Sudden Prince

Sudden Prince episode 5 – 6

{..Wrong place, Right time..}

Chapter 5💕6

THEME: Written again ✍️

By, 🌺Mayor🌺


“Send me back! Or I’m gonna destroy your balls!”

“Balls?” Zameil frowned hard.

“Why the fuck did you bring me here?” Alice asked jerking him closer, her eyes throwing dagger at him.

“Do you realize what you are doing? Let go” Zameil raised a brow at her.

“Answer my damn questions” she gritted her teeth.

“Just do as you are told. Don’t make things difficult, or you won’t like the consequences. Now let go of my attire” his voice commanding and calm, but one could sense the danger in it.

Alice dragged his collar closer again. “I don’t follow orders, especially from someone like you. Who do you think you are? A prince or something?”

“I am a prince” Zameil cut in and Alice blinked severally. Did she hear him say prince?

Oh no, Is she in trouble?

He bought his hand up to hers and forcefully removed it from his cloth. “You’re acting strange..” he noticed the wound on her head, and frowned. Was she attacked? He made to touch her head but the girl suddenly turn and started running.

A huge guard wanted to stop her but she slide below the middle of his leg and continue running. Zameil breath out in anger. The guards made to follow her but he asked them to stop.

“Why does she like to run?” Zameil muttered.

Alice stopped after running for a while, and make sure there was enough distance from them. She breath out in relief when she noticed the guards was not following her. She turn only to see a waterfall, maybe she should hide here and wait for them to go away.

Stepping further, she stopped when she noticed something behind the water fall. It was animal, it has black fur and was damn huge.

She watch the animal took it first step out of the water fall, it has huge claws which can tear any human apart with one slash. It’s head come view, it was a wolf!

It slowly turn his head to her, its eyes glowing red. Fear overcomed her entire system and she began to step backward. She knew if she run, this huge wolf will chase and tore her apart.

“This is the worse day of my life” Alice whispered to herself.

As the wolf step forward, Alice step backward, not until her leg hit a stone behind and she fell on her butt.

The wolf sneer revealing its hideous long teeth. Alice closed her eyes prepare for her death.

Just then, a familiar voice sounded from behind.

“Stop scaring her Derek, that’s enough” Zameil who appeared at the scene said to the wolf.

Alice quickly stood up and satyed beside Zameil.

Bit by bit, the wolf slowly transform. Its black fur slowly went back in, turning into a smooth human skin. The face slowly change its form and the claws went back in, revealing a human hand and legs.

It transformed into a man who slowly stood up, he have a blank look as he stare down at the girl whose lips was parted. He was handsome, having a straight beard around his jawline, his eyes brown.

“I thought I mentioned, not to be disturbed” The man called Derek spoke.

The wolf transformed into this man? Alice eyes rolled back to its socket and she fainted.



Zameil stood at the garden while staring into space.

“Your highness” A maid came to meet him.

“How is she?” Zameil asked without looking at her.

“The physician said there’s nothing wrong with her, except for the small wound on her head. She is alright” The maid informed.

Zameil frowned. He could remember the girl calm look when she was bought into the palace. Why is she acting all strange and immature when she woke up? Maybe it’s because of the wound on her head.

“You can leave” He spoke. The maid bow her head and left.

Derek walked to stand beside Zameil and sighed, staring at the sky. He is Zameil’s childhood friends, he is an alpha.

“Do you really trust the king’s words. I mean seeing that girl for the first time, I don’t think she’ll be able to stop Baal when the times comes. She looks fragile..”

“She has a strange character too. I’ve never met a lady like her” Zameil said remembering how Alice held his collar. “But I don’t have a choice”

“Yes you do. You can join my pack.. they’ll welcome you with warm hands” Derek said.

“For the millionth times no. Will your pack be able to control Baal?”

“At least we can try. It’s still better than staying here in the palace, where you have no idea on what is going on. I hate the way they treat you here friend” Derek muttered.

“When is the next full moon?” Zameil asked.

“Next week” Derek replied.


