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Roses and Thorns – Episode 24


Roses and Thorns – Episode 24

By Jennifer Godwin

Joel stood beside his car waiting for Melody to come out from the house, he checked his wrist watch, it was already 9:20 am, he sighed and wondered what was keeping Melody inside, his phone rung, he dipped his hand into his trouser pocket and brought it out checking the caller ID and “Detective” stared back at him, he touched the green button and slid it to the left.

“Hello detective, good morning” Joel spoke into the receiver.

“Morning captain, hope your night was lovely?” the person at the other end asked.

“Yea, it was, what about yours?” Joel asked with his eyes still fixed at the entrance of the building.

“Very well captain, i need you to come pick me up right now, we would be going somewhere” he spoke hastily.

“Wait detective, slow down first, where are we going to and what happened to your own car?” Joel asked turning around, his back turned against the building.

“Well, the young man i told you about just called me, he said he has an update for me and i want us to go in the same car because am not really familiar with the address he sent to me, you can still meet me up somewhere so that we can go in my own car, which ever way you want it, just one car is needed.” he explained without missing a word.

“Okay, where are you?” Joel asked with a sigh.

“Am along Godwin Nwosa Lane, am standing at the main road at the moment but i will be going to a restaurant to wait for you, when you get here you call me” he spoke from the other end.

“Okay, i will be right there shortly, just give me few minutes” Joel said with a frown on his face. He remembered Melody and wondered yet again what was keeping her, he turned around to go into the house but met her already standing in front of the house, she was dressed in a red body hug rubber gown with a black sandals, her natural hair combed and packed to the side, her face void of any make up but still shone bright and then her phone in her hand, Joel’s jaw dropped as he drooled.

“Am sorry i kept you waiting, i was searching for an appropriate outfit to wear” Melody said while walking towards him.

“I was about going to meet you before you came out, am sorry, but there is a change of plan” Joel said scratching his head, he didn’t know how to tell her that he wouldn’t be taking her out anymore.

“What is the problem? we won’t be going out again?” she asked feeling bad.

“I just got a call from the detective helping me out with my ex fiance’s case, he said i should meet him somewhere, we would be going out” Joel replied with a sigh.

“Oh is that it?” Melody asked looking away.

“Am sorry, we will go out tomorrow but you can still tag along with me now, you won’t be doing anything at home anyways and besides, i wouldn’t want your dressing to be in vain” Joel said raking his hand through his hair.

“Oh okay, but i don’t want to disturb you though, so i think i should just stay back” she said casually.

“Which one is disturb again? you are not disturbing anybody, just hop in the car and let’s go” Joel said opening the door for her, she smiled at him and entered comfortable, Joel walked around to the other side of the car, got in and drove out of the compound.


The stalker followed suit as the soldier’s car got out of the compound, he chuckled, he knew he was going mad, the reason he would leave the important things he had to do just to monitor his new victim, he shrugged stepping on the accelerator. His phone beeped, he partly stared at it and gritted his teeth. Shortly after, his phone rung, he picked up and connected it to the speaker in his car.

“Hello Ezenwa” the person at the other end bellowed.

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“Hello Ambler, before you start, i know what you want to say, just give me a little time, i will gather the docvments for you please” the stalker said still fixing his gaze on the road.

“You know i don’t have much time right? I might leave the country any moment from now and if i don’t get the docvments? that means the deal is off” the other person said.

“I understand very well Ambler, i will try my best to get them before you leave the country, just give me little time, i wouldn’t want to lose a deal of 26 billion naira” the stalker replied swerving the car to the left.

“Okay fine, i give you just two weeks and after that? the deal is off” the other person said disconnecting the call.

“Okenwa you are daring me, if i lose this deal because of you, i swear i will shred you into pieces” he growled. Then, he noticed the soldier’s car had come to a halt, he slowed down too and watch as another man joined in the backseat of the car, he calmed down and followed up again as the car sped up.

He gritted his teeth again and said, “I only blame my stupid father for giving his bas***d son his docvments to keep” he spoke angrily but then smiled again, “May the creator bless the day i found out that you are a bas***d Okenwa” he said with a grin.

Few years ago


Ezenwa had gone to meet his father that afternoon concerning the money for his textbooks which he promised him, when he got to the door, his father was having a conversation with someone, he decided to go and check the old man later, but when he heard his name, he decided to stay back and eavesdrop.

“What about Ezenwa?” the person asked Ezenwa’s father.

“Who is Ezenwa?” the old man asked with a hiss.

“I mean your first son” the person said.

“That good for nothing useless boy? good at nothing?, am not willing any of my properties to him” the old sneered.

“Okay sir, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is your first son, your biological son for that matter” the person said.

Ezenwa raised his brows in confusion wondering what the person meant by “biological son” but he didn’t wonder for long as his father started talking again.

“He might be my biological son, i don’t care, everything i have goes to Okenwa, he has proven himself over the years and he will handle the family business very well, Ezenwa gets nothing from me” The old man said with a note of finality.

“Sir even if it is one of your houses, one of your hotels, or even a subtle amount of money, just will to him, no matter how you try to justify the case, Okenwa is not your biological son, his family might even come for him one day” the person advised.

“So are you now my personal adviser or my lawyer?” the old man asked irritated.

“Am sorry sir” he apologized.

“I will ever be grateful to God for making me find Okenwa along the road, he is the best son anyone could ask for” the old man said with a smile.

“Okay sir” the other person replied with a shrug.

The stalker flinched and held tightly to the steering. “You hated me Dad and loved your bas***d son, i will make sure i sell your properties, the ones you willed to your favorite son and i will squander the money” he grinned wickedly while concentrating fully on his driving.

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