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My s*xcapades In The North episode 25 – finale

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F!nal episode

~My s€×capedes !n th£ north~

**Contd. ([email protected]¢k to th£ scene at th£ NYSC camp)**

Pr!nce and I j√$t came !nto camp one even!ng. We were pa$$!ng by th£ field, wh£n I h£ard someone s¢r**m, ‘Dioxidane!!!’.

** 😮 Huh? Who knows h¡m???**

I didn’t recognize th£ voice immediately so I turned @r0vnd and saw someone runn!ng towards me with bounc!ng b©©bs !n h£r white t-shirt and white bumshorts and $h£ jumped on me…

** 😮 Ch¡sos!! **

Me: 😮 Esse! Look at you!!!

$h£ h£ld me so t!ght that I almost suffocated. $h£ had ga!ned weight a little bit but was still as beautiful as ever. I was lost for words. Pr!nce j√$t looked at us, wonder!ng wh£re we knew each oth£r.

Me: Pr!nce, met Esse, my long lost love… Esse, Pr!nce my buddy…

Th£y shook [email protected] and exchanged pleasantries.

We went to my usual spot at th£ Mammy market, while Pr!nce went to th£ volley ball court to watch th£ game go!ng on.

‘Wow, so you were posted to Kats!na, I never knew’, Esse said immediately we sat d©wΠ.

Me: Like you ¢ar£d :-\

Esse: Why would you say that na, you know I ¢ar£d ab©vt you…

Me: You try well well… Wait o, what happened, why are you serv!ng now? I thought you would have f!ni$h£d serv!ng…

Esse: My dear, it’s a long story… Don’t worry, we have enough time to gist ab©vt it… So how is th¡s place? Is it ok?

Me: If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t be h£re na…

Esse: I applied for relocation, but !n case it doesn’t work, lemme prepare my m!nd for th£ worst. You stay !n th£ corpers lodge?

Me: Naa, I rented an apartment…

Esse: Thank God, I’ve gotten wh£re I would stay before I travel…

Me: I dey collect rent o…

Esse: **Laughs**

We cont!nued talk!ng ab©vt past events, ab©vt school and oth£r stuffs wh£n Pr!nce and Lola (my ‘babe’) came to meet us. I !ntroduced Esse to Lola and it was obvious from Lola’s facial expression that $h£ wasn’t happy with Esse’s pres£nce.

**Ladies and jealousy**

Pr!nce said Shade was at th£ cl!nic so we all went th£re to meet h£r.

Esse later saw us off to th£ gate while Lola rema!ned with h£r friend at th£ cl!nic. $h£ h£ld me like we were a couple while we walked to th£ gate. $h£ still wore th£ same fragrance after so many years and I couldn’t h£lp but rek!ndle my lost feel!ngs for h£r. $h£ later went [email protected]¢k to h£r hostel after exchang!ng numbers and promis!ng to call me later that night.

Could it be that I still had feel!ngs for h£r after so many years? I didn’t understand how I felt. It was so confus!ng. I thought I was totally over h£r.

I was now plagued with two choices regard!ng girls !n th£ camp. Do I cont!nue with Lola, or get [email protected]¢k with Esse?

I laid d©wΠ on my b£d with confus!ng thoughts !n my h£ad as to which of th£m to go for, s!nce both of th£m were !n camp. Th£y were still to spend m©r£ than one week !n camp and th£re was no way I could avoid th£m or avoid go!ng to camp altogeth£r.

I had a call from Lola…

Me: h£llo…

Lola: Dear, have you gotten home?

Me: Yes…

Lola: What are you do!ng?

Me: Ly!ng d©wΠ…

Lola: Have you eaten?

Me: Yes…

Lola: What did you eat?

Me: Spag…

Lola: Th¡s one that you are giv!ng me one l!ners, are you sure you are f!ne?

Me: I’m f!ne…

Lola: Ok o… Goodnight…

Me: Goodnight…

Guys, ladies, wh£never someone gives you a response like that you s£nse th£re is trouble, right? Exactly! I guess that was what Lola s£nsed ‘cos $h£ called [email protected]¢k almost immediately.

Me: Yeah?

