First Kiss With A Bad Boy

First Kiss With A Bad Boy episode 25 – 26

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Chapter 25☆ 26

By, Gbemi Writes

༒︎♔︎ (His Powers )♔︎༒︎


“I hate you! I hate everything that has to do with you Joanna!” Jocelyn kept yelling.

“Alright! I get your point so stop screaming but what I don’t understand is the reason of your hate, I never did a thing to you” Joanna said getting angry too.

“You have a nerve to say that after stealing Francis away from me” She said.

“I did not steal Francis from you, Francis and I are just friends and…..” Joanna stop talking when Jocelyn began to laugh.

“Do you think I will believe that? You some how seduced your way into his life and that’s why he’s not looking my way and you claim to be in love with Pierce,you are a two timer!” She yelled at Joanna.

Joanna was about giving a reply when the door open and Francis walk into the room.

“When exactly are you going to grow up? Do you think that by saying all of this to her, It will get me to notice you? No! It’s only making me hate you” Francis said looking very angry.

“But it’s her fault, if she never came into your life then you would have chosen me, you would have love me” Jocelyn said now crying.

“Even without Joanna here,I wouldn’t be in love with you, so stop it! Stop doing things that will completely make me hate you. Let’s go Joanna ” Francis said taking hold of Joanna hand.

They both turn to leave only to see Pierce standing by the door way, his gaze move from Francis to Joanna before going to their link hands.

“Let’s talk Francis, just you and I” Pierce said leaving and giving Joanna a look, Francis followed Pierce.

Having a bad feeling about it, Joanna left the room which still had Jocelyn who kept crying like a child.

Francis walk out of the room and into the hall which led out of the hotel infirmary.

Pierce was waiting for him there and on getting to him, Pierce punch him hard on the face.

“I told you not to hurt Jocelyn!” Pierce said as Francis wipe the blood off his lips.

“And it’s time you wake up!” Francis said punching him hard on the face too.

Seeing red Pierce move towards him wanting to hit again but Francis dodge it punching him on the stomach which got him falling on the floor.

Pierce got off the floor and attack Francis and they both ended up falling.

“Until when will you keep on going crazy for Jocelyn?” Francis yelled at him as they kept pulling each other clothe.

“Shut up! You know nothing about my feelings!” Pierce yelled at him too.

“Just to get Jocelyn affection you were willing to seduce Joanna even knowing the fact that she’s in love with you! You didn’t think of how Joanna will feel if she finds out about it and it’s all because of Jocelyn, a child who still know nothing about how the world goes” Francis said punching him on his face.

“So what! What if she’s still a child! I love her and the thought of her being hurt by you got me feeling angry and I decided to lure Joanna away from you, I decided to use her love for me to get you to notice Jocelyn” Pierce yelled at him just as two security men came to pull them apart.

“Open your eyes! Jocelyn knows about your feeling for her and that’s why she keep on using you! ” Francis said startling Pierce.

“What did you just say?” Pierce asked struggling to be set free.

” You heard me, Jocelyn knows how you feel about her and she keeps using that to her advantage” Francis said feeling calm now that the security man let go of him.

“She knows that I…..” Pierce stop talking when he look ahead only to see Joanna watching them both with a sad expression on her face.

Francis followed his gaze and saw Joanna standing there too and Joanna who had been listening to their conversation ran off and letting out a swear, Francis went after her.

It took Francis a while to find Joanna but then he found her at the beach. She was seated on the sand gazing at the sea.

Knowing she needed some time alone, he sat on the sand too a distance away watching her.

Joanna whose hope was smash into Pieces a while ago let out a sigh.

She had believe Pierce attention on her to be sincere but then he had only been doing it for Jocelyn sake.

She was hurt, hurt by Pierce who tried to use her and also hurt by Francis who knew the whole thing but chose to keep quiet about it.

Feeling the cold air, she realized that it was night time, she’s been thinking for a long time that she didn’t even realise that it’s night time, she thought as she stood up only for some one to wrap a coat around her.

“It’s getting cold” Francis said and she glared at him pushing his coat off of her.

“Don’t talk to me” she said turning to leave but he took hold of her hand.

“Am sorry, I didnt mean to keep it a secret from you but you were happy and excited about him asking you out on a date that I couldn’t say it” He said.

