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Stuck with my CEO episode 4 & 5


Stuck with my CEO💖💖
🤗Episode Four🤗
Her Psycho Boss😢😎


………..✍️✍️ Written by Author Fehimuan ……..✍️✍️
Cho-bi’s POV
I directed the poor element to the toilet…
Wait!… Was the toilet clean?… Did I flush after I used it in the morning… Oh my God…
“Mr Min-Kyu”. I shouted as he stopped halfway and twisted his buttocks to the left side..
“Ermmm… We don’t have a toilet”. I said.l and jasung appeared behind me.
“She’s lying, the toilet’s properly dirty”. Jasung said and I hit him across the face.
Min-Kyu ran out and entered his car driving off speed.
“Where’s the idiot?”. Park Oh-Yi asked.
“Dad, don’t tell me you poisoned the chicken you gave him”.. I asked feeling uncomfortable.➡️⬅️➡️
“Yes… I did”. He answered proudly.
“Well, you’ve killed me”. I said and farted loudly.
“Sister…That stinks”. Jasung said laughing and coughing.
“Actually”. I said scratching my head.. “i exchanged our plates cause i thought you would cook his food specially”. I said and farted again.
“Where’s the cure?”. I asked as my dad shaked his head.
“No cure, you would continue farting until you fart all your destiny”. Park Oh-Yi said and landed me a slap… “How could you take someone’s else headache”. He asked.
I ran into the toilet and defecated after covering my nose with an handkerchief.💖💖
“Oh sister, the parlor stinks”. Jasung shouted banging the door.😢😢
“Shut up and sit your ass”. I shouted at him

Next Day
I quickly wore my fantastic short gown… It was what I used whenever I was in a good mood..
I arrived at the front of the organization after boarding a taxi..
“Miss Cho-bi”. I heard a man say.
“Sir, I’m here for the job”. I said.
“Mr Min-Kyu has made you his personal assistant but you will act with him, that means you have to follow him wherever he goes”. He said
“What?”. I asked shouting.
That idotic jerk… Is that a way of revenging because I need a job.. was he paying me back for what Happened in my house yesterday.
“Hey look here, I’m not his slave ok”. I said at the man.
“I knew you’d be annoyed”. He said “Unfortunately, Min-Kyu is very sick at the moment and needs someone to take care of him”. He added
“Well, let him find a nanny”. I shouted back
“Please Miss Cho-bi, he’ll increase your pay”.

“Fine, where’s his house”. I asked.
“I’ll have the driver take you there”. He said smiling.
“Ok sir”.

I gasped when I saw the gigantic building in front of me… Was that his house?…
“I think we’re at the wrong place”. I told the driver.💃💃
“No, this is his house “. The driver said as I hoped down from the bus and moved towards the house.
“Good Morning”. I greeted the guards and went straight to his house.
He opened the door before I could press the body… “Didn’t know she would come”. He said and I frowned
“I had no choice, I heard you were sick”. I replied and he laughed.
“Sick?”. He asked and laughed. “I guess he must have said anything to convince you”. He added and laughed.
I hissed and tried to turn back but he pulled me by the waist and I turned facing him. “Please don’t go”. He pleaded and I shrugged entering inside his house.
“What a lovely house you’ve got”. I said and he laughed.
“Thanks” he muttered.
“You’re welcome”. I said and sat down
“And you’re neat too”. I added and he smiled. 🐒🐒
“Im coming”. He said and entered his bedroom.
“Wow”. I sat down comfortably on the chair… I took the remote control and pressed a button.. Hot water poured in the white mug.. I hissed loudly.
“Cho-bi”. I heard him call my name seductively and gently.
As I turned back, he was half [email protected] with a towel tied around his waist.😚😚.
“Mr Min-Kyu” I called out gently.
“I need a massage”. He said and laid on the bed as moved closer to him and started applying the oil on his back.
“You’re good at massaging”. He said and I chuckled.
“Actually, I was thinking you should get a nanny”. I replied.
“Why?”. He asked
The door bell rang almost immediately and he stood up and peeped.. he saw a lady at the door.
“Cho-bi… Run”. He mouthed to me
“I don’t understand” I said with a low voice.
Bedroom… Run… Hide”. He mouthed again as I dashed to the room scared

