Jerk Husband Rude Wife Episode 1 – 3



Written by: Pamela James


“Arrghh” I stretched my arms gro-ning.

Its morning already… soon.

“Ivy Ma’m, Your bed juice!!”

I turned around to see my maid standing with my juice.

“Ok put it on the side of the table.” I said but she was still standing.

“What are you waiting for??” I shouted and she nodded quietly putting the juice on the side table before leaving.

“Stupid!” I murmured and went towards the washroom to freshen up.

I was drinking my juice after bathing when another maid came in.

“Ivy ma’m would you like to have your breakfast here or at dining table?”she asked with her head facing the floor.

“Where are my parents? Did they leave?”

“Yes Ma’am. Sir left early because he had some important meeting while Ma’am left just before you woke up. She said she had an exhibition of new designs.”

“Hmm!! Bring my breakfast here”I said and she left after nodding .

This has became my habit of having my lunch in my room and having no parents at home in morning nor at night since years.

My life is perfect with lot of money and assessories but does those things really make life perfect?

This was a question someone asked me which makes me stuck on it every time.

“Ma’am breakfast”

I was brought out of my trance by Linda’s voice.

She put breakfast tray in front of me and left.

I was enjoying my breakfast when my phone rang.

Looking at the caller Id, a smile crept on my l-ips.

Nathan 🔐 calling….

📞”Hello baby girl! How are You?”Nathan cheerful voice beamed from the other side.

📞”Hey sweetheart! I am fine. how are You?”I smiled.

📞”I am as se×y as ever. What are you doing now?”

📞”Having my breakfast”I said shoving a piece of my pancake in my mouth.

📞”At this time? Girl it’s 2 in the afternoon.”

📞”Yea. I kind off woke up late”

📞”Well that habit of yours will help you so much after our marriage because I won’t let you sleep wh0le night and I will keep on loving you that you will wake up so sore every morning or better afternoon.” He said huskily and a blush crept on my cheeks.

📞”Shut up, Nathan” I said shyly.

📞”Oh so someone is being shy!!” He said again in his previous tone.

📞”Don’t tease me!!” I gro-ned and he suppressed a laugh.

📞”Okay, okay. So where we are going to meet today?”

📞”Ughh, there is a opened new restaurant near by my house. It’s only 20 minutes ride from here and believe me they have the best food in the world. Let’s meet there at 4?”

📞”Okay done!! See you soon then.”

📞”Bye!! Love you Nathan!!” I said smiling.

📞”Bye baby Girl!!” He hung up the call without replying me with ‘love you too’.

I glared at the phone but decided to let it go.

I need to hurry up with my food so I can get ready to meet Nathan.


I finished my breakfast quickly and ran towards the washroom to shower again.

It was already 2:30 and I had to get ready.

I took the best outfit from my cupboard to wear.

Well all the outfits in my cupboard are more than beautiful and were all branded collection.

I smiled proudly and took a white sleeveless crop top with jeans.

After slipping into my dress I started applying makeup.

Makeup has always been my therapy.

Whenever I am happy I do makeup.

Whenever I am sad I do makeup.

I just love makeup!!

After getting done with my makeup I started curling my hair.

I looked at my reflection in mirror and an evil smile crept on my l-ips.

No girl in the world can beat Ivy Miguel in looks and beauty.

I smiled and took my handbag and headed towards my car.

Nathan is no doubt a handsome guy.

All the girls in my college once drooled over Nathan when he used to come to college to meet me.

I met Nathan in a business party for the first time. No one in my house knows about Nathan.

All they all knew was that I was involved with a rich heartthrob and I guess that was enough for my parents because they never asked me his name.

I myself didn’t even tell anyone that I love Nathan because I know my dad won’t allow me to continue my relation with him because he was dad’s rival bussinessman’s son.

Now I was free from collage and preparing for my entry test in Harvard university.

My trance of thoughts broke down when I saw a big board of restaurant with the words.

“Frederick Restaurant”.

I parked my car in the parking lot and headed in,side.

I smiled as soon as my eyes landed on Nathan.

