Revenge Of A Dead Girl

Revenge of a Dead girl – episode 10

Episode 10



After the lightning struck our room, I immediately went far from the scene before any drama occurs again, walking without any injuries or whatsoever. “I’m so lucky as ever” I thought to myself.

Walking through the dark hallway, I was thinking of where to go and sleep.

“The infirmary should be fine.” I thought to myself, but I had another idea in mind before going there to rest.

Since the school is pitch black, and the people are scared shitless. I bet they’re not watching over the food in the cafeteria, since they’re all gathered in classrooms to make sure they’re safe.

Ah, this is like a dream come true. I can eat and take all the food I want without even paying.
Hurriedly, I skipped my way to the cafeteria and humming a random song. It was so dark but thanks to my healthy eyes, It already adjusted to the dark and I can see a bit of the place so I’m sure I’m not gonna trip over something.

“Finally here.” I smiled as I enter the cafeteria, the smell of fresh food entered my nose as if I can almost taste it.

I walked towards the the place where they kept all the food and opened the container. Seeing the food​ untouched and still at place, I realized that I’m a genius for the first person to think of this plan.

Normally, if you are trapped in a school with no chance of leaving until daylight, then the first thing that comes to mind is where to find food, water and shelter.
After I’m done here, I’ll head back to the infirmary and sleep and wait for the storm to calm.

“Hmm…” I mumbled, thinking of something really important. “Should I take the cheese flavored or the garlic one?”

“What a sight.”

I suddenly​ heard someone coming from the doorway.

I quickly shifted my head to see who the person was and saw that it was my classmate, Lia.

She was holding her phone that serves as her flashlight and was aiming it at me.

“Uhh yeah, cheese is much tastier.” I laughed in an awkward way, timidly putting the cheese flavored in my bag.

I hope this girl doesn’t tell the teachers that I’m stealing food, well one way to stop her from telling is to make her steal too.

“Here, take it.” I stretched my hand to her with a cheese flavored biscuit, but she just stared at it.

“No thanks, I’m not here to eat.” She walked past me and went towards the kitchen.

I quietly followed her while watching her actions. “Then what else are you gonna do here? There’s no people so we can take as many as we like, I know Its considered as stealing but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. And I wasn’t thinking of keeping it all to myself, I was actually planning to give it out to everyone, so you don’t need to tell this to the teachers.”

I was talking non stop​ but eventually stopped as I saw her pull out a knife from the kitchen drawers in a swift motion and carefully looked at it as if thinking if its sharp enough.

“Err, right. We need a knife in cutting that cake over there.” I nervously said, backing away from her.

She took another smaller knife and placed it in,side her pocket, she also took a water bottle before walking back to my direction, carrying the knife in a way that she’s prepared to slice anyone who blocks her way.

“I don’t care if you take all the food, I’m not telling the teachers.” She stated as she walk pass me, I swear I almost w-t my p-nts since she looked so badass at the moment.

“Ugh… Thanks.” I nervously said, my knees trembling in fear.

“There’s a bigger problem to take care of than you stealing food here, so it’s your choice to stay here or go hide.” She uttered before exiting through the door.

Woah was Lia usually that cold? From what I remember she was just quiet and never really stands out in class.

And what bigger problem there is than stealing? But oh well, at least I’m not involved in that ‘bigger’ problem she’s talking about.

Gathering all the things I took, I went out of the cafeteria and made my way through the darkened halls just to get to the infirmary.


I slid open the door leading to the infirmary and the first thing that welcomed me is the awful smells of medicines.

“What the hell?” I aimed my phone at the source of smell and saw all types of different bottles shattered on the floor causing the liquids mix and create a foul smell.

“Ugh, how am I supposed to sleep in this smelly room.” I grunted, dropping my shoulders as I sighed.

I stood at the doorway for a minute, contemplating if I should clean up the mess or move to another room.

“Maybe I’ll just–” My sentence was cut off as I heard a sound of something unusual in the hallway. A sound like someone just smashed a watermelon with something really hærd, and a ‘thud’ sound followed after that.

And I sure know that it’s not a watermelon that was just smashed, but a person’s head since a sound of whimpering reverberated across the hall.

My instincts immediately told me to hide in one of the closets and so I did, quickly putting the things I was carrying on the table and quietly entered the closet.

After a while, I began to hear footsteps. But not just footsteps, a thud too after every other step. These weren’t footsteps of a normal person who has a normal behavior. They were slow, heavy, and deliberate. As if whoever that is, isn’t scared by the fact that the wh0le school is pitch black. I held my breath praying they would go away…

But they did not.

