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Mine the mafia possession episode 54

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Episode 54


Normani Parker, thank you for forgiv!ng me and lov!ng me despite everyth!ng. I want you to know that th£re is no one for me but you. If you were !n a room filled with different women of th£ different cla$$, I would still choose you because th£re is no one else but you. I will always choose you, th¡s time with©vt any doubt or h£sitation.” h£ paused for a brief moment before speak!ng aga!n

” Mani, I never thought I would ever love someone th£ way I love you. You made me feel aga!n, lett!ng go of every anger and pa!n I ever felt before. Wh£never I see you, I can’t h£lp but feel happ!ness fill!ng me up that it becomes too overwh£lm!ng. !n sickness, !n h£alth and !n death I will always love you. I want to grow old with you, mak!ng love as we cuddle togeth£r. I want to taste th£ meals you make even though th£y are completely horrible.” I laugh£d at th£ last part.

“why don’t we make it official, am©r£?”
Tears streamed d©wΠ my face aga!n wh£n I saw th£ mighty Nikolai Violente drop d©wΠ on one knee, tak!ng a small black box. h£ opened it, show!ng a beautiful diamond r!ng !n front of h¡m. A smile on h¡s face, fvll with©vt any h£sitation. I stared at th£ r!ng !n awe. my [email protected] on my m©vth try!ng to ¢©Πtr0| th£ tears, know!ng what was to come.

“Normani Parker, will you marry me and become Mrs Violente. ” h£ f!nally asked.

I nodded my h£ad rapidly, my entire b©dy was shak!ng to th£ core.

“yes… Yes.. Yes. I will marry you. Fresh h°t tear streamed d©wΠ my eyes as h£ took my r!ng f!ng£r, slid!ng th£ r!ng gently on my f!ng£r. S!n stood up, ₱v||!ng me up as well. h£ h£ld me t!ghtly to h¡s arms, shower!ng me with lots of klzzes and promises.

I pressed my l¡ps to h¡s, klzz!ng h¡m like never before. ” I love you. “I stared d©wΠ at th£ r!ng with a h*g£ smile on my face.

“I love you Am©r£.”

“I love you Nikolai. ” My gaze returned [email protected]¢k to th£ r!ng on my f!ng£r, i couldn’t take my eyes off and th£ smile on my face could not be wiped off.

“Let’s get ©vt of h£re.” S!n suggested, th£ look !n h¡s eyes h£ld promises of what’s to come later tonight and my breath hitch£d,I clench£d my th¡ghs togeth£r try!ng to conta!n myself.

I nodded my h£ad, agree!ng s!nce I didn’t trust my voice. Be took my [email protected] !n h¡s and we both made our way ©vt of th£ room. My steps halted wh£n we got close to th£ elevator and S!n looked at me with a puzzled look.

“What ab©vt th£ food, you didn’t get th£
bill yet.” I said po!nt!ng to th£ direction
of th£ room.

“I own th£ place, bamb!na. So don’t worry your pretty h£ad ab©vt it, it will be s£nt to me.” h£ expla!ned, h£ chuckled at my surprised reaction, dragg!ng me !nto th£ elevator. h£ pressed th£ button key, wait!ng for it to get to th£ last floor. I looked anywh£re but S!n, tak!ng deep breaths to calm myself and £r£¢ted h£art b**ts. Th£ door p!nged, open!ng and we made our way [email protected]¢k !nto th£ car.

Th£ ride [email protected]¢k to th£ mansion was filled
with tension, th£ s£×ual k!nd. I couldn’t
wait for us to get home, I wanted h¡m so badly. I had to do everyth!ng to hold myself from jump!ng on h¡m at th£ restaurant.

As soon as we got home and !nto our room, my b©dy was slammed aga!nst th£ wall with S!n l¡ps on m!ne. h¡s l¡ps let m!ne, mov!ng d©wΠ to my neck and shoulders blade as h£ s√¢ked mak!ng my breath h£retic.

h¡s l¡ps pressed on m!ne aga!n, devour!ng th£m !n soft klzzes. My [email protected] wr*₱ped @r0vnd h¡s neck while h£ bit softly on my l¡ps. I ₱v||ed away, trail!ng klzzes on h¡s cloth£d ch£st, my [email protected] on h¡s neck m©v£d to rest on h¡s hips.

I knelt d©wΠ !n front of h¡m and hurriedly unbuckled h¡s belt, dipp!ng h¡s [email protected] d©wΠ. h£ [email protected] wh£n I grabb£d hold of h¡s ¢0¢k. I took th£ tip !n my m©vth, swirl!ng my t0Πge @r0vnd it. h£ [email protected] caught a hold of my hair, grabb!ng it and bunch!ng it !nto a makeshift ponytail. I |¡¢ked my way d©wΠ h¡s shaft, tak!ng a hold of h¡s balls as I gave it a light sqv££se.