Lola: Dioxidane, what’s happen!ng?

Me: Wh£re?

Lola: S!nce I saw you th¡s even!ng, you’ve been act!ng weird…

Me: I’m sorry, I’ve not j√$t been myself… Don’t worry, I’ll be f!ne…

Lola: Are you sure?

Me: Yeah…

Lola: Or should I come tomorrow?

Me: 😮 You want to come to town?

Lola: I’ll come if you want me to… My roommate got permission to go ©vt today, so I’ll see if th£y would allow me tomorrow…

Me: Ok, no problem… Lemme know wh£n you are ©vt of camp so that I’ll direct you…

Lola: Alright dear… Sweetdreams…

Me: You too…

So Lola was com!ng over. ‘I no dey go work tomorrow be that’, I thought. I was still ‘m!nd-sch£dul!ng’ my activities for th£ next day wh£n Esse called.

We talked at length and $h£ talked ab©vt how much $h£ missed me and how $h£ remembered all we shared !n th£ past. $h£ asked if $h£ could come to town th£ next day and I said NO!

**You wan spoil package for me?:-\**

$h£ asked if I would be com!ng to camp and I told h£r that if I was com!ng, I’ll let h£r know.

Th£ next day, I didn’t go to work. I had to prepare for th£ ‘match’ at [email protected] Pr!nce called and asked wh£re we would meet before we went to camp and I gave h¡m th£ gist of what transpired th£ previous day.

At ab©vt 9:30am, wh£n I knew morn!ng parade would have been over, I called Lola to know wh£n $h£ would be com!ng. h£r number didn’t go through. I called several times, it still didn’t go through.

I didn’t have Shade’s number so I called Pr!nce to ask if h£’s spoken with h£r that day and h£ said h£ had not…

**Ah an… w€t!n dey happen???**

Th£re was usually electricity supply !n th£ camp, and even wh£n it was ©vt, you could always pay to charge your phone or oth£r devices, so I didn’t know why h£r phone was switch£d off.

I was still th!nk!ng ab©vt what to do wh£n Malama Aisha called me…

I was still th!nk!ng ab©vt what to do wh£n Malama Aisha called me.

Me: h£llo… :-\

MA: Dioxidane, yaya ne? (How are you?)

Me: Lafiya lau…

MA: Kana !na? (Wh£re are you?)

Me: !na gidan (I’m at home)

MA: You didn’t go to work today?

Me: I didn’t…

MA: Are you busy now?

Me: I’m k!nda busy… Hope no problem?

MA: Not really… I didn’t go to work today, I was th!nk!ng if you could come over…

Me: No probs, wh£n I’m through with what I’m do!ng, I’ll come over…

MA: Ok, I’ll be expect!ng you…

**You seriously wi$h£d! :-\ I don repent abeg!**

Immediately I ended th£ call, Pr!nce called and told me to open my gate. We didn’t even go !n before h£ began gist!ng me ab©vt what happened….

Pr!nce: Bros, gbege dey o…

Me: 😮 w€t!n dey happen?

Pr!nce: Wh£n you ended th£ call earlier, Shade called and gave me th£ news…

Me: Which kyn suspense be th¡s na? What news???

Pr!nce: Na Esse and Lola o…

Me: Eh£n, talk na w€t!n happen???

Pr!nce: Th£y had a fight !n th£ hostel th¡s morn!ng…

Me: 😮 Ukandu!! Because of w€t!n na???

Pr!nce: You of course, who else…

Me: Huh??? Which kyn talk be that one na…

Pr!nce: You be h£ro o, wey girls dey fight for your h£ad..

Me: Stop that kyn ₱|@y abeg… Wait o, dem fight-fight, abi na quarrel-fight?

Pr!nce: Th£y said th£y quarreled and abused each oth£r, no be fight be that?

Me: Na wa o…

Among th£ th!ngs I don’t understand ab©vt women is why th£y would fight over a guy. I wouldn’t fight anoth£r guy because of any woman, so I j√$t didn’t understand why some girls did that. Love? Naa… And to th!nk some guys still do that, wh£n th£re are m©r£ girls than guys on earth? Utterly ridiculous!!

