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Key to love episode 43

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πŸ”‘πŸ”‘ kEY TO LOVE πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’
πŸ”πŸ”(It’s in your heart) ❀️❀️❀️
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

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Longest episode πŸ’ƒπŸΎπŸ’ƒπŸΎπŸ’ƒπŸΎ

πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ Chapter 43πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

✍️Chapter Title✍️: HIS CARE TOWARDS HER πŸ₯°


“Dean childishly whistled with his mouth as he continued trailing behind Amelia.” She wasn’t planning on talking to him anytime soon. He also wasn’t planning on leaving her to her thoughts. “He would do anything to make her say a word to him.”

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“Don’t you know someone would think I did something terrible to you when they see your face this way?” Dean Teased her, but his word fell on the wrong side of hers. She didn’t respond to him and somewhat, increased her steps.

“Are you planning on keeping mute throughout the day? What’s need to be done for you to speak?” He questioned sadly. Suddenly becoming inconvenient with the silence that she was offering to him. “He doesn’t like it.”

“What exactly is making you upset?” Was it because I came to help? Dean further asked after not being able to keep up with the silent treatment she was offering to him.

“If you give it another thought on your head, you will realize what mistake you have made,” Amelia stated her first word since they left the quarter. She hasn’t been saying anything to him, all she does was angrily concentrate on her steps. His curiosity to hear her speak forced those words out of her mouth.
“I have suggested everything I know. Telling me my mistake won’t hurt you in any way.” Dean further said as he also increased his step in other to meet up with her, her way of walking looked like someone who’s jumping.
“I told you not to come to the quarter.” She reminded with furrowed brows while crossing to the other side of the entrance.
“I couldn’t stay alone in the classroom. I Came to meet you.” Dean replied back and also crossed along with her
“You promised to stop coming after yesterday.” She fired back instantly
“I promised, but my mind wouldn’t just let me fulfill my promise. Somehow I found myself coming over,” Dean confessed to the realization of his mistake
“You should have reminded yourself of the promise” Amelia furthermore insisted
“I tried my best. But don’t you like how I helped you? Was my presΒ£nce not helpful?” Dean tiredly asked waiting curiously for the next word that would come out of her mouth.
“I told you that I caught the sight of Brad!.” Her voice utter those words solemnly
“I told you it was just your thought. He would have questioned my presΒ£nce if he was there.” Dean assured. After then, Amelia suddenly stopped walking and rather turned to face Dean who was coming behind her.
“Why are you being Adamant? Your hand hasn’t started hurting?”She asked with little concern in her voice. All she wants is just for him not to land in trouble because of her.
“Why should it hurt? I didn’t burn it.” He sarcastically replied while she rolled her eyes furiously
“Have you cleaned before?” Came her weird question. Such a weird question because anyone would have gotten the privilege to take care of one thing or the other. Why ask him such a weird question? She thought to herself before he would reply.
“I did cleaning with you yesterday, likewise today also. So I have cleaned before.” That was Dean answering with a smile. She rubbΒ£d her forehead in frustration before directing her eyes to the school buildings that are been built one after another. It’s such a giant building. She thought to herself
“Your thinking is undoubtedly becoming silly like Mina. She firstly stated then further said
“Have you cleaned anything before yesterday?” She irritatedly asked while he chuckled in return. Her face presΒ£ntly looks like an angry little angel.
“I don’t have anywhere to clean. Which is why I haven’t cleaned anything before until yesterday. It was my first time cleaning something.” Dean answered truthfully and that made her surprised, although not surprised, he’s from such an Influential family after all. Why would anyone expect him to clean something? There are many maids and servants to do that. Even she barely clean things during the stages of her life. Thanks to Brad now, she finally got a lifestyle of cleaning and arranging like a worker.
“She blinked her eyes rapidly as reality started getting into her. The first cleaning he did was because of her?” She thought before continuing walking. She doesn’t want to think about it. It will be so daft of her to think she’s special to him because he did that. After all, He has always called her his friend anyway, sure he did that because of it. Amelia finally concluded on that thought.

“Why are you so scared of him?” She heard him asking behind her. Him!? She thought before looking back at him for a better explanation while she decreased her way of walking. Who was he talking about?
“You seem terrified by the monitor a lot. Why are you so scared of him? Is he dangerous? What’s he requesting that you couldn’t give?” He laid down all of the questions he hasn’t been able to keep off his mind.
“Strangely he couldn’t keep up with watching her cleaning just like a maid in a school where she came to learn. He could still remember very well the day she had told him about hitting her toe while arranging. How long will she continue doing this? What’s up with her and the monitor? And the fact that she wouldn’t allow him to help make him feel helpless. He just wants to find out what’s occurring?”

“I am not scared of him. Just know of that, maybe you should pardon me because the remaining of the question can’t be answered.” She answered sharply letting out a light yawn. He watched her as she tried hiding her face after saying all that. WHAT IS SHE HIDING? He thought as he couldn’t stop himself from getting worried about her.