😚😚Episode 5😚😚

Min-Kyu’s POV
“Hwa-Yoo, you didn’t tell me you were coming”. I said hugging her as she noticed me half [email protected]
“Mmm, you’re… Mm.mmm. your clothes…. Towel”. She stammered and I laughed.
“Actually, I just tired and wanted to just leave my shirts off from my body”. I lied and coughed.
“Oh sorry”. She said as she entered inside.
“It’s nothing, thanks”. I replied as she sat down.
“So, have you gotten the role for the love story?”. She asked.
“Yes, her name is Cho-bi”. I replied.
“Cho-bi?… The name sounds like gibberish”. She said and I coughed.
“I don’t know why you don’t want me to act in that role of being your love”. She said and began crying.
“Well, emm, it’s …. “. It was my own turn to stammer. “You know I can’t act with you, we’re two opposite people”. I added.
“No, you love to have things go your own way”. She said and I nodded
“Well, I’m the man, remember we’re dated before and found out we’re not the same and we can’t move on well”. I said and she nodded.
“I’ve been missing those strawberry flavor lips”. She said as my lips curved into an ambivalent smile as she came gently on me slowly kissing me and I couldn’t resist…
End of Min-Kyu POV 💢💢
Cho-bi’s POV
“That proud jerk…. That guy is a psycho, who could that girl be that I should run away from”. I said to myself hitting my chest proudly.
Me… Stubborn and rude child of Park OhYi… I cleared my throat and wore a female gorgeous gown I had put in my bag… Whoever that girl was, I was going to show her that Min-Kyu belonged to me and me only. I looked at myself in the mirror and applied a few makeup to my face… Then I weaved my hair and curled it to the right…. I was looking beautiful and I know I could win Min-Kyu heart soon
I tiptoed to the parlor and found that lady kissing that jerk…. How could he let her kiss him..
I coughed as I entered the parlor…
“Oh Mr Min-Kyu, I didn’t know your girlfriend was around”. I said and they pushed each other.
“We’re not dating Cho-bi”. He replied
“Ohhh she’s the wonder girl, the girl who wants to snatch my man”. She said coming closer to me.
“Hey… Hold it, if you think I want to snatch him, well you’re mistaken cause I don’t take mad women’s property”. I said and picked my bag pointing one of my fingers to Min-Kyu
“I knew you called me here to embarrass me, I should have known this was your plan to pay me back for embarrassing you at the bus, I thought I was falling in love with you but I was wrong, you’re nothing but a useless CEO”. I said and left angrily with tears in my eyes. I just didn’t expect him to embarrass me like that. I was truly falling for him but I didn’t know what to do.
I went over to Shin-Sha’s house… She opened the door for me quickly on seeing my teary eyes…
“What’s wrong?”. She asked.
“I think I want to resign, I’ll look for another organization”. I said
“Why? What happened?”. She asked
“I went over to Min-Kyu’s house today because I learnt he was sick, he asked me to massage him and as I wanted to do so, a lady came and he told me to hide… When I came out without telling him, I saw them kissing”. I said in tears.
“Is that why you’re crying?”. She asked and I nodded
“Well, I would be a bad friend to hide the truth from you, I think you’re in love with Min-Kyu”. She said and my eyes widened.
“That jerk”. I asked angrily.
“Why would you be jealous that he kissed someone and here’s one thing about guys, if they give you a rule and you disobey it, you can be hated forever, my ex did that to me.” She said. “He asked you to stay indoors, why did you come out?”. She asked and I stammered confused
“I….. I …I …. Just didn’t…. I….know”.
End of Cho-bi’s POV 🤜🤛
Min-Kyu’s POV
Did she just confess her love for me?. I asked myself.
“I knew you called me here to embarrass me, I should have known this was your plan to pay me back for embarrassing you at the bus, I thought I was falling in love with you but I was wrong, you’re nothing but a useless CEO”. She said.
But I can’t love a poor girl and she’s angry now… I hope she doesn’t hurt herself…I picked up my phone and dialed her number… It rang but she didn’t pick…
I dialed Mr Park OhYi number but it didn’t ring this time around.
Hope she’s hasn’t committed suicide
Why was she so angry?
Why am I concern for my worker?. I’m seriously falling for her too but it’s better I don’t…. She looked gorgeous in that gown, I’ll certainly treat her to shopping one day.
I hope I would be the one to marry her but I can’t…. I won’t
End of Min-Kyu’s POV
Do you think what Cho-bi did was right and do you like how she made him feel bad by confessing her feelings.
I’m so waiting for the next episode
Suspense Prince 😋😋

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