The Red Moon

THE RED MOON (Episode 22)

(A new world)
Episode 22
© Bright Daniel

The journey from Kuma to Gezos city is one hour. A perfect time written on the Death Note for the death of poor Nelly.
When she entered into the police station, all circulated round to really know if she had the death note with her or not.
Lucky wasn’t exception.
“How did it go, Nelly?” Sir Rick asked.
“Perfect” she brought out the death note from her bag and handed it to him.
All became amazed on how easy it was to get the note not knowing that it was a fake one. As silence lingered in the arena, the station general telephone line rang. It was Kira! Men positioned closer while some grabbed their ear phones to know what he had to say. Sir Rick picked the call.
“Hi, Dad”
“It’s Rick now, Kira”
“Oh.. What happened to the old dude? Actually, I told him he was already close to his grave”
“I guess you’ll soon be going down with him to the grave. Surrender now or your name goes down to the death note”
Michael laughed out hærd on the phone. That got everyone surprised then they began to look at one another wondering why he was laughing.
“She brought a fake note to you, morons” he laughed again while all eyes went to Nelly. “I’ve won again, haven’t I? You should know by now that you’re dealing with a god, the god of the new world. Send my RIP to Nelly coz she’s a fool for daring my supremercy” he giggled and hung up the call.
It became obvious to the men that they had failed again. As Nelly was wondering how the note turned to be fake, she fell down on the floor but Lucky caught her in a way her head rested on his arms. Blood began to come out from her mouth and nose.
“Get the ambulance!” Sir Rick instructed and everyone began to run helter and skelter in order to prevent the life of the poor girl.
“Nelly, are you okay?” Lucky asked her.
“I.. I.. told you Mike will kill me..” her l-ips quivered while her breathing rate changed. She kept staring at his face forcing herself to say something until she gave up the ghost in her.
Lucky cried in a loud voice.
Anger arousd in the heart of every citizen of Gezos city. Before the sun set for the day, another plan was made on how to kill Kira not capturing him or the book anymore. Sir Rick ordered for two helepcoters and explosive bombs
. They had strategised how to fly above the roof of the building, bomb and shoot every single being found there just like the Nigerian government planned to eliminate the life of the leader of IPOB.
They were ten men who went for the mission, five in each chopper. They covered their faces with helmets, and heavy guns could be seen in their hands. Their helepcoters surrounded the building from above, instantly, they threw a bomb down the building which collapsed some part of it. Without wasting time, they shot several bullets into the building until they became satisfied.
They landed on the ground to confirm the death of Kira. Smoke and a little fire saturated the building. After a thorough search, Kira’s dead body was nowhere to be found!
On the other hand, Lucky met Debby in her house. He had a bag in his hand wearing a jean trouser and a T-shirt. Both were in the sitting room looking at each other while Ashanti watched them from aside.
“I guess, you brought the death note” Debby broke the silence.
“Yes, I did” Lucky replied.
“Let me see and also test it to know if actually it’s the real death note”
Lucky brought out the fake death note in a way she saw the caption on it. When Debby moved closer to grab it, he withdrew his hand saying, “I have to see the life note first”
“Clever boy” she sounded rom-ntically, stepped backward and brought out the life note too. Seeing that, Lucky brought out a gun and shot her to death immediately thinking that he would still wake her up with the life note without knowing the conditions attached to it. So he quickly grabbed the note from the floor which enabled him see Ashanti!
“Hey, you killed my friend” she said.
Lucky startled at first but understood that she must be a god just like Shakiti. So he replied boldly, “Your friend will be fine after I write her name on this book. But for now, I have a girlfriend to save”
Ashanti laughed. “Do you know the condition attached to the note?” she giggled.
“What condition if not to just write.. “
“Listen,” Ashanti interrupted. “Your life span decreases by a year according to the number of names you write on the note. So if you have only two years to live on earth, when you save your girlfriend and my friend, you’ll be dead coz you’ll have no other year to live”
Hearing that, Lucky became speechless…
However, Dera was all alone in the house preparing something for the sick father. Immediately she came out from the kitchen to the sitting room, she saw Michael standing beside one of the cushions. He was covered in a black rob which hid his physical appearance from people. After seeing his sister, he gently removed it.
“Mike?” Dera called with her voice like that of a p*ssycat.
“Hi, Dera” he answered calmly without making a move. Of course Shakiti was right behind him.
The two siblings remained quiet staring at each other. The almighty Kira who is wanted stood before his sister who didn’t know whether to call the police instantly or kill him with her own hands. But she wasn’t like that, she was a girl with a kind and fragile heart unlike her dead twin sister.
Just as the tranquility lingered, a breaking news came from the television then both looked towards that direction. A female journalist stood with a microphone saying, “The known residence of Kira has just been demolished but Kira’s dead body is nowhere to be found.. “
Dera turned to her brother. “How did you escape?” she asked.
“Yes, how did you escape?” Shakiti repeated the question in a funny manner.
Michael kept staring at the screen of the television as he answered, “I didn’t escape rather I took precaution before they attacked” he averted his eyes from the TV to his sister. “When they sent Nelly to me, I knew the next thing they could do is bombing the house, so I left before they came. Surprisingly, my prediction was right”
“What are you doing here?”
“I came to fulfil my promise, Dera” he walked closer to her but she took a step backward. “I promised to find Kira for you. Here I am, I’m Kira the killer of your boyfriend. Do to me what you wished to have done to Kira”
Hearing that, Dera began to shed tears. What could she possibly do to her only brother especially when she has so much love for him. Yes, Michael had no idea how Dera loved him.
After a long wait in the silent sanctum, he turned and began to leave. Just before he took the staircase, Dera called him. “Michael?”
He gently turned.
“I love you so much” she added still shedding tears.
That touched Mike. He never expected that from her, as he stared at her, he saw the image of his late mother in her. Nevertheless, he began to walk down the staircase without uttering a word. Tears ran down from his eyes on his way down.
However, Dera suspected the presence of the police who had surrounded the house through a window then rushed to the staircase and stood on the first step while Michael was at the last one.
“Mike!” she called again. “The police are outside!”
Michael looked at her with tears in his eyes. “I know, Dera. I know” he said bitterly and continue walking out.
“No, no,” Dera rushed him in a way she held him on the wa-ist. “I can’t afford to lose any other person again, please, you have to escape. You are the only one I have left in this family, please, I beg you!” she cried, yet, Michael didn’t listen to her rather moved forward.
Shakiti positioned in front of Dera who fell on the floor crying. He needed to talk to her even though she couldn’t her him.
“Don’t cry for your brother” he began. “He’s so smart, I don’t think this is the end because he always has a plan. He’s a master planner” he giggled in mockery manner and ran after Michael…

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