Dwayne miller episode 1

{ The Rebellious Romanticist… }

GENRES; Romance

TAGS; College, Drama, Suspense, Humour, Sê-x, Bad Boy, Friendship, FWB, BL, Murder, Love Triangles.

THEME; Across My Window

Written By; Naomi Cindy B.


Dwayne Miller has always been the rebellious type since he was a kid.

He was the type of kid who’d cry whenever something dangerous was taken from him and wouldn’t stop crying till it was given back.

He refused meals anytime he got shouted at, and he wouldn’t eat till his mum says sorry.

He grew up to an highschool student, and despite the fact that his mum detests tattoos, he drew numerous tattoos even before he turned eighteen, just to anger his mum.

He started smoking weed and drinking alcohol, and he became a flirt.

His mum was never in support of any of these, so they’re always at loggerheads, arguing in the house.

He has a junior sis… Bianca Miller, and they attend WSU together.

He’s the most sought-after guy in college. The only guy who’d be caught kissing in the hallway, fingering a girl in class, and making out publicly.

He doesn’t do girlfriends, but he’s got a lotta girls at his beck and call.

His story changed when a naive Korean girl joined the college.

Kim Nana, retro queen, the pretty nerd.

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{ The Rebellious Romanticist… }

THEME; Across My Window

Written By, Naomi Cindy B.



A large truck was moving on the smooth road, and ‘Rule The World’ by 2 Chainz and Ariana Grande was blaring loudly on the car radio .

The back window opened, and a young pretty girl peeped out, smiling cutely.

The gentle breeze was blowing her light brown hair, and the mole below her left eye made her beauty more glaring as she continued smiling, her chocolate brown eyes sparkling.

The car finally stopped in front of an old house, and the girl was the first to come out.

“Nana!!” a gorgeous lady shouted, coming out of the car too.

“Stop the frequent shouts eonni, we’re in Washington” the girl replied.

A man and a woman came out last, then the driver of the truck.

“What’s this?, Is this even a house?” The funny looking woman said, facing the man who’s obviously her husband.

“What?” The man asked.

“This house is the smallest and the oldest in this neighborhood, our house in Korea is way better than this, why did you accept the transfer in the first place!” The woman yelled.

“Calm down mum, not like he can control his boss” the lady said.

Well…you just met the Kim family of four, all the way from Korea.

The husband is Kim Jimin, and the wife is Kim Jisoo, then their two daughters…. Kim Rona who’s the eldest, she’s 23.

Then Kim Nana, the baby daughter… she’s 19, a college student.

Jimin got transferred from his place of work in Korea down to their branch here in Washington, so they had no choice but to move.

“Are you guys still interested in offloading your stuffs?” The truck driver said.

They started offloading the stuffs for about thirty minutes.

The driver drove off immediately he was payed, and they started taking in their luggages.

The house has been cleaned and cleared already, so what’s left is just arranging their things.

“I choose this room!” Nana shouted immediately she opened the first room she saw.

“I’ll take this” Rona took the second one.

“Let’s share a room honey” Jimin said.

“I’d rather sleep alone, you think I’m happy to be here?, This house is way too small I can’t even walk comfortably!” Jisoo shouted.

“Think about how to adjust to Washington first before yelling at me, trust me I’ll take care of everything” Jimin replied with a sheepish smile.

“Get lost!, And we’re not sharing a room” Jisoo pushed him out of the way and entered the room she choose.

Everyone started arranging their things in their rooms, and after an hour, Nana was done.

She stood in the middle of her room and looked around with a bright smile.

Though the room is smaller than her room in Korea, she’s willing to adjust for her dad’s sake.

The transfer came suddenly, so he made arrangements in a rush. This house was probably gotten in a rush too.

She sighed and turned around, checking out the room once again.

The walls aren’t bare, they’re surrounded with her pictures as a kid, then her graduation pictures from highschool, and the ones she snapped with Rona.

She pasted a picture of boy band STRAY KIDS and girls band ITZY on the wall above her bed, then a picture of her and Inky.