He waved his hand to me and I ran towards him.

“Hello baby” He said k-ssing my cheek as soon as I approached him.

“Hi sweetheart” I k-ssed his cheek back.

We talked for sometime and took numerous pictures.

Some in which he was k-ssing my cheek or holding my hands.

They always acted as a cute memory for me.

We were having our food when Nathan’s phone rang.

A strange shade of colour passed by his face.

He first looked at his phone and then at me.

“Who is calling?”

“Nah.. no one. Just enjoy your food.” He said and I digged into my food .

I was right Fredrick’s have best food in the world.

I was enjoying my food when his phone rang again and this time even after he disconnected the call, it rang again and again the one calling him didn’t stop.

“Nathan who the hell is this? Just take the damn call” I shouted getting annoyed.

“I am sorry baby! I will just come in 5 minutes” He said and went out to take the call.

Its been fifteen minutes but Nathan hasn’t return yet.

I was already sulking in anger when I heard a voice behind me.

I turned around only to bump into a waiter.

He was carrying drinks which spilt on my dress.

“What the hell? Are you blind? ”

“I’m sorr…”

“Damn your sorry! Can sorry fix this dress? Do you know how much the dress worth? Oh, you wouldn’t know, you are just a poor waiter. ” I roared in anger.

Chapter 3


“Man you have got the best one. Congratulations!!!” Aaron said after roaming in the wh0le restaurant.

“Yeah he is right. It’s just an amazing place and a sight to see.” Michael said patting my shoulder.

” Thank you. All credit goes to you guys. Well we will chat later but first order something.”

They ordered drinks and food and we sat on near by table.

Michael and Aaron are my friends or more like brothers. We knew each other since childhood and now they all are having their little cute families. They supported me at the time when I was alone.

Especially Michael.

He pressurized me to get proper education and his beloved wife used to give tuitions to me.

They helped me alot and it was due to them that I became a well known fearful Bussinessman.

I am London No1 richest bachelor.

I was taken out of my trance of thoughts by someone’s yelling.

I raised my head only to find Michael and Aaron looking in some direction.

“You guys talk, let me sort this out” I said standing up.

They nodded and again went talking.

“What is happening over here??” I said going close to a waiter who was standing beside a girl who was shouting at him

As he saw me he ran towards me while the girl kept quite.

“I mistakenly poured a glass of wine on her dress sir. I already apologized but she…” The waiter said and stood behind me.

” Sorry?? Will your sorry fix this dress? Will your sorry replace it? poor wretched thing!” She again shouted.

“He said he is sorry, stop insulting him. ” I said pointing at her.

“Excuse me! Who are you to tell me who to insult and who not to insult? Who even called you into this matter? Do you know who you are speaking to?” She narrowed her eyes at me.

“No! And neither I am interested!” I replied with a boring expression on my face.

“Wow! You don’t know who you are dealing with. You are taking to IVY MIGUEL that way? I will make sure I deal with you!” She said gritting her teeth.

“Listen miss who so ever you are, Just pay for your food and get out.” I said glaring at her.

” How dare you to talk to me in this tone??” She said pointing at me and took a step towards me.

“Exactly how you dared to mistreat the waiter.” I said and took a step towards her.

“He is just a waiter! And besides who the hell are you? Where is the manager? I will talk to him instead of you poor sh*t.”
She gritted her teeth.

The waiter was about to say something when I signalled him to stop.

” Mr. Manger. Manger. Where the hell is the manger of this place? ” She shouted getting attention of all the people in the eatery

“Yes madam?”

“Are you the manager of this place?”

“Yes ma’am. I am Andrew. How may I help you ma’am?”

“Why the hell did you appoint crap men in your restaurant? A good restaurant with a good taste of food shouldn’t have incompetence people here. I will report this restaurant and make sure this restaurant is closed down! But first I need you to fire this blind waiter of yours who just messed my dress up and kick this dog out of here also. A man like him that doesn’t know how to mind his business don’t deserve to dress this decent!” She shouted pointing at me and the waiter.

“Sorry ma’am, I can’t do any of that. ” the manager replied politely.