Her flaws season 2 ep 5



Written by Authoress Toyin Jimoh


Episode 5

Authoress POV.

“Okay since you don’t want to disappoint the two. why don’t I go to represent you in Australia and you will go to America” Caily said.

“No we should go together I will call
them in Australia to give me like two days” Taylor said.

“That’s bad on your side. I think you should tell them to hold on in America.

we shouldn’t be greedy because the are popular company. atleast we should honour those who honour us.

We should go to Australia first then go to America” Caily said.

“Do you think it will be okay like that” Taylor said and does some thinking.

“Yes of course we should learn how to respect people because you are not the only model worldwide and they decided to call you Instead why not honour them.

“I think you are making sense. thanks for not making me make the wrong decision” Taylor said with a smile.

Passed a call across to them in America so you will inform them about this” Caily said.

Taylor dial the number that called him few minutes ago.

“Hello I can’t make it tomorrow. I will be available in two days time” Taylor said.

“why” the person asked from other end of the call.

“I have a work to attend to and I can’t change my scheme” Taylor said.

The person didn’t say anything for few seconds.

“okay I will call you back in a jiffy” the person said.

“Alright I will be expecting your call” Taylor replied.

The person hung the call. some minute later the person call back.

“According to what you said we have reconsider and we totally understand you. so we have decided to grant you that two days” The person said.

“Okay no problem. Thanks for understanding” Taylor said.

The call ended.

“They accept” Taylor said to Caily

. “You see what am saying” Caily said. “Hmm you are such a sensible girl” he said and touch her nose.

His eyes met with that of Caily he was looking at her lustily.

“Why are you looking into my eye in such a manner?” Caily asked.

He Didn’t stop looking hey at. Caily wave her hand off his eyes.

“Oh sorry ” he said coming back to his senses.

“Hope no problem that look is strange or is there anything in my eyes you wanna bring out?” Caily asked and rub her face to be sure if something is there.

“There’s nothing in you eyes. the only thing I could see is how special you are” Taylor said.

“Wow!!! you just said am special this the first time am hearing that” Caily said blushing hard.

“Yes you are really special only people like me can see that” Taylor said.

“Self appraisal. you always praise yourself in every single thing you say” Caily said.

“If I don’t praise myself who’s going do that for me. nobody is ready to praise me so I will rather praise myself” Taylor said with a smile.

” You are something else” Caily said and focus on the cartoon she’s watching.


Two days later in London

“Home, sweet home” Taylor said smiling has he came out of his private jet.

“Yes is so cool being in our country again” Caily said.

Three car was already waiting to take Taylor, Caily and the guards that are with them.

All the car belong to Taylor. he walked hand in hand with Caily.

They are in the middle of the guards. Taylor slighted the press waiting outside the airport.

they rushed towards him shouting his name.

“How did they know I am comiing?” Taylor asked frustrated.

“Who are you asking that question do you forget you are a celebrity so what do you expect” Caily said smiling.

“I fucking hate crowd, if care isn’t taking I will insult them today.

if they have a better job they won’t be watching my movement” Taylor said arrogantly.

“That will be rude. And moreover they are doing their job. what’s the job of a press if not to poke nose in people affairs” Caily said with a smile.

“Are you supporting them or insulting them?” Taylor asked.

“Did I insult them?” Caily asked.

“Nope you just abused them” Taylor replied.

“Mr Taylor how are you doing?” the Press asked.

Taylor didn’t answer and raised his hand in the air, trying to tell them not to move closer to him.

“He’s very fine. is not in a good mood so spare his silly attitude” Caily said and wink at him not to say anything.

“Miss Caily, people is willing to know if you guys are In relationship?” the press asked.

“What sort of rubbish is that. and how was it everyone fucking business if we are in a relationship” Taylor said angrily.

“Sorry like I said he’s in a bad mood, forgive him. We will get back to you later to give an answer based on the question they asked.
I apologise on his behalf” Caily said and put her hands together In apologize.

“This girl looks like a slut and she’s trying to impress him. can’t you see how she’s behaving around him” A Lady from the press said to a fellow press.