Inky is her cute white puppy, and immediately she saw the picture, she spranged up.

“Inky!!!” She screamed and got Momo’s carriage bag from where she dropped it earlier.

She opened it, and the cute puppy jumped at her, licking her face all-over.

“I’m glad you didn’t suffocate, I love you so much Inky!” she gushed, stroking it’s head as she stood.

“My wish list!” She suddenly gasped and dropped Inky on the bed, then she got the list from her bag and pasted it on the wall.

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She smiled and kissed the paper before getting her phone, then she started listening to kpop as she walked to her window and opened it, but immediately she opened it, she met an interesting sight.

A car stopped in front of the house beside theirs, and a woman came out of it, looking angry, but that wasn’t the end, cos another person came out.

A freaking hottie!, A guy!

He has a roll of weed between his pink lips, he was smoking s*xily.

“Dwayne, get that devilish thing off your lips right now, you smoked throughout the drive to the hospital, and you smoked throughout the drive back too!” The woman shouted.

Dwayne took a puff from the weed and blew it on her face before smirking.

“Why should I listen to you?, Why should I do every f**king thing you say!, And why the hell would you trick me to the hospital for a mental check!” He shouted stubbornly.

“It’s because you’re starting to behave like a maniac!, What kind of a son smokes weed when his mum is against it!” The woman shot back.

“I won’t stop smoking just because you’re against it!, You’re my mum, not my dictator!, Get that please!” He shouted and made to resume smoking, but the woman snatched the weed from him and threw it away.

“What the hell!, Ok this is f**king insane!” He yelled.

“I won’t let you ruin my reputation!, Now get into that house and sleep!” The woman yelled back.

“Fine!, Fine mum!, Fine!” He snapped and stormed into the house.

The woman sighed before going in too, and Nana blinked.

“What just happened?, Is that how kids do here?, Yelling back at their mum?” She muttered slowly.

“I can imagine how many slaps I’d have gotten if I tried that with my mum” she said, but when she remembered his handsomeness, she smiled.

“He’s handsome” she said, then the window across hers suddenly opened, and Dwayne came to view.

Her eyes widened fast.

“His window is facing mine?, That’s his room?” She mumbled and resumed watching him

Dwayne made some quick dance moves, and she blinked.

“He dances” she muttered amusingly, but he suddenly stopped and took off his shirt.

“No!” She gasped with wide eyes, and he looked at her direction.

She quickly ducked, falling on her bed directly.

“No Nana, you didn’t see anything….you didn’t” she said to herself, and Inky climbed her chest.

“Nice setting!” Rona said, coming into the room, her hands tucked into her joggers pocket like a boy.

“eonni!” (big sis!) Nana pouted.

“The settees arrived already, let’s go arrange the living room and kitchen too” Rona pulled her up from the bed, hanging her arm on her neck as they left the room together.

“What have you girls been doing upstairs!, We still have a lot to arrange here!” Jisoo shouted when they got downstairs.

“We weren’t playing, we had a lot to arrange in our rooms too, I hate your temper” Rona rolled eyes.

“I’ll be the one to pull out that sharp tongue of yours, just wait” Jisoo replied, and Nana chuckled as Jimin carried in the TV set.

“Hi new neighbors!” A sweet female voice said, and a woman came in after Jimin.

Nana’s eyes widened when she saw she’s the woman she saw earlier. Dwayne’s mum.

“Hi!” Jisoo smiled sweetly.

“You’re pretty, ma’am” Jimin said, and Jisoo smiled dangerously.

“Thanks Mr, by the way I’m Mary Miller, your next door neighbor” the woman said.

“Oh…. I’m Kim Jisoo, and here are my daughters, Nana and Rona” Jisoo said.

“Jimin” Jimin smiled.

“Nice to meet y’all, living next to Koreans won’t be bad I guess” Mary said cheerfully.

“You won’t regret it” Jimin said before Jisoo could speak.

“Why don’t you come for dinner at my place tonight. Please don’t say no” Mary said , holding Jisoo’s hand.