“fv¢k, Am©r£. “h£ [email protected] wh£n I bobb£d my h£ad d©wΠ, cover!ng h¡s ¢0¢k with my m©vth. I looked at h¡m !nnocently
with a little bit of tears !n my eyes while h¡s ¢0¢k sh°t at th£ [email protected]¢k of my throat. h£ started thrv$t!ng !n and ©vt, mak!ng me gag.

h¡s [email protected] on my hair t!ghtened a little,
h¡s thrv$t became f*ster, h¡s eyes shut close for a brief moment. Wh£n h£ opened h¡s eyes, th£ ₱1ea$vre was seen !n h¡s face and h¡s dark orbs darkened even m©r£.

h£ cont!nued to buckle h¡s hip f*ster till I felt h¡s h°t ¢vm !n my m©vth, some dripp!ng past my l¡ps. I wiped it off, gett!ng up to my feet. h£ took off h¡s [email protected], but left h¡s boxers on with h¡s sick tugged [email protected]¢k |ns!de.

” you’ve had your fun, now it’s my turn. ”
S!n says, claim!ng my l¡ps. h£ unzipped
th£ [email protected]¢k of my dress and it landed on th£ floor.

S!n lifted me up, wr*₱p!ng my legs @r0vnd h¡s [email protected]¡$t and carried me over to th£ b£d, [email protected]!ng me d©wΠ. h£ takes off th£ blazer and h¡s shirt, throw!ng it across th£ room.

“You look div!ne, bamb!na. ” I gulped, tak!ng !n th£ godly sight !n front of me. h£ grabb£d my leg,. ₱v||!ng me towards th£ end of th£ b£d. h£ trails h°t klzzes on my leg, mov!ng up with©vt leav!ng any bit of sk!n untouch£d. I let ©vt small wh¡mpers at how s1©w h£ was go!ng.

“Nikolai, please. ” I wh!ned, feel!ng frustrated.

” patient, am©r£. ” h£ hooked h¡s [email protected]
on my [email protected], ₱v||!ng it d©wΠ my legs and throw!ng it across th£ room.

S!n came closer, h¡s breath fann!ng my
exposed cl!t, s£nd!ng waves of ₱1ea$vre
across my b©dy. h¡s [email protected] gripped both my th¡ghs to ₱v|| me closer and f!nally h¡s l¡ps touch£d my cl!t. h£ kept on teas!ng me, not giv!ng me what I wanted. I wh!ned, buckl!ng my hips to h¡s m©vth but h£ kept repeat!ng th£ same th!ng.

“Nikolai. ” I wh!ned, mov!ng my hips towards h¡s m©vth.

h£ sl¡pped two f!ng£rs !n me with©vt any warn!ng mak!ng me throw my h£ad [email protected]¢k at th£ burn!ng s£nsation which later turned !nto ₱1ea$vre. h¡s f!ng£rs began to go !n and ©vt of me s1©wly and s£nsual while m©v£d my hips aga!nst h¡s thrv$t.

“Nikolai. ” I [email protected] wh£n I felt h¡s t0Πge |ns!de me. h£ s√¢ked on my core, add!ng m©r£ ₱1ea$vre to what I felt. I felt someth!ng build up |ns!de me, I knew that I was ab©vt to ¢vm and h£ knew it too.

“Nikolai. ” I s¢r**med ©vt !n ₱1ea$vre wh£n I felt myself be!ng close to my [email protected]

h£ klzzed th£ |ns!de of my legs, h¡s m©vth attacked my h£at and a wave of or [email protected] flowed through me like a wildfire. I [email protected], dropp!ng my [email protected] to h¡s hair, ₱v||!ng h¡m closer.

” please. ” I begged, want!ng to feel h¡m
|ns!de me. h£ klzzed me and I tasted my juice !n h¡s l¡ps. h£ ₱v||ed d©wΠ h¡s boxers, throw!ng th£m across th£ room. !n a quick !nstance h£ came up klzz!ng me aga!n, th¡s time roughly different from th£ oth£r klzzes.

h£ was dom!nant as ever, tak!ng ¢©Πtr0|
as h£ stuck h¡s t0Πge !nto my m©vth. I
breath£ h£avily wh£n h£ lets go of my Iips to uncl¡p my bra. h£ took off my bra, fl!ng!ng it across th£ room, My leg wr*₱ped @r0vnd h¡s [email protected]¡$t. h£ started klzz!ng my ch£ek, mov!ng d©wΠ to my neck and go!ng to my right br£@st, s√¢k!ng it. h£ softly p!nch£d on previously s√¢ked

” fv¢k..” I said as h£ repeated th£ same
action to th£ oth£r br£@st. I buckled my
hips, gr!nd!ng on h¡s d!¢k, mak!ng h¡m
grunt loudly.

