In Love With A Crazy Girl

In love with a crazy girl episode 1 – 3


EPISODE ONE (01) – (5)

I looked at my admission letter for the umpteenth time. I couldn’t believe that I was offered an admission into the best school in Korea; Harmony high school.
I couldn’t muster why I was given the admission. After all, we were hundred that participated in the exam. Oh! what a miracle. I was indeed happy, not because I was given the admission but because instead of me getting a cab to school everyday, I would have a driver dropping me in school everyday.
I looked forward to the day I would be starting Harmony high. I was indeed happy.

She came out of the car as Soon as the driver stopped in front of the building.
“The principal instructed you to wait in her office when you arrive”. The driver said.
“Thanks”. she mentioned and took a step.
“Harmony high, here I come!” she screamed aloud and some girls turned to look at her. She immediately felt embarrassed, then covered her mouth. She quickly ran to some girls walking to the school to ask them the location of the principal’s office, but they turned and continued walking to their classes. She felt embarrassed.
Then, a bell was rang and everywhere went dead. Only few were seen entering the school and they ran heavily as if the bell meant something really bad.

OH! what am I gonna do now? I walked inside the building and came out again, obviously confused. Then I began to climb down the nine stairs, hoping to ask the driver if he could take me to the principal’s office. I couldn’t just barge into the school like that.

So as I began to climb down the stairs down casted, I felt someone walk past me. As I turned to look at the person, I missed my leg and was almost falling when the boy turned back to get a hold of me. As he drew my waist closer, his phone fell and our lips meant. We stood there for what seemed like eternity before the guy quickly pushed me off and I landed on the stairs like a log of wood. He picked up his phone from the floor and stared at me blankly.
He took out an handkerchief from his [email protected] pocket and wiped his lips with it.
“You bitch. The next time this kind of thing repeat itself again, you will have yourself to blame”. He said, hissed and walked out.

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“Rude!” I mumbled. I stood up from the floor and dusted my body. And then, right then, a flashy car drove into the 🏫 school’s premises.
“This must be the principal”. I thought to myself. I stood up and composed myself.
A woman came out of the car, dragging some files with her as she walked towards my direction.
“Why are you not in your class?” the lady asked.
“Am a new student ma”. I answered.
“oh! so you are the Angelica who won the scholarship exam”.
“Yes ma”.
“Ok, come with me”
I followed her into the tall building to the principal’s office. As soon as we entered the gigantic office, the principal raised up her head.
“Ma, this is the new girl that won the scholarship exam” she informed.
“Ok. Secretary Kim, please take her to her class and also, I apologise for my son’s misbehaviour the other day”.
“No problem ma “. She turned to me, “Let’s go”.

She took my hand and we walked out of the office. She took me to my class.
When we got there, she got me a seat to sit on, next to a very high tempered girl. All eyes were on me and I felt awkward, despite the fact that I was a trouble maker.
Then, I decided to go through the class and my eyes met his. He was staring at me badly. It was the same guy who pushed me on the stairs that morning. He was so cute, like a Demi God. I was already day dreaming about him being my boyfriend, then he scoffed out deeply and turned away
I stood up from my chair and walked towards him smiling.


My name is Angelica Hale. I am a girl of seventeen (17) years old. My mom is late and I stays with my dad, a chef in Korea. As you all know, I was given an admission into Harmony high, so there i was at the school.


/> I stood up from my chair and walked towards him. I sat near him on his chair while he moved his face to another direction. By now, almost all the class where looking at us. I could see my seatmate whispering some words to me but I could not get what she was talking about. I shifted a little to him but he shifted away from me. I smiled at him and placed my hand on his shoulder and give me a dangerous look. It was obvious he was angry, so I stood up from his chair and walked back to my seat.

After different lectures of three teachers that day, break finally came. Everyone went their separate ways. While some went to the school canteen, some hanged out with friends.