“I wouldn’t dare say no, cos I’m too tired to cook anything” Jisoo replied.

“Yes!, So I’ll be expecting you guys at 7?” Mary smiled.

“Sure” Jimin replied.

“I’ll make it memorable, bye angels!” She blew kisses at Nana and Rona before leaving.

“She’s so lovable, aww!” Rona said.

“I know, right?” Jimin smiled.

“Was that why you kept staring at her?, You even told her she’s pretty and you didn’t stop smiling for once!” Jisoo snapped.

“Should I have cried?, And I told her she’s pretty cos she’s really pretty” Jimin replied.

“You’ve never told me I’m pretty” Jisoo smiled dangerously.

“I don’t know how to tell lies” Jimin replied.

“What!” Jisoo blew up.

“Let’s start the arrangement” Jimin said.

“I’ll kill you and turn myself in, Jimin!!!” Jisoo screamed as she ran to him.

Jimin took to his heels, and she started running after him, throwing things at him.

“Their dramas will never end” Nana sighed.

“Let’s just start arranging till it’ll end” Rona replied.

“Sure eonni!” Nana smiled, but just when they were about to move from their spot, Jimin bumped into them, knocking them down.

“My spinal cord!” Rona cried.

“appa!!!” Nana screamed.



The Kim family got to the doorstep at exactly 7:10, and Nana rang the doorbell.

Mary opened the door, and a big smile spread on her face immediately.

“Aww!, Please come in!” She said warmly, and they all came in at once.

“Wow!” Rona mouthed, looking around the big beautiful living room.

“See?, Our house is a chicken cage compared to this” Jisoo whispered beside Jimin.

“Please…. come” Mary said, leading them to the dinning table where different dishes are waiting for them.

“Oh my!” Rona gasped and started licking her lips.

“Control yourself eonni” Nana whispered beside her as they all settled on their chairs, then a feisty looking girl came downstairs, obviously Nana’s age.

“Meet my only daughter, Bianca” Mary said as she sat with them.

“The next door neighbors?, Nice to meet y’all!” Bianca smiled brightly, and Nana got envious of her well polished accent immediately.

“Oh!, Nana right?, Mum told me about you!” Bianca said, looking at her.

“Nice to meet you Bianca!” Nana smiled.

“Nineteen” Bianca said.

“OMG I’m nineteen too!” Nana gushed.

“First year in college!” Bianca said

“Same here!” Nana said.

“Did you get a transfer from your former school?” Bianca asked.

“Of course!, To WSU, I’m a linguistics student” Nana replied.

“F**k me!!!, Same here!!, We’re a match made from heaven b**ch!” Bianca screamed.

“I’m glad you like each other” Mary said as she started serving the meal.

“You’re a pretty b**ch” Bianca mouthed.

“You … too” Nana smiled awkwardly.

Why does she like saying b**ch so much??

Mary finished serving, and they started eating amidst chit chats.

“Seriously I can assure you an enjoyable stay in this neighborhood, it’s one of the best in Pullman” Mary said over a cup of juice.

“I can’t wait” Rona said.

“You’re Rona, Nana’s big sis” Bianca said.

“Sure” Rona winked, and Bianca smiled again.

“You don’t mind telling me why you moved, right Jisoo?” Mary asked.

“Well..my husband got transferred suddenly, so we had no choice but move with him. He’s a baby who can’t do without us” Jisoo said, and Mary smiled.

“He’s cute” she said.

“Thanks Mary” Jimin laughed.

“Cute my foot” Jisoo rolled eyes.

“It’s amusing how you’re raising only one child in this big house” Jimin suddenly said, and Mary dropped her fork.

“Bianca is not my only child, she’s the second child” she said, and almost immediately, the door opened roughly, the Dwayne came in.

He’s rocking a armless jersey, showing off his s*xy tattoos, he even has a ring on his left brow, then studs on his ears.

He’s tying a bandana to his head, then trendy sneakers, looking so hot, he was holding a white ball .

He’s chewing gum slowly, and he smiled as he came closer.

“New next door neighbors?” He said as everyone stared at him.