“Saverina, what are you doing?” Galen asked the girl who was busy packing her important stuff.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” She asked back.

“Don’t tell me you’re going to the palace cus I can’t let you do that” Galen said.

“And I can’t let Elizabeth be on her own in the palace. You know how dangerous that place is. She can’t be the prince bride. If that happens then she is doomed! Beside they are people after her life too.. I can’t let my best friend be all on herself in danger” Saverina said, her chest heaving.

“I know but. It’s dangerous for you too. What if they find out about you?” Galen asked.

“I’ll be careful. I need to get her before the wedding occurs” Saverina said as she head towards the door.

“How are you going to get into the palace?” He asked.

“I’ll join the maid. It shouldn’t be that hard” Saverina shrugged.

“I’m coming with you” Galen said.

“No, you’re staying. I can’t let you be in danger too”

“Me too.. so let’s go together. I’ll join the soldiers” Galen said taking his small sack too.

“Galen no” Saverina made to hold her.

“Don’t stop me.. let’s go” Galen said and left the house before Saverina could say another thing



Alice woke up, she found herself laying in a huge, lavish king sized bed. She sat up slowly and look around the huge room, having massive windows. The walls has beautiful tapestries and painting.

“Wow” she muttered, getting out from the bed. Her feets stepped on the marble floor as she head to one of the window. Her jaw fell opened and she was stun.

Below her, she could she so many guards and slaves doing their respective job. The place was sorrounded with beautiful flowers.

“A palace?” Alice chest heave as she began to freak out. She is still here?

Turning she ran towards the door and tried to open it but it was locked. Her eyes teared up, this was serious than she thought.

“I wanna go home” she mumbled, her eyes brimming with tears. She rest her back on the door and slowly slid to sit on the floor.

“Help” she sniffed as tears streamed down her eyes. She was so confused and scared. Everything here feels so real and she knew all of these isn’t a dream. “I wanna go home” she muttered, burying her face into her folded knees.

Soon, a strange breeze blew in the room and a figure appeared in the room.


Alice’s eyes widened as she slowly raised her head. Her eyes met with a woman dressed in a white armor, having a golden pattern on it. Her long hair was white and she look like a goodess.

“D..did.. you just.. call me Alice?” Alice asked with her eyes widened.

“Yes I know you are Alice Lancaster in the 21th century. You live in California, San Jose. You’re 19 years old and a highschool girl in Westview highschool, you’ll be graduating soon” The woman replied fast.

Alice stood up immediately and her face lighten up immediately. “You do.. oh thank goodness. Everything here feels strange and everyone is acting weird even my friends. I feel like this is me but it isn’t, I never dress like this. I don’t know where I am and I’m so confused. I’m freaking out. This feels like a dream but it’s not a dream.. I feel like I’m going crazy…”

“Calm down Alice” The beautiful strange woman cut in.

“Wait, how did you even get into the room. The door was locked. What are you? Cus trust me, I saw my friend having a strange power and I also saw a guy who almost killed me with his car. And then a wolf transformed into a man…”

“Do you want to know what’s happening? Or you just want to keep confusing yourself?” The woman asked.

“Please tell me what’s going on” Alice replied quickly.

“My name Horea, I’m the goddess of time and fate. And also the one who bought you here” The woman spoke and Alice jaw fell opened.

“You bought me here?” Alice frowned hard.

“Yes, all of these are real and not a dream Alice. You might be in the wrong place, but you’re here at the right time..”

“What’s this place?” Alice asked.

“Allow me to show you Instead” Horea walked close to Alice and touched her forehead.

______ read – Sxy tomboy episode 79 – end

Ammon, a kingdom where supernatural beings and humans lived in harmony. A young witch named morgen mother fell sick. She was poor with no way of helping her mother get better. She decided to beg on the street, asking for help but get ignored in a harsh way.

The little change she has, she saved it up for the drug money. She starve herself and feed her mother but.. On one stormy night, her mother died.

