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Key to love episode 70

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πŸ”‘πŸ”‘ KEY TO LOVE πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’
πŸ”πŸ”(It’s in your heart)❀️❀️❀️
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

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πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™Chapter 70πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

“Is your head aching? Are you catching a cold?” He asked with concern where they sat down together.
“M head aches slightly but I am feeling better,” She replied with a faint smile after which she rubbΒ£d her forehead tiredly.
“Hope I didn’t make you pass through stress before getting this,” She asked while referring to the new dress she was wearing.
“I asked my guard to get it, is it perfectly your size? Can you manage with it?’ He asked.
“I had to describe what you are like to him since I didn’t know your size,” Alfred told to her.
“It’s nice… Thaks Alfred,” Mina nervously appreciated.
How special is the day!? Alfred danced with her, he saved her from the pool when she she was close to drowning, he wiped her w€t body, he got her a new dress, and now he’s discussing freely with her. He even cared for her even though they’ve never been close friends in the past! What should today be called?
“My pleasure. Do you feel better now?” He asked after grinning back at her.
“I’m fine… Just worried about Amelia, can’t I go and check on her yet? She must have woken up,” Mina said eagerly
“Why are you eager to meet her? She will be fine,” Alfred requested
“I don’t know how she’s doing, I’m worried,” She worriedly answered
“Dean is also worried about her and he’s with her,” Alfred assured
“I am not satisfied leaving him and her together, he has been cold to her lately, nobody knows what he would do to her in there! Dean can be a beast!!” Mina costlessly told to him.
“He can’t harm her, this will only force them to resolve their differences,” Alfred stated
“What difference? They have nothing alike, Mina scoffed in disapproval
“There’s something that I discovered, he loves Amelia,” He stated simply
“He doesn’t love her, he loves someone else,” Mina declined
“I don’t know what made you say that but, if it was what I saw today, he’s madly Inlove with Amelia.”
“I don’t want to be with you,” Amelia repeated then removed his hand that was holding her wrist.
“I know you are mad at me. I could not do anything to make you know how sorry I am, please don’t do this!” Dean stood up to say
“Were you expecting me to believe you? After making me know your heart can’t beat for anyone else, you told me you don’t know me.” ”You confessed to me that you can’t fall Inlove with somebody else aside Flora!”
”What is left to think of about you?” Amelia said in a cold tone
“It was my grave mistake, I didn’t mean my words, I might have said it out but I meant none of them, I just acted according to my frustrations” Dean replied guiltily
“Frustrations? You should have asked me before concluding on what to do. I want to blame Brad for this but, realizing you hurting me over what Brad told hurt me deeper,” Amelia said
“I wouldn’t have done it if I knew… I’m sorry!” Dean pleaded
“Will your sorry bring back my lost state of mind? Can you….” She suddenly held her head in excruciating pain.
“Take a seat… You were not supposed to shout, do you feel better?” He asked with care.
Within a glint of an eye, his hand which was resting on her shoulder got yanked away.
“Don’t touch me! Stay away from me!!” Amelia yelled out with her hand still holding her head.
“I’m sorry… I won’t touch you, don’t yell to avoid your head aching further,” Dean told to her
“Don’t act like you care! You never cared! Seeing you frustrates me,” Amelia shouted at him.
” I’m sorry… Amelia please, just a chance to prove it that I care for you. I need a chance to show how I feel towards you,” Dean pleaded
“You don’t need to show me anymore, I have seen everything.” She muttered then raised her head to maintain a stare with his eyes.
“Hurting me because of what you were told, you were okay with staying away from you, you acted like you never knew me!” She blurted out
“What else do you have to show me aside from that? Is there more to come?” Amelia asked in a whisper, but he was able to understand all she said since he was closer to her.
“I have love to show. I have different care to show! I want to make you happy for being mine. I want to rectify my mistakes and in all, I want you to be mine,” Dean explained while also staring directly at her eyes.
Amelia blinked her eyes constantly away from his, “What must be done? She doesn’t want him!!” She reminded herself.
“I don’t feel anything for you maybe I used to, but you’ve killed any sort of emotion I feel towards you,” She began saying
“I thought I wanted you around me, finding out what made you abstain from me only make me want to stay apart from you, we can’t have any relationship together. Please stay away from me!” She completed her words
“You can’t do this to me, you won’t do that to me. My heart is racing rapidly presΒ£ntly, I feel so broken, why are you doing this? You told me that you had feelings for me!!” Dean rushed his words in fright.
“Had! The feeling has gone! You don’t expect me to feel anything for you after treating me in such way! Were you expecting me to?” Amelia fired back
