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The halo breed episode 16


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Unknown to Gus Kukah and Prince Daniel, the day of their marriages coincided.
The Prince married the pregnant Sarai on the day that Gus Kukah married Princess Derbie in the land of the Halos.
Their wedding nights, however, were quite a contrast!
By the time Prince Dan entered the royal chamber with his new wife, he was quite drunk! He was a slobbering, impatient, lust-filled bulky entity as he impatiently tore out of his clothes.
Sarai tried to slow him down, to make the night as nice as she could, but he could not be stopped.
“Don’t try to shine with love, woman!” he shouted furiously. “You’re without love for me because your bosom burns for the lustful slavering of Gus Kukah!”
“Stop reminding me of Gus!” Sarai cried painfully. “Please, do not force me to miss him! At least, be a better man than he ever was, so that I would feel justified!”
And he slapped her across the face so hard that she stumbled and fell on her face on the bed.
“Do not ever compare me to that little fart!” he screamed shrilly. “Do not dare do to me what my own father did to me, do you hear? He believed so much in that galoot that he even gave him the Golden Elemental Totem! What kind of a fvcking, farting father would do that to his own son? Do not tempt me, whore, or I’ll slit your throat too!”
And so, having as much as confessed to her that he killed his own father, Sarai became afraid of him and lay there pliantly while he grabbed her waist and thrust into her fiercely from behind.
He jabbed into her like a machine, moving in jerky piston-like thrusts that filled her with revulsion with each movement. He slapped her buttocks as he rammed into her. The prince grabbed her shoulders painfully to give him more leverage as he jerked into her. Groaning with lust, he grabbed her hair and pulled it painfully as he continued his fevered passion.
And then, when he neared his climax, he grabbed her neck and pushed her face into the pillow, almost suffocating her, and blasted into her with grunts and groans that sounded so disgusting that Sarai began to weep pitifully, jamming her fist against her lips to stop from calling out the name of Gus Kukah.
Gus Kukah, on the other hand, did not remember Sarai on his wedding night.
He was too mystified by the Royal Chamber they were given in the castle-like palace to bother with memories.
The bed was huge and seemed to be suspended in space because of the illusion of swirling mists on the floor. Everything was incredibly white – the bed, the sheets, the lacy walls – and he found himself lost in the allure of the moment.
Soft, relaxing music from romantic flutes flittered around them. The walls changed constantly, from scenes of nature, gentle swimming fishes to beautiful little birds chirping serenely away!
On the ceiling were changing scenes of waterfalls, serene streams and lovely lakefronts!
Kissing Princess Derbie, for the first time, took his breath away.
They kissed gently on the bed as he undressed her gently.
His first delighted shock occurred when he gently pried her silky, bra-like clothing off her chest and three beautiful bre@sts plopped out.
He stared at them with his mouth wide open with delighted shock!
Three bre@sts!
Three n!poles!
Oh, three delights!
“Gussy!” she whispered tenderly. “Why are you looking at my zolons with such…fright?”
He looked at her with lustful delight and shook his head gently.
“The zolons are beautiful,” he whispered. “Where I come from, they’re known as bre@sts, and the women have only two each!”
“Oh, how horrible!” she whispered. “Brass? Horrible name for zolons…and to how come they all lost one of them?”
“Speak not, my love, my darling,” Gus Kukah whispered. “Just let me feel those zolons!”
And Gus buried his face in those delights, and he was amazed at how huge and long their n!poles were, and he sucked each of them gently.
“Oh, Gussy!’ she gasped. “The snoggles are for our children, so our males do not suck them. They find it disgusting!”
n!poles were known in the Halos as snoggles, of course.
He looked at her with disappointment.
“You don’t want me to suck your snoggles?”
“Oh, it is so nice, Gussy!” she whispered. “Do it, Gussy! Oh, I love it! You’re indeed special, my husband!”
And so he fondled her zolons and sucked her snoggles until she thrashed around with sheer delight.
But that was not the end of his joys that night, for when her beautiful and silky underwear came off, she had three incredible mounds of buttocks!
Gus Kukah stared at them with shock as his hands moved across them with reverential wonder!
Three sweet mounds of glorious flesh!
And now, feeling a bit scared and excited at the same time, he turned her over slowly and looked…
And yes, there were three separate things at the juncture of her thighs, and when he touched them gently, he realized that they were all so w€t, and warm…yes, all of them were glorious places!
Just that they were known as jilanies here!
He opened his eyes wide now!