h£ ₱v||ed h¡s m©vth away, h¡s [email protected] gripped my hips, mov!ng to my th¡ghs, $pr£@d!ng th£m furth£r apart. h£ reach£d
d©wΠ, plac!ng h¡s [email protected] on h¡s d!¢k.s1©wly mov!ng it up and d©wΠ my entrance with h¡s eyes on me.

h£ slammed !nto me with©vt any h£sitation and I [email protected], watch!ng h¡m let ©vt a deep grunt as h£ went deeper |ns!de
me, fill!ng me up. I felt like I could feel
every va!n as h£ s1©wly guided h¡mself ©vt of my ₱vzzy j√$t for h¡m to slam right [email protected]¢k |ns!de me. h¡s hips m©v£d !n a certa!n rhythm that made me [email protected] with
each ₱u$h£d |ns!de me.

“fv¢k your ₱vzzy is so t!ght.” h£ [email protected],
h¡s [email protected] found its way @r0vnd my [email protected]¡$t. Gripp!ng me, h£ thrv$t ©vt of me, j√$t to thrv$t [email protected]¢k |ns!de me at a f*st pace. My nails dragged at h¡s [email protected]¢k, mak!ng h¡m h¡ss. h£ grunts, h¡s thrv$t go!ng f*ster and th£ b£d starts to shake.

“so fv¢k!ng beautiful.” h£ wh¡spered, thrv$t!ng m©r£ f*ster and [email protected]

“fv¢k…Nikolai. ” I [email protected] wh£n h£ touch£d my sweet spot. I start to feel anoth£r [email protected] build!ng up !n me.

” don’t come yet am©r£. ” S!n [email protected], fl¡pp!ng me @r0vnd gently, so that l was Iay!ng !n my stomach. h£ raised my hips, mak!ng me lean !nto all fours.

h£ entered me with fvll force, !nvad!ng
my ₱vzzy with h¡s throbb!ng ¢0¢k. We
m©v£d togeth£r !n perfect sync. I [email protected] wh£n h£ ₱u$h£d !n deep |ns!de me, feel!ng h¡s palm smack my a$$.

“ahhh.I let ©vt a wh¡mper, not expect!ng it. I closed my eyes, my hips buckled up and d©wΠ h¡s d!¢k. h£ reach£d up, plac!ng h¡s [email protected] at th£ [email protected]¢k of my h£ad. Grabb!ng a chunk of my hair, yank!ng me up, h¡s face close to my ear.

I smiled to myself wh£n I felt h¡s warm
breath !n my ear, mak!ng my ₱vzzy throb even m©r£ than it already is.

” mmmmm.” I [email protected], th£ feel!ng beneath my stomach started to get stronger. With!n a second I [email protected], ¢vmm!ng [email protected] My [email protected]¢k ach£d aga!nst h¡s stomach and h£ smacked my a$$, still pound!ng !nto me.I m©v£d my hips [email protected]¢kwards, collid!ng with h¡s thrv$t, mov!ng [email protected]¢k each time h£ m©v£d forward.

“fv¢k like that, don’t stop. ” h¡s words
made me m©v£ my hips even f*ster. With!n a second h£ pulse |ns!de me at a rapid rate. I m©v£d my a$$ s1©wly, earn!ng
a long and [email protected] [email protected] from h¡m. h£ ₱v||ed away, ©vt of me and I laid on th£ b£d with a contented smile on my face, h£ fl¡pped me over. h£ [email protected] wr*₱ped @r0vnd my [email protected]¡$t and h£ dragged my tired b©dy closer to h¡m, my h£ad rested on h¡s [email protected] ch£st. I h£ard h¡s h£art b**t!ng f*st as h£ tried to hold h¡s breath j√$t like me.

“Are you okay am©r£, I hope l wasn’t too rough.” I raised my h£ad up to stare at h¡s face to see h¡s brows furrowed togeth£r.

“don’t worry, I’m okay. !n Fact I’m beyond okay. ” I giggled, and h£ chuckled !n amusement.

“And th£ baby. ” h£ asked aga!n, with a
h!nt of concern.

“if th£ baby was !n any harm, I would have told you. Quit worry!ng. ” I pecked h¡s ch£ek and h£ smiled. I rested my h£ad [email protected]¢k on h¡s ch£st, our [email protected]£d b©dy tangled togeth£r. My l¡ps parted, lett!ng ©vt a soft yawn while my eyes were s1©wly clos!ng, my b©dy tired from th£ night exercise. I was so close to drift!ng off, wh£n I h£ard S!n wh¡sper softly and my l¡ps subconsciously raised up !n a smile.

“Good night, soon to be Mrs Violente.

” Good night Mr Violente.”

Chai as I wake up na h£!n I wrote th¡s episode🤤🤤, you guys shud close your eyes wh£n read!ng it o😌😌😌😌

Wh£n m done with th¡s story make una dey get my reward ready o 🙈🙈 I must collect 😌is not easy

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