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The halo breed episode 59



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Sap Palo flexed his swords and was about to leap on Sena when the prince finally spun around… and then Sap came to a sudden stop. He had earlier seen the amazing diamond ring around Sena’s irises, a feature that made his face so unique and amazing, but now he noticed that the ring was no longer beautiful diamond glitters, but had changed into rings of fire that burned wildly, covering the eyes of the prince and leaving only the dark irises!

And Sena’s face had become frightfully inhuman! It was the face of a furious man, filled with such wickedness and evil intent that Sap felt a stab of fear for the very first time in his life!

As he hesitated, something else happened!

The ground around Sena erupted into flames that licked hot and high, causing Sap Palo to take steps backwards with cries of horror… and then he noticed that there were four spiritual entities in the circle of fire with Sena. They were huge, bald and bearded men dressed in what appeared to be golden armours.

“Sena!” King Gus Kukah screamed with fear and drew his sword. He rushed towards the raging fire to free his son, but he was thrown back fiercely by an invisible force to slam rather savagely on the ground.

As he struggled and tried to get to his feet, Sage Simpson dropped to one knee beside him and put a trembling hand on the king’s shoulder.

“Let there be peace, my Lord!” he said earnestly. “It is time for the prince to answer his destiny!”

“But those things!” Gus said in anguish. “They’re attacking him!”

“As they should, my Lord! It is the work of the spirits! We can only wait, and witness! Today is not a normal day!”

And indeed, the sky had suddenly changed!

The clear bright sky was gone, and in its place was a dark, gloomy sky, the clouds a sinister roiling darkness!

As Gus Kukah got to his feet slowly, trembling with fear, he saw the four entities rushing at Sena with what appeared to be pieces of metals in the hands of three, and a flat, sharpened, broad blade in the hands of the last one.

“What goes on here?” Sage Simpson shouted at the Sage of the Spirits, Prosper Freeman, as he hovered to one side watching the fight in the ring of fire.

“He receives his fused weapon today,” Prosper said in a tight voice. “If he is successful!”

The warriors were already fleeing from the area of the battle, and many people were running to where the strange spectacle was taking place. Gus Kukah saw his queen hurrying towards him with Princess Aya and the royal family from Halo-Quilo.

Gus barely looked at them.

His frantic eyes were fixed inside that ring of fire as his son – the one he loved most – faced off against those entities. And as he watched, Gus felt his heart surging with warmth and wonder.

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Sena, though unarmed, was not fighting like a man; he was like a spirit, his movements too fast for the eye to follow. The four beings slashed at him fiercely with their weapons without mercy, their intent a clear death.

Sena spun from the attack of the one with the flat blade and delivered a savage two-fisted punch into the heart area of the entity. The golden robes of the attacker changed to red instantly as the impact of the blow flung him into the ball of fire, and as he sizzled and disappeared, the blade flew out of the ring and hovered on the green grass without touching the ground.

The other three did not pause.

They swarmed forward towards the boy and attacked, trying to force him towards the raging wall of fire. Sena caught the flailing arm of one of them and kicked savagely into the midriff of another, and then he spun and twisted, breaking the trapped arm at the soldier. The golden robes of the attacker changed to amber, and when Sena raised him and slammed him to the ground, delivering a devastating stamp to the heart area of the chest, the robes changed to red, and as the entity disappeared, the shiny metal in his hand flew out of the ball of fire and slammed into the blade, forming a short handle.

“Dear Spirits!” Sage Simpson whispered in awe. “Is this what I believe it is? The Axe of the Executioners?”

“It will be, if he can get all the pieces,” Prosper said calmly.

The two remaining entities screamed and surged forward in frenzy now.

Sena moved in a blur, parrying and dodging their thrusts, and then he cut into their attack and delivered a savage blow to the head of the biggest one, and instantly the piece of shining metal flew out of the ring and landed on top of the blade, forming a longer handle.

The last entity roared savagely and flew at Sena, soared off the ground and began to bring the metal crashing down on the boy’s head in a savage arc. It seemed for a split second that he had succeeded, but Sena took a step back at the crucial moment, and the weapon passed harmlessly down his face as he brought the edge of his stiff palm crashing savagely into the exposed neck of his attacker.

The entity’s gold robe changed to red as he sizzled and disappeared, and then the metal spun gracefully and landed on the handle of the axe. The axe shone brightly for a moment and vibrated violently with a screeching sound that made them all clamp their hands to their ears.

The ball of fire disappeared, and then the axe spun towards Sena. He caught it in mid-air, and immediately the boy began to tremble violently as his body was suffused in a brilliant light! Energy sizzled out of the sword like lightning and engulfed Sena completely, hiding him from view.

“Sena!” Queen Derbie screamed in anguish. “My son!”

She tried to race towards the boy.

“Stop!” came the stern voice of Prosper, and although they all heard it, they did not see him.

Gus Kukah wrapped his arms around his wife as Sena writhed inside that bright light!

And then, as suddenly as it started, it all stopped, and Sena became visible again.

Those watching gasped with wonder!

His apparel had changed!

He was dressed in a stern all-black attire and boots. Black trousers, black shirt, black boots and a long black overcoat with a hood. And, lying across his broad back in a special scabbard, was the Axe of the Executioners.

The hood covered his head and forehead, and as he walked forward, he fixed his eyes on Sap Palo, who was now standing, petrified, with his sword in his trembling hands.

He had seen how Sena had moved, and he knew there was no Halowan capable of facing the wrath of this prince. Sap Palo was not a coward, but he knew he would not last a wink with this prince.

Sena stopped in front of Sap Palo.

“You drew swords on me,” he said calmly.

Sap Palo let the swords fall to the ground, and then without a word he dropped to his knees, linked his hands behind him, and bowed forward with utmost humility.

“Forgive your servant, my Lord,” he whispered.

He waited frantically, but when nothing happened, he raised his head, and saw that Sena Kukah had left him, and was approaching his stunned parents!

“Look!” one of the warriors screamed shrilly and pointed beyond the royal family. “What is that?”

A huge, transparent oval glass had appeared suddenly behind the king! Through the glass, the Halowans could see a beautiful land beyond, a land of green and a huge lake, and standing in the middle of the lake was a very huge tree with glorious branches that contained orbs of fruits!

Many of them rushed to the glass to peer into this world they had never seen, and watched a group of humans beyond who were also peering at them with mounting fear!

“Dear Lords!” Gus Kukah whispered, stunned, and his heart yammered rather fiercely in his chest. “Is that… no, no, that cannot be Sarai I’m seeing!”

But, indeed, it was Sarai, and she was looking at Gus Kukah with her heart on her face, and tears streaming down her beautiful face unheeded! She took stumbling steps towards the huge glass.

“Gus, oh Gus, my love!” she wept and reached out blindly, but her hand could not go through the portal!


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