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The halo breed episode 11


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Gus Kukah was falling through space!
He had expected to hit the ground when he entered the pale lands, but he kept falling downwards surrounded by inky darkness">darkness. The pain in his body intensified relentlessly until it became almost unbearable.
The arrows were many, sticking to every inch of his body. He wondered, in a detached way, why he was still alive. Each of these arrows was capable of killing a man in seconds because of the deadly poison on their tips.
He should have been ravaged with pain and come to a screaming death, but he was still alive, unbelievably!
And he was still falling, falling and falling!
He could see evil eyes all around him in the inky blackness, eyes that were multi-coloured and filled with evil intents. He heard ominous voices around him and felt hands crawling all over him, but he was past the point of caring.
His heart was still throbbing with the pain of Sarai’s betrayal.
Maybe he was going to die just like all the others that dared cross the border into the Pale Lands. Maybe he should have stayed and let the murderous Kobby Obeng slay him. That would have been a less painful way to die compared to what he might go through.
But that was not who he was, no.
A true Kukah would keep fighting as long as he drew breath, as long as he had mobility, and as long as he remained conscious. There would never be a moment of giving up. He had a fire in his blood and survival was ingrained into him, so he would always seek a way to live.
He was falling faster through the maddening darkness; coupled with the pain was a vicious cold that seeped into his skin and made his teeth chatter. A vicious headache was splitting his head open, and a heat centred around his face made it feel as if his face was on fire.
He tried to scream but, suddenly, he could not move a single limb, and it felt as if his whole body was frozen.
And then something amazing happened!
He was falling on his back with his face up, and then the darkness disappeared around him! He was in broad daylight and above him was a hanging world. He could see the roots of might trees above him, and it dawned on him that somehow, the Pale Lands was hanging up there above him!
He had fallen through the forest, incredibly, and was actually under the forest of the Pale Lands!
He looked up at the huge expanse of hanging earth with wonder.
How could this even be remotely possible?
The Pale Lands was hanging in the air!
But it was becoming less visible as Gus continued to fall through space. He was now falling through a thick, fog-like spectrum that was refreshingly white and damp.
It occurred to him that there was another sky below the Pale Lands.
His rate of descent slowed, and now he was falling almost gently.
He spread his arms wide to enjoy the sensation. Quite suddenly, the thick foggy substance ended and he found himself looking at a beautiful blue sky!
Again the shock hit him hard!
There was, indeed, another sky below the Pale Lands!
He continued to fall gently!
Suddenly, he was aware of voices screaming and shouting, but he could barely turn his head to look down.
Abruptly, his body slammed hard into a throne!
It was the most splendid throne he had ever beheld!
But the most amazing thing was the sight that met his eyes!
He was in the centre of a huge green field that stretched as far as his eye could see. However, this field had a shimmering, ethereal quality.
It was as if tiny lights were under the expanse of grass that gave the terrain a strange luminescence. But this was not like any grass he had ever seen; their blades were shorter and broader across the tips, and they had more depth.
Just opposite the throne, he had been slammed into was a rock-like structure which was rough in structure. Balanced on it was an axe with a curved sharp edge and a long wooden handle.
And beyond the rock was another throne, a little smaller than the one he was occupying, and sitting on it was an incredible being.
She was female, definitely, but she was of very dark complexion. She was the most dark-skinned female he had ever seen. She had long and beautiful silver hair.
That she was beautiful was an understatement!
Her darkness, like the strange grass, had an inner glow to it that seemed to make her skin shine. Her elfin-shaped face was delicate with the most exquisite features finely arranged with symmetrical perfection.
Gus Kukah could not stop looking at her. Her ears, he noticed, were rather big and tall against her ears. Her eyes were large and round and seemed to glow with a beautiful greenish tinge.
They were white as he looked at her, but they soon changed to a brilliant blue, and then to sea-green. It dawned on him that her eyes changed colours to match her emotions.
She had just passed from stunned shock to mild fear, to sheer dismay!
She was dressed in a long, shimmering white gown with gold edges and a high collar. It looked like a ceremonial dress, and jewellery adorned her arms, fingers, and ears.
Sitting on her right was an older version of her, maybe her mother, and on her left was a male species of her race.
The male was older and his skin was not dark but tinged with fairness. He was wearing a skirt-like golden attire and a vest-like top. In his hand was a long bronze staff with a curved top. He had huge silver rings in his ears, and smaller rings in his nostrils and lower lip.
Beyond him was another young woman. She was younger than the one on the throne, and her eyes blazed crimson red as she stared at Gus Kukah with obvious hatred.
Around them was a crowd of the same species in beautiful clothing. They had been chanting and shouting just before Gus slammed down on the throne, and now there was dead silence as they all stared at him with great shock.
Many of them looked dismayed.
Gus Kukah turned his heard suddenly when he heard a loud roar to his right!
He saw a circular arena about two hundred metres away with two male combatants circling each other. They had red rope-like clothes around their waists, and this held up broad white pieces of cloth passing between their legs.
One of the combatants was huge and extremely muscular, almost a giant, and the other one was lithe and finely-toned, a real specimen of manhood.
The giant suddenly swung his huge club, smashing it against the head of his opponent. The lighter man dropped with a scream of pain. The giant put his right foot on the vanquished man’s chest and gave a horrible scream of victory.
When he turned and saw Gus Kukah on the throne, his huge eyes turned red with fury! He roared and jumped from the arena. He raised the club above his head and began yelling as he rushed at Gus Kukah!
It took Gus Kukah a moment to realize that this gigantic creature meant to brain him with the club. Gus could not move for a moment because of the pain suffusing him.
He felt weak from loss of blood, and the arrows inside him were now causing a devastating pain he could not stand. The poison in his bloodstream also made it impossible for him to move an inch, and he glared fiercely at the approaching figure with helpless rage.
Had he escaped the betrayal of Sarai and Prince Dan only to face instant murder in the hands of a galoot from an unknown race?
Suddenly, the man sitting who was holding the staff pointed it at Gus and muttered some words.
Gus Kukah felt his body buffeted by a strong, cold wind-like effect, and then, shockingly, the arrows fell off his body!

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