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Intimate twins episode 6 & 7


The pains of losing a child at birth stirred up her grief. First issue, yet never set eyes on them. She was shattered, devastated and frustrated. Though she never losed hope on seeing her children especially when a stranger busted into her house with a revelation on how the incident happened. Thus, curiosity arose in every part of her body to inquire more about the disappearance of her children. Her name was Celina, the twins mother.
Celina walked briskly along the road, roaming her eyes like an escaped convict. She was a woman of late forties, vibrant but emotionally weak. Instability in motion resulted to a constant bumping on pedestrians on her way which got people’s attention to her at every point in time. Pakyle, her elder brother, after a week of the attack in her house, invited her to know more about her missing children. She couldn’t believe that her brother knew about it for years, yet kept it away from her. That seconded as an addendum to the grief and anger in her heart.
Finally she arrived to the secret panic room of Pakyle to see him standing alone with his hands inside his pocket. Always in a corporate dressing. The woman roamed her eyes around the room to see heavy telecommunicating equipments aligned with corresponding transmitters. Sarcastically she met the brother and slapped him. The sound alone attracted Mrs Kate who had been with him.
“How dare you!” Celina began in tears. “How dare you keep the disappearance of my children from me!”
Pakyle rubbed his cheek. “I kept it from you in order to find them, Celina.” he retorted.
“May be that’s because you know who took my children.”
“Yes, I do”
Pakyle snubbed her, staring on the floor like a caught red-handed criminal. However, Mrs Kate made no move, watching the two people display. Celina, with a higher tone, queried again. “Who took my twins, Pakyle?”
He exhaled and raised his head. “Jessica did.”
“Jessica?” Celina drew closer In amazement.
“Whoa whoa whoa.” Mrs Kate interfered like a referee in a wrestling ground. “Both of you seem to know who this Jessica is.” She spread her hands for an explanation, looking at Pakyle.
“Jessica is my ex wife.” he replied then continued immediately. “Listen, all I need is a way into the blank world. I promise to get the kids back to you, Celina.”
“But why would Jessica do such a thing?”
“To get back at me after I divorced her. Though i know whatever she’s doing in the blank world, she’s doing it for people, not for herself.”
“Then let’s call the police!” Mrs Kate suggested.
“No” Pakyle objected. “What evidence do you have if you call the police? The blank world seems to be an illusion for now. But we are working endlessly to locate it. Moreover, Jessica has agents everywhere in this real world, monitoring their victims and every move they make to discover their location and secret.” he placed a hand on his sister’s shoulder. “Do not be afraid, Celina. The Egyptians you see today you shall see no more.”
Hearing that, Mrs Kate shook her head. “What are you now? Second Moses?” she asked.
“What are they doing with my kids in the so called blank world?” Celina asked in addition.
“Not quiet sure. But trust me, we must know, starting from now!” Pakyle walked to one of the computers, pushed a green button and said, “What’s your location, Lina?”
“Close” a female voice replied.
“Both of you should remember what I told you.”
The line went dead. The man turned to see Mrs Kate glaring at him inquisitively.
“Both of you?” She began. “You sent my son with that kid to a deadly mission when he should be hiding from the so called agent of the blank world?”
“Directly or indirectly, you and your son are into this now. Moreover, Val has a great gift to explore.” All began to look at one another..
Who created the blank world? Where is it located? How can one communicate with people in the blank world? These are questions, Pakyle smartly wanted to find an answer to, using the two teenagers: Lina and Valentine. To him, they had every ability he wanted; strength and past vision respectively.
Lina was a strong young girl, picked from the street by Pakyle when he saw her fighting with street boys. He trained her physically and intellectually. Hence she doesn’t reason like a teenager but like an adult. She was on the steering wheel of a car while Valentine seated beside her, occasionally glancing at her and wondering when she learned how to drive thoughtless of using a gun. She pulled over to their destination and stared at Val to see him quivering in fear. So she smiled.
“You’re too handsome to be afraid, Val?” She shuffled a pistol into her boot, covering it with her trouser, then began to wear a black hand gloves. “Do you have a girlfriend? You know…”
“Can we please, proceed, Lina?” Val interrupted her.
“Well, how about a good luck kiss? You know, the way they do it in the movie.” She smiled, watching Valentine walked out of the car before she did, yet never stopped talking. “The synonymous of your name is Love. So I hope you don’t mind calling you Love, my love.” She giggled.
“How about shutting your mouth?” Val found his voice.
“That can only happen when your tongue affectionately rolling with mine.” they stared at each other as Val tried to assimilate her statement. Obviously he found the girl beautiful and attractive, imagining some erotic things at the moment.
Lina averted her eyes, “Let the game begins” both began to walk towards a building, stopped at the door like spies. Laboriously, Valentine raised his hand to knock but she held back his hand.
“What are you trying to do?”