I called Lola wh£n Pr!nce left. h£r number didn’t still go through so I decided to call Esse. $h£ narrated what really happened.

$h£ said $h£ went to fetch water that morn!ng from th£ tap ©vtside th£ hostel. Th£re were many oth£r girls that came to fetch water too so th£y k!nda formed a long queue. Lola came from nowh£re and wanted to jump th£ queue ’cause Shade was already th£re at th£ front. Oth£r girls disagreed with h£r and it k!nda led to an exchange of words b£tweeΠ th£m. Th£ argument became h£ated and Lola began direct!ng words at Esse. Talk led to talk and th£y began call!ng th£mselves names and nearly fought, before th£y were f!nally separated.

I was stunned! So th£se th!ngs still happened !n real life. I thought it was only !n Nollywood movies it happened. $h£ asked if I went to work and I told h£r I was at home. $h£ said $h£ got permission to go ©vt of camp and $h£ wanted to visit me. $h£ asked me to s£nd my address to h£r and I told h£r not to worry ab©vt that. I told h£r I’ll speak directly to th£ bike-man wh£n $h£ came ©vt…..

Ab©vt two hours later, $h£ got to my place. To say I was mesmerized would be an understatement. If it was ‘jazz’ $h£ used, I would say it really did a number on me ’cause immediately I saw h£r, I was totally smitten. I know it wasn’t ‘jazz’ because th£ feel!ng I was experienc!ng at that moment was th£ same feel!ng I experienced wh£n I was !n school. That was before $h£ broke my h£art.

Did $h£ really break my h£art? ‘Walahi’ $h£ did!! I remember th!nk!ng ab©vt h£r wh£n I was supposed to be read!ng, th!nk!ng ab©vt h£r while eat!ng, dream!ng ab©vt h£r… Even !n th£ exam!nation hall, wh£n I was supposed to be answer!ng questions, I was th!nk!ng ab©vt h£r. It was that bad! But after h£r, no oth£r girl had that power over me. I became ‘h£artless’, so th£re was noth!ng to break.

But now, with us !n my room gist!ng and rem!nisc!ng ab©vt th£ time we spent !n th£ past and th£ th!ngs we shared, I was once aga!n hav!ng a ‘h£art’ – and it had already began melt!ng for h£r. I still wonder how that happened…

Talk led to talk and we later straffed. It was not too spectacular, but it made me realize that I still loved and ¢ar£d for h£r even after all th£se years.

I didn’t want to ask h£r ©vt aga!n, for fear of anoth£r rejection.

But $h£ told me $h£ didn’t have a boyfriend, and I really needed someone I could settle d©wΠ with, someone I could get married to. I knew I didn’t love all th£ oth£r girls enough to get married to th£m. I had less than two months to spend !n service, so it was paramount to me that I had someone I could get married to.

Some days before th£y came ©vt of camp, I f!nally asked h£r ©vt. And $h£ accepted! Yes! $h£ f!nally accepted after so many years!

I was overjoyed! ‘I would marry th¡s girl!’, I thought. I decided to stay away from th£ rema!n!ng girls !n my life. Za!nab? Strike that! Malama Aisha? Strike that! Lola? $h£ even refused to talk to me till $h£ left camp.

Th£ camp f!nally came to an end. Lola and Shade were relocated to Ogun state. Esse’s relocation didn’t come through and $h£ was even posted to Funtua LGA, which is very far from Kats!na LGA. I made arrangements and $h£ got reposted [email protected]¢k to Kats!na LGA and $h£ stayed with me.

Th£re comes a time !n a man’s life wh£n h£ realizes that life is not all ab©vt hav!ng fun with girls and ₱|@y!ng @r0vnd. One needs to get matured and responsible so as to be a ‘husband material’ as h£ looks for a ‘wife material’. It is wh£n you are good that you attract good girls toward yourself (not !n all cases though).

I determ!ned with!n myself to be responsible. No m©r£ ₱|@y!ng @r0vnd. No m©r£ straff!ng. I was determ!ned to be faithful and committed to my relationship with Esse. I wasn’t married to h£r but I treated and respected h£r like $h£ was. I was determ!ned to marry h£r immediately I secured a good job.

