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Key to love episode 74

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πŸ”‘πŸ”‘ KEY TO LOVE πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’
πŸ”πŸ”(It’s in your heart)❀️❀️❀️
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

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πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™Chapter 74πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

“You never believed me when I convinced that they will come back together, now they’ve started going out,” He says with an enchanting smile.
Each time she looks at him she doesn’t want to look away, as she had to stop herself from drooling over him in his presΒ£nce. Been invited by him for breakfast and now they are communicating casually, how often do people find time to connect?
“I wouldn’t have declined if I knew about it earlier,” She replied with a faint smile.
“Since when have you been friends with Amelia?” He asked,
Only her was eating, Alfred has touched the cutleries yet, his two hands which were crossed together on his chest, and his eyes examining her every move as she eats, his gaze alone her makes her feel nervous.
“We met then when I resumed as a new student in 3rd grade, I will say our friendship started since then,” Mina answered briefly.
“Why give me short details, I want to know about the occasion that takes place, I’ve always cherished your friendship but I never knew how you two became friends,” Alfred expressed his curiosity.
Mina drank from the bottle of her water, putting her l-ips into a thin line as she has eventually devoured her food entirely, Alfred’s food remained untouched in front of his table, she wondered if he bought the food just to trash it if he wasn’t hungry in the first instance.
“Do you want them to bring anything for you?” Alfred asked with a smile while she cleaned her hand with a napkin.
Mina shook her head in declination after which she smiled softly; “Thanks for the food!” She appreciated.
“Now that you are done eating, will you tell me how your friendship started with Amelia?” Alfred instead of answering asked.
“Why does he want to know?” She thought but couldn’t say it out, maybe he was just trying to build a conversation with her.
“I was coming out of the cafeteria when I’d bump into her, she wasn’t at fault since I was too busy going through the school map on my phone that I didn’t bother looking at where I was heading to,”
“I expected her to yell at me just like other frustrated girls would but she didn’t, she apologized immediately before I could even when she wasn’t at fault, that amazed me more about her,”
“I found her nature sweet and after we departed, we both were in the same grade, that’s another coincidence,” Mina shared.
“Was she the one that speak with you after that?” Alfred asked with his eyes focusing on her, she wondered if he has been staring strongly at her face or probably her forehead.
If only she dares to stare back at him without her eyes blinking stupidly,
“I have forgotten how it happened but we started talking and I will say that we became close through that,” She replied
“I thought she was a sweet and a calm girl, I never knew craziness resides in her skull till we became friends,” Mina uttered at the last part of her words and Alfred didn’t stop himself from laughing out crazily.
“I was expecting that..”Alfred said amidst laughter and Mina also was forced to laugh.
“I can’t help it. Will you tell me about yourself too?” Mina requested her words which she found early to drop from her mouth.
Alfred smiled softly, he lost himself in a brief thought before he started speaking; “When I first resumed in here I don’t interact with girls, just a few students were able to hear my voice even though the school belongs to my Dad,”
“Who met me would think I was an introvert but will never know what turned me into one suddenly,” He shared while she listens.
“How often do people change?” Alfred directed his question at her.
Her cute eyes looked down the table before saying; “Everyone changes when nature demands it, some are due to critical issues,”
“Nature didn’t change my act, it was formed by critical issues from my parents,” Alfred shared and even though Mina finds their discussion out of the blue, she was curious to know more about what he was talking about.
“I can see the curiosity in your eyes, I will brief you on how everything took place,” He assured me before leaning forward.
“I was living together with my parents in America till the age of thirteen, my mom is an American but my Dad is from Germany which makes me a half-caste of this country,” Alfred shared.
“My parents have been married before I was born and they reside in America until, Dad decided to return to his country to start managing his businesses, but, my mom doesn’t want to come with him because she also needs to look after her business over there,”
“I was young but I knew about their misunderstanding, after Dad returned to Germany, he doesn’t call Mom often because he was angry with her decision,”
“I demanded to celebrate my 14-year old birthday over here with Dad and mom needs to come with me,”
”Unexpectedly things changed after we got here as my Dad was caught with another woman in his apartment,” Mina’s mouth parted apart in surprise after she heard that.
“My mom left the country out of anger but, she left me in the company of my Dad, I had to sleep and relax with a disturbΒ£d state of mind even at my young age,” Alfred said with his expression turning cold.
“That was how I became the opposite self of me, I had to detach fr people forcefully,”
“I will say that it all changed when I met Amelia,” Mina tilted her head forward because Amelia’s name was mentioned.
“I used to come across her around the school, sadly we aren’t in the same grade but I her then,” Alfred smiled when he noticed the displeasure on Mina’s face but he didn’t speak about it.
“I overheard her discussing with you the monitor has been bullying her, I wanted to help but, I got a call to visit mom after so many years,”
“My first day back in school was amazing, my parents are back together and I got to discuss with you both, then I realized myself liking you since that day, now I am back to my better self that has grown to love someone’s presΒ£nce around him,”