Pain and anger overcame her. She blamed the kingdom for everything. She met with the devil and received a book on a demon named Baal. This Demon is powerful enough to wipe the cruel kingdom. Years later, she succeeded in releasing the demon but Baal killed her and attacked the kingdom.

That day, Zameil was born. Zeus the father just kissed his son’s forehead when the uproar happened. He saw his fellow soccerers battling with Baal, he joined too.

Realizing this fight won’t favour them, almost all the kingdom was wiped out. Zeus decided to capture and seal the demon into his own son. He knows what he did was selfish and that his son is going to hate him for it.. but he had to save the kingdom.

Unfortunately, an explosion occured killing both Zameil parents. Zeus and Aurora..

While Zameil survived…

Horae removed her hand from Alice’s forehead.

Alice blinked severally, trying to process what she just saw. After digesting all of it, she asked.

“Why am I here then?”

“The same Chaos will happen and you are the only one who can stop it from happening. You are in the body of your past self named Elizabeth.. your friends here are not the same friends you knew in California, this I their past life.. Elizabeth failed to save the kingdom and the story was wiped out. The heaven decided to give it another chance.. that is why you are bought here.. Alice” Horea explained.

“Show me the rest of the story then. Let me know why Elizabeth failed so I can prevent myself from doing it” Alice shrugged.

“That’s the limit of what I can show you. Now you have to prepare”

“Are you some kind of a robot? I thought you said you are a goddess” Alice squinted her eyes

“I am a goddess Alice. I have a limit of what I can show you.. but I’m here to guide you.. and the first thing you need to know is that you can’t let anybody know about this..”

“That I’m from another world?” Alice asked.

“Yeah, they’ll think you’re crazy”

“I am crazy.. and this” Alice eyes dart around. “I don’t think I’m meant for this so I’d appreciate you to send me back home”

“I can’t” Horea replied and Alice closed her eyes in anger. She is losing her patience already.

“Why not? I don’t belong here.. I wanna go home. Right now!”

“Do you remembered what happened before you were bought here?” Horea asked.

“I was in school..” Alice shrugged.

“And..” Horea raised her brow.

“And I had a test so I asked my friend to teach me. I was waiting for Sam when Zero came to tell me she was in trouble and I..” Alice eyes widened as she slowly remembered something. “I was pushed from the rooftop and..” her breath halt.

“No.. no.. it can’t be right. Am I dead?” Alice asked.

“No you’re not. Your body is asleep in your world and you have to fulfill this mission before I could send you back”

“What if I don’t want to do the mission?”

“You don’t don’t have a choice Alice… If I decide to send you back this way.. You’ll die”

The blood on Alice’s face dried. She’ll die if she is sent back? And the only way to survive is to save the kingdom?

A knock on the door interrupted her thought and she looked back.

“Good afternoon my lady, may I come in?” A maid asked in a polite way behind the door. Alice return her gaze to the woman but she was gone.

“White haired woman?” She frowned wondering where she wondered off too.

“I’m coming in my lady” The door opened and the maid stepped in. She gasped a little before bowing her head to Alice.

“I’m sorry for coming in without your permission my lady, I thought you were asleep” The maid panic.

Alice blinked severally.. waiting for the maid to speak.

The maid thought the lady before her was angry that was why she didn’t get a reply. She kneel before Alice immediately and bowed her head completely.

Alice eyes widened..

“I’m so sorry my lady! Such will never happen! Please spare my life!” She began to cry..

“Woo woo.. easy there” Alice crouched down before her and held her shoulder. “I’m not upset, why should I be upset? You obviously knocked and announced that you were coming in.. thinking I was sleeping. I understood you”

The maid lips parted with surprise. This is probably the nicest word she had ever heard here in the palace.

“You’re not upset” the maid asked and Alice nodded with a smile.

“What’s your name?” Alice asked.

“Helen” The maid replied. She never thought she’ll meet someone this nice.

“Helen, so why are you here?” Alice asked.

“The queen asked me to call you, she need to prepare you for your wedding tomorrow” Helen replied.

Alice jaw practically dropped one the floor.





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