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Sold to a gang leader Episode 9 & 10


Episode 9
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader ☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written by: Blessing D writes
(Lemme face it)



💲Shawna’s POV💲
I got out of my room after hurriedly washing my face. I got to Dillion’s door and knocked on it.

“Get your ass in” his husky voice said and I cracked the door open and got in – fearfully.

He was facing the mirror already dressed up.

“Go..good.. morning” I greeted fearfully again and he didn’t say anything.

He heard but he is just keeping mute. Is he really angry with me?

He dropped the brush with him and finally spoke up after what seems like years to me.

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“Did you realize the penalty of what you did last night?” He started his eyes fixed on me.

“First you broke my rules by staring at me after listing the rules to you, right after! Then you relieved yourself on me last night. Do you know the penalty?” He got to me and raise my chin up to stare at him.

“I could barely believe it. I should kill you, yes, that should be the punishment but no, I won’t. You’re somehow useful to me and since you’re a gift from my brother, I won’t get rid of you easily.”

“But let me sound you a good warning, better stay out of my way,don’t get me angry again or I might loss it and really kill you.”

“It’s a pity, although I won’t kill you but I’ll still make you regret it. Later today, you’re gonna be serving your purpose, the purpose for which you are originally here.”

“Don’t feel I will let you wake up and sleep everyday like a princess, you’ll serve your purpose but in a more painful way, slave!!” He drawled the word slave with his hands now fixed around my neck.

He let go of my neck and went back to stand in front of the mirror.

“Leave!” He commanded and I sniffed in and left.

I got outside the door and couldn’t control the tears that rolled down my cheek.

Oh goodness! Please don’t let him kill me.

I’ve forgotten my real purpose here – truthfully. My other mind always try to remind me but I do wave it out.

Since it didn’t happen on the first day, I felt it won’t ever happen again. How foolish did I get?

He is gonna punish me with s*x? Please let it be that I misheard him.

I’ve heard from my friends in highschool how first time s*x hurts and he is gonna punish me with it?

I bet it’s gonna hurt like hell. What should I do?

Should I just go in back and plead with him to have mercy on me?

Yes, let me go back in, I thought and turned back to open the door but the door opened from the inside revealing Dillion.

His eyes are so cold.

He glared at me like I stole something from him.

“What??” He barked and I jerked back.

“N.. nothing, I was on my way to my room” I answered and immediately ran away.

How did I forget that he asked me not to anger him? To stay off his part?

Please hope he took no offence again, he might increase the punishment.

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I can’t plead with him. Lemme just prepare myself for whatever punishment, let me just prepare my mind for it. Lemme face it, no matter how painful it’ll get. Lemme face it, I consoled myself as I got into my room.

A soft knock came at the door and I looked up.

“Come in” I urged the person in.

A maid came in, she looked nice.

She pulled a confused look on when she saw me in tears.

Yes, I couldn’t really control my tears.

It’s better I cry now than cry there with him.

“Why are you in tears Shawna?” She questioned but my tears only increased.

“Oh dear! I don’t know the reason but am really sorry okay? Come down, ma’am Sandra sends for you” she cooed and I nodded and dried my tears, then left with her afterwards.

“So, I was informed that the young master is gonna be needing you tonight, just stay strong, in all the girls that was bought to pleasure him, I think I like you best. You’re of best behavior and I believe you won’t easily give up” ma’am Sandra said.

“What do you mean? Where are the other girls?” I inquired.

She sighed and looked away.

“Just prepare yourself, I can’t tell you that in this situation. You’ll be coming down here by 7:30, since he is gonna be needing you then you’ll have to be clean in and out.”

“One thing he hates so so much is dirt. He can even kill for it, that’s the reason why there are a lot of maids here so the maids are gonna be cleaning you up. You should go back and rest till then, that’s after eating your breakfast” she explained.

I have a bad feeling. What happened to the other girls?

Did they perhaps die? Yeah, that must be it. I think they died.

Did he kill them out of anger?

Oh gosh please, just have mercy and soften his heart a bit. I seriously don’t want to end up like a story.

What do you think will happen next?

So Mr Dillion hates dirt, that’s the reason why he wanna punish our Shawna….

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Somewhere in Mexico.

Dilly’s POV
I climbed down the stairs slowly with my phone fixed on my right ear talking to the company’s manager.

So, I expect all the docvments to be ready before I get there.

Yes, yes sir, of course.


I dropped the call but was stopped by someone right at the ending of the stairs.

“Rita?” I called surprised.

“What..what are you doing here?”

“Aren’t you supposed to….”

She was still saying when I covered her mouth with my palm and pulled her into the guest room downstairs.

I slammed the door shut.

“What the hell are you doing here Rita? How dare you show up here?” I rasped at her.

‘You didn’t bother to call and tell me that you’ve arrived Mexico huh, you think I wouldn’t find out” she retorted.