“You should have! You should have told me about it and I would have known what to do but instead you kept it a secret”she said walking past him only to trip on a stone which got her falling flat on the floor.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“What does it seem like to you?” She retorted trying to stand up only to feel a pain on her foot.

“You are hurt” he said.

“And whose fault is it” she said pouting sadly.

“I didn’t do a thing” Francis said.

“It is your fault, I was trying to get away from you, it’s hurts, it hurts” she muttered as tears filled her eyes.

“Are you crying?” He asked.

“Am not, I don’t cry” she said as tears began to fall off her eyes.

“Why am acting like this” she murmured trying to wipe away the tears when Francis pulled her up and into his arms.

He wrap his arms around her giving her a warm embrace.

“Holding back your tears won’t make the pain go away, just let it all pour” Francis whispered into her ear and she snuggled close into his arms, crying her eyes out.

It was a while later that she stop crying and he pulled away to crouch in front of her.

“What are you doing?” She asked wiping off her tears.

“Get on my back, I will carry you back to your hotel room” he said.

“Am I a kid? I can definitely walk by myself” she said.

“Am only trying to make you feel good and this is the only thing I can think of, girls love Piggy back ride right?” He asked..

“That’s for toddlers and…..what are you doing?” She said when he manoverve her right on his back.

“You know apart from my first love you are the only other guy I know who is as stubborn as he is” she said hitting him lightly on the arm.

“But Pierce isn’t stubborn ” Francis said.

“I wasn’t talking about Pierce, it’s my dad” she said smiling lightly.

“Oh! My mistake ” he muttered earning a smile from her as they both made their way back to her room.


Pierce stood in front of Joanna’s room wondering if he should knock or not.

He felt bad about her knowing the truth in that manner and earlier, he didn’t know why he had gotten so angry at seeing Francis and her together.

It’s one of the reason why he had hit Francis and ever since their fight, he hasn’t been feeling good.

He was still contemplating when he saw Jocelyn approaching him.

“Are you here to apologise to her?” Jocelyn asked.

“What do you think? I believe you are here to do the same right? ” he replied.

“Why would I apologise to her?” Jocelyn asked.

“The game, I know you threw the ball on her on purpose ”

“But she did the same to me and so I don’t owe her an apology ” she said touching her broken nose.

“Francis is right, you might look all grown up but you are just a child” Pierce said.

“Stop referring to me as a child!” She yelled at him.

“But you keep on doing things only a little girl with a little mind will do. You knew of my feelings and yet you use that to get your own way and stupid me…stupid me kept doing things for you solely to make you happy, hoping you will get to see my heart and notice me but that will never happen right?” Pierce asked.

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“Am sorry, I didn’t mean to use the feelings you have for me. I just….I just ”

“Save your excuse,Jocelyn. Right now, I don’t want to see you” he said turning to walk past her but she pulled him back and before he could prevent it, she stood on tip toe and kiss him.

Pierce was at first stunned by her action but when he notice someone starring at them a distance away, he pulled away.

He turn only to see Joanna and Francis starring at the both of them, the sad expression that had been on Joanna face earlier was on her face again and it tug at his heart seeing her that way.

Still on Francis back, Francis carried her straight to her door, ignoring Pierce and Jocelyn who were watching.

He set her down and when she was on her feet. He open the door for her to go in which she did.

Pierce began to walk towards her door but Francis block the path.

“You’ve made her cry for one day, I suggest you stop here” Francis said.

“But have got to talk to her and…..”

“Do that tomorrow, just let her be for tonight” Francis said and when Pierce thought about it, he agreed and left with Jocelyn following him.

He was almost at his room when he turn to glare at Jocelyn.

“Why don’t you just leave, you’ve done enough for a day” Pierce said.

” You haven’t forgiven me yet and….”

“Let’s just quit it Jocelyn!” Pierce said suddenly.

“Quit what?”

“This! Us! Let’s end it here once and for all. You love Francis and if you want him then fight for him yourself, I won’t let you use me again and also you don’t have to worry about me and my feelings again cause I will get you out of my system if it’s the last thing I do” Pierce vowed walking off while Jocelyn stood wondering why his words hurt.

Mirabel stood at the pool only in her swimming suit contemplating on getting into the water when she heard some one say.

“Taking a swim at night might ruin your skin” the stranger said coming to stand beside her.

“But I heard swimming at night is the best” Mirabel replied.