Caily heard this and her emotions change. she became so angry that she wanted to go to the lady and beat her to comma.

Taylor noticed this and hold her back.

“Like she said we will get back to you. now leave us to pass” Taylor said with an authority and annoying tone.

The press immediately make way for them.

They walked into the car.

The driver zoom off. Their car was In the middle of the other two just to ensure his safety.

Taylor POV

“What was that that you wanna do out their” I asked Caily who still look very angry.

she didn’t replied me and I think I didn’t talk to her in the way I should.

“You see that’s what we face has a celebrity l, we got many insult and if we can’t control our anger then we will end up doing what we will later regret.

so I will advise you to focus and forget those things. this just to show that you are now known on the world.

More insult are still coming so prepared for it” I said in a playful manner just to chill her up.

“That lady should thanks her fate that my bolt and nut was quickly tighting, If not she would have learnt to keep shut by now” Caily said.

I could see how angry she’s.

“Common forget that. you look horrible when you are angry” I teased.

“what can I do. I just pray I don’t end up beating someone one day” Caily said.

“You can’t do that. except if you wanna have a bad record. so that’s why I don’t like answering their questions. I won’t have talk to them over there if you weren’t angry. I don’t know why we can’t have a private life” I said.

“Celebrity are facing alot. getting different insult, I don’t blame those who throw the insult back at them.

I could see how painful it was to be insulted and bully by people” Caily said.

“Now clear that mood we are heading to Brand company” I said.

“Sure” Caily said and smile.

The brand company

“You are welcome” Everett and the Brandon P.A goes to welcome Taylor.

“I am the MD of this company. Am happy you came has promised” Everett said with a smile.

she stretch her hand forward for an handshake. She looks at Caily and smile

“Nice meeting you am very happy you recognized me to be the one to advertise your company. when they are more model with a upper hand than me” Taylor said with a smile. “Is our pleasure” Everett said.

“Hi Miss Caily” Everett said to Caily who was busy looking around the company.

she hold her head with her eyes half closed.

“Caily what’s wrong with you?” Taylor asked and hold her.

“Nothing, I just have a slight headache” Caily replied.

“Okay just try till we leave. I think the stress is too much for you” Taylor said.

“Sorry Miss Caily you can come in to relaxed if you feel like” Everett said with a smile.

“No and thanks for your kind gesture an okay now. Nice meeting you. Am Caily” Caily said and stretch her hand for an handshake.

“You can come in” Everett said.

Brandon wanted to move closer to them but Darrell hold him.

“Behave buddy. we need to follow the plan one after the other atleast we have seen her now, but I was surprised that she didn’t hug or shout Everett has expected. something looks fishy” Darrell said.

Brandon and Darrell walked to his office.

After few minutes.

“Mr Taylor we’ve really see how ambitious you are. that’s why we choose you to be the one to advertise my product” Brandon said and didn’t keep his eyes off Caily.

“I really appreciate this opportunity” Taylor said.

“And to be precise you have a very ambitious. partner” Darrell said referring to Caily.

Caily was busy looking around the meeting hall.

“This weird can’t she recognized us” Everett thought to herself.

“Excuse me can I used the washroom” Caily said.

“Yes, you can” Everett replied.

“Please where’s the washroom?” she asked.

“Didn’t she know this place again” Everett thought before answering her question.

“When you get outside, is by the left or should I see you there?” Everett asked.

“No thanks I will go by myself”Caily replied.

“Okay then” Everett said with a smile.

“I will be right back” she said to Taylor.

“okay, be quick with that we still have alot to discuss” Taylor said.

“okay she nod her head and went out.

Darrell wink at Brandon to go out.

“Mr Taylor. spare me for a little minute I want to go aand get something in my office. The MD we continue attending to you” Brandon said.

“No problem sir” Taylor said.

Brandon went out. Caily was coming back from the washroom. she keeps looking around.

“Ainsley” Brandon called and stand on her way.

“Hello Mr are you referring to me?” she asked.

to be continued…….

Hello Mr are you referring to me 🙄. lovers like seriously is that our hero that just say that.

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