Where’s Dean?? Mina questioned while she took the space left on the sofa beside her.and gazing at the book in her hand.
“I have never accepted the job of looking after him.”Amelia snapped then fl-ipped the novel to the next page.
“But you’ve accepted the job of not getting tired of discussing with him” Mina sarcastically replied
“What’s with you coming around? As you can see… I am reading.” Amelia irritatedly complained
“My eyesight hasn’t been interrupted by dizziness. I have been watching you sitting alone for these minutes. Where’s Dean?” Mina further questioned
“You seem to care so much for him. It’s advised that you shouldn’t have too much obsession with him. “He’s Inlove with someone.” Amelia lectured without taking her eyes off the novel. This made Mina wonder if she was reading the novel truthfully or it was her way of getting out of any question she would want to ask her.
Mina roamed her eyes around the library only to see some of the students walking out already. It’s time for SCHOOL STAGE PREsΒ£nTATION. She thought while returning her eyes to Amelia

“Who’s that? Is it you?” Mina teased while she enjoyed the tension that spread upon her face.
“Your thought lack some manners.” Amelia angrily said. She hates it when Mina trys to tease words out of her mouth.
“Without any doubt… Your head needs to be smacked.” Are you acting cold because of the result? Why are you not believing in yourself? Mina questioned after observing the reason for her presΒ£nt state properly
Amelia after this closed the book that she was reading, walking slowly away from Mina then she came back to sit after returning the book she was reading back to the shelf.

“I tried… I’m just curious about everything that I don’t even know what to do. Do you think I will make it to the top three? She undoubtedly asked Mina who was also wondering if she would on her head.
“I can’t say.. BELIEVE YOU CAN, AND YOU WILL. your doubt won’t change anything. When is the result going to be dropped?” Mina asked after her words
“First thing tomorrow morning. I wonder if I would be able to sleep well..” Amelia responded which made Mina to chuckled uncontrollably
“Were you planning on sleeping before? How have you been preparing for the meeting? ChosΒ£n outfit yet or I should help with it?” Mina asked shifting the discussion away. She wants her to stop thinking about the result.
“It’s been one week since the test has been taken, anyone who made it to the top three would be given chance to have themselves pardoned from any punishment they are been given. There are other things attached to making it to the TOP THREE. But what Amelia cares about is the first Condition. What would it feel like getting herself out of the mess Brad had put her into?”
“Why talk about this now?” I don’t have any plan yet because I haven’t been able to speak with my parents. I doubt if they will allow me to go. Amelia replied with a hint of doubt in her voice

“So what are you going to do? Break Dean’s heart after telling him that you will? So he can then beg Tiana whom he doesn’t want to accompany him?” Mina asked before resting her elbow on the table
“I’m not saying I wouldn’t follow. I just need courage on speaking with my parents. I’m thinking of speaking with Arnold about this?” She suggested tiredly
“Maybe it would help… I have a suggestion for that if it will help.” Mina stated while narrowing her eyes at her reaction
“What’s that?” Curious Amelia asked
“I feel you should talk to Mrs Lee, she should be able to handle that.” She stated what she thinks
“Do you think that will help? What if she refused?” She asked helplessly
“Maybe having positive thoughts won’t hurt your org-n, she knows about Dean being Arnold’s lesson teacher?” She asked while Amelia nodded her head in confirmation.
“That makes it better… It wouldn’t be h-rd seeking her permission. You told me she’s been with you since you were still a baby. You can talk to her about it. I don’t think it’s compulsory to inform your parents.” Mina further explained

“I think you are making sΒ£nse. Mrs Lee wouldn’t complain and telling her isn’t that h-rd. I will discuss with her when I get home.” Amelia accepted while a smile crawled out of her l-ips
“Now that I have solved two of your problem. Will you tell me about Dean’s whereabouts now?” Mina asked in return
“He’s at the old hall.”


Dean sat down alone in the old hall. Going through the notes which he brought with him to the hall. He got hold of his pen then penned down something in the jotter before he continued reading.
“Someone isn’t concerned about the result while Amelia wouldn’t stop pestering the weather to bring tomorrow faster..” Mina stated behind him while clearing her throat while she received a warning look from Amelia.
“I have been sulking myself up with different thoughts but, seeing you make me start believing in grace” Amelia also added as they both stepped forward in his presΒ£nce.
“How do you both walk? I wasn’t even aware of your presΒ£nce.” Dean questioned while focusing his eyes mainly on Amelia. She looks good in her new style of packing her hair. Earlier when he saw her it was parked in a ponytail. Now that she left it to rest on her shoulder made him wonder why she has been packing it in a ponytail when this new style made her look extremely cute. Was this Mina’s doing? He thought before taking his eyes away from her to look at Mina.