“I already apologized.. what must I do? I blamed myself for everything! I told you I would rectify my mistakes!” Dean’s words came in a shaky voice.
The silence which followed his words can’t be measured. Amelia remained quiet without a word tell to him aside her l-ips that were formed into thin line.
Dean looked up to her l-ips which were shut to open and say something but it was all in vain, she acted unconcerned on whatever came out of his mouth.
“How did you end up in the water? Did you fall or sl-ipped? What happened?” Dean demanded.
“I didn’t fall by myself. I was pushed into it but you shouldn’t bother knowing, it’s all gone…” She answered then stood up from the bΒ£d.
”I need free space, I find it difficult to breathe because you are here, please don’t come after me,” Amelia forewarned before she started going out of the room without Dean doing anything to stop her.
“I can easily get another sleepover at your place, I can’t allow you to cry during midnight because you are dreaming about water, what if you turn into a fish?” Mina snapped at Amelia as she informed the driver to drop Mina at home.
“How did you fall in the water? Were you sleeping? You wanted to drown yourself just because of Dean?” Mina who realized her silence questioned.
“I didn’t fall on my own, I was pushed into the water by Tiana,” She told to her.
“Tiana pushed you!? How is that possible… Did you fight with her? How could she have done that!?”Mina shockingly questioned.
“I was by the pool edge when she came, I heard footsteps but before I could turn, she pushed me forward into the water.” Amelia shared.
“I don’t know why she did that, but I knew it was intentionally done by her,” she explained
“That bi*ch!! How could she have done that!! I’m going to teach her a lesson once I set my eyes on her! I will rip her head off!!” Mina threatened with her teeth gritted together in annoyance.
“Don’t think about her for now. I will revenge but it’s not now.. let her enjoy the victory for awhile she won’t see her downfall coming. It was her bad luck that I survived,” Amelia said to ease Mina’s mind.
”Who saved you from the water? Was it Dean?” Mina asked after battling with herself to be patient.
“Alfred came to help me while Dean also saved you.” ”You were becoming breathless when he brought you out of the pool,” Mina informed
“I couldn’t help myself anymore in the water so, I stopped battling with the water.” ” Did I wake up after having a nap?” Amelia turned her head to Mina for an answer.
“You woke up after Dean used MOUTH TO MOUTH REMUNERATION for you!” Mina replied
“What!! Dean k-ssed me!?” Amelia exclaimed.
”He only did that to help you, I understood that was why I haven’t killed him yet, ”Mina assured.
“What will everyone presΒ£nt be thinking about me now? They must have taken pictures of that!” Amelia disgustedly mumbled
“No idea about that… Did Dean say anything to you in there? You came out in anger, did he act like a nuisance in there? Is it needed for me to rip him apart too?” Mina questioned.
“He confessed what he feels towards me,”” she stated.
” Dean confessed that He’s Inlove with me, he asked me to be his,” She added in silence
“You deserve everything she did! I told you didn’t I?” Damon said to him after he finished explaining what took place between him and Amelia.
That remembrance won’t help me, I need Amelia!” Dean said
“Were you not happy to tell me you’ve gotten rid of the emotion you feel as you don’t love her?” Damon asked
“I’d said that, it was just a word that dropped out of my mouth when I was upset, after seeing her condition today, I knew what I feel towards Amelia,” Dean answered
“You are not going to give up on her? Even when she doesn’t want to be with you?” Damon scoffed
“I understand her anger, I would have done the same if she did that to me.” Dean started speaking
”It must have been tough to understand getting punished for what she knew nothing about, but Amelia also loves me!” Dean confidently explained
“I’m glad you realize that faster than I expected…” Damon said
“What must I do? I want Amelia to be mine. I LOVE HER!” Dean mumbled
“How did she get in the water? Did you find out from her?” Damon asked
“She refused to tell me… I’m still wondering on whom it may be,” Dean answered
“Convince her with everything you know, let her see through you what you feel towards her. You are her first love, of course, she may not understand how she feels,” Damon advised.
“I was once told by her that she had feelings for me,” Dean absΒ£ntmindedly muttered
“Make use of my words and stop meditating, she won’t be yours if you continue this way!” Damon told to him.
“I got this for you when I went to the cafeteria, I’ve seen you with it numerous times, so I got it, probably you might like it,” he dropped the pack of snacks on the desk before having a sit.
“I would like to say Thank You… But I don’t want.” ”Thanks!” She rejected them after eyeing the snacks.
“Should I get another one if you don’t want this? I can get you another one,” He offered
“I never requested for this in the first place!” Amelia angrily snapped.
“But I’ve gotten it for you already, I got it with love in my heart,” Dean said.
Not a word from her until she finished packing her books up;
“I’m not interested in this today, if I can’t stay here then I will leave you to stay,” she said to him then walked out of the class with her books in her arm.
