… Sorry, I wasn’t talking to you. Did you say you are back?

Yes, oga.

Fish or crab? I requested.

It’s crab. (This means it went well)

Pls can you stop whatever the archaic expression, and, (she paused) you guys should leave my house. Chioma reacted angrily.

What! I exclaimed.

“Leave my house” she shouted again.

Hurriedly, we rushed out of the house.

****** ***** **** *** *
There outside of chioma’s house, they sat in the car.

Why madam vex na.

Forget, tell me how it went.

The officer explained how they got to the gateman house and followed him till he entered into hotel room with chief’s wife (Toyin) and took there picture.
Shadow collected the pix went through it, amongst the pix was the two lovers k-ssing each other.
Shadow inhaled deeply, and quickly calculated how it must be helpful in getting the vital information from Toyin and got to the bottom of the crime.

Wow! You guys have done a great job here. He finally spoke,
Let’s start a new chapter of the story. Pls drive, we’re heading to Chief’s house.

To be continued

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