sin episode 35 – 36






Lily couldn’t understand a word he is saying, all he kept saying seem so surreal ” am afraid you confuse me milord” looking at him, he withdraw back a little then nod his head ” will you like to eat dinner?”

” No ”

Frowning I look at him ” I do not understand milord, why not?”

” I have set an order not to eat anything until I have a solution to my problems” I watch him pull out a chair and sit down, looking so pale, exhausted and tired ” you can eat lily ”

” I do not wish for that milord ” looking at him I frown ” I told you not to worry about my problems ”

” Relax lily, this is not about you ” his voice husky just as always ” am a king, I have issues concerning the kingdom, the people has also gone mad….asking me to bring the spirit of death, how am I supposed to know such a thing?”

” Milord”

” I just can’t eat…..” I cut him short by placing one of the meat in his mouth, he look at me and I shrug.

” Slip of my hands ” I watch him chew calmly then nod his head before taking more of the meat and chewing, he kept m0-ning at how delicious it is and I couldn’t help but to smile.

” Lily ” he look at me ” you’re just a good cook ”

” Then marry me ” His eyes widen from my words, for a split second he seem lost….not wishing to spoil this moment I fake a laugh ” I was joking milord ”

” Hmmm”

” I know fully well that you can not marry your concubine ” mumbling I avert my gaze from him ” you should eat more ”

” Look at me lily ” doing as he said, I watch him tap his lap, indicating that I should sit right there, which I did without hesitating, wrap my hands around his waist as we stare at each other ” why are you so silly”

“Lord Mammon”

” Why do you think I won’t marry you ”

” You call me an eyesore ” mumbling I look at him ” and am not a good fit for the queen “‘

” Silly lily ” he said nothing regarding the marriage anymore, just kept looking at me and I was beginning to feel really shy

” Why are you looking at me milord ”

” Because you’re beautiful lily ” he touch my cheek gently ” very beautiful ” not knowing how to respond to him, I remain quiet while my cheek redden

If course it’s not the first time he is complimenting me, is just that it feels good hearing that from him, it always feel nice to be complimented by him ” plus you are a good cook ” he smile ” marrying you will be very nice but” those smiles vanish from his face and it was at that moment I knew his next horrible

I didn’t want to hear it so I k!$s him in the middle, cutting him off ” no milord ” withdrawing I get off his lap and step back ” I prefer to sleep right now than to hear words which will ruin my evening ” I haven’t heard what he wished to say but the moment he added the but, I knew I wasn’t good enough for him, he must be too proud to imagine marrying a concubine” excuse me, do enjoy your meal ”

Moving from the balcony to the bedroom, I lay on the bed gently then close my eyes, fighting off the tears that is threatening to fall from my eyes

Maybe the king need more time, surely that’s what others might say but what if he marries princess milia? What if he goes for her and let me be? Am already causing lost of problems for him already

He probably wants me out of his life for good, me and my problems

” Are you sure?” Hearing Lord Mammon voice next to me, I refuse turning, he must be laying down on the bed ” you plan on ignoring me?” I said nothing and he get off the bed and head into the bathroom

The sound of water made me know of him taking his bath, opening my eyes I exhale out of tiredness but still yet sleep run away from me, even sleep doesn’t want to be around me

The bathroom door open and I close my eyes, pretending to sleep, the bed lowered which indicates that Mammon is laying down ” are you sleeping?” I said nothing and he chuckle ” your breathing is not stable, you’re awake ” I still said nothing and he lean close, more like getting on me, not placing his weight on my body, just rest his head on my chest and I swallow

” You really overthink a lot lily ” he mumble, his voice husky ” I was going to say that I wish to find out why my heart beat so fast when you’re around and why I can’t let you go ” remaining quiet I listen to all what he has to say to me ” sometimes I wish I was human lily, sometime I wish I wasn’t this greedy, I wish I can have a simple life ”

” Mammon”

” And then most times am happy that I feel this greed, wickedness, taste of blood but ” he lift his head from my body and I open my eyes before sitting up ” what I can’t understand is you lily, you in my life ” he cares my cheek ” for the first time in my life am scared of you look, the thought of you leaving me is banished from my mind ”

” Milord I ….”

” Shhhh” he place his finger on my lips ” you should know you’re my favorite, which means my favorite addiction” my eyes take in his appearance, hair wet, towel wrap around his waist, chest bare ” am obsessed lily ”

” Am afraid I don’t understand milord ” he smile at that then lay down, placing his head on my thigh then closing his eyes ” milord?”

” It means you’re mine and I don’t care how you feel about that ” I watch how his face looks so calm, touching his cheek then lips made me smile, I have never dated imagine that one day I will be able to touch the king like this

I mean he always made me look down on myself, smiling I nod my head ” I will protect you ” Lord Mammon open his smile and I smile ” I will protect you because I love you, so fear not” he suddenly start laughing and am left confused as to why he is laughing

” Am serious Lord Mammon”

” I know that ” he chuckle then clear his throat ” you need to learn how to kill a rat first ” his words made me pout my lips and he continue laughing.

What a silly king.