“Knock of course”
She chuckled, pulled out her gun and kicked the door opened. Immediately, a man in a short rushed out with a gun, but Lina put a bullet in his hand instantly. Thus, weakening his muscles and dropping the gun which she took immediately. Blood splashed. Seeing that, Valentine rushed to the toilet to throw up.
“What do you kids want!” the man cried from the floor.
“An information” Lina replied.
“About what?”
“The garden of Eden.”
“I don’t understand!”
“You will” she drugged him and began to bundle him as Val came out from the toilet, looking exhausted. Lina shook his head saying, “Are you a man or a woman?”
“Well, let’s meet in bed to find out” he replied hilariously to the amazement of the young girl who smiled broadly at his words. They put the man into the trunk of their car and sped away. Suddenly, Valentine began to quiver with his eyes closed when they were passing a hospital. Lina matched the break instantly.
“Val!” she shook him vigorously.
The young boy opened his eyes, breathing hastily with eyes fixed at the entrance of the hospital. “He always gives them an information of a diagnose pregnant women with twins who are male and female” he explained.
“Who?” Lina asked.
“Him” he gestured at the hospital where they saw a doctor, entering into a car. They watched him until he drove off. Lina looked at Valentine.
“How did you know?”
“I just saw it”
Both remained silent until Val broke it saying, “I’m so worried. Why am I only seeing the past that concerns the blank world and the twins?”
“Who knows, may be the female twin is your soul mate.” Lina sounded funny but felt jealous at her own joke, staring at him.
Val ignored her with a deep breath. “The secret of the blank world is bigger than us. Government might even be behind it.”
“C’mon, nothing is bigger than a muster seed if it can move mountains.” She urged.
Val looked at her. “You sound like Pakyle.”
“That’s because he brought me up.” Both smiled attractively before Lina ignite the car again.
Another room inside the secret panic room, Lina tied the man on a chair with his wounded hand still bleeding. He had awoken. All watched him including Celina and Mrs Kate. Pakyle stepped forward like an inquisitive professor.
“You are an agent of the blank world. I want you to tell us the location or….”
“Or I’ll torture you to death.” Lina took the words from Pakyle, while Valentine looked at his Mother in a way that shows: I’VE SEEN THINGS FROM HER.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about. You’ve got the wrong person!” the man yelled.
“No, you’re the right person. We’ve been tracking you and studying you for a week now with a tracking device.” Pakyle began to explain smartly…
“Many people follow Jesus Christ because they believe they must be safe with him. So if you do not wish to perish in hell, be the follower of Christ.” Pakyle had told Val and her mother, cautiously dropping a tracking device on the doorway which looks like an affix pin. He left. Unknowing to the assassins, one of them had the tracking device hooked under his shoe when they entered to see the house deserted except the fainted woman on the floor…..
“And you, young man, is the unlucky guy who matched the device” Pakyle went closer to him. “So I’m gonna ask you for the last time; where is the location of the blank world and how can one get in there?”
Surprisingly, the man laughed in a mockery manner. All looked at one another except Pakyle who gazed at the man.
“What you’re trying to find is bigger than you” the man began. “Soon, my men will be here, hunting you’re asses downdown. The blank world was cautiously created. Think of a world where people inside it cannot see or hear the sound of a flying airplane. Never must you know the location of the blank world. Even if you do, you cannot enter there.”
“That’s why you must take us inside otherwise lose your legs.” Lina charged.
The man spat on the floor. “Over my dead body!” he swore.
Lina pulled out a gun, while the women screamed. Valentine slowly held her hand like a man about to romance a woman. Of course Lina felt for that, cooling the anger in her like an ice water. So she brought down the gun.
Pakyle gestured at Lina who went out and came back with a small girl, the man’s only daughter, whom they had tracked and captured before the father. They blind-folded the innocent child. When the man saw her, he began to weep to the hearing of the daughter.
“Daddy!” the child cried.
“We gonna leave to allow you think of your life and that of this innocent girl.” Pakyle sounded mean and deadly. They all walked out.
A few minutes later in the panic room where they all contemplated on the next move, a loud sound came from the torture room. When they arrived, they saw the man dead—he did not only loose himself but also killed himself. Only then did they know that they were working against something bigger than them. Celina began to cry while Mrs Kate held her chest. Pakyle exhaled deeply.
“The blank world and it’s secrets is bigger than us.” Valentine told his recent vision as Pakyle stared at him, critically observing and analysing why he could only see the past about the blank world. But Lina broke his concentration when she pulled the trigger of her gun twice at the dead man. She angrily walked to his innocent child where she seated on the floor and aimed the gun at her.
“Hey, Lina!” Mrs Kate yelled. “Don’t you dare hurt that child, you wicked little thing!” she warned.
“Am I more wicked than the suicidal father?!” She restored still aiming the gun at the child.
“You don’t punish a child for the sins of her father!”
Lina looked at Valentines, lowered the gun and walked out of the room angrily. Yet, Pakyle was still analysing Valentine’s strange vision obsession about the things of the blank world alone as the crying voice of the child paved around the room…..

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