Her head which was looking at the books spinned forward nervously immediately when he sat down beside her.
“I left the classroom for you, do you need to come here? Should I leave now?” She asked coldly without sparing him a glance.
“I can’t stay there without you… How long will you be mad at me?” Dean asked
“You were comfortably staying without me then, what happened now?” She snapped
“Love, the love I’m having for you but you are preventing me from showing it,” Dean stated
“Because I don’t want it, I never asked for it… I don’t want you around me! I don’t want to speak with you! I want you to stop telling me about your feeling!” Amelia cried out
“You are hurting me with your words… I can’t stay away from you!” Dean said
“Then I might stop coming to school because of you, I don’t want you to stay close to me! Stop acting as if you care!! You never cared!!” Amelia yelled at him coldly
“I care!!! I did what I did because I was jealous! I felt hurt! I thought you won’t be mine, I care for you, Amelia!!” Dean likewise yelled
“Then stop! Don’t care anymore!! Just stay away from me!! I don’t love you!!” Amelia warned while avoiding his eyes that were staring into hers.
“I won’t leave… I believe that you love me. I will continue coming till you accept me!” Dean stubbornly said
“I might just quit coming to school for you, I don’t love you!! I don’t love you, Dean!! I feel nothing towards you!! I don’t have…” His l-ips were uniformly placed on hers before she could complete her statement.
Amelia’s throat went dry as she $hΒ‘veryed in shock. Dean let their l-ips remain on each other without moving them, “Don’t break me apart, I wouldn’t have hurt you if I knew it, stop hurting me now, you know how you feel towards me!” He whispered on her l-ips.
Amelia’s heart skipped beats twice, she went mute and tried fighting against her emotion, lazily closing her eyes because she found herself becoming helpless over time. “Do you not love me? Do you not feel anything for me even when I am close to you this way? Even with our position right now?” Dean demanded then held her cheeks for support.
“I don’t feel anything for you!” Amelia shook as she eventually separated their l-ips.
“I feel nothing for you, and I won’t feel anything for you, for as long as what you did keeps on reserving itself on my head,”
She spat out coldly, having the craving to yell further but she couldn’t anymore. Before she could realize it again, he shut her up by dragging her closer to him, with the help of his hand which crawled around her [email protected]Β‘$t.
His other hand held her jaw tΒ‘ghtly, then he shut the space between their l-ips together without giving her a hint of what he was about to do.
Unlike the first time, he made sure to k-ss her without any reluctancy during the moment.
His l-ips moved around her l-ips since she doesn’t want to open her mouth. She was firstly reluctant, fighting with her emotion which overpowered her against how she was feeling.
She out of no choice opened her mouth slightly, realizing this he deepen the k-ss further.
He continued to k-ss her tenderly, allowing the emotion to take over his sΒ£nses and taking in all of her mouth with his eyes closed,
“I can’t stay away from you! You can’t despise me, just tell me you love me, then I won’t have to do this against your wish everytime he stopped the k-ss to say.
Realizing her keeping mute after what he said, he went for her l-ips once again. He grinned softly before hungrily taking in her l-ips again, butterflies danced around his stomach after knowing he still have a place in her heart.
“You said you feel nothing for me, even this way?” He asked then k-ssed her l-ips briefly again.
He knew she wouldn’t speak then he accepted to do all the talk, “I believe what you said. ” You feel nothing for me again, your feeling left since I was bad.”he muttered
Detachinv their l-ips and then allowed her to breathe to her satisfaction. ”Can a chance be given to me once again then?” He started saying, his hand was still w-rapped around her [email protected]Β‘$t.
“Allow me to fake being your boyfriend for a month if you don’t believe what I feel for you now, after then you can decide if your heart will beat for me or not,” He requested
“If I can’t win your love before then, please stay away from me forever, I won’t bother you with my feelings after that,” he stared closely at her as he speaks.
”Just before concluding on detaching me from you, give me a chance to try my best! I believe your heart once again yarn for my love!”

β€œYou can’t just keep ignoring me, Amelia. I blame myself for listening to Brad but what you expect me to do, seeing you two hugging each other so close… It broke my heart. I know you don’t want anything to do with me for now, perhaps it’s payback time for what I did. But I’m sorry and that won’t keep me off from getting close to you because I’m not giving up on you this time. Say whatever you want to me, hit me if it makes you feel better but please don’t ignore me.”

He watched her blinked her eyes nervously before speaking again,

β€œI’m still going to say this over and over again, I want you to be mine and I’m going to make you fall in love with me again within a month, if I fail you can end everything with me but if I win, you’re not just going to be my girlfriend but my woman.”
” I’ll use the month to make it up to you for what I did. please, Amelia give me a chance.”

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