My service to th£ country was f!nally over! It was fun while it lasted. I secured a short contract with one of th£ telecommunication companies !n Kats!na, so I stayed [email protected]¢k.

It was actually because of Esse I stayed [email protected]¢k.

Esse and I cont!nued stay!ng togeth£r while $h£ served and I worked…

You know what th£y say that it isn’t good for a guy and a girl who are not married to stay togeth£r? Well, I’ll say it’s very true. One of th£se th!ngs happen. It’s eith£r th£ guy beg!ns to get tired of th£ girl, or th£ girl beg!ns to girl tired of th£ guy. And wh£n that happens, you beg!n to see traits that th£ girl/guy exhibits that you can’t (or wouldn’t want to) manage, and s!nce you are not married, you can easily opt ©vt.

If you were married, and perhaps had children, you would def!nitely f!nd ways to manage your spouse and make your marriage work. Th¡s is my op!nion, and I stand to be corrected.

!n my case, I began to notice th!ngs I was previously bl!nd to because of th£ love I had for Esse. I noticed $h£ always made sure h£r phone was locked wh£never $h£ dropped it. I didn’t attach too much importance to it ‘cos I respect people privacy and I don’t like anyone pry!ng !nto my phone and so I didn’t do that to oth£rs.

But be!ng a very !nquisitive person, one day while $h£ was !n th£ bathroom, I saw h£r phone on th£ b£d and I had a peek at it. Obviously $h£ forgot to lock it because it was unlocked.

Wh£re is th£ first place you ch£ck on a phone wh£n you are on ‘detective’ mode? Messages, right? That was exactly wh£re I ch£cked first. No messages! All th£ messages were deleted, both s£nt and received – !nclud!ng th£ ones I s£nt.


What is th£ next th!ng you ch£ck? Pictures, right? I ch£cked h£r pictures and I didn’t f!nd any of my pictures on h£r phone. I saw pictures of oth£r guys… None of m!ne! Wh£n I occasionally use h£r pictures as my DP.


I dropped th£ phone and kept it [email protected]¢k th£ way $h£ left it.

**Red flag 1!**

Anoth£r th!ng was th£ fact that Esse was dirty! It’s quite a unfortunate that most pretty, beautiful, sweet girls you see on th£ streets, look!ng so clean and posh !n th£ir attires and make-up live !n very dirty apartments. I still stand to be corrected.

It’s so annoy!ng that most times, th£ guys usually don’t know th¡s because th£ girls usually expect th£m wh£n th£y are visit!ng and th£y make th£ir rooms or apartments squeaky clean. If you really want to know a girl that’s really clean, try visit!ng h£r unannounced. You j√$t might be disappo!nted.

I’m not a ‘neat freak’. I’m j√$t a person who loves liv!ng !n a clean environment and I expected that s!nce $h£ was a lady, with all h£r ‘f!ne-girl’ th!ngs, $h£ would be neater than I am or at least as neat as I was. Unfortunately, $h£ was not!

**Red flag 2!**

Esse was a spender! Jeez!! Why would one use 4K to cook a pot of soup that would last for, at most, 3 days??? And we were !n th£ north??? What if we stayed at PH??? Wh£n I stayed alone, I didn’t spend that much cook!ng, and I ate well.

**Red Flag 3!**

Is th¡s what marriage was all ab©vt??? Thank God I had not proposed marriage to h£r yet!

I tried reason!ng with h£r ab©vt th£se issues, but obviously $h£ wouldn’t have any of it. $h£ argued and nagged wh£never I corrected h£r or told h£r what $h£ had done was wrong, so I stopped it. I j√$t tolerated h£r because I knew my time !n th£ North was limited.

Time flew quickly and before I knew it, it was th£ end of th£ year. My contract with th£ company was over. Mumsy had already been both£r!ng me to come [email protected]¢k home. I already had my Certificate of Service. That $h£et of A4 paper I spent one year of my life to achieve!

So I f!nally traveled ©vt of Kats!na to Lagos togeth£r with Esse… To return aga!n? Time will tell…

Th£ END…
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