Dear gods, how was he supposed to make love to her?
Which one was the right one?
She was also staring at him with shock and acute distress when she saw his enraged member.
“Gussy!” she cried with sheer distress. “You don’t have roundygats! What is that stick?”
He looked down at himself, and then at her, and he was confused.
“Roundygats?” he asked with confusion.
“Yes!” she screeched. “The three roundygats are three curly springs that fit into my three jilanies! How on earth are you going to be able to give me children if you don’t have roundygats? And what is that thing in front of you? What is that pole? Is it a part of you? Is it a stick?”
“Well, where I come from, we call them penises,” he said gently. “The men have penises, and the women have one vagina each…but you have three vaginas, and I’m quite flummoxed!”
“Vagipa?” she asked, confused.
“Vagina, my love, what your people call jilani,” he explained.
“Oh!” she whispered. “And you put that…stick into their jilanies? But…that is too long and it can hurt! The roundygats are curly like springs, and do not hurt!”
“Curly like springs?” he asked. “Gods of Densua, that would be some sight indeed! And I was wondering where to put mine because you have three jilanies!”
She giggled suddenly and patted the left one.
“This one is for friction, the middle one for receiving the male sludge that makes babies, and the right one for soft delight, but all the roundygats go in at once.”
Gus Kukah sighed.
“Well, let me try the left one,” he whispered.
“Ahh, Gussy!” she cried, suddenly scared. “What if that awful pole makes a hole in my back, huh?”
He smiled gently.
“I tell you, my love, it wouldn’t.”
And so he kissed her gently, greatly aroused at having three jilanies, three buttocks, known as in the Halowan language as lumi-lumi, three zolons and three snoggles at the same time.
And when he tentatively entered the left one, it was an experience of feeling that simply made him gasp and pause!
“Oh, Gussy!” she whispered with sudden pleasure. “That is so different, my love! Oh, what is this feeling?”
And she gasped and held on as he moved within her.
And after several minutes, she screamed.
“Put it in the right, Gussy! Oh! Oh! Ahhhh!”
And he came out and moved to the right, and it was like delicious ice that made him gasp with sudden shock and delight! The one on the left had been warm and clingy! This was ice-cold and caressing, a contrasting feeling that made him groan with absolute delight.
And like two kids who had discovered something wonderful – which, indeed, they had – they held on tight and rode the seas, and soon he began to feel the volcano approaching.
“Gussy, you’re trembling! Is the sludge coming?”
“Yes, my loooooove!” he groaned.
“Come to the middle!” she screamed frantically. “That is for the sludge!”
And so he came out and lunged for the middle jilani, and something within grabbed his manhood tight so that he could not move out again, and then it began to rub, grind, pulse and vibrate, shake and massage…an assortment of mad delightful movements that made him scream with diabolical pleasure.
And she screamed too as he thrashed on her.
And then, she began to weep silently.
He was concerned.
“Princess Derbie?” he whispered. “My love, what is it?”
She looked at him with so much love on her slick, dark, beautiful face.
“Oh, the stick is very soft now, Gussy!” she wept. “I want it hard again. I want it in my jilanies, Gussy! It so much better than the roundygats!”
He smiled and sighed.
“I don’t know if I did this in my former life,” he whispered tenderly. “But…this is the best feeling I have ever had, my love!”
“Stop speaking waste, Gussy!” she cried impatiently and hit his chest. “Make it hard again! I want it hard again! I want to feel the waligoms again!”
“Waligoms?” he asked, confused.
“The thrashing, the shaking, what do you people call it? The thing that made your sludge come and made me shake and scream! Waligoms!”
“Ah,” Gus Kukah said softly. “Orgasm. We call it to orgasm.”
“Whatever!” she cried as she massaged his member. “Make it hard again, Gussy! Is it angry with me? It didn’t like my jilanies? Why is it sad?”
He giggled.
“It is not sad, my love,” he whispered. “Just that, when we have the waligoms, ours go down like that and rests a while before it comes up again when we’re excited. I don’t make it get hard. The feeling makes it!”
“Ah, okay, it likes me!” she cried excitedly. “When I’m touching and pulling it, it is becoming hard again. Oh, yes, look! ”
Gus Kukah laughed softly as he gained his er£ction again.
He knew, without a doubt, that it was going to be a long night in the Halos.
And that was how Sena, the breed of an Earthling warrior and a Halowan princess, was conceived.
End of Season 1:
In The Halos
Season 2: Sena

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