The noises continue to ascend, as if the person was doing something to the person that was lying on the floor, and after a moment of silence, the walking resumed.

This time, along with a steady scraping sound, like something heavy being dragged across the floor. The footsteps made their way through the hall and wandered aimlessly through the various rooms. 5

I thought I can smell something faintly putrid, almost making me puke. The constant scrapes also sent cold shivers coarsing down my arms and back.

My worst fears were realized when the steps reached the infirmary’s doorway, I peeked my eye through the small gap of the closet and saw a silhouette dragging an unconscious body, leaving trails of blood behind.

I prayed with all my might to not make whoever this person is, see me, as if I suddenly believed in the fictional character named God.

And eventually, my prayers were answered as the person just walked pass through this room, still dragging the body.

I sighed in relief, my shoulders dropping and eyes teary from that intense moment.
I can almost feel my heart pounding loudly that I thought that it might be heard from across the hallway.
But my loud, beating heart wasn’t the thing that sounded out across the hall, but my phone that was on the table. My usual ringtone, played with the most loudest sound.

Who the hell is calling me at the worst time possible, I felt all my hopes and the will to live, shattering and fall into pieces as the footsteps outside this room stopped, dropped the body that was being dragged and began walking back directly towards this room.

They got closer and closer and finally stopped directly infront of the doorway, I wasn’t scared by the fact that the person was now meters away from me, but for the fact that they were actually the one calling my phone, carrying on their bloody hand was their own phone.

Even though I’m only looking through a small gap of this closet, I can still see what’s on that phone the person is holding.


My sweetest Joon
After an agonizing pause, they continued on over to the other side of the room, and out the doorway again.

What the hell just happened? Did that person didn’t see me? Or was just pretending that they didn’t, since my hiding s₱0t literally is the most obvious place to search for whenever there’s a person hiding.

The sounds of the rigged footsteps faded away down the hall, and I waited for what seems like an eternity. There were no more sounds and the wh0le place was eerily quiet.

‘Okay, Joon. You got this, you’re a man. Whoever that killer js doesn’t stand a chance against you’
I was trying to build up enough courage to open the door and flee, but while doing so, I was bombarded with a smell I can only describe as fresh road kill. The closet I was in, suddenly became clampy and the smell was more awful than the one I smelled from a while ago.

I began hearing raspy breathing behind me in this dark closet and I felt a hot breath against the nape of my neck.

“Found you.” A menacing voice whispered to my ear, following a small chuckle.

That was enough for me to hurdle myself out from the confines of that nightmare space, grabbing my phone and dashing outside the room, relying on the light of my phone to navigate through the darkness.

“What the f–k what the f–k what the f–k what the f–k.” I repeatedly chanted with a trembling voice as I run across the slippery hallway, noticing that there were already too many dead bodies scattered everywhere.

All the while, I heard footsteps chasing behind me closing in with terrifying speed.
As if whoever is chasing me is determined to tackle me from behind and sending me down on the concrete floor.
I turned to my right and climbed the stairs leading to the ground floor. I never looked back at least not until I bumped into someone, and when I did turn around I saw absolutely nothing there. There were no more footsteps and nobody was chasing me.

I sighed in relief, p-nting and wheezing as I felt my heart beating loudly.

“That… was… close. I’m glad… that person didn’t chase me down here. ” I said in between breaths, grabbing the person’s shoulder that serves to support my weight as I felt my knees trembling.

“A person chasing you?” A sound of a voice infront of me asked, clueless. I lifted my phone up and aimed the light at their face to see who it was.

With my blurry eyes from the tears, I saw facial features that seemed familiar and I realized that it was someone I know.

“Ah it’s just you.” I mumbled, still p-nting.
But this time I managed to lift my l-ips to form a smile, since I’m not alone in this school filled with dead bodies anymore. “There was a crazy person, or something, that was chasing me and I’m sure it was trying to kill me just now. And I’m gonna find out who that was and mess with them for making me scared shitless.” I managed to let out a small laugh but it soon ended as the person in front of me spoke in a soft voice.
“So you want to find that person?”

“Yes and if I do, I’m gonna do some awful things to that bastard” I scoffed, standing proudly.

“You must be lucky…” I looked back at the person and saw her somewhat ominous smile. “You’re staring directly at that person.”

After those words, I heard a sound like someone just smashed a watermelon with something really hærd, and a ‘thud’ sound followed after that.

And I sure know that it’s not a watermelon that was just smashed, but my own head. By the hands of this person holding a weapon.

For a moment, I thought I saw her satisfied face. And everything soon became black, but my mind was still conscious after that strong blow and I managed to hear her saying the word.


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