Stalked By A Mafia

Stalked By A Mafia – Episode 19

Stalked By A Mafia – Episode 19

A story by Tisa Phiri

Jo lifted Scar on his shoulders rushed through the back running to the bush. The police had come and most guys scattered around the wh0le place some still shooting about.

He had no time to check on other guys, his mission was to get his friend and boss out of that place.

4 other guys came his way.. “someone get to the car and start the engine now! ” he shouted as he drew near to the place the vehicles were packed.

“Scar has been hit. I can still feel his heart beat but he’s not doing so good” he informed them.

As soon as he lay him in the back seat he put some pressure in his chest wound.

“wait for others” Jo told the other guys

” and be careful. ”

The driver drove at full speed as they went through the dark. Jo’s forehead had drops of sweat, one would think it was hot but the air was cold.


Sila calm down when she had cried and prayed enough. she looked around the house. It felt so empty without Scar around. Her phone vibrated and she answered immediately without looking at the Id, hoping it was Scar.

“Helo sister in-law” she heard her sister’s husband greet her in high spirits.

“Hello” Sila answered rather disappointed.

” I heard what happened to your house, am just curious. how on earth did you get involved with mafia’s .” He asked.

“what?” Sila thought to herself. she wondered how her in-law had known about Mafia’s. They didn’t mention anything of such sought on the news.

“What do you mean..?” She managed to say at last.

“well Sila my dear I was born way before you and I can tell you are not behaving right. Now listen to me. I know you are hiding at that thug’s house and I wanted to tell you that if he will live after tonight I will personally hunt him down like a dog he is and I don’t care whether you are sleeping with him or not I will finish him.”

Sila was shocked.

“So my brother inlaw is the man Scar had told me was after his life? ” She thought to herself after he hang up.

“My God” she held her face,

“this is so bad.” She had some idea her inlaw was not a good man. Infact, he obtained most of his wealth involved in dirty politics and corrupt businesses. she shook her head as she sat on the couch after checking on her son who was deep in sleep.

It was 02 am and she had not heard anything from Scar.

She remembered him saying bye to her before heading out. He looked at her and k-ssed her gently.

” take care ” he had said.

” I promise if I make it out alive, I will live to make you happy. I love you” he whispered to her. He then asked her a question she didn’t answer.

“Sila” he called her, as she looked up at him he asked,

” do you love me?”

She looked at him and just said, “make sure you come back here ” without answering his question.

Sila sighed.

“I wish i told him what I feel” she thought to herself..she got up from the couch with a start when the door to the sitting room opened widely Jo and two other guys rushed in holding Scar who was motionless blood stains all over his clothes. Sila stood up, her hands to her mouth

“oh my God! what happened to him ?” she asked crying.

“He got shot” Jo told her,

“And he’s not doing good at all.”

She followed them as they took him to some room and lay his body on the bed.

“he needs a Doctor” Sila said her hands shaking as she touched his shirt blood in her hands,

“my God” she cried

“save his life”

“The doctor is on his way” Jo explained.

“we cannot risk going to the hospital or he will end up in prison.”

Sila nodded…

“well get me some items I need to stabilise his bleeding and prepare him before the doctor arrives.” she told him panicking..

she struggled tearing his shirt off as she gasped, the bullet had missed his heart. It really had gone deeper and he was bleeding badily.

Luckily, the doctor Jo mentioned walked in a few minutes later and went to him.

“she’s a nurse” Jo told him as he checked Scar..

“Good, help me with the tools in that bag” he indicated to Sila.

she did all the doctor asked and after an hour they managed to pull out the bullets both in his chest and leg.

He needs blood as soon as possible the Doctor announced..

“he’s lost lots of blood, without blood we will lose him”

Jo stepped forward without hesitation

“get from me.”

” well it’s not that direct, we need a match with his blood type” the Doctor frowned.

Sila spoke looking up at him,

“get mine doctor, I have group 0 it will match any other group.” She stood

“Are you sure?” the Doctor asked her.

“please Doctor just save his life already. We cannot waste any time”

The doctor went back to his vehicle and brought in some more machines and equipments. Thankfully Scar had met him up the previous day and hired him.

” I want you to be available and prepare for emergencies tomorrow” he had told him.

” I want all my men’s lives taken care of in case they do get hurt.” After cautioning him and offering him a lot of money the doctor had agreed. He gave Scar his number which he in turn gave to Jo and two other guys.

” If any of us walks out unharmed or alive,” he told them,

“call the doctor to help those who might be in need of him.”


After setting everything the doctor drew some blood from Sila and put a drip on Scar, who was still motionless.

Sila felt a bit dizzy, the effect of drawing two drips of blood from her.

she drunk some milk and took the vitamins from the doctor taking a few minutes of rest.

Afterwards, she slowly walked to Scar who’s wounds had now stopped bleeding and clean sheets were placed under him. His head placed on a pillow. She sat besides him and held his hand.

The Doctor and Jo left the room.

“we will be next room” they said as they left.

She touched his face marking the scar between his eyes with her fingers.

” you have to live ” she said aloud

” please your son and I needs you alive. togther we can live through these dark times.” she shed a tear.

“I know you have been through a lot but please you need to fight h-rder than before, be the superman that my Son thinks you are.”

she k-ssed his l-ips as tears rolled down her face.

“I am so scared , you need to come back, you promised to make me happy remember ? I didnt answer your question earlier. yes I…. I love you! ” She sniffed.

” I love you with the same passion I hated you when you raped me. please say something. I love you .” She shouted louder.

He moved his head slightly, turning painfully he let a weak smile.

” Now that I can die for” he whispered.

Sila smilled tearly

” you are alive!” she laughed happily.

“oh thank you Lord” she looked up.

“well I couldn’t cross over with all that crying” he teased weakly trying to touch her face and wipe her tears.

“Don’t move” she told him.

“let me call the doctor.”

The doctor came in and checked him.

” well young man” he said,

“you have a hundred lives,” he chuckled.

” the bullets almost led you to the other side. Thank this woman who just saved your life. Without her blood we could be saying something else now.”

“Thank you Doctor” he whispered as he rubbed Sila’ s hand.

“I owe you my woman, and I will live the rest of my life to make you happy. Thank you” he smiled slightly at her.

“yes you have to !” She smilled with tears in her eyes,

“you owe me big time.” She teased sighing with relief.

To be continued

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