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The changing tides episode 13


The changing tides episode 13

Paul was just joining the road from his house when he saw Jake going to his house. .

“Hey Jake!” He called him out slowing down.

“Am going to check on Maria she’s in some kind of trouble i will find you home!” he shouted.

“Well, let’s go together then” Jake answered removing the head sets from his ears and running

to his uncle’s car.

Funny how much Jake had grown, it was more fun when he called Paul uncle, cause they lookedthe same. .

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As they speed to Maria’s place Paul filled Jake in on what Doro had told him.

“I just hope am not too late” he added panicking. added

“This girl will kill me boy. She’s gonna finish me off one day with BP.” He sighed whilst shaking his

head, focusing on the road ahead.

Jake smiled,

“well she sure Will, you so much into her my big man and I feel for you. I just hope Maria could

realise how much you have suffered for her.” he responded as they approached Kanyama.

As they reached her house they saw a group of people around Maria’s house and two men

bending down on Maria who was bleeding from her nose and mouth.

They ran towards the scene Jake got there first and pulled away the Guy who was almost blowing

off Maria’s face and he staggered to the ground. .

Paul went for the other guy holding Maria and before the guys could realise they had opposition

some punches followed them up.

Maria was laying down her body so weak from the beatings she couldn’t get her head up. The

people were shouting “hule! hule!”

“How dare you beat a woman you idiot ” Paul spat pushing the guy who stood up to face him.

“Stay out of it man, this girl is a slut and she derseves what she’s getting. The boss was clear, if

she does not produce the money she got from him she’s going down to the grave and you or

anyone else will do nothing about it” the guy shouted lifting his hands towards Paul.

sorry man, you have to tell your boss there are people who won’t let you do that” he answered

and bend down to grab Maria.

From no where other guys gathered and surrounded Paul, Jake and Maria. .

Jake stood up as Paul remained down trying to hold Maria who was deeply hurt her face swallon.

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“Paul what are you doing here?” She whispered blood coming out of her mouth.

“You have to go now please” she cried weakly

” you are not supposed to get involved go now before you get hurt” she said trying to lift her hand

to touch him.

“Am not going anywhere without you Maria. These guys are serious and they are going to kill you

.” He sighed looking up as the guys gathered menacingly around them.

“Hey ! Easy Every one” Jake raised his hands at the guys who were now advancing to them.

“Let’s settle this as men. How much is your boss’s money?” He asked them as their serious eyes

set on them.

One of them stepped forward. Looked at Jake from head to toe and smiled his yellow teeth


“It was 500 now that she decided to outsmart us, we settle for a thousand” he scoffed charging

forward wipping his face where Jake had given him an expected punch.Paul stood and responded, scoffed

“we will give you the money but we dont have it here. I promise to settle whatever she owes you

just leave her alone”

“No way we are letting you guys take her away without the money. It’s either you give us now or

forget about her leaving this place. You will watch her die right here if you won’t produce the

money.” The guy shrugged

Jake went close to Paul and whispered in his ears,

“Uncle, I have something but it’s not what they are asking for”

Paul looked at Maria and back at Jake “she needs to see a doctor urgently or she will bleed to

death, she’s hurt she can’t even stand. If we don’t give them that money she’s gone Jake, I can’t

let her die. We have to give them the money” he added panicking.

“How much do you have there. ? ” he whispered at Jake.

“I got 600 when I was coming to your place for buying Mumas book in town. ” responded Jake.

“Good” Paul sighed

“get a couple of K100 notes from the car I think I left something let’s see If they can agree to get


As Jake walked towards the car Paul faced the guys who had folded their hands watching them


“We only have 800 which is more than what she owes you . Take the money and leave or else I

will just have to call my officers from the police to lock you all up and you won’t see even a coin

from your money, ” he threatened getting the money from Jake and handing them.

The guy who seemed to be in charge walked forward looked at Paul and laughed.

“And who do you think you are handsome boy.? This is my getto and you won’t threaten me.”

“Okey, so be it , am a police officer and I wanted to be so lenient but you won’t appreciate my

kindness. Wait here and see” he said made a face threatening to walk away seriously.

“Hey! bring the money,” he quickly uttered believing Paul, Paul extended his hand to hand him the

cash and when he touched it he held on.

“Get this money and never come near Maria again or else I will hunt you and your boss down and

when I find you May God save your arrogant soul,” he snapped his gaze stern.

Jake smiled inside at the sight of his uncle playing cop. As soon as they left, Paul lifted the

wounded Maria to the vehicle and Jake went over to the driver’s seat to drive.

People walked towards the vehicle watching as it moved away . Some shaking their heads and

others talking amongst themselves.

Paul placed Maria’s head on his laps and her eyes met his.

“You will be okey now, am here.” he whisperedMaria’s eyes were filled with tears and they rolled down her side face.

“You shouldn’t have come Paul” she whispered painfully.

“Stop talking, let’s get you to the hospital,” he answered instead rubbing his hand in her hair.

Jake looked at the mirrow and saw the two behind and breathed heavily as he increased the

speed of the vehicle heading to the hospital.

“We can’t have the police asking for some reports let’s take her to a private hospital.” Paul told


The following day, Jake went to the hospital to check on Maria. Paul had stayed by her side the

whole night.

He found Doro standing outside. She had followed them the day they took her to the hospital.

“How is she?” Jake asked Paul who was looking so tired and sleepy.