“My name is Betty. What’s yours”. Angelica’s seatmate, Betty said stretching her hand forward.
“Am Angelica. Nice to meet you”. She took her hand.
“So, aren’t you going out for break?” Betty asked.
“I would have loved to. But as you can see, I am a new student here so I don’t know the way round the school”.
“That’s not a problem. I can keep you company if that is the case”.
“That’s so nice of you. Thanks”.
“No pro. Shall we?”.
She took her hand. ” Yes we shall”.

They went to the school canteen together and ordered for some snacks and drinks. They sat on a two faced chair and began their conversation.

“So how come you Know the principal’s son?” Betty asked.
“The principal’s son? Who is the principal’s son?” Angelica asked Betty.
“Don’t tell me you don’t Know him. That cute guy you sat with in class today”.
“Cute guy? cute guy? cute guy? oh! That? So, he is the principal’s son? I see”. she turned to Betty ” What’s his name?”

“His name is Kyle and he his very rude. He is so short tempered and always angry most times. Well, I have a crush on him. He feels too good to move with”. Betty said and bit her lips.
Angelica nodded her head. She had wanted to tell her that she had a crush on him too but she thought against it. Besides, who would not have a crush on that kind of guy. Despite the fact that he was short-tempered, he was kinda unique in a way. If not because he was a guy she would have identified him as beautiful. His pink lips were the worst, it was so tempting and plump. His cute eyes radiated like the morning sun. Oh gosh! He was heavenly made.

“How are you guys doing?” A girl greeted and sat in a seat opposite them.
“We are great”. Betty said still
sipping her ice cream.
“Am Stacy, nice to meet you girls. So can I know your name newbie?”.
“Am Angelica”.
“Wow! Nice name. I like the sound of that”.
“Thanks for the compliment”. Angelica said and they shook hands
“I can see you already getting along with Kyle”. Stacy said searching Angelica’s eyes for an answer. “Oh! Nothing. There is nothing between us, I just met him today”.
“Ok I know. When you are done telling lies you will let me Know”. Stacy threw in eyeing her. “It’s the truth and nothing else. Besides, why would I even tell lies?”.
“Okay have heard you”.
Just then, Kyle came into view with two guys walking behind him. They ordered some girls out of the canteen and sat on their seats.
“He’s so cool” Betty said looking dreamily at him.
“And handsome” Stacy added.

Kyle unbuttoned his uniform and the girls let out a wow. He turned to look at them but they quickly turned away. He was chewing a gum loudly in his mouth and that increased the waling from the school girls around that scenario.

Angelica continued looking at her new found friends. Why were they making it obvious that they had a crush on him. She stood up from the chair, looking into her friends eyes “When you guys are done day dreaming about him, you’ll let me know” she said and walked away.

My two friends, Jade and Edwin turned to look at me. “Do you want to kill this girls. They are dying for you” Jade said.
“As if I care” Kyle said.

Edwin looked at him smiling, ” Don’t lie to me that you don’t like that newbie? She’s cute, and she looks take away. Who wouldn’t like a kind of girl like that”. Edwin said.
“Common I have a girlfriend already. Why would I like that gold digger? She’s not my kind of girl” he added.
“Hmm it’s good to know that a damn womaniser like you also rejects girls”.
“Don’t say that. Am not a womaniser. I just want to make my mom get sick and tired of me so she would send me back to the States”.
“But do you know that what you’re doing is very wrong? A woman that makes sure you’re happy and comfortable, is this how you’re gonna pay her back?” Edwin threw in.
“I don’t care. I only want to stay with my dad. He’s so cool to be with and I don’t see why you guys are having a problem with this”. He stood up. “Am going home, won’t you guys come with me?”.
“But it’s not yet time for closing. Why now? We are still on break?.
“I said am going. is anything wrong with that?”
“You can go. we are not coming with you” jade said.
“Got that. I gotta go now”. He walked out on them, entered his car and zoomed off.