“It isn’t and the water here is totally harmful, am telling you this from experience. Take a look at my skin, I got this from swimming at night” he said showing her a part of his skin which was rough and that was how Nicholas saw them when he got there.

“Get away from my girlfriend!” Nicholas said as she went to pull Mirabel away from the guy.

“Sorry dude, I thought she was alone and….”,

“She’s not alone. Am here with her and so it’s best you beat it!” Nicholas said to the guy who went off.

“And who is your girlfriend?” Mirabel asked.

“You of course or is there any other girl here?” He asked.

“Look Nicholas, it’s one thing for us to share a kiss but for you to claim me as your girl friend then that’s a different issue ” she said.

“What’s different about it, we already know how we feel about each other and….”

“And what do we feel? What do you think I feel for you?” Mirabel ask while Nicholas move close to her.

Taking hold of her hand, he placed it on his chest where his heart kept thumping fast.

“Do I have to tell you that am insanely into you?” He asked while Mirabel kept starring at him.

“I love you Mirabel and I know you feel the same ” he added.

Mirabel move away from him, putting a distance between them.

“I find that hard to believe cause just a few weeks ago, you were going about dating most of the girls in school ” she said.

“That’s the past me, the present me is willing to leave my naughty acts for you” he said looking serious with his words.

“Am sorry but I find that hard to believe” she said turning past him to leave but he wrap his arms around her from behind stopping her from going further.

“What must I do to make you believe me?” He whispered into her ear.

“Don’t do anything” she said trying to break free but he tightened his hold on her.

“I love you and it’s the first time I feel this way about someone, I won’t let you throw away some thing good. Am gonna prove to you that am not the guy you think I am” he said and slowly she turn to stare at him.

“Give me a chance” he murmured kissing her gently on the lips and unknown to them both Evelyn stood by the door way starring at them both and pulling out her phone, she dialled Jessica number.


“Is that all you brought?” Mirabel asked as Joanna put the last of her belonging in her bag pack.

“Yes” Joanna replied.

“Can’t believe we are leaving this paradise” Mirabel said sadly.

“We’ve had enough fun, it’s time to go back to school and project and assignment ” Joanna said making Mirabel grumble loudly.

“Let’s go, the others will be waiting” Joanna said as she went to open the door only to see Francis there with his back pack.

“Why are you here?” She asked.

“He came to be our chaperone, right Francis?” Mirabel ask from behind.

“Wrong! I came to give her my bag pack” Francis said.

“Why?” Joanna and Mirabel asked at the same time.

“Thanks to carrying her last night, my back ache all over and so it’s only right that you carry my back pack in return” Francis said.

“Wait! Did you carry Joanna on your back. You never told me that part” Mirabel said accusingly.

“I never sent you to carry me and if I had known that you would be this petty then I would have refuse” she said carrying his bag pack.

“Whatever! Just pay back your dues cause my back still ache all over” he said.

“Don’t exaggerate! Am not that heavy” she said as they all left the hotel room.

“Joanna ” Pierce call suddenly stop them all.

“Can I talk to you for a while” Pierce said starring at the three of them.

“Can you guys take my bag pack, I will join you soon” Joanna said to Mirabel and Francis.


Joanna made her way back to the apartment she shared with Francis.

It’s been three hours after their return and during that time she received a call from her mom which got her going home to see them.

She still can’t believe that the second kiss she had with Francis will give him powers.

But he doesn’t look like someone with powers,she thought as she open the door only to see him seated on the sofa.

“Did you see your momma? Momma pet” he mocked.

“Don’t patronise me” she said as she went to seat on the other sofa.

Her gaze went to him while he kept watching TV.

What power does he possess? Why did she have to share the second kiss with him? If she had known he will get to have powers with the second kiss, she would have stop him.

And the third kiss, if she were to share a third kiss with him then he will be her soul mate, she thought as she kept wondering what sort of power he possess.

Suddenly Francis got out of his seat and walking to where she is, he pulled her up.

“What are you doing?” She asked and his reply was to kiss her, startling her into silence.

When she finally regain her wits, she move out of his arms starring at him.

“Why did you do that?”

“Cause I want to be your soul mate” he replied.

“My….my what? Ho….how do you know that?” She ask.

“Don’t tell me that you…..” She added again when she saw the answer in his eyes.

“I can hear your thoughts Joanna, I think that’s the power I possess” he said which got her eyes widening in shock…

To be continued ✌️✌️✌️

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