Lord Mammon watch her while she sleep, how peaceful she looks, if only the whole world will remain like this, if only the world will be this calm but then I will not love that.

No matter how many times I try denying the fact that I love seeing the sight of blood is just useless, I do not like that, I don’t feel the need to like that.

Getting off the bed, I stand to my feet then move to the balcony, sleep seem to avoid me, I don’t know what to do, who do I meet, how do I react to this things, how do I prevent harm from coming to lily ” Lord Mammon” hearing that voice I look left to stare at milia.

” Hmmm”

” So you do know how to be r0mantic ”

” It’s not like you to spy on someone”

” You think so?” Milia remain sitting on the chair with only transparent short night dress, she keep on eating the meal lily prepared for me ” your favorite really do know how to cook ”

” Indeed”

” Why haven’t you marry her ”

” They is no rush in that ”

” Why haven’t you marry me?” She growl but I didn’t move my gaze from the sight of the moon ” Lord Mammon”

” Do not call my name!” Growling I move my gaze to meet her, she rise to her feet, from the look in her eyes she is really angry.

” Why can’t I?, When lily can freely call you by your name without adding your title!”

” She is lily and you are just another woman bothering me ”

” Lord Mammon!!!”

” Don’t you dare rise your voice ” my eyes turn red and I watch her step back ” lily is sleeping, I don’t want her to wake up right now ”

” What happened to you!”

” That’s not your business”

” I need you!” She move closer then hug me, crying ” I love you so much, I don’t care if am your second favorite….I just want you to be with me ”

” What will i get in return?”

She lift her head then look at me ” anything you want, I will give you anything you want ”

” Then permit me to meet with your father ” my words made her to step back, her father is known to know all things that happens in the spiritual, the great wizard oz ” set a date which I will meet him and discuss things with him ”

” He believes his daughter is dead ”

” He will probably recognize you ” I frown when I take in her expression, she has always been scared of meeting her father, he was against her being with me but I care less, I need to know more about lily and it’s something that happened in the spiritual which means they is only one man that will know about that and it’s his ” don’t tell me you’re scared of him ”

” Of course not ”

” Then you wish not to do it?”

” I will set the date Lord Mammon” she look at me ” but I need your word”

” My word?”

” Yes, I need to know of you will start spending time with me and give me attention”

” That’s all you need?”

” Yes” hope dance in her eyes and I move my head slightly to my left to study her properly, it always confuse me as to why people will fall for me, I mean I would never do me

” Then it’s a deal milia” I lean close to her face and her cheek redden ” set a meeting between me and your father and then I will spend time with you ”

” It’s a deal ” she respond and I withdraw before she vanish out of sight, women always confuse me

” Will you do it?” Heard Ng that voice, I turn around to stare at lily ” will you spend time with her if she do as you say?”

” Indeed”

” Why?”

” It’s a deal lily”

” Why make such deals?”

” Stay out of this, it’s not your business”

” Not my business?”

Not replying to her womanly jealousy, I exhale then stare at the moon ” have you ever ask as to why the stars stay glue to the moon?” She said nothing and I speak on ” why can’t the moon just pick one star and let go of the others ”

” Are you trying to say you can’t be with me alone?”

” Not exactly” I look at her then nod ” I have concubines lily, I have a wife before I met you, do you expect me to throw them all away?”

” Princess milia is not your wife ”

” For the good of this kingdom I will marry her ” I respond” her kingdom had many things to offer ”

” Do you love her ”

” Am incapable of loving ”

” Indeed ” she look really serious ” will I be a bad person if am to tell you to throw away all those women from your life? Will you see me selfish if I tell you I want you to myself?”


” I know you can’t fulfill any of these wish so excuse me” she turn around and I speak quickly

” Where are you head?”

” Miss Clara chamber”

” It’s too late to be roaming around, besides the servant quarters is really far from the main palace”

” Worry not milord, I will be able to take care of myself ” with that she step out of my chamber and then shut the door, I stare at the empty room then frown, women are always confusing… confusing that I need to take a break

” Baron” I mumble calmly but that’s all it took to wake him up from his sleep and appear at my side

” You called milord ”

” After the meeting tomorrow, I will like to go for hunting ”

” Hunting?”

” It’s been a while I kill ”

” They will be few lycanthropes traveling tomorrow, u suppose this hunting involved people”

” Indeed”

” I will have it arranged” baron mumble ” you seem rather angry milord, what’s the matter ”

” Jealousy is a dangerous thing baron ”

” Indeed ” baron nod ” it seem like you have forgotten about the festival taking place the day after tomorrow”

” They will be bloodshed after all ” finally a smile appear on my face ” I can’t possibly forget about that ”

Lily couldn’t stop frowning, why will he think in such manners, why can’t he just choose me alone, why not stock with just me and me alone ……no one else

” Lily” hearing that voice I stop walking, the hallway dark and quiet but I keep hearing voice ” lily, come to me” I look to my left to see a white hole there, a passage to somewhere ” it’s me… should come to me ”

I blink when his voice ring a bell, it was the Chen in my dream, that’s his voice


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