“We h-rdly walk. I prefer flying during daylight.” Mina joked with some hints of seriousness in her voice
“Amelia also knows how to fly?” Dean asked while trying to blend himself into her childish excuse
“I’m still planning on training her. I make it my job to always allow her to hold on to my wing while flying.” Mina answered while avoiding her eyes coming in contact with Amelia’s.
“I must say that she has been learning so fast. How she was able to walk faster than me this morning was surprising to me. Now I realize the source of her power. ” Dean added while they both laugh afterward.
“Why are you not concerned about the result? Amelia has been thinking non-stop over it.” Mina started saying after the laugh has been extinguished into the thin air.
“I don’t see anything special in it. All the offers given none of them were able to entice me. And Amelia.” He paused while raising his eyes to look at her, and her also waiting for him to speak.
“Why are you working yourself up because of it? Don’t you have enough belief about what you can do?” He asked while she took her gaze away from him. “She doesn’t know what to say”
“She’s still giving it a thought whether to murder the master in charge of the result… Should I get an arrow for you? You will easily get yourself into where the result is after firing him.” Mina teased followed by laughter from her and Dean except for Amelia who threw a deadly glare at them “Mina to be precise”
Come sit over here.. Dean offered her after Mina hurriedly left them. She suddenly receive some sort of message on her phone which she made her excuse herself to go have whatever it is.

Amelia stared at his eyes that were following every of her step before she sat down beside him, while he also shifted to face her. Her eyes blinked uninformed as she couldn’t tolerate how he was looking at her. Did Mina apply something strange to her body before leaving? She thought while she watched him dropping the book he was reading in the space beside him.
“I can see how tensed you are about the result.” He said while resting his hands on his knees stretching his neck forward.
“Which is why I am thinking there might something special the result would have done to you if you make it to the TOP THREE.” Dean further said only to hear her clearing her throat. He thought she was about to say something but rather, she adjusted her position on the sofa.
“I feel something is bothering you, which the result might help to get right, and maybe sharing it with me. Why are you being too secretive? Don’t you see me as your friend enough the way I am seeing you?” Dean filled the ground up with his talks.
“What should I say? I already told you that nothing is wrong. Has Tiana fed you with something?” Amelia asked then heard him chuckling
“Things like what?” Dean asked raising his head at her while also maintaining close eye contact with her.
“I don’t know. Maybe what can make you a detective like her.” She managed to say while taking her eyes which has been reciprocating with his stare to the ground.
Dean chuckled softly while the thought of the meeting ran through his mind. It’s just two days remaining
“I don’t mean to intrude, but my curiosity wouldn’t just let me be. How has your preparation for the meeting been? Any positive response to that from your parents?” He asked then noticed how her eyes nearly left their socket after hearing that. She looked worried or sort.
“I haven’t been able to speak with my parents, but Mina already gave me an idea which I think would help.” She replied while focusing her eyes on the window that as been going back and fro. She has been sparing it some glance for awhile, something in her mind told her It would break down if it continues. She felt the need to lock it, if she didn’t do that air would bl-w it open uninformed. And without giving it further doubt, she excused herself to go when she realized him holding on to her right arm.
She looked behind her to know what was going on but what happened next caught her off guard as Dean already made her to sit back making her feel somewhat nervous. She furrowed her eyes at him for explanation about what just happened when he released a slight smile.
“Seeing how worried and helpless you’ve been because of me made me feel responsible for whatever reason that is keeping you busy with different thoughts. ” Dean started speaking with his hand still holding on to her arm while she relaxed her back properly on the sofa speechless.
“I’m thinking that you should relax. I believe everything would be fine. You said Mina gave you an idea of what to do right?” He asked while she nodded her head in confirmation
“Try that first and let’s hope it works. Now will you relax your brain? I feel it might burst if this thinking doesn’t get pended for now.” Dean joked while she laughed. Smile crept on his l-ips after watching her laughed and knowing he has just been able to at least get things better.
After minutes has passed with them just staring at each other’s eyes, she sees him as someone who knows a way to help her get over her worries. Not knowing or better say not imagining what suddenly came on her. She shifted closer to him and rested her head on his broad chest without giving him an idea.
He looked entirely shocked about what she just did but he instantly understood what she must have been going through. She needs someone to assure her that everything would be fine. “SHE DOESN’T WANT TO BREAK HER PROMISE TO DEAN, NEITHER DOES SHE WANTS TO OUTLOOK HER PARENT’S CONTRIBUTION.”
“Everything would fall into the right places right?” She sluggishly asked him while she kept her eyes closed on his chest, then kept her left hand on his knees. With Dean still holding on to her right hand which he released afterwards before patting her back.
Not minding the presΒ£nt condition that they are he assured “Everything will fall into places”. After hearing this Amelia adjusted her head on his chest while he also w-rapped his hands a bit tΒ‘ght on her back.

Will Amelia make it to the top three?

Did Amelia really sighted Brad??

How will the discussion with Mrs Lee go?

Who felt that bond when Amelia rested her head on his chest?πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ What’s taking place between them? Pls say your mindπŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜« πŸ˜ŒπŸ’. Did you love this episode?

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