“Is that why you came here? Do you want me to restrict you from coming near this mansion, you better don’t try this shit again or…”

“Or what? Once you play any silly trick I’ll inform the whole public about our secret and you’ll be damned” she cut in and said again.

“Oh f**k you Rita. I seriously curse the day I meet you” I groaned.

“You’re welcome honey” she rolled her eyes and replied making me more angry.

“Hey you! Has my brother left for the company?” I heard Naomi’s voice from the sitting room.

Damn it! How come she’s back, and now?

“No ma’am” the maid replied her.

“So where is he? Dill?? Dilly?” She shouted and I suppose she was climbing the stairs as she called my name. As soon as I could no longer hear her foot steps, I opened the door gently and dragged Rita out, away to the garage and out of the quarters.

She can’t be seen here, no not by Naomi.

I dropped her off at the front of her apartment after settling her with some cash.

She gawked at me and left the car.

Everything in this damn world I can handle, but just this one lady. I just can’t handle her a*s and I can’t kill her either. She knows and that’s the reason why she’s always misbehaving.

I might really loss it and kill her one of this days, I’m not too good at handling my temper, I thought and drove off to the company speedily.


Rita’s POV
I stood by the gate and watched as he drove off.

I smirked, slammed the gate shut and proceeded further into the house.

He is a fool.

“So, did you meet him?” Mother asked.

“Of course mother, I met him and he is still very scared of the secret” I answered happily and sat down on the couch opposite to her.


“How’s he?” I asked after a short silence.

“He is okay, he is in the room sleeping peacefully” mom replied.

“Yeah, we need him to be healthy mom. He is our only key to getting the twins, I won’t let him die till he serve his purpose” I said and she nodded in agreement.

In case you’re wondering who we’re talking about then it’s my son. My one and only son, the key to everything needed in life.

Somewhere in Paris.

Shawna’s POV
Night is approaching.

The more the day gets darker, the more my body shakes. The fear in me increases.

I can’t help but get scared really. I have accepted my fate but…

I’m still very scared. If there is seriously anything I can take that will make me loss my senses completely tonight then I will.

I don’t want to feel or remember the pains. If there is an easy way about it, I’ll take it.

But that kind of thing can’t be gotten here easily. It’ll have to be in a hospital so it’s hopeless.

Lemme sleep for now. At least I’ll stop thinking, I thought and laid down then drifted to sleep shortly after.

I felt someone tapping me then I opened my eyes and sat up.

“Ma’am Sandra sends for you, it’s time for your bath” the maid tapping me said and I nodded and followed her out trying to shut the things that is gonna happen after that.

It’s just a normal bath Shawna. Don’t panic.
After bathing I was dressed up in a linger this time. A very s£xy one.

My body smells real nice. My hair neatly dressed.

I was walked to Dillion’s door by ma’am Sandra afterwards. She knocked on the door and left me to enter.

When I got in, I was met with darkness. Not total darkness tho, the room was a bit dark.

I walked in slowly, counting my steps.

Then I sighted him. He was in front of the mirror but wasn’t saying anything.

Okay, why does he like keeping mute every time? Shouldn’t he at least say something?

I stood behind him, not too close and thought of what to say but no words formed itself in my mouth.

15 minutes passed he still didn’t say a word making me feel so uncomfortable.

Gosh! What sort of snot is this?
I couldn’t even see what he was doing but he was doing something.

Another 5 minutes passed before he stood up from the chair.

“What are you doing? Can’t you at least behave like you went to school? Why are you still standing there with clothes on?” He asked causing a sting in my heart.

He is not only a snot but he is also very cruel. But my step father surpass him tho so I shouldn’t be affected.

No, you’ve gone through worse situation. Don’t let his harsh words get to you, I consoled myself as I got to the well arranged bed and slowly undressed myself.

He didn’t stare at me till I finished undressing. I sat on the bed then laid flat completely with my head face down.

All you need to do is think about the beautiful times with mom and dad Shawna. Forget about your current state, remember when mom took you to school, remember when dad used to feed you cereal Shawna, remember all those, I told myself and Immediately started recalling those past beautiful days but all I could do was cry as I recalled them.

My mom and dad aren’t here anymore. They are both gone.

I drifted back to the real world when I felt him standing beside the bed.

“You shouldn’t lie flat dummy. For goodness sake, shouldn’t you have an idea since you were bought from a s*x house. You should have seen how it done, different styles of it. Your head is empty” he insulted and I held myself from scoffing.

“Sit up” he ordered and I did. “Squat” he instructed again and I did.

“Give me your back” that was the part that hurt most. That very part.

Since it’s part of his rules, it’s hurts to hear it most.

I obeyed him and did as instructed.

I felt him hold my waist then few minutes later, I felt his d**k touching my ass hole.

Fear overwhelmed me but I don’t

understand, is he gonna be doing it there?




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