“She’s sleeping now the Doctors managed to stop the bleeding and stitched the cut on her neck

which was deeper. She’s still in pain but she will be okey.” He answered looking at the now

sleeping Maria.

“I have not talked to her since last night It’s like they have given her strong sedatives to allow her

sleep so the pain won’t be felt so much”

He explained. .

“Good, she’s in good hands now.” Jake nodded proudly looking at his uncle.

Doro stepped forward too,

“I think you should go home and take some rest too Paul,” she told him.

“I will stay with her during the the day and you can come back later.”

“I won’t leave her side Doro, I have to be here for her” he responded stronged.

“She knows you are here, Paul just go already. I will stay here and you will see her later” she

insisted. .

“She’s right uncle Paul, just take some rest and come back later, besides you can check on baby

Paul as well.” Jake chipped in..

Paul stood and touched Maria’s forehead before walking out reluctantly.

“She’s in the hospital now sister, I left her still weak but the Doctors said she will be fine.” Paul

informed Margret over the phone.

“Am not coming back till after 2 weeks Paul, am still buying some things here. I just hope she gets

well soon and make sure she doesn’t go back to that her old life. ” Margret warned.

“I will do that sister, am glad she’s okay I was so worried yersterday you should have seen her

bleed, my God those men are savages” he added before hunging up. He went to clean up and

spent some time with his son before deciding to go back to the hospital.

As he walked out to go back to the hospital that afternoon, Paul met with Tasha outside his yard”Tasha what are you doing here? Sorry am leaving now you have to come some other time.” He

told her.

“Oh, so what happened to that slut? That you won’t even look at me?” She asked with a face.

“Stop calling her that Tasha and please if you don’t mind I have to go now. ” he passed her leaving

her watch him her mouth open.

Tasha went inside making a mental note to wait for Paul that day.

“He will find me and hear me out” she shrugged sitting down.

“He’s gonna be here soon am sure he is on his way Maria, that man is one in a million.” Doro was

talking to Maria.

“I don’t know what to tell him my friend. He’s damn too good for me, I can’t look him in the eye.

How cam i? After everything o have done to him?” Maria wined looking up the ceiling.

Just then Paul walked in,

“Well, tell me you gonna be alright and that you will be out of here soon Maria”, Paul smiled

walking closer to Maria’s bed.

She turned to look at him,

“Paul am sorry you had to get involved yeresterday, I don’t know how you knew I was in trouble it’s

the least I wanted to put you through ” Maria cried.

“Excuse me, I will be heading out now, ” Doro told them both looking at Paul.

“Thank you” Paul rubbed her hand.

“Don’t mention it Paul this stubborn girl here is more like a sisiter to me I have known her half my

life” she answered with a laugh.

Paul nodded.

“Thanks all the same you are a good friend.”

“So if Doro didn’t call me you could have not told me you were in trouble? ” Paul started, sitting on

top of the bed next to Maria.

“Maria am glad you are alright, I want you to know that whatever happens to you affects me so

much. You have no idea how much I wished you would change for the sake of your son since it’s

clear you don’t love me as much as I do. You know how I feel about you and it’s not my own to

decide how you feel about me, so please my dear, promise me you will try to adjust your life for

the sake of your son and your own self.” Paul spoke calmly

“Paul , am sorry. Honestly, no matter how absurd it sounds, I did not want to go with you because

I felt and still feel I don’t derseve a man like you. You are a good man Paul and I on the other

hand is always making one mistake after the other. Am sorry for causing you pain, Paul, am sorry.

” She cried tears running down her half swollen face.Paul touched her face gently.

“We will talk when you recover, but for now get well okey?” He told her smiling.

Maria looked at paul as he sat on the chair leaning his head that night. She had fallen asleep and

by the time she woke up she saw him sleeping in the chair his hands folded. .

Maria looked at his head and recalled the first time she had seen him. He was quite and she could

notice him steal gazes at her. Back then she had thought Paul was just staring at her because of

her condition. But now she understood the man besides her had loved her from way back. She

wondered what Paul had seen in that poor street girl.

The smile she saw him wear that evening when he talked to her was the one she recalled him

having the time before they got together intimately.

She had not seen that since he knew about her issues and she rejected him.

“I really wish i was the same girl as before” Maria thought to herself.

“He looks so delicate and pure and I am scared I might stain him” she cried her eyes still on him.

“I love him so much I feel I won’t be enough for him. But this has to be my turning point, If not for

myself then I will fight for him.

God I know I have been so far away, please if you still there help me to bring sanity in this man’s

life. He derseves better please let him be happy. ” she sniffed.

Her sniffing as she cried got louder waking Paul up. He moved in his seat and opened his eyes.

“Maria! Are you okey? What is paining?” He asked rushing towards her side.

Maria wipped her tear with the hand where they had connected a drip of water.

“Am sorry I woke you up, it’s just that you are so handsome I couldn’t stop admiring you” she let a


“What?” Paul shook his head.

“Listen I know you are not crying becuase of that . I told you no more crying please. Promise from

now on you won’t cry,” Paul sighed leaning his head on her hand which he held towards himself.

Maria rubbed her fingers on his face and smiled.

“What do I do with you Paul, you are ..

“Shshshshsh, get back to sleep the doctor said you need enough rest,” Paul whispered placing

his hand on her face to remove the tears falling.

“Tommorow is another day…” he smiled.

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