I watched him from a corner in the school as he entered his car and zoomed off. This guy was really something else. I knew quite well that because his mom was the owner of the school, was what paved way for his rough behavior. After watching him go out without getting stopped by anybody, I walked back into the class. Stacy and Betty were already inside the class when I came. Stacy eyed me roughly.
“What?” I asked as I sat down.
“oh spare me that. You couldn’t even wait for us at the canteen. You left us off immediately”. Stacy complained.
“Am sorry”. I said and brought out an angry face.
“I would have smacked you now if not because of your beautiful face. I would not like to leave a scar on you that’s why I am saying this”.
We all laughed.
Everywhere seemed boring and I guess it because the school just resumed. I dipped my hand inside my bag and brought out a novel. Oh gosh! I hate reading this novel. It was filled with horror and vampires stuff. Even a little child will know because of the dark color they used. I still couldn’t muster why I couldn’t understand the novel being more than five times I am reading.

“Oh please drop that”. Stacy said and collected the novel from me. “You don’t need this, they are for boys with strong heart not you.” She brought out a novel from her bag. “You’ll enjoy this more. This is a girl like story and I would love you to read it.
I looked at the name “MY SECRET ROMANCE”. Are you sure, I asked and she gave a yes.
“And please we didn’t ask you to practice it, only read it”. Betty said sounding it as a warning in my ear. “Have heard you” I said and laughed.
Just then, secretary Kim walked into the class and asked me to follow her. I quickly dropped the novel in my bag and followed her, my friends wishing me good luck. Shared on whatsapp by Martino.
When we got to the principal’s office, secretary Kim left and principal ordered to sit in front of her. She was a nice lady with a baby face. Maybe she would be between the age of 40- 45. She was still young and healthy. All the same, I loved her smile.
She told me all what I needed to know about the school. The do’s and don’ts. I listened with rapt attention as she told me those things. She gave me the school rules and regulation’s scheme and some other books I would be needing. While I was leaving, she gave me her last word. “Remember you are on scholarship”.

I walked back to my class almost immediately. A teacher was already in the class teaching when I got there. I sat and gave her all my attention. I didn’t want to let the principal down.

School finally closed for the day and everyone began setting their bag for home. The school was filled with students and also parents brought their cars to pick up their children. Stacy and Betty pecked her as each of them entered their mother’s car off to their home while some up to eighteen had already owned a car to go home. I waited for my driver under the tree when I heard he had been sent a message by the principal. But soon enough, he came and I went home.
When I got home, dad was at home, unlike before. He was a worker holic who strived out to take care of me.
“Am back dad” I said as i pecked him.
“Welcome”. He said not feeling too fine.
“Are you ok?”. I asked and held his hand.
“I am. it’s just a little fever”. He answered.
“Have you eaten…..”. I asked but he answered immediately.
“I have taken my medication and all I need now is rest”. He said and slept on the sofa.
“Oh ok. I will be back to check on you”.
I walked back into my room and dropped my school bag on the bed. I was feeling a little hot and sweaty. I jumped into my bathroom almost immediately as I had a quick shower. I later changed up into a bum short and a yellow crop top shirt. I went back into the kitchen to make some lunch and I ended up cooking some noodles.

I wasn’t feeling quite well that day and that was why I got a leave from work. I had been really stressed out since this week and I had no other option other than to continue the job. I watched Angelica as she hate at the dinning table, she was really happy and having a good and comfortable life. How I wished I was like her, having a free life and also having a father who did almost everything she asked for.
Soon enough, she went back to her room and I had a little nap. Walking back to my room, I opened her door and saw her reading a book on her bed. I walked past.

I opened the first page of the novel Stacy gave me and found out the age grade was eighteen (18+) and I was only seventeen. I closed the book and threw it back hoping to have a quick nap. After fruitless effort, I still couldn’t sleep and I was getting bored . I knew no one in the neighborhood and I didn’t wish to either. I took out the book again and decided to read it since I would be eighteen in a few months and Also because I was bored.
Yack!!!! was this what Stacy gave me? I didn’t like reading this kind of stuff. The novel was so much filled with bad things. I swear if my dad found me reading this stuff, that means I will be dead. After reading up to chapter five, I gave up. The novel was filled with writings of different types of kisses and how to kiss, sΒ£x, romantic scenes and all those bad stuffs. Besides the main character was nineteen years old and I guess I was not accepted to read it. I closed it back and dropped it in my bag.


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