“I don’t want you hanging around alone, Brad is mysterious, and even though, I don’t believe in his threats, my mind won’t concentrate if I am to leave you alone there,” Dean said while holding her hand tΒ‘ght.
“Everyone’s eyes are on us, let go of my hand Dean, I can walk properly on my own,” Amelia complained.
“You know I don’t care about them looking, why should I let go of your hand? Ain’t you my girlfriend?” Dean refused.
“But people are watching, I’m getting uncomfortable,”
“Don’t you don’t appreciate my presΒ£nce around you? You are not fine coming out with me? Were serious about not loving me anymore?” Dean let go of her hand after saying that.
“I’ve been fine with it… I just don’t want them taking pictures again, if your Dad comes across any of our pictures, what will he say?” Amelia reluctantly said.
“Absolutely nothing, he knows that I like you because I already told him, I’m just hoping for a free space to come so I can tell him you are officially my girlfriend,” Dean replied
“Our relationship is fake, do you need to discuss that with him?” Amelia scoffed
“I’m not letting go, if a month couldn’t make you fall Inlove with me, then I will plead for another month,”
Dean declared but as she never knew what to say, her mouth went shut.
“How did you feel when that lady hugged me?” Dean teased.
“What lady are you talking about?” Amelia snapped while acting like she was reading.
“The one who’s an action made you start acting cold to me. How did you feel when Mina’s sister hugged me? Remember no keeping of secrets” Dean informed.
“I was upset against my wish, what she did was crazy! Running into an opposite gender then hugging him even when he was with someone holding hands with her, in the presΒ£nce of his girlfriend!” Amelia forcefully said.
“That alone won’t let her know you are my girlfriend, what if you are a random girl?” Dean shrugged as he enjoyed seeing her jealous,
“You made her know after yelling at her, I watched everything but couldn’t hold my laughter,” Amelia replied with a smile.
“I’m ready to listen to every discussion you had with him, let’s stay over here” Amelia exclaimed.
“I’ve been dragged to be host by a locker because whom I call a friend wants to gossip,”. Mina complained then relaxed her back against the locker.
“You could have taken me to the restroom just to get a word out of my mouth, I want to know every single thing and, why are your cheeks red? Did he k-ss you?”
“How does Dean cope with you? You rant too much, take a step away from me else I will choke under your breath,” Mina informed then Amelia stepped aside.
“He discussed his family problem, even though it was awkward I had to listen because it was a sad story,” Mina shared.
“He confessed to me that he once liked you, but now, he’s has grown find of me around him,” Mina tiredly said.
“I thought you will throw a party for him telling you that? Why do you look uncomfortable?” Amelia who noticed her asked.
“Isn’t everything too much to understand, I still have to inform myself that Alfred likes me, I just find everything weird!” Mina answered.
“Calm down then, you will feel better after that,” Amelia advised.
“What happened between you and Dean when I wasn’t there?”
“What should I say? I watched Dean putting your sister in a place where she belongs without having to bother myself,” Amelia discussed happily.
“Elisa approached Dean again!? How did it happen?” Mina asked.
“Dean was explaining things to me, you know he enjoys lecturing in any free time!? Then, your sister came out unexpected after which she hugged Dean suddenly,”
“I was forced to watch that in anger but, I smiled after Dean gave her what she deserves!”
“Are you also pained like me? It can be viewed how everything has been hurting you,” His voice came out of nowhere to her.
“is it necessary to speak with me? I don’t know who you are,” She snapped after examining him.
“I knew you through wickedness but I will appreciate your smartness,” He replied
“what are you talking about unwanted talker?” She frustratedly scoffed.
“How you were heartless to the extent of pushing someone into a deep pool so that she would drown,” he rubbΒ£d her on the face.
“I don’t owe you an explanation, I did it because she deserves it,” she answered after choking on her words
“I was thinking of picking on you then but, I realized that we can work together to get what we both deserve,” he answered as he was closer enough to her.
“What do you want from me? I don’t tolerate people around me!” She yelled.
“You are compulsorily forced to tolerate me because it’s needed, I know your kind of person, it won’t be a big deal informing Dean about how you tried to murder Amelia,” he threatened and her body relaxed instantly.
“You won’t dare! What do you want from me?” She requested with her teeth gritted together.
“You shouldn’t speak too much, I can have your t0ngue cut off for raising your voice on me,” He threatened with a devilish smirk.
“My name is Brad, it should be nice meeting you, I knew your name to be Tiana,” he introduced
“I hope our working together brings us closer to what we want!” He completed then a smirk escaped the corner of his mouth.
“I asked you what you want from me, I’m not in a favorable mood, if there’s nothing to talk about I will want you to leave,” She stated with a frown on her face.
“The remedy to your problem is what I have here with me, let’s work together as a team to get what we want,”
“What do you want? What’s the need to work together?” She rejected.
“I want Amelia on my bΒ£d, but Dean wouldn’t let me have her! He’s too stubborn and it wouldn’t be nice depriving the Young Heir of his life,” Brad shrugged his shoulder innocently.
“Don’t dare harm Dean in any way, Amelia can be taken, I don’t care” Tiana warned in an angry tone.
“I have come up with something that will hasten our way to whom we want, I know you love Dean so dearly,” Brad informed.
“My plan to get Amelia will work out if you help me with my task, by doing so you also know what you will get, A chance to be with Dean,” He offered confidently.
“I’m desperate to do anything that it requires, whatever it is!” Tiana replied.
“Even if it means to die?” Brad asked then her l-ips went firm without moving, he has managed to scare her with his words.
“I won’t give you a h-rd task, just a simple task that won’t involve that block-headed Dean, just Amelia!” He told to her then smiled when she glared at him for speaking badly of Dean.
“Have a look at this piece of write-up, anyone can be watching nobody knows!” Brad said before handing her a sheet of paper that contains a few written words in it.
“Will the rest be successfully carried out after I have done my part?” She asked after she finished reading.
“You can let the remaining be thrown at me, I will succeed in it, I will give it a succession, and, everyone will get what they want,” He replied, a smirk of victory popping on his face as he realized his first move succeeding.
“Then I am ready, when should the plan be executed?”



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