New Girl On Block

New Girl On Block – episode 1

New girl on block
Episode 1

Elias pov
My name is elias am seventeen years old live in a family of two me and my sis with my sis as d elderest and as me as d youngest she is twenty years old her name is loveth she is my advisor and my best friend wen it comes to ask someone on advice on how to flirt with girls she is friendly and currently dating someone his name is destiny nice guy sory back to me am a tall guy d hottest in my sch and also the best football player who if u can imagine d fame I have girls drill over me some send me nude pictures of their body while some are literally in my face all d girls in sch loved me even some outside sch too
I thought I could get any girl I want not until she came(the new girl on block) her name is dalia she is a pretty not very pretty but she is more pretty than normal girl she is kind of slightly very pretty she is a tall girl but am taller than her slightly she lives two house away from my house her house is as big as mine but I think my compound space is bigger judging from the looking but still not confirm it all started during a Saturday morning I was walking after coming back from the gym had earphones on and pressing my phone wen I suddenly boomed into someone I looked up to see her looking at me angry I knew I was d one at fault but wait for her to say sorry becos that wat other girls do she surprised me by asking are u not going to apologize I said no that she should be d one apologing that if she did I may consider having a one night stand with her but wat she did next  surprised me

Elias pov
After saying that I was expecting her to quickly apologise and show some kind attitude sed-ctive towards me like other girls do wen I tell dem something like that but she didn’t shw even started laughing loudly like wat I said was some comedy I could see tiny tears fall from her eyes due to the laugh itwas really getting on my nerve she laughed for over two minutes then she stop and I continued y are u laughing I ask and she said becos of wat u said do u think am so cheap slut that would want to have a night stand with u infact I don’t want any stand with a person like u proud as a peac*ck she said finishing her statement u even look like a monkey and with that she walked away I was shock beyond expression I had never I repret never been called a monkey before I was d exact opposite of a monkey am not ugly I used my eyes to look for her I saw her passing my house I quickly wen after her held her hands and said wat did u say back there and she said ohhh u didn’t hear me I said u look like a monkey from a zoo I think u even belong there I was angry so I did wat every girl would ask for from me other yhan s€× I k-ssed her she pulled away immediately and slapped the hell out of me I was over shock (if it is possible) she left me and walked to her house two houses away from mine I quickly recovered from the slap and entered my house

Emma pov
I was going home I went to check out my new school I was walking wen I colided with a strong body I fell down I quickly stood up to see a boy was my age he was sweating meaning he was just coming back from the gym he had earphones on he removed them (the earphones) and was looking at me there was silence I broke the silence ain’t you going to apologise he said no but u should I ask why he said cos if you did I meant consider having a one night stand with you he said smirking I looked at him and then started laughing I laughed real hærd I could even feel tiny brick of tears on my eyes due to my hærd laugh I wiped away the tears looked at him saying I would never I repeat never wat a one night stand or any stand with a monkey like u I said smiling and quickly left him there I was just to houses away from my house wen dis bastard appeared in my front again saying wat did u say I said ohh u didn’t hear me I said u look like a monkey and dat you belong to the zoo he looked puzzled I was about to leave him there wen he pulled me to him and k-ssed me I quickly pull out and gave him a hot resounding slap I quickly ran to my house luckily nobody was at home I quickly went to my room and closed d door I cried my heart out it pained my dat my first k-ss was taken forceful by dat bastard I was furious and heartbroken I always wanted my first k-ss to be from some one who I loved not some guy bitch to just take it away from me like it was nothing I cried myself to sleep I later woke up by the knocking on my door I quickly cleaned my eyes didn’t want anyone to know I had been crying I opened my door to see my house help she told me that supper was in five minutes and left I left to d dinning table I saw my dad and my mom they were already back I greeted them asked them wen they came back and they said it had been long dat they didn’t want to disturb me we eat supper and I slept off

To be continued

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