Nana couldn’t blink as she stared. How’s that even gonna happen when the most handsome guy she has ever seen is in front of her.

“Go upstairs, Dwayne” Bianca said, rolling eyes at him.

“You’re so s*xy, ma’am” he said naughtily, winking at Jisoo.

Jisoo chocked on her food and had to drink water.

He looked at Nana, and she quickly looked away completely.

He smiled and darted his eyes to Rona.

“Can we hook up tonight?” He asked, and Rona’s eyes widened.

“Dwayne, go upstairs please” Mary said pleadingly, and he suddenly took the beanie cap Jimin is wearing.

He wore it and started going upstairs.

He was already climbing the stairs when he turned back.

“Can I have the cap?” He asked.

“Of course” Jimin smiled.

“I love you!” He blew him kisses and finally went upstairs.

“You just saw my first child, he’s 21, the only headache that paracetamol can’t cure” Mary said frustratedly.

“He’s cool” Jimin said.

“What!, Please don’t f**king say that again” Bianca said.

“He looks like the human version of menstrual cramps” Rona said.

“You f**king got it!” Bianca shouted.

“Like a complete jerk” Jisoo said.

“Exactly!, He wears jerkiness as his perfume” Mary said.

“Need to use the bathroom” Nana suddenly stood.

“Go upstairs b**ch, first room by the left” Bianca winked, and Nana quickly went upstairs.

She entered the bathroom and pulled up the free yard skirt she’s wearing. She pulled down her panties and saw what she was suspecting.

Her pants is stained with her menstrual blood already.

“I need to go home and wear tampon before my skirt will get stained too” she said and pulled up her skirt.

She rushed out of the bathroom, but her eyes widened when she saw Dwayne standing in front of it, still chewing gum like he was doing.

“Hi… Dwayne” she said awkwardly and made to start leaving, but he blocked her, and she took a step back.

Her back hit the wall immediately, and she caged her there slowly.

Her eyes widened, and she looked up at him painstakingly slow.

Immediately their eyes met, she started feeling nervous, palpitating madly.

The stare of his naughty eyes into hers was making her lose her composure, and her knees got weak when he moved his pink lips slowly, showing off the softness.

She has never been this close to a guy, and no guy has ever had this effect.

Her heart was slamming so hard on her chest, she couldn’t breathe as he continued caging her.

Dwayne has this naughtily seductive look on his face as he stared, and that did a good job in making her throat run out of saliva.

What’s he doing to her???

“What…are.. are you…

Before she could say the next word, Dwayne’s eyes moved to her lips, and he started leaning in slowly.

As if under strong hypnosis, Nana’s eyes closed gently, and Dwayne smiled like a baddie before diverting his lips to her ear.

“I badly wanna kiss your lips, but if I do, my d**k will rise, and you’ll have to off your pants” he whispered, and Nana’s eyes flew open.

He smiled devilishly.

“Should I?” He said in the most seductive whisper, but Nana was still looking pale with shock, so he stepped back.

“I guess no….see ya!” He winked and started leaving.

Nana came back to her senses that moment, and she blinked.

“Ya!” (Hey!) She called, and Dwayne stopped to look back.

“Ready to off your pants?” He smiled, and she took off her left sneaker .

She threw it at him, but he dodged and rushed downstairs.

Nana ran after him, and he started running around the dinning table while she chased him, surprising everyone.

“Dwayne what’s going on?” Mary stood.

“Nana!” Jisoo stood too, but none of them answered.

“Jerk!!” Nana screamed, grabbing a chicken wing from the table.

She threw it at Dwayne, but Dwayne hid behind Jimin, and the chicken hit Jimin’s face instead.

All eyes widened as Jimin’s eyes rolled up funnily, and his face dropped in the plate of pepper stew in front of him.

“What the f**k!” Bianca stood.

“appa!” (Dad!) Rona and Nana screamed at a time.

“S*xy voices, makes me wanna f**k you both” Dwayne winked naughtily.

“Dwayne Miller!!!” Mary screamed.

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