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The Girl Who is A Boy episode 1 – 2

The Girl Who is A Boy episode 1 – 2


The Girl Who is A Boy

By Nikki Bella Henry 💝💝

Episode 1

“Mom… Why are we running and who were those men that killed everyone in the house, we have to get back home to dad and my siblings “little Bruce cried

“No we are not going back home, those men will kill us if we don’t run, you can’t let your dad’s sacrifices be in vain you must fight back and avenge for the family understood? His mom

“Yes mom “Bruce replied and started running again, they ran for an hour but the assassin were still chasing them.
Bruce’s mom was becoming tired and weak, she slowed down and unfortunately she was shot three times on her back
“Mom……….. “Bruce scream running back to meet his mom, mom please stay with me please don’t leave me you are my only surviving family now, I have no one to run to please don’t leave me like others.
“Bruce, my son I am delaying you, those men must not kill you they need your father’s safe they must not have it protect it with your life and avenge our death “Bruce ‘mom said gasping for air

“Mom…. Please stop talking you are wasting your energy just be calm I will save you “little Bruce said trying to treat the wound

“No, you are not getting me Bruce you must leave me here and run for your life, but listen to me carefully You must not make friends, stay away from friends because they are not to be trusted, your identity must not be discovered if you are discovered you are dead they won’t spare you please…….. You must….. Avenge…. Our… Death….. “His mom said and gave up the ghost

“Mom……….. “Bruce screamed and cried
“That’s the boy, get him “The assassin voice rang out in the forest
“Mom I promise you that I will avenge your death and our family’s death no matter what and my identity won’t be linked, I won’t let you down I am giving you all my word “Bruce said and hugged his mom tightly to himself for some minutes before letting her go.

He ran far away from home, far away for many days without food or water as little as he was he fend for himself until a rich family adopted him from the street where he was always walking as a street boy and a fighter.

“What’s your name? “The man that rescued him from the street bullies asked
“Am Bruce sir”he answered sadly
“Ok, nice meeting you Bruce “the man replied smiling at him.

Meet my wife Rebekah
“Hello ma’am, am Bruce by name “Bruce said
“Nice meeting you Bruce, so tell us why are you looking so sad and why are you roaming round the street fighting and stealing you know it’s is not save for a cute and young boy like you “the woman said

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bending to meet his height.

“Rebekah let the poor boy be, he is so weak and hungry I think you should run him a hot bath and give him something to eat then maybe later in the day he will talk to us “the man said to his wife.

Episode 2

After Bruce took his bath and ate his food Madam Rebekah called him out side to ask him some questions about himself.
“Bruce how are you doing? “She asked him

“Am fine ma’am, thanks for taking me away from the street, thanks for taking me in and thanks for the meal it’s

was delicious just like mom’s cooking “Bruce said to the woman smiling

“It’s ok Bruce you are like a son to this family “Rebekah replied patting him on his shoulder.

Bruce…. She called softly
“Yes ma’am “he answered
“Please tell us about your self and where are your parents? “Rebekah asked

“I don’t have parents nor siblings, they were all killed when I was 7
I am the only survivor and I must take revenge on the killers of my family, please sir don’t throw me out help me fight those that killed them please I beg of you “Bruce said crying

“Bruce you don’t have to beg us, as from today you will be part of this family since we are childless we will take you as our child as from today, My name is Mr Jack and this is my wife Rebekah “the man said and smiled at him

“Am so great full sir thank you so much, i promise not to betray your trust or give you troubles “Bruce said kneeling down

“Get up son you don’t have to be like this and why don’t you try calling me father and her mommy “Mr Jack said
“Is it ok by you both? “He asked them
“Yes it is”the both replied in unison
“Mom and dad, thanks so much “Bruce said and hugged them both.

“So back to the topic we were discussing, did you say that your family were massacred in a day? “Mom asked
“Yes mom, my mother and I escaped but she was shot dead and I gave her my word that I will eliminate who ever that killed them “Bruce replied sadly

“So why did they kill your parents? Is there anything they want from you? “Mr Jack asked him

“Yes, they wanted my fathers safe my mom told me before she passed

away, it is in a safe place but no one knows about it “Bruce replied
“Ok we will help you but starting today you will dress as a girl and not a boy, that will be your first step “Mr Jack said
“But why? “Mrs Rebekah asked
“Because those people might still be hunting after him and they know him “Mr Jack answered
“Ok but by tomorrow we are adopting him officially and he will be our daughter”Mrs Rebekah said
“Yes, we will do that by tomorrow and you will go to the mall with him, you will buy him girlie stuffs that’s your duty, you must train him as a girl as from today and dress her up as